40 Flattering Hairstyles for Men with Round Faces


Before you fall in love with the trendiest hairstyle in town, the first thing you need to make sure is to check whether it suits your face shape or not. Any hairstyle you select must highlight your features and must make you look most handsome. 

However, many barbers find it difficult to work with men having round faces but that doesn’t mean there are less hairstyles to create. So, after careful research, here we bring you a list of 40 best hairstyles that can go well with round faces. You will also find a detailed guide to determine the exact shape of your face.

How to accurately determine your face shape?

Now that you know the features of a round face in men, you can actually get to know the exact shape of your face right from the comfort of your home. Here’s how.

  • Stand straight in front of a mirror. Keep yourself so close to the mirror so that you can easily touch the mirror without leaning or bending. 
  • Make sure you have adequate lighting in the room. Now, slowly trace the outline of your face using a marker. Start drawing the outline from the chin and then go upwards till the forehead. 
  • Meticulously look at the drawn outline and see which is the widest part of your face. Make a note of the shape of your forehead and also the jaw.

How do you know if you have a round face or not?

The width of your forehead, cheekbones and jaw will actually determine your face shape. You can confidently say that you have a round face shape if you basically have large cheekbones, which means you can actually say that they are the widest part of the face. 

Your chin will look smooth without any angle and your forehead will appear bigger. 

What hairstyles should round faces avoid?

Round faces are generally wide. So, the goal must be to add volume to your hair without making it look messy. So, here are some of the don’ts you must follow:

  • Avoid growing long and never make a center partition and it makes your face look more wide. 
  • If you really like long hair, ensure you only grow it till the neckline.
  • Say NO to buzz haircuts as they add more roundness, which you definitely don’t want.
  • Undercuts do not really suit round faces and make your hair look less voluminous.
  • Instead, keep good volume on the top and trim the sides, which will add definition to your face. 
  • Listen to your barber or hairstylist before you pick a hairstyle of your own once you are in the salon.

40 Best Hairstyles for Guys with Round and Plumpy Faces:

1. Long on the top short on the sides

Long on the top short on the sides

This is a high-volume haircut. As you have to grow your hair long on the top, make sure you grow your hair till it reaches 2 to 3 inches and then visit a salon for a haircut. To create this hairstyle, your hair must be slightly wet and then your barber wll blow dry it upwards. 

2. The Vintage Pompadour look

The Vintage Pompadour look

This is one of the contemporary haircuts for round-faced men. The pompadour look is best for men as it adds more volume even though the hair strands are short. To add some elegance, you can colour the front part of your hair blonde. To keep the strands brushed back, apply some pomade and then comb your hair. 

3. The Ruffled Wavy look

The Ruffled Wavy look

You can easily create this hairstyle as it only requires trimming the hair on the sides and the back. With the voluminous hair on the top, you can either use a gel to create spikes or leave it as it is to form waves. You can also use your fingers to brush the hair backwards to give it a ruffled look. 

4. The Front Fringe look

The Front Fringe look

For men with broad forehead and chubby cheeks, this hairstyle is the best. The front part of the hair is cut slantly into V-shape, so it appears similar to creating a fringe to one side. This fringe will shield half of the forehead, so your face appears to be a little smaller. 

5. The Spikes on the top look

The Spikes on the top look

This one is perfect for men looking to keep their hair short. With the upward spikes to the front, your forehead appears smaller and also dismisses the negative effects of having an undercut. Match this haircut with a dense beard and a trimmed mustache for a masculine look.

6. Middle Part look

Middle Part look

As we said earlier, the middle partition doesn’t suit people with round faces. But, if you grow your hair only till the neckline, this partition can actually make you look good. With short and wavy fringes to the front, your face will actually seem like an oval shape rather than round after this haircut.

7. The Full Spikes look

The Full Spikes look

This is the type of haircut where all the hair strands are cut into short lengths and then lifted up into spikes using a hair gel or other hair product. These full spikes make you look handsome and your face tends to appear thin. You can match this haircut either with a trimmed beard or full.

8. The Formal Office look

The Formal Office look

Leave all the haircuts aside, if you are looking for one presentable hairstyle for a round face, you can go with this blindly. Not only does it make you look handsome and desirable but also can make you look as official as possible. 

9. The Tall Spiked look

The Tall Spiked look

If you want to try something surreal and unique, tall spikes are something to look out for. You can even choose the dye the spikes for a more trendy look. With a stylish undercut near the temples and the connected beard, this hairstyle is truly magical.

10. The Side Part look

The Side Part look

Side partition is the best thing men with round faces can opt for. It makes your face look sleek and the cheekbones appear a bit toned. So, if you have a plumpy face, this hairstyle is perfect for you. To add more elegance, take a gel and brush the front part of the hair upwards. It not only adds volume but makes you look younger. 

11. The Straight Front Fringe look

The Straight Front Fringe look

Fringes are boys’ love. They add beauty to the face instantly. And, for men with straight hair, fringes are a blessing in disguise. If you want to completely cover your forehead or want to add a tinge of style to your regular hairstyle, you can choose this side partition look any time. But, for this, you need to grow your hair long, at least 3 inches long to make you look dashing.

 12. The Vertical Puffy look

The Vertical Puffy look

This hairstyle requires you to grow your hair long and then your barber would trim your sides, so the front part of your hair looks voluminous and healthy. The entire hair is brushed back using a gel and the quiffs to the front make your forehead look small and in good shape. 

13. The Layers look

The Layers look

As uneven as it might look, this hairstyle makes your face look smaller, so it is ideal for chubby men. Here, your long hair will be cut into layers to add volume. After the haircut, it doesn’t matter if you regularly comb your hair or not as it can be easily set using your fingers.

14. The Bouncy look

The Bouncy look

If you have thick hair, this bouncy hairstyle is for you! To create this, you first need to grow your hair and then visit a salon. Your barber will trim your hair to the required length. Then, you a hair gel, he will brush the sides downwards to make the front look promising.

15. The Super Short look

The Super Short look

If you are someone who is reluctant to maintain your hair properly, you can always go for this short look. Your barber will use the clippers or scissors to cut short or trim your entire scalp. This hairstyle not only looks corporate but also doesn’t require even a comb to maintain it. Also, it gives a defined look to your round face and elevates your cheekbones.

16. The Flat Top look

The Flat Top look

This is yet another quirky hairstyle and it mostly suits men of African descent or the men with curls. It is always tough to maintain curls and when they are left unmaintained, your hair will make you look lazy and unpresentable. But, this hairstyle needs no maintenance from your side and once it’s done, your hair stays put. The undercut beneath only elevates the top part and makes your face look sleek. 

17. The Messy Asymmetrical look

The Messy Asymmetrical look

As the name suggests, your hair will look all asymmetric and uneven after this haircut. Your hairstylist will keep your hair short to the sides and long to the front. However, this hairstyle doesn’t suit all occasions and it looks best on younger men.

18. The High Pompadour look

The High Pompadour look

Pompadour is a trendy hairstyle and this hairstyle in specific is best for men with round faces. To get this hairstyle, your barber will clip your hair to the sides so that the front gets elevated. There is a quiff to the front that is lifted up using a hair gel. 

19. The Comb Overlook

The Comb Overlook

This is a classic look and suits almost every man with a round face. To get this neat and clean look, your barber will trim your hair to the sides and you can clearly see the transition from the front to the sides. This hairstyle is perfect for straight hair and using a gel the front part is brushed back to keep the hair intact.

20. The Undercut with high volume look

The Undercut with high volume look

This is one of the stylish hairstyles where there is undercut and also a voluminous top. The clipped sides and the lengthy strands on the top make this hairstyle suit the younger lot. You can match this hairstyle with a stubble beard making you look handsome. It perfectly suits men with straight hair. 

21. Short Back and Sides

Short Back and Sides

If you really want to transform the way your face looks, this hairstyle is a must try! Trimmed and short sides, back will highlight the front part of your hair, thereby your face tends to look slim and neat. Moreover, the trimmed sides make your face look square or oval instead of round. 

22. The Classic Pompadour

The Classic Pompadour

To create this hairstyle, first you need to grow your hair at least 4-inch long. Then, your barber will create the pompadour cut with high volume left to the front. This high volume can be achieved through blow drying. The sides are trimmed and brushed back for your round face to look sleek. You can match this hairstyle with a nicely-shaped beard. 

23. Celeb Hairstyle

Celeb Hairstyle

This is one the celebrity-inspired hairstyles that is difficult to create but is perfect for men with round faces. Your hair will be roughly cut into uneven length and then a gel will be used to uplift some of the strands. This haircut is best for unofficial purposes and makes you look masculine. 

24. The Angular Fringe

The Angular Fringe

If you don’t like your wide cheeks gaining attention wherever you go, you must try this hairstyle. Here, your hairstylist will first comb all your hair to one side and do certain trims so that the front part resembles a V-shape. To create this hairstyle, you must first grow your hair long, at least up to 4-inches. With this haircut, your ears and the forehead will be concealed, so your face looks smaller and even.

25. The Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk

This haircut gives you a wilder and unconventional look and gives a nice shape to your face. When you match this hairstyle with a clean shaved face, you look dapper and cool. 

26. Center Parting

Center Parting

This is the most flattering hairstyle for men with round faces. For this, you need to grow your hair for at least 5 inches long. With the front fringes, your forehead not only looks in the right shape but also makes you look slim. This hairstyle especially suits younger men. 

27. The Spiky Hairstyle

The Spiky Hairstyle

For white men in their 30’s, this hairstyle is the best suited one. Also, it is easy to maintain as you can easily set the hair with your fingers. Once your barber trims your hair, he uses a pomade or a hair gel to roughly lift your hair up to create these beautiful spikes thereby giving you a manly look.

28. The Straight Hairstyle

The Straight Hairstyle

This is one of the easiest hairstyles your barber can create. All your hair will be combed to one side and then, he will trim the hair layerwise. This not only adds volume but also makes your round face look slim. It best suits both official and non-official purposes.

29. Spiky and Tall Hairstyle

Spiky and Tall Hairstyle

This is one of the trendiest hairstyles for round-faced men. With an undercut to the temples and longer hair to the front, your round face will seem more defined and small. Moreover, your barber will use a hair gel to create spikes to the front portion. You can either choose to have a full beard or a trimmed beard along with this hairstyle.

30. The Side Part

The Side Part

This is yet another undercut hairstyle with the temples, sides and back being razed. This undercut gives a nice volume to the front portion of your hair. So, your face looks slim. Moreover, a quiff is created to the front and is brushed backwards using a gel. This hairstyle mostly suits men with straight hair.

31. The Straight Fringe

The Straight Fringe

Yet another fringe hairstyle that suits men with round faces is this rough and unruly hairstyle. For this, you need to grow your hair for months and then visit a salon. Your barber will create beautiful fringes to one side of your face. With this hairstyle, you can grow your beard to the fullest to get a manly look.

32. Vertical Hairstyle

Vertical Hairstyle

This is a flattering hairstyle for men with straight and thin hair. There is an undercut to the sides and you can clearly see the taper. The entire front hair is brushed backwards to create volume. This hairstyle conceals your wide cheekbones and makes your face look oval rather than round.

33. Layered Haircut

Layered Haircut

This hairstyle is a unique layer cut that is achieved only by skilled barbers. To create this, your barber will brush your hair to the sides and then create layers for a bouncy look. With the fringes falling on your forehead, this haircut is best for people who want to camouflage their big forehead. 

34. High Volume Haircut

High Volume Haircut

Round shape faces should always opt for voluminous hair cuts. Of them, this quirky high-volume cut is best for unconventional men who always look to experiment with their hairstyles. After trimming the hair, your hairstylist will use a blow dryer to create the bounce.

35. Super Short Hairstyle

Super Short Hairstyle

If you have a round face yet would like to keep your hair short, this hairstyle is perfect for you. This hairstyle also suits older men who like to keep it simple. With the shorter fringes falling to the front, it conceals your forehead and covers even the receding hairline. 

36. The Flat Cut

The Flat Cut

This one is a proper teenager or school boy haircut. With a clean shaved face and proper spikes, this hairstyle makes you look decent and presentable. You can clearly see the taper from the top to the sides. The barber has given a nice undercut to perfectly define the face shape.

37. Messy Range Asymmetrical

Messy Range Asymmetrical

If you have a voluminous hair which is also silky smooth, this hairstyle is perfect for your round face. With the long fringes falling till the eyes, this hairdo conceals your big forehead and also makes you look the most handsome. 

38. Man-bun with beard

Man-bun with beard

If you like to grow long hair or have already grown your hair too long, tying it into a bun is always a wise option. And for men with round faces, growing a full beard along with having a messy bun makes the face look less plumpy. You can also opt to grow a long mustache for a unique and manly look.

39. The Comb Over

The Comb Over

This comb over hairstyle is ideal for men who are desperately looking to conceal the roundness or the plumpy cheeks. To give you this hairstyle, your barber will trim the edges too short while combing the front of the hair to one side. However, there is no definite side partition as you can see in the picture.

40. High Volume Undercut

High Volume Undercut

This is yet another undercut hairstyle where the sides are completely razed while the front is kept long. The front hair is so long that you can easily brush it backwards til the back of your head. This hairstyle is not only stylish but gives a high volume to your hair. 


As you can see from above, having a round face is a blessing in disguise. There are innumerable hairstyles suiting all age groups of men, which also enhance the look of your face.

Now that you have seen all the 40 suggestions of hairstyles for men with round faces, tell us which one you like the most!



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