15 Alluring Haircuts for White Men That Are High in Style and Low in Maintenance

The Quiff

What kind of hairstyles best suit white men? To be honest, everything! Right from the classic pompadour hairstyle to the faux hawk, white boys can try out any hairdo they want depending on the type and texture of the hair. 

For instance, if you really don’t like to take good care of your hair, a taper cut is the best for you. Likewise, if you like to put your hair in place and are willing to try out hair products, then quiff hairstyles are your best bet.

Not just these, there are 15 such elegant, modern and presentable hairstyles you’ll find in the article, that are sure to entice you. Take a look!

1. Classic Taper

Classic TaperAs we already mentioned, taper haircuts require very less maintenance. Also, with this hairdo, you look professional and office-ready every time. This hairstyle is similar to the disconnected undercut, where the sides are kept trimmed and short and the top is voluminous. 

You can either choose to have a low or medium taper haircut depending on how much length you want your hair to be. You can also choose to have a quiff to the front or can brush the front hair towards one side if you have a round face. 

2. Short Haircut

Short Haircut

Short haircuts are also for those who are lazy enough to set the hair before leaving for the office. This hairstyle gives some texture to the hair while keeping it intact. It mostly suits adults more than the younger lot. For the short haircuts, you can either opt to cut the hair short entirely or can also go for an undercut. You can style the front portion of your hair like a quiff using hair gel or a pomade.

3. The Crew Cut

The Crew CutCrew cut is basically a very short haircut where the front and top part of your hair is cut very short to resemble the bristles of a brush. To get this haircut, ask your barber to uniformly cut the sides and back of your head first using the clippers. Then, he will scissor-cut the hair on the top of your head till the length you choose. This haircut resembles a military one and women love to see men in crew cuts.

4. Quiff-Hairstyles


If you do not love to partition your hair, quiff hairstyles are the best for you. In these hairstyles, the sides are kept a bit short and the front is kept long to elevate the look of your face. Unlike a pure undercut, the sides here are not completely razed off but are kept short and are either brushed back or to the side. As the front part is brushed back, these quiff hairstyles suit men with an oval face shape. 

5. Undercut


This is the kind of hairstyle where you can see a pure contrast between the front and the sides. If you have a round face, you can ask your barber for a medium undercut, where the sides are not completely razed but are cut short. This medium undercut also suits men with thick and wavy hair. 

Meanwhile, if you have a square-shaped face, you can go for a long undercut that elevates the angles of your face. 

6. The French Crop


This haircut is mainly for men who are facing the starting stages of baldness. It conceals your scalp in a good way and also enhances the style. This haircut is also good for people with thin hair. Irrespective of the face shape, this hairstyle suits anyone. You can also opt to colour the front part of your hair either brown or blonde. If yours is wavy type hair, you can use a hair gel to set it in a particular way.

7. The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut

If you really like the shape of your head, you can opt for this buzz cut hairstyle. Buzz cuts are versatile and make your head seem more defined. So, they are best for men facing receding hairlines. These cuts generally make you look professional, so you can flaunt it wherever you go. Though there is a visible distinction between the front and the sides, your barber will trim your hair to the shortest everywhere. So, it is one of the best balding hairstyles.

8. The Fringe with Textured Cut

The Fringe with Textured Cut

If you don’t like the undercut hairstyles and want to have a full-grown hair all over, this fringe cut is for you. To create this hairstyle, your barber will first ask you to grow your hair up to 6 inches in length. Then, he will trim the hair to the desired length and brush it forward to create beautiful fringes that naturally fall on your forehead. This is the best hairstyle for youth or for men who like to flaunt their thick hair. To maintain the texture, you can use a gel or putty on your hair whenever needed.

9. Straight Shag

Straight Shag

A shag is essentially a haircut where your hair will be cut into layers and feathers to the top and also the sides. It is one of the best messy and casual hairstyles that suit young men. This hairstyle resembles a crown and makes your hair look voluminous. To create this hairstyle, you must first grow your hair till the neck and then make an appointment with your hairstylist. It suits men with straight and wavy hair textures.

10. The Butch Cut

The Butch Cut

Butch is also similar to the buzz cut where the hair is trimmed short entirely resembling a military look. This hairstyle can also be paired with either an undercut or even a fade. With all the short hair all around, you look dashing and dapper in this haircut. It is also easy to maintain. Moreover, if you are in the starting stages of baldness or hair thinning, you can opt for this hairstyle. This is a good style for both the young boys and the older men.

11. The Slick Back

The Slick Back

This is one the classic haircut that resembles the vintage looks. For getting this haircut, you need to grow your hair long and then brush it back. You can choose to brush the hair entirely or can also choose to trim the sides like an undercut and brush back the front hair. You can use a pomade or a hair gel to keep the combed hair in place. This look will instantly make you look manly and professional. It mainly suits men above 35 years.

12. Sharp Side Part

Sharp Side Part

This sharp side part is a unique yet trendy haircut that mostly suits younger boys and kids. You can clearly see a proper and neat side partition with a taper on one side and longer hair brushed to the other side. You can also find a quiff that has been brushed sidewards to create a cool look. Near the temples and the back, there is an undercut to elevate the front part of your hair. So, you can select this hairstyle for your school-going kid to make him look well-dressed and neat.

13. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk

If you have wide cheekbones and want to make them look less evident, this faux hawk hairstyle is a must try! Also, this hairdo makes your face look small and in the right shape. Hence, it is followed by many of the celebrities. Unlike other haircuts, here the front hair is brushed upwards creating a unique style. To make the hair hang in there, you can use a hair gel or other hair product or even blow dry it. However, this hairstyle doesn’t suit older men.

14. The Traditional Brush Cut

The Traditional Brush Cut

This is also similar to any other undercut, this one adds texture to your hair as the sides are tapered. Though there’s no visual partition it appears like you have given a side partition to your hair. The front part of your hair is brushed back to create volume, making your forehead look small but with the right shape. This hairstyle is best for teenagers or college-goers who like to flaunt their hairstyles. 

15. Side Part with Highlights

Side Part with Highlights

If you like to experiment with your hair by adding a pop of colour, this hairstyle is the best that goes with any hair colour. This is the most popular hairstyle among the younger lot asit not only adds volume to the hair but also looks contemporary. However, it is not easy to create this one and requires the work of a skilled barber. This hairdo suits all face shapes and makes you appear young and dynamic.


All the hairstyles we have mentioned above require the work of skilled hairstylists. So, if you are looking to try these at home, we wouldn’t recommend that. We have done quite a research and got these 15 hairstyles that work for different face shapes and hair textures. Make sure you read the descriptions well before picking the best one for you. Once you try it, tell us if we have been of any help!


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