20 of the WORST (Terrible) Haircuts Every Man Must Never Give a Shot!


If a haircut goes wrong for once, it can remind you of its ill effects everytime you look at yourself in the mirror. Sometimes, these effects can even last for a lifetime no matter how hard you try to cover them up.

Sometimes, you surf the net or look at a celeb and go all gaga over a hairstyle. And, your barber might not tell you that it’s not right for you (of the obligation to not disobey the client). Here’s a list of such horrible and irreversible hairstyles that you must immediately remove from your screenshots if you have saved them. Take a look!

1. Man short bun cut

The man-bun

You may like the messy hairdos, but this is the epitome of how a bun hairstyle can go wrong. It features an undercut hairstyle to the sides while the top stretch is not so long enough to create a ponytail or a bun. This tiny and ugly-looking back bun not only makes your hair look weak but also doesn’t go well with your outfits. So, you need to avoid it at any cost to prevent all the eyes from looking at you when you step out. 

2. Man-bun with braids

Bun with Braided-Knot

What’s the point of putting so much effort into growing your hair long if you create such shabby braids and then tie them into an unattractive bun. Maybe this hairstyle suits African men but for most of the races, this hairstyle will be a big NO.

3. One side Swept

One Side Swept

Though this hairstyle is easy to create, we don’t think it suits men of all age groups. So, if you are a school or college goer, this one can add style. But for others this hairdo can prove a disaster as it’s not easy for your hair to get back to normal once your hair is cut this way. Importantly, the back-brushed quiffs and the shaved temples make your forehead look worse. 

4. Curly Straight out of bed look

Curly Straight out of bed look

Your hair can’t get any messier than this! If you are specifically opting for a lazy hairdo this works fine, but for others this will be a nightmare. Having long and thick hair is a blessing, don’t spoil it by choosing this hairstyle.

5. Long Mullet Hairstyle


Look how effeminate this hairstyle is making a man look! The top part of this hairdo is not only messy but doesn’t match with the rest of the hair. The worst part is the bottom part looks unnatural and is like he added hair extensions. Save yourself from embarrassment and bid adieu to this for good.

6. Rat Tail haircut

Rat tail

Firstly, this inverted bowl hairstyle on the top itself makes you look surreal. Adding to it, the bottom part is completely shaved, which makes you look unpresentable anywhere you go. Plus, this thin braided rat tail is just unnecessary. Let alone the style, this hairstyle doesn’t even make you look like a man!

7. The spikes

The spikes

Spikes are something that every man wants to try atleast once. When done properly, these can uplift the overall look of the haircut. This guy here went somewhat unconventional in his hairstyle and these spikes are making him look bizarre. No matter how expensive hair gels you use to create this hairstyle, it only makes you look out of order.

8. Perm Hairstyle

Perm Hairstyle

Perming is mostly preferred by women as it creates long lasting curls, making the hair look voluminous and healthy. But, for men, this curl pattern looks like short coils on the head, giving a shabby look. Especially for men who attend meetings regularly, this hairstyle is a big NO. No matter how good you dress up, this hairstyle doesn’t at all make you look official.

9. Mohawk

Mohawk haircut

There are numerous mohawk hairstyles that actually complement the outfits you wear. Yet, there are certain wrongly adapted mohawk hairdos that you must avoid including this one. The first thing that went wrong with this haircut is the length. The next thing is the undercut. The completely shaved sides and temples are making the mohawk look more outrageous.

10. The Military look

The Military look

This look is especially meant for military men as they have the physique for it. If you are a normal man, this hairstyle can make you look bald. Importantly, for men with curly hair, this hairstyle is a must to avoid. 

11. The middle part

The middle part

Middle partition looks good on short hair. But men with long hair must avoid it. Also, it is an outdated hairstyle that was in trend during the 90’s. So, there’s no point in trying it now. If you do not maintain it properly, this haircut will make your hair look messy.

12. Braids Haircut

Braids Haircut

Braids are mostly for women and for the men of African descent. For all the other men, braided looks make them look less masculine and give them more of a feminine appeal. Also, braids can cause heavy hair loss when they are too tight. Braids, in general, look good on black hair but for white men, they just make you look worse.

13. Carve it out

Carve it out

This is one hairstyle that was most popular among footballers once upon a time as it resembles a person holding a ball. But, for normal men, this haircut looks bizarre and makes people want to stay away. Moreover, carving out an animal on your head is not worth the investment . So, please don’t play with your beautiful hair.

14. Colorful hair style

Colorful hair style

We understand that men also want to get their hair coloured once in a while. It can be a fantasy for few too. But, if you are not careful in picking the right shade, it can be a disaster. If you really want to experiment with colours on your hair, go for subtle ones like light brown, chocolate brown or any shade that matches your skin tone. But, this purple hair colour doesn’t suit you guys. It is basically a highlighter and looks good if it is coloured for a bunch of strands only.

15. Dreadlock


If you really want to leave a bad impression on whoever you meet, you can try this one. But, in general, dreadlocks make any man look lazy and shabby. Whoever sees a man with dreadlocks would imagine that he has not shampooed his hair for a while. Yes, this is the only impression you are going to leave if you try it. Also, what’s the point in growing your hair long if you want to lock it this way?

16. Dreadlock bun

Dreadlock bun

Can anything make you look more disastrous than this haircut? Even if you want to look funky and unique, you must never give this haircut a try. The dreadlocks are outrageous and when you tie them into a bun, it’s more horrible for people to perceive you. This hairstyle may suit black men but for white men, this one is ghastly. 

17. Hairband Hairstyle

Hairband Hairstyle

This hairband hairstyle is also an outdated one that men craved for during the 70’s. There’s nothing disastrous about this hairstyle but it’s just that it doesn’t suit everyone. Especially, if you are a man with a big forehead, this one makes it look even wider and broader. Apart from this, it suits only teenagers and not adults. If you have curly or wavy hair, this hair band will make the tips of your hair look lifted up, so you don’t look presentable.

18. Slick combed hair look

Slick combed hair look

This slick combed look is mainly for older men with straight and thin hair. When combed back, this hairstyle makes the hair stay in place. But for teens and the younger lot, this hairstyle makes them appear less contemporary but classic. If you are someone who wants to flaunt trendy hairstyles, stay away from trying this look.

19. The gradual haircut

The gradual haircut

What’s horrible about this hairstyle? Everything! Starting from the uneven quiff to the messy back, this hairstyle makes you look lazy and unattractive. With the hair strands having irregular lengths, there’s nothing good about this hairstyle that will make you flaunt it.

20. Peacock hair style

Peacock hair style

For the quirky person in you, this hairstyle might be attractive. But, believe us, this one will only make you appear disastrous. Not only is the hair styled in the worst way but the colours to it make it troublesome. Even for the teenagers, this is a must-avoid hairstyle. Once your hair is cut this way, the loss is irreparable. 

Some other hairstyles you must avoid:

Mexican Urban Teen Haircuts

Mexican Urban Teen Haircuts

Fringe cut

Fringe cut

The Extreme spikes

Extreme-Green-Spiky-Hair-04 (1)Conclusion:

Gentlemen, here are those unappealing and horrible haircuts and styles that can make girls run away from you. Keep these in mind and the next time anyone proposes you to try any of these, instantly say NO. There are innumerable trendy and stylish haircuts out there that elevate the way you look. Think twice, choose wisely!



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