20 Best Box Braids For Men With Images


Braiding has been an exceptional tradition in African cultures for centuries. African descendants have naturally tight curls and coils to hold the braids very well.

As the time passed, this braid hairstyle has grown to prominence everywhere in the modern world. Everyone with long hair at some point may have thought to braid their hair at least once. 

Braiding in fact protects hair from breaking. However, braiding too tight can cause heavy hair loss, so you need to carefully follow the tutorials before trying various braids.

What is Box Braids Hair Style?

If you are fascinated by Braids, then Box Braids is something that you might just fall in love with. Among Black men in particular, you can find amazing Box Braids styles that are distinctive yet absolutely lovable.

For a quick idea, this cool-looking hairstyle is obtained by dividing the hair into sections, mostly square, then braiding using the natural or by adding synthetic hair sometimes.

There are many Box Braids styles out there in the fashion world. Through this article, you will be introduced to some of the finest styles you can try on.

20 Exceptional Box Braids Styles For Men

Box braids style is not only a fashion signature but also a healthy way to protect your hair from thermal heat. Come explore the styles we have here for you.

1. Box Braids With A Short Twist


This is one of the simplest yet stylish braidings that gives you a complete makeover. As you can see the hair is divided uniformly into boxes and short twists are added for a cool appearance without any effort. With this style, your braids end with a more natural look than ever.

2. Box Braids- Very Short

Box Braids- Very Short

Box braiding is not limited to only long hair men. With this style, you are showing off the boxes more clearly. With a hair length of just three to four inches, you can own a captivating and protective style.

3. Box Braids With Middle Part

Box Braids With Middle Part

If you are looking for something iconic yet pleasing, then the middle part is the one to go for. The complex-looking braiding is actually very simple to achieve and gives a cool funky look.

4. Short Box Braids Combined With A Fade

Short Box Braids Combined With A Fade

If you have long hair then you should try the most desirable box braiding with a fade. Maintain proper leveling on the side that fades to the bottom and on top add thick box braids to enhance your funky look.

5. Long Box Braid

Long Box Braid

Use your beautiful long hair to transform your persona into artistic yet masculine. You can opt for the knotless box braids technique to put as little stress on your scalp as possible.

6. Long Box Braids Styled Into A Man Bun


Bun goes pretty well with long hair. The combination of box braids with bun is always a huge hit. You can box braid only the front section and pull those long braids to the back or braid entirely to get a thick bun on the back of your head.

7. Big Box Braids Combined With A Fade And A Cut Design


Spice things up with your funky hairstyle. Fade your hair on the side with Box braids on the top. While getting faded you can add a design of your choice to make it more intriguing to look at. It works great on short braids and long braids.

8. Bob Box Braids- Very Short


Braids and bobs are the ruling styles in the fashion world. Bring those two styles together and transform yourself into a dashing fashion icon. Box braid your short hair and shape it into a bob cut. Voila!

9. Bob Box Braids- Chunky

Bob Box Braids- Chunky

Box braid your thick hair into a classic bob style and you have managed to pull a chunky bob box braids hairstyle. You can also amuse yourself by adding colors or locs to your chunky hair.

10. All Over Box Braids Combined With Middle Parting

All Over Box Braids

Braid your hair all over your scalp for uniform boxes and part your hair in the middle to bring out the authentic braiding fashion of the old times. This is a perfect style to pull off a gangster look with your long hair.

11. Short Box Braids Accessorised With Beads

Short Box Braids Accessorised With Beads

Make your box braided hair even more attractive by adding captivating beads to those braids. You can decorate those beads to the end or to the middle of the braids. Either way, you are guaranteed a fun and groovy look.

12. Box Braids

Box Braids

Box braids look even sleeker with curly hair. Though curly hair is not tight enough for steady braiding, you can use a good amount of hair gel and control it while you finish braiding. If you are too worried about curly hair on your hairline then you can either trim or shave it down or use gel to set it right.

13. Box Braids- Coloured Combined With a Fade

Box Braids- Coloured Combined With a Fade

Trim your sides in a faded style for a captivating look and add box braids on top. You can add color to those top braids to add supercool semblance.

14. Mid Length Box Braids Kept In a Ponytail

Mid Length Box Braids

Obtain this style to gain the subtle mixture of tradition with groovy. Trim down the sides to a minimum level but leave the chunk on the top. Box braid the hair on top and pull the chunk to make a ponytail. This style is captivating with long hair.

15. Box Braids- Short With Hang In The Front

Box Braids- Short With Hang In The Front

The box braids style is advantageous because of its versatility. Maintain a short box braids style by leaving two or more braids in the front to hang. You can either pull back the other braids to the back to make a ponytail or simply leave it open.

16. Box Braids- Long Fringe

Box Braids- Long Fringe

If you have decently long hair, then Long Fringe is the style you should definitely give a try. Box braid the whole hair and leave long-length braids on all sides of your head. The rest you pull together for a ponytail or just leave open.

17. Box Braids- Cornrows

Box Braids- Cornrows

Cornrows braiding is simply putting a style to braid your hair closer to the scalp. It is one of the prominent braiding styles and combined with box braids, makes it the most distinctive hairstyle. Cornrows style is highly desired because of its effective protection of hair against breaking.

18. Quirky And Eccentric Box Braids

Quirky And Eccentric Box Braids

Quirky and eccentric is something you do to bring out a never-before style of your own. You can be as creative as possible and get the most not-definitive design possible with your box braids.

19. Box Braids With A Twist And Lines

Box Braids With A Twist And Lines

This is a neat decoration of your box braided hair with a subtle arrangement of braids. Arrange the long length or the short length braids in an order to neatly show off your clean scalp. Arrange the long braids towards the back for a more robust look.

20. Box Braids- Kendrick Lamar Inspired

Kendrick Lamar Inspired

Not just America but the whole world is familiar with Kendrick Lamar’s inspirational work in the music industry. He always tried to embrace his culture through his fashion choices and his box braided hairstyle is nothing short of cheerfulness. Leave medium-length braids hanging to the side while the base of the braids is perfectly divided across the scalp.


Through this entire list, you can have an idea of the mind-blowing styles that are trending out there. You can choose one among these or you can get inspired and try one of your own like the Quick and Eccentric style we have here. Box Braids is not only a fashion style but a healthy way to protect the gifted hair of Black men.


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