15 Best Cheek Line Beard Styles: How To Trim A Beard (Cheek Line Styles)

Rugged Perfection Cheek Line Style

Every man wishes to see himself rugged with his full-grown beard once in a while. Having a properly groomed beard not only shows your masculinity but also shows how hygienic and tasteful you are.

However, not everyone can pull off a captivating look with their beard. It needs proper grooming. Cheek line style is one way to show off your class.

Some are gifted with a natural cheek line where you don’t have to worry about time-to-time grooming around your cheek line. You just have to focus on the neckline. Whereas, some have beard-growing all over the cheek even closer to their eyeballs. These men have to be mindful about how often they shape their cheek line.

How To Get A Proper Cheek Line For Your Beard?

Many full-grown beards are ruined because of improper cheek lines. You can try different styles obviously, you can go low where the cheek line is lower than your mustache level or you can trim to the exact level of your mustache. 

If you just leave the beard to grow itself then you will be letting facial hair grow above the cheek line closer to your eyes. Which we should effectively avoid.

One most desirable way is to shape the cheek line and neckline complementing one another. Imagine two lines, one going tangent with cheek line and the other with the neckline. This is the most common and preferred style.

However, there are  different beard styles for different face shapes. You need to understand what suits you the best. If that’s what you are here for then let’s see the most desired cheek line beard styles in practice around the world.

15 Best Handpicked Cheek Line Beard Styles For You

1. Rugged Perfection Cheek Line Style

Rugged Perfection Cheek Line Style

Maintain a rugged look but do not leave your beard on your own. It needs to be groomed every week and use scissors if necessary. Trim down excess beard below the neckline and limit the growth to a certain length.

2. Standard Goatee Beard Style

Standard Goatee Beard Style

When you are growing a beard only on the chin along with the soul patch with nothing to do with mustache then you have a standard goatee on you. This is more of a youthful style and gives you a funky look.

3. Van Dyke Goatee Beard Style

Van Dyke Goatee Beard Style

This is one of the stylish goatee styles. For Van Dyke you can have both the mustache and thin goatee on the chin but not connected. The area of the beard on the chin is usually smaller and connected to the soul patch. It forms a typical T-shape and is also accepted for funky and classy attire.

4. Sweet and Short Goatee Beard Style

Sweet and Short Goatee Beard Style

For this goatee, you will have the mustache, soul patch, and beard on the chin. But the three are not very thick and once again not necessarily connected. Slight scissoring now and then to keep it groomed.

5. Balbo Beard Style

Balbo Beard Style

Balbo beard style is where your beard is wider but not necessarily connected to your sideburns and you leave your mustache floating without any connection. Obviously, you can experiment with this style. You can have it connected to sideburns and leave the mustache. It might not be a conventional Balbo beard but if it suits you that’s all matters.

6. Soul Patch

The Soul Patch

A Soul patch is the small facial hair that you grow between the chin and your lower lip. You can highlight the soul patch by shaving off the mustache and goatee. If you feel like you look like a brat then you can connect it with the goatee or grow a mustache.

7. The Detached Goatee

The Detached Goatee

This goatee style is easier to grow. It is close to a circle beard but there is no connection between the goatee and the mustache leaving space along with the sides of your mouth. You can try a long goatee if you like but it suits you better if you the right oval shape face.

8. Classic Goatee Style

Classic Goatee Style

The classic goatee is where you trim or shave off all your facial hair except your goatee. You connect it with a soul patch and take it up to lower lip level but without a mustache. This may not be suited if you are in a public relations job but if you have the right face then you can pull this off well.

9. Imperial Napoleon Cheek Line

Imperial Napoleon Cheek Line

This style was first tried by the emperor Napolean The Third hence its name Imperial Napoleon. You can get this style with a lengthy well-groomed mustache and real long thin goatee.

10. Circle Beard Style

Circle Beard Style

This is the most common and highly desired goatee style. You form a circle around your mouth with a mustache connected with your goatee and you attach the circle with the soul patch. It is very healthy to grow and shape. Moreover, it emphasizes your cheekbones really well.

11. Hardly Seen Cheek Line

Hardly Seen Cheek Line

This is where you trim down your beard to the length where it is barely visible. You trim down the beard along with your cheek line for this style. This style gives you a masculine look if the beard color matches your skin color.

12. Messy Look Beard Style

Messy Look Beard Style

Get yourself the rugged macho look with this messy look style. Maintain a perfect cheek line matching your mustache level but trim down the beard length to a small level and you can risk exceeding your neckline for this style.

13. The Bold Cheek Line Beard Style

The Bold Cheek Line Beard Style

Get a stout look on your face with a thick mustache and matching beard. Shape your cheek line matching the mustache level and maintain a decent beard length. Your mustache should meet your beard for this prominent style to kick off.

14. The Extreme Beard Style

The Extreme Beard Style

Not many can pull this off. You need a very well-grown beard of extreme length and shape it in the right way. Usually, the beard on the cheeks grows real fast and changes the overall shape. You need to scissor that area down. This style predefined your cheek line and with proper grooming, you now have an intimidating beard style.

15. The Modest Facial Style

The Modest Facial Style

Trim down your beard length by highlighting mustache followed by a noticeable soul patch. This beard style emphasizes your chin’s significance. You should also keep in mind trimming down your hair with respect to your beard.


Embrace the beauty of the beard in the right way to elevate your charm and masculinity. Many of us find it hard to maintain the right beard style with respect to the face shape and skin color. We might think we are doing just fine until we receive a critique on how we look. Through this article, you can understand the importance of cheek line beard style and how well you can groom yourself with available styles out in the world.


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