15 Best Pencil Mustache Styles : How To Grow And Trim A Pencil-Thin Mustache?

pencil moustache

If you have seen the all-time Hollywood classic ‘Gone With The Wind’, then you must be aware of how charming actor Clark Gable was in one of the leading roles, Rhett Butler. It is no exaggeration to say that his stunning pencil mustache was an addition to his charm.

Not everyone can pull off a mustache. But those who do, carry that masculine personality with them. Now, you don’t have to grow the thickest beard like Tom Selleck or Sam Elliot to show how much of a macho you are. A small pencil mustache would do. It is a thin layer you grow close to your upper lip. A classic pencil mustache needed to be trimmed into a thin line with a midline gap that divides it into two halves.

Indeed, it was once the ruling style of the old. Hollywood legends like Clark Gable (as we mentioned earlier), Orsen Welles, Errol Flynn, Vincent Price, Little Richard, and many more embraced this iconic style. Even Brad Pitt gave his fans something to think about Pencil Mustache in Quentin Tarantino’s classic Inglourious Basterds.

How Can You Groom A Perfect Pencil Mustache

Growing a mustache is not rocket science, all men grow mustaches without having to do anything. But grooming the mustache into a shape that lets you be the man of the hour anywhere you go requires proper care.

Here’s how you can groom yourself a suitable Pencil Mustache:

  • Prepare your face for shaving like you always do. It is advised to splash your face with lukewarm water or put a hot towel on the face for making the facial hair and your face smooth for grooming.
  • Use trusted gel and shave your beard neatly. Don’t rush to shave the mustache just yet.
  • Trim down your mustache to a thin level to get into a pencil shape.
  • Between the previous step and the next step, you decide what style you would like to try. Further in this article, you’ll know what styles are hot right now.
  • Shave the trimmed area with a razor carefully without touching the mustache.
  • Now use the right clippers for your trimmer to further trim the mustache into a pencil shape.
  • Trim very carefully in the mid-line gap two make two halves of your mustache if you are trying that style.
  • Be careful to avoid overdoing it while trying to balance the hair on both sides.
  • Use grooming scissors to bring out the pencil mustache style you wish to see yourself in.
  • Using the scissors, neatly cut off the long-length mustache hair falling onto your upper lip.

Now, one style of a pencil mustache doesn’t suit everyone. There are different shapes of faces and different shapes of the philtrum. So you need to check out what suits you the best. Fortunately, you are in the right place. Through this article, you can explore various pencil mustache styles that are hot right now.

15 Stunning Pencil Mustache Styles For You

1. Straight and long

Straight and long

If you have a flat philtrum and thin lips then you should try out a straight and long pencil mustache style. Make sure you shape the mustache matching the length of your lip for a complete look.

2. Thicker the better

Thicker the better

For a thicker style, leave an inch length of mustache while grooming. This comes in handy if you are unsure whether a pencil mustache is your style or not. It is ideal to leave out the mid-gap if you are going for a thicker style.

3. Thinner-edges

Thinner-edgesFor this style, you will have to trim down the edges of your mustache a little bit more. Create a mid-gap in the center and the mustache must get lighter as you go towards the edge. With the right grooming, this style gives the class for your perfect attire.

4. Middle curtain

Middle curtain

This is the iconic style everyone swoons over. Although it is hard to get to perfection, with a good amount of patience you can pull this off. You need to maintain a thin layer on the upper lip with the right gap between the two halves for this style. Not just Clark Gable, even you can be the man of charm.

5. Pencil thin and neat

Pencil thin and neat

Just like a drawing, this style is neatly done with a thin line of mustache falling onto your upper lip. The iconic filmmaker John Waters maintained this signature mustache throughout his career and gave movie lovers a trademark to remember him.

6. Pencil mustache with a twist

Pencil mustache with a twist

This yet another toughest pencil mustache style that might need a professional touch. The two halves in this style not only lie on the upper lip but have their tails extended towards the nose with a decent gap between them.

7. Messy pencil mustache

Messy pencil mustache

This is one way to make the old-fashioned pencil mustache appealing to the younger generation. You can leave out some stubble to your pencil mustache showing that you are not uptight after all.

8. Shaggy pencil mustache

Shaggy pencil mustache

For this style, you have to leave the mustache in the middle a little bit thicker, and be mindful not to leave it too thick. Shape it down with extra care as if a pyramid being elongated towards the edges. If you want to be attractive and intimidating at the same time then this is the style to go for.

9. The modern pencil mustache

The modern pencil mustache

Use this style to look dynamic and youthful in every event you go. Make a thin line without any sharp edges or twists. Remember to have a good volume of hair on your head to make this style work for you.

10. Thick pencil mustache

Thick pencil mustache

For this style, you have to grow the mustache a little longer than your lips and have to keep it thicker than usual. Maintain the shape uniform from one corner to the next without any gaps in the middle. Depending on the shape of your face you might look domineering or like a lover from a real old tale.

11. Thin and jagged pencil mustache

Thin and jagged pencil mustache

Extending a little longer than the upper lip, this mustache has its tail going close to your nose. Its incredibly perfect thin size is very subtle and a perfect bent on the philtrum leaves a decent gap in between the two halves.

12. Pencil mustache with a goatee

Pencil mustache with a goatee

Let us make it clear that this style is not for everyone. It is true that the goatee might be a cool addition but if the goatee dominates then the pencil mustache might look too thin and might ruin your look. If you manage to maintain the thin goatee matching the thin pencil mustache then this style is great for you.

13. Pencil mustache with half a goatee

Pencil mustache with half a goatee

This is a stylish makeover to the pencil mustache. Add a short and thick chin goatee to your thin pencil mustache. Make sure you don’t attach any other facial hair to your goatee like a soul patch, circle beard for this style to elevate you.

14. Pencil mustache with a chin patch

Pencil mustache with half a goatee

This is a trendy style that totally changes the classic pencil mustache style. You add a slim chin patch under your lower lip. It is shorter in length but wider than a typical soul patch. It gives a funky look to your attire.

15. Pencil mustache with a chin strap

Pencil mustache with a chin strap

This is the most common style you can see nowadays. You groom a thin pencil mustache, a thin chin and connect them both with a thin line starting from sideburns. You can fancy a small chin patch to complete the look. This is not a classy look but if you are more of a rock and roll party goer then this style is for you.


A mustache was never out of trend and never will be. Having a pencil mustache is a completely different ball game. You can own a classic thin one that has been in style for decades or you can try something that became hot in recent times. Or you can even try something new if you have the right cheekbones and face shape. Not everyone can pull off a neat pencil mustache. If you do, then good for you!


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