15 Best Haircuts for White Men and Boys to Look Fresh 2017

White Boy Haircuts: If men are flaunting the latest haircuts why not the boys keep pace with the latest hairstyle trends. Here are 15 white boy haircuts that we have selected for you. You can choose the ones depending upon the texture and the length of your hair so that the hairstyle you choose can be the best.

#1: Classic Taper

Classic Taper

The Classic Taper haircut is among the top haircuts for men and boys, more due to the high style and low maintenance. Compared to the back and the sides, where the hair is cut short, the hair on the top is kept longer. The hair on  the top can be combed forward or styled with a spike.

#2: Short Haircut

Straight Hair Short Haircut

Short haircuts are always smart for white boys, especially if the hair has some texture. You can style it with spikes and on occasions, use a styling product when you want to grab the attention of others.

#3: The Crew Cut

The Crew Cut

The Crew Cut can be one of the best options for boys, especially for those engaged in sports. The hair on all the sides, back and the top is cut very short, resembling the military style. The hair all over the head has to be of equal length, and that is where you will require the skills of a professional barber.

#4: The Quiff

The Quiff

This haircut for white boys is for those having medium hair. The hair on the top is styled in a quiff and the sides are cut to be messy. No parting is made and the hair at the back and sides are kept a little bit long. The sharp hairline is noticeable.

#5: Undercut


The undercut requires the hair at the back and on the sides to be short and the hair on the top remaining longer. The best way of styling this haircut is by having the hair slick back to give a classy look. Curly hair could be the best for this haircut and this hairstyle will need a styling product and the sides and back shaved regularly.

#6: The French Crop

The French Crop

If you are facing thinning hair, this classic haircut could be ideally suited for you, irrespective of the shape of your face. The hair is brought slightly forward, with the fringe having a slight length. You can use a hair spray or a styling product to maintain the style, which should be an easy process.

#7: The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut is one of the classic men’s haircuts that is still popular as it had been in the past. Square and symmetrical types of faces are the best ones for this buzz cut classic hair cut. Got a great head shape? This classic men’s hair cut can make you look stunning.

#8: The Fringe with Textured Cut

The Fringe with Textured Cut

You will need long and thick hair for this classic boys haircut, where razoring and point cutting techniques should be used instead of scissors to prevent wispy ends and bulky hair roots. You can use a little putty on your hair to achieve the textured look.

#9: Straight Shag

Straight Shag

The straight shag is one of the modern hairstyles, especially for boys with long hair. You will need a quality mousse and a brush to style it. This hairstyle is of low maintenance. N case your hair is not straight, you can choose to iron your hair, which will make it easier to style.

#10: The Butch Cut


The Butch Cut


The Butch Cut is a shorter variation f the Buzz Cut, where the hair is cut extremely short.  Resembling the military haircut, this hairstyle requires no maintenance. This cut is simple, yet brings the masculine appearance, and what is more, you can do it yourself.

#11: The Slick Back

The Slick Back

This is one of the vintage classic haircuts for guys where the hair needs to be straight for easy styling. The sides and the back are tapered and the top gradually becoming heavier. If you choose for an undercut combination, a disconnection will be required for making this classic hairstyle a striking one.

#12: Sharp Side Part

Sharp Side Part

The sharp side part is a haircut for white boys that can transform the whole outlook. There has to be a thick hair part with the remaining haircut to very short or to medium length. When perfected by a professional barber, this haircut can look outstanding.

#13: Faux Hawk

 Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk has been among the most popular haircut for boys as well as for men since it has been followed by many stars in Hollywood. The hair at the back and on the sides are short with the hair getting longer as it climbs to the top. Ideally suited for those with high cheekbones, strong chins and long faces, this haircut for white boys can be the best for teenagers.

#14: The Traditional Brush Cut

The Traditional Brush Cut

The hair at the front is textured and the sides tapered to give full effect to the traditional brush cut. This hairstyle is best suited for boys and especially for those having medium to fine hair textures. You will need to visit a salon to perfect this hairstyle. You will also need to maintain the length of the hair by cutting it on a regular basis.

#15: Side Part with Highlights

Side Part with Highlights

To achieve a dramatic look, the Side Part with Highlights can be a well chosen hairstyle for boys, especially when attending the college. Not only does this hairstyle for white boys makes a statement, it also highlights a good fashion as well as cuteness.

To flaunt these hairstyles for white boys, you will need the skills of a professional barber, who will be able to give the hairstyle a genuine lift so hat your goals are achieved. F you need to do these hairstyles at home, all you will need is a little bit of patience and a tutorial to follow. You will find tutorials when searching online, which come from professional hairdressers, so that you can well rely upon them. Go ahead to make others to turn their heads.


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