Dreadlocks HairCuts: 40 Gorgeous Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Men

Dreadlock haircuts for men

Dread Hairstyles for Men: What was one a hairstyle purely based on local culture, dreadlocks hairstyles is now followed all over the world, especially by black men. Rocking Locks is the feature of the dreadlocks hair styles, where the locks hang well below the shoulder and exhibits thirsty roots, sparking an emotion of love and craziness.

The dread hairstyles for men makes you move around freely and draw the attention of everyone near you. Perfect knotting and matting is required in making dreadlocks styles, which, only the skilled hands of professional barbers can do. These dread styles for men are easier to flaunt by those having natural long hair, than those wearing extensions. When choosing the methods of how to make dreadlocks, you should choose the one that best suits your type of hair and of course, budget.

Proper maintenance of the dread extensions is important in order to keep the dreads well structured and clean. With time dreads can become dry, brittle and can cause hair breakage. But now you can prevent tis by using best dreadlock products.

Learning how to get dreadlocks perfect, you will need to consult with a professional barber who has specialized in how to dread hair.

Dreadlocks History:

The style was additionally found in antiquated Egypt: Anthropologists have found mummies with their hair still in place with locks. What’s more, in the Old Testament, a few understandings say that Samson is specified as having dreadlocks and, when Delilah cuts them, loses his phenomenal quality.

How to Give Yourself Dreadlocks:

Giving you dreadlocks doesn’t require substantially more than dreadlock wax and a considerable measure of tolerance. You can have dreadlocks put in at the salon, however doing them yourself at home is more regular and a great deal less costly. Plan to spend a while framing the fears and additional time keeping them fit as a fiddle. There are two techniques for giving dreadlocks;

Process 1:

  • Begin with clean hair and separation them
  • Backcomb the hair segment
  • Secure the dreads by elastic bands
  • Wax the dreads

Process 2:

  • Begin with clean hairs
  • Tuck the hair appropriately
  • Roll the dreads and limit the finishes

Process 3:

  • Remove the rubber bands.
  • Rub the roots well.
  • Keep on shampooing.

Different Types of Dreadlocks:

Taking after are the distinctive sorts of dreadlocks that are extremely regular in men.

#1: Freeform Locks:

Freeform locks are like natural locks. They aren’t “fixed” or “kept up.” However, freestyle locks are developed to a certain extent, as the hair is isolated not separated, just pulled separated in “chunks” wink into genuinely uniform areas in the wake of washing. There is no separating, palm moving, bending, or locking.

#2: Cultivated Locks:

Cultivated locks are framed utilizing different strategies. What separates them from natural locks and freestyle locks is that they are separated into segments, of about an equivalent size and routinely kept up, utilizing one of a few techniques to fix the new development. Cultivated locks are typically generally slick and uniform in appearance. Following are the sorts of cultivated locks.

  • Customary locks
  • BradeLocks
  • Nappy Locks
  • Sisterlocks

Customary Locks:The customary, salon style of dreadlocks are used as a bonding agent to fuse the strands of hair together and also from united  dreadlocks. These locks ordinarily begun with one or more crawls of normal hair, utilizing brush loops to set up the underlying example. The hair is separated into little areas, and the common loop of the hair is utilized to make the curls. This technique works best on hair with a claimed, generally tight curl design. Brush loops disentangle generally effectively, particularly when shampooing, swimming, or practicing often.

BradeLocks: BradeLocz is a technique for lacing the hair. It is done by the utilizations basic box meshes, separated in little segments, to begin the locks. This technique is incredible for individuals with dynamic ways of life or with a looser twist design, as interlaces are not as inclined to unwinding. Brade Locks are typically kept up utilizing a locking snare.

Nappy Locks: Nappy Locks are made utilizing the Nappy Locks apparatus to interweave the hair and make locks without items. Nappy Locks are additionally less inclined to unwinding.

SisterLocks: SisterLocks are made utilizing a licensing strategy for entwining the hair. They are made and kept up utilizing a device and are most prevalent for their little size and flexibility. SisterLocks ought to be begun and kept up by a prepared expert.

#3: Buddhist Dreadlocks:

Inside Tibetan Buddhism and other more recondite types of Buddhism, dreadlocks have at times been substituted for the more customary shaved head. The most conspicuous of these gatherings are known as the Ngagpas of Tibet. For some honing Buddhists, dreadlocks are an approach to relinquish material vanity and exorbitant attachments. Dreadlocks were required for some elusive Buddhist ceremonies in medieval South Asia performed by Buddhist yogis (Buddhist partners to contemporary Hindu sadhus)

#4: Christianity Dreadlocks:

These kinds of dreadlocks are usually “straight and thin”. This kind of method for the Kingdom of God is used, where it is ideal to cull out your eye on the off chance that it causes you to sin.

#5: Africa Dreadlocks:

Individuals from different African ethnic gatherings wear locks and the styles and essentialness may change starting with one gathering then onto the next.  Maasai warriors are celebrated for their long, thin, red locks. Numerous individuals color their hair red with root concentrates or red ochre. In different societies what are known as shamans, profound men or ladies who serve and address spirits or divinities, frequently wear locks, this haircut was later embraced by Rastafarians, with its foundations in Jamaica from the slave exchange period.

#6: Rastafari Dreadlocks:

Rastafari development locks are typical of the Lion of Judah which is infrequently fixated on the Ethiopian banner. The Rastafarians wear locks as an outflow of an inward most profound sense of being and to underline their personality. Their religion expresses that they should stay “entirety”.

40 Gorgeous Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Men

Here are 40 hand picked latest dreadlocks styles for men, from where you can choose the one best suited for your type of face and hair.

#1: Small Dreadlocks Hairstyle:

Small Dreadlocks Hairstyle

While adopting the short types of dreadlocks, it is important to choose the ones that are original in dreads and are easy to maintain. These dreadlocks men are among the trendiest dreadlocks style.

#2: Serious and Sexy:

Serious and Sexy

This is one of the hardest to beat natural dreadlocks, which the men would surely like for the long dread locks, perfectly made with a stunning matte finish. Clean and squeaky hair can help to flaunt his hairstyle easily. This styling will also require deep cleansing, which is an important procedure in how to style dreadlocks.

#3: Lil Wayne Dreadlocks:

Lil Wayne Dreadlocks

The Lil Wayne Dreadlocks style is a unique braided dreadlocks hairstyle. This hairstyle shows how to get dreadlocks for any type of hair and will need binding them by each section with rubber bands to bring out the real effect.

#4: Ponytail and beard:

Ponytail and beard

The combination of ponytail and beard goes along quite nicely, where the long dreads are styled into a ponytail with two locks hanging from the two sides of the shoulders. A quality styling product can bring perfection to this dreadlocks style.

#5: Medium Dreadlocks:

Medium Dreadlocks

The Medium Dreadlocks for black men is a soft hairstyle, where you will need some practice and time to bring perfection to the style. This is one of the dreadlocks styles for men, which can done on thin hair as well as on coarse hair. For proper maintenance of this hairstyle, you will need to wash your hair at least twice a week with shampoo that does not allow anything eft behind on the hair.

#6: Flatout Manly and Sexy:

Flatout Manly and Sexy

There are hardly as manly and sexy styling dreadlocks as this hairstyle, where, the long dreads are styled into a dread bun on the top of the head. A professional dreadlocks salon can be the best place to have this hairstyle done.

#7: Dreads with Beads and Rings:

Dreads with Beads and Rings

Adding some rings and beads to natural dreadlocks can enhance the style to have others look behind their shoulder. This is one of the latest dread designs created by barbers leading the industry, showing how to style dreadlocks in an innovative way.

#8: Rastafarian Dreadlocks:

Rastafarian Dreadlocks

The Rastafarian Dreadlock hairstyle is the one being sported by Bob Marley. This is a hairstyle where the dreadlocks hair grows naturally and is allowed to form dreadlocks. There is a belief that allows the hair to grow without disturbing them is showing faith in God, and this hairstyle is an example of it.

#9: Dreadlock Chic:

Dreadlock Chic

This hairstyle is one of the most surprising and intricate among the array of dread lock styles, where the styling exhibits tailed hand work which include half downs and half ups. Whatever is the thickness or length of the hair, this styling can be made easily, sometimes with forming a half bun.

#10: Bohemian Rapsody:

Bohemian Rapsody

Transcendation of hair textures, demographics and cultures have been managed by various types of different dread styles for guys. Learning proper methods of dreadlocks maintenance can result in distinctive consistency irrespective of the type of hair. This hairstyle demonstrates how straight hair with dreads can combine to showcase a unique hairstyle.

#11: Very Long Dreadlocks:

Very Long Dreadlocks

Those having long hair has the best option in flaunting the very long dreadlocks styles for men, but have to forget about bringing in variations. But there are still exceptions, as this hairstyle demonstrates. Using quality accessories, you can still style, even the thickest of dreads properly.

#12: Skinny and Neat Dreadlocks:

Skinny and Neat Dreadlocks

This is one of the creative dreadlocks men hairstyles, where the thinner dreadlocks can be made into a pony. You can also braid them or allow them to flourish on their own. This kind of dread braid styles looks cleaner and is quite manageable. A beard can provide a great look.

#13: Caucasian Dreadlocks:

Caucasian Dreadlocks

It is not only black men who can look attractive with dreadlocks hairstyle, because, natural black hair is the best for dreadlocks, but also white men can look equally distinctive with the Caucasian dreadlocks. The only thing you must have is thick and coarse hair.

#14: Semi Formal Dreads:

Semi Formal Dreads

This hairstyle is one of the men dread styles, which can give you a sophisticated look when you are at any formal or semi-formal function. A bandana is used to style the locks, and for too, long dreads, you can style it to form a bun at the bottom.

#15: Freestyle Short Dreadlocks:

Freestyle Short Dreadlocks

Black men with short hair can flaunt beautiful dreadlocks, where the small dreads look smart and cool. For proper maintenance, you need not worry about washing, unlike the hard work you face in washing dreadlocks of thick, long and coarse hair. This is one of the south african dreadlocks styles, which is very popular.

#16: Bandana Dreadlocks:

Bandana Dreadlocks

A simple method of adding variety to an array of natty dreadlocks, is to style with a wrap, scarf or a bandana. Choose colorful scarves in order to change your appearance and sport a rejuvenated look each time. It will need a little investment.

#17: The Braided Dreadlocks:

The Braided Dreadlocks

This type of dread braids hairstyle is an example of creative styling, where the scalp is braided with dread designs. This is an example of dreadlocks how to braid in a unique style.

#18: The Classic Dreadlock:

The Classic Dreadlock

The Classic Dreadlock hairstyle is for those having thick and black hairs. When flaunting one of these long dread hairstyles, you do not need to add extra frills. Just allowing the dreads to fall down on two sides from the middle can add subtleness to the style. You can’t be wrong with this style when trying the dread updos, even if there is a growth of curly hairs.

#19: Golden Dreadlock Crown:

Golden Dreadlock Crown

You can give this hairstyle a try if you have a dreadlocks salon at hand. Maintaining dreadlocks hairstyle is difficult to make, and will need a skilled hand to create this design. Perfection can be obtained specialists in styling dreadlocks. Adding the perfect color can enhance the beauty of this hairstyle.

#20: Short and Twist Dreadlocks:

Short and Twist Dreadlocks

Precision and careful thinking are required when creating this men dread style. The twists are made to perfection and overall, this hairstyle looks well-groomed, accurate and clean. You can look awesome as a dreadlocks guy.

There are varieties of men’s dread hairstyles, as well as some awesome dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies, and the dreadlocks hairstyles for weddings, which are creative. Searching the internet, you will find pictures of dreadlocks hairstyles from which you can choose the ones that suit your type of hair and face as well.

How to Maintain Dreadlocks:

  • Douse your dread well with water in the shower
  • Squirt some Dread Empire cleanser
  • Delicately work them into the dreads
  • Make certain to flush out the cleanser super well.
  • Alright, time to dry.
  • Hangover giving your dreams a chance to hang down before you
  • Press as much water out as you can.
  • You can likewise utilize a hair dryer to dry your hair
  • Spread the dreadlocks while you rest by a top
  • Apply hair wax when essential.


The conclusion is that this sort of dread hairstyles are too trendy, in, a common not only for certain places but whole worldwide. Despite, it being a hairstyle of a particular region, it is widely renowned and accepted in the entire world. People, make, change and enjoy these dreadlock styles.

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