Faux Hawk: 40 Best Faux Hawk (Fohawk) Fade Hairstyles for Men

Dreadlocks Faux Hawk Haircuts

Faux Hawk Style for Man and their Types: The faux hawk style, also known as the fohawk, has quickly become one of the most accepted lighten hairstyle for men.

The reason may be that the faux hawk haircut is fashionable and anxious, but still good enough in a formal or expert office setting. Eventually, the fohawk lighten is a adaptable and absorbing men’s hairstyle that epitomizes modern manliness.

What Is Faux Hawk Hair Style?

The phrase “faux hawk” literally means “fake hawk”. This is because the faux hawk is comparable to the Mohawk, but offers more styling options. To cut a faux hawk, as a substitute of energetic or shaving the sides of your head, ask your hair stylist for a narrow fade on the sides with on top longer hair.

Whether you obtain a short or elevated fade fohawk, is completely up to you, and the similar goes for how extended or small you cut the hair on top. The extended and small faux hawk haircuts below will give you some idea of what style will look best on your head.

Are Mohawk and Faux Hawk Any Different?

Mohawk and Faux Hawk

This is a common question that rises in a first-fighter’s’ mind. The answer is “yes”, Mohawk and Faux Hawk are very different. Mohawk and Faux Hawk have resemblance only in their plot, that the center of the head is where the key style resides.

But in Mohawk, the complete head around the center is usually shaved bald and the hair are considerably longer and straighter in the center. Kind of like spikes only in the center of the head. Faux Hawk on the other hand, will not require you to use egg whites and hard waxes. It is more like an interception of the ends of left side hair with the ends of right side hair in a casual/rough way. Be clear that the hair in the center of the Mohawk doesn’t point at 90 degree of the head, that is what makes the Faux Hawk easy to digest and attractive.

How to cut Faux Hawk Haircut:

Let’s quickly hop over to our stations and equipments, and start cutting those amazing hair.

Preparing for Hair Faux Hawk Haircut:

Before you start chopping them down, it’s important that you get familiar with the hair. Understand the hair’s hardness and silkiness so that you can determine the best of Faux Hawk hairstyles for those particular hair.

  • Spray some water or wash the hair to get them wet if you plan on cutting with scissors. If you’re using clippers, make sure the hair is dry.
  • Comb down any tangles and get the hair in a straight down position on all sides. Combing down the hair will make it much more easy to make sections for cutting.
  • Make up your mind about the span of your Hawk, the center part of the hairstyle. You can either scale up your own width by the “far-end of one eye to the far-end of the other eye rule or you could ask for your clients personal preference. Experimenting with the width is a good practice as it might show you something that looks better than all other possible widths.
  • Starting from the Hairline, mark the exact width of you center section and then move downwards towards the nape of the neck while scaling the width proportionally as you move down to the nape of the neck. Mark the sections on both sides of the C-curves that you just made. These sections will be the sides that you will be cutting.
  • You can now either bind together the center hair with the help of clips or just simply part them with a comb to cleanly separate the two C-sections from their respective side sections.
  • If you plan on cutting down the side sections to fades, it is a good practice to use multiple sizes of guards for clipper and finishing them with a scissor touch.

Scissoring the Back and Sides:

  • Using scissors is a risky process and requires a level of expertise. Especially if your cutting your own hair, it’s highly recommended that you use clippers only (See next section).
  • Knowing how to cut the sides is very important. We will simplify the process and explain it to you. Hypothetically, mark the top of your ear and stretch a line straight towards the eyes. Now the direction that you will be cutting in is from the start of your sides down in the direction of that imaginary line that you stretched. Simple, isn’t it? Make sure that you will start cutting in vertical strips from the hairline to the neck line.
  • The proper hand position to cut the sides is to hold the vertical strip of hair outwards by your non-dominant hand in a scissor-like grip using index and middle finger. Your hand should be in a position which makes your thumb point towards your neck. Which means for a right handed hairstylist, the left hand’s fingers should be pointing upwards when cutting the right side, and downwards when cutting the left side. If your cutting your own hair then this rule is turned into the complete opposite. Try holding your hair strips with left hand with your thumb pointing towards your neck so you can understand this step.
  • How deep and how much you cut down the sides is totally upon your preferences. You just have to make sure that however you cut the first vertical strip, all the other vertical strips should be cut down with the same persistence. Remember, your middle section is marked by C-curves, those boundaries should be the pickup points for you to hold the vertical strips. One more important thing is to make sure both sides are cut equally.
  • Trim the sideburns according to personal preference. Now your sides are done, if you have fastened you middle section of the back of the neck with clips, now would be the time to free them.
  • To cut the lower back section, hold strips between your index and middle fingers, and pull the hair outwards. Now turn them a little towards the center of the head and cut into them. This time it’s not strictly necessary to cut in perfect vertical strips because now your texturing your hair.

We will start the cutting of top section after covering the cutting of sides with clippers.

Processing The Back And Sides Using Multiple Guards and Clippers:

  • Make up your mind about how do you want your sides. Usually what looks good is, shortest hair starting from the bottom of your sides and longer hair as you go to the top of your section. This means you will be using multiple guard sizes. If you think you know what would be the most appropriate set of sizes, then it’s well and good. If not, then we suggest using 1/4″, 3/8″ and the 1/2″ guards.
  • Start with the #4 guard (1/2″), cut the hair on the sides from the bottom to the end of the side section. Make you movements steady and smooth as you cut through the hair to avoid any errors.
  • Now use the #3 guard (3/8″), start cutting the hair from the bottom to top. But this time, you will stop a bit before reaching the top. Smoothly and gently clip the complete side with persistence.
  • Start cutting the hair on the side section from the bottom using #2 guard (1/4″) and move upwards. This time you will stop even earlier, and equally process the whole side gently and smoothly.
  • Repeat the last three steps for the other side.
  • Trim any distinct lines around your hairline with #1 guard.
  • Because you have used clippers, your sides are now in clearly visible sections. Its time to pull out your scissors and blend the sections on their boundaries. Go very gently and slowly, You don’t want any deep cuts that will ruin you hairstyle.

The Center Section:

  • Release the hair in the center if you have clipped them, and comb them down towards the forehead. Towards the face is the direction in which you will cut your center section.
  • Start picking strips with a comb from the far side of your center section, align it with your sides and then cut through them from the back to the front.
  • While going through the layers at the center section of your head, improvise on sizes of each layer you cut. They don’t have to be all equal, normal practice would have them go from short at the outside area and longer at the top of your head which will be the interception point of the ends of hair of both sides. Cut the layers while making sure that they lie flat, this will avoid cutting all the layers with the same length.
  • Once done with both sides, you can start playing around with your middle part to match your personal preference. You can channel cut through your back if it looks quite thick, twist-cut your hair at the top and sides or just simple grab pieces of hair and randomly cut through them at an inclined angle instead of perfectly horizontal.

Wrapping Up The Play:

  • Make small adjustments through your hair as you see fit and stop any further alterations as you reach the style that suits your taste. Further cutting may completely ruin it.
  • Use a shiner, gel or wax (whichever you like most) to further detail the look of your Faux Hawk.

Congratulations! Your steaming hot Faux Hawk is ready.

How to Style a Faux Hawk:

  • First choose a molding product for you hairstyle. Make sure that it has enough power to hold your hair (if they are longer, you might need hairspray too), and does not damage your hair,
  • Damp hair are the best to work with, we recommend washing your hair and then towel drying them. Run your index finger through the product that you chose and scoop up just enough of it that it covers the first joint of your finger.
  • Rub the product with your palms and now thoroughly but gently rub your palm through your hair. After every few strokes, make an upward directed stroke so that your hair start to stay up. If you want the front to point straight up, then run some extra upward-directed strokes their.
  • Fine-comb the sides with your finger. Your direction should be from the start of your sides towards your cheeks, to get a more sophisticated look, you can direct your combing towards you eyes and nose also.
  • Now for the Hawk, you may find a lot of methods to this, but the one that fits most cases is as follows: Run your palm deeply from you forehead through the center section and out from the back. Now the hair will be standing up and you can make gentle strokes from the both sides to point the hair of both sides towards each other.
  • Stroke your hair at the back downwards thoroughly to separate them from your Hawk. If you have left a thick patch of hair that thins out at the nape of your neck, then stroke down the hair in the back in according to that cut.
  • Push forward through the top of your hair on the Hawk to tilt them slightly forwards to give them the “David Beckham touch”.
  • Grab the hair from the forehead and move them upwards if you want a triangular look at the front. Or you could grab those hair and pull them outwards, perpendicular from the forehead which makes it look like a wave, this one is my personal preference.

And you’re done, now go out impress them ladies with your new bold look.

Faux Hawk Fade Hairstyles for Men

#1: Classic Faux Hawk:

Classic Fohawk

Classic Faux Hawk was the hairstyle that started to gain ground in chicago and eventually became a trend in New York. Musicians and sportsmen adapted this hairstyle probably because of its versatility. The center section is considerably longer so that spikes can be made. And the sides are clipped to very small length in classic Faux Hawk style.

#2:  Shaggy Faux Hawk:

shaggy fauxk hawk

Shaggy Faux Hawk haircut is perfect for people who love the messy touch in their hair. Shaggy haircut is messy, yet very attractive and goes extremely well along with beards.

#3:  Pointy Faux Hawk:

Pointy Faux Hawk is not very different from classic Faux Hawk. The difference is that a triangle is formed when you see a classic Faux Hawk from the front. While in a pointy Faux Hawk, the hair on both sides are flattened and then a narrow pointy wall is lifted up to the top.

#4: Bald Faux Hawk:

This one is very hard to spot. Bald Faux Hawk overall is a very tiny patch of hair in the center of the head that represents the Hawk and the sides are shaved to almost bald. You might have to squint your eyes to recognize this Faux Hawk hairstyle.

#5: Buzz cut Faux Hawk:

Buzz cut Faux Hawk is a surprisingly nice looking combination of buzz cut thats been tuned in accordance to the root principles of Faux Hawk.

#6: Covered Faux Hawk Haircuts

Covered Faux Hawk Haircuts

This hairstyle makes a clear difference instead of being a combo some of the most excellent male haircut techniques. The haircut is downy at the top while the lower hairline is hide gray which steadily meet the low gray hair at the sides and meets the wide and long hair at the top.

#7: Hairy Faux Hawk Haircuts

Hairy Faux Hawk Haircuts

The hairy haircut is an untidy hairstyle which features untidy hair at the top while the hairline at the sides is skin gray. The hair at the sides is regularly tapering acceptance the faux hawk at the top.

#8: Bottomless Parted Faux Hawk Haircuts

Twice Parted Faux Hawk Haircuts

This faux hawk hairstyle is an adaptable haircut with a deep-parted side this makes a clear difference between the fades and the faux hawk.

#9: Twice Parted Faux Hawk Haircuts


Twice Parted Faux Hawk Hairstyle for Men There is some exclusive ways to part your faux hawk haircut. You can modify your hairstyle by simply creation twice partitions on the sides. One panel distinguishes the faux hawk style and the next one for low fades and the tapered hair style.

#10: Spike Faux Hawk Haircuts

Spike Faux Hawk Haircuts

It is an uneasy haircut which features long hair at the top and the bottom. The long hair is keen edged and spiked to give you a surprising hair look.

#11: Murmur Faux Hawk Haircuts

Murmur Faux Hawk Haircuts

This is an ordinary faux hawk hairstyle you can get. Combine the customary buzz haircut with a bit longer hair at the top to give you a tiny faux hawk.

#12: Tremendous Faux Hawk Haircuts

Tremendous Faux Hawk Haircuts

Tremendous haircuts are great to excitement up your look and life. The haircut features tidily tapered short sides and sharp and enormously spiked top.

#13: Coiled Faux Hawk Haircuts

Coiled Faux Hawk Haircuts

The artificial is not only for the directly hair you can also get a rocking coiled faux hawk hairstyle. The long and coiled and natural touch of your hair looks cool with this adaptable hairstyle.

#14: Flat Faux Hawk Haircuts

Flat Faux Hawk Haircuts

The flat faux hawk features spiked hair at the top which regularly channels around. The hairstyle looks flat when tidily brushed.

#15: Lumberjack Faux Hawk Haircuts

Lumberjack Faux Hawk Haircuts

This hairstyle is a simple yet a good-looking one. You can modify your hairstyle with a simple small faux haircut at the top while the hair at the sides is tapering.

#16: Intense Lumberjack Faux Hawk Haircuts

Intense Lumberjack Faux Hawk Haircuts

This is the most accepted hairstyle in year 2016. The haircut features intense faux hawk hairstyle at the top while the hair at the sides is tapering and smooth. The hairstyle was frequently popularized by the young pop singing star. You can get a breezy look by simply flipping the hair on any of the sides with a divider.

#17: Feathered Long Faux Hawk Haircuts

Feathered Long Faux Hawk Haircuts

The extended feathered faux hairstyle features skin gray hairline. While the hair at the lesser sides is faded and regularly customized to easily meet the long fluffy hair at the top. This is certainly a cool hairstyle for everyone to try.

#18: Braided Faux Hawk Haircuts

Braided Faux Hawk Haircuts

For African men who want to get an exclusive look. You can get the faux hawk hairstyle with the box braided long strand at the top of your head. The sides are bald to give you a separate look.

#19: Skin lighten Faux Hawk Haircuts

Skin lighten Faux Hawk Haircuts

This edition of faux hawk hairstyle suits a diversity of taste. The hairstyle features daring skin fades at the sides again, the spiked hair looks significant and cool over the top head.

#20: Pointed Faux Hawk Haircuts

Pointed Faux Hawk Haircuts

The pointed feature of this hairstyle is usually achieved with hair harvest like hairstyling gel. While the haircut features a simple faux hawk with a little long hair.

#21: Proficient Faux Hawk Haircuts

Proficient Faux Hawk Haircuts

The ideal and proficient faux hawk haircut features the right stability of impatience and perfect length of your hair.

#22: Small Faux Hawk Haircuts

Small Faux Hawk Haircuts

This is a tidy and supreme haircut for men who do not want to a lot hair. If you go for a cool and least protection haircut. It features totally shaved sides and a very little amount of hair at the top.

#23: Ponytail Faux Hawk Haircuts

Ponytail Faux Hawk Haircuts

This hairstyle is stimulated by the mullet hairstyle and gives you a cool due and funky look. The hairstyle features long smooth unreal hair at the center. The hair at the sides’ residue faded.

#24: Dreadlocks Faux Hawk Haircuts

Dreadlocks Faux Hawk Haircuts

Have you ever consideration of a faux hawk hairstyle with the hard African touch like dreadlocks hairstyle? The hairstyle idea is exclusive and realistic you can customize your dreadlocks with an attractive faux hawk hairstyle.

#25: Patterns Faux Hawk Haircuts

20.) Patterns Faux Hawk Haircuts

You can also add some inspired patterns to your faux hawk hairstyle for this you can create cool patterns look and lines at the sides or the area along with the hairline.

These are some different and unique faux hawk hairstyle, everyone wants some different look and here I am sharing some cool and many different styles so everyone can choose from them according to their hair and hair type.

Now you know how to style a faux hawk perfectly. All these mens faux hawk hairstyles are unique and vey famous now a days and summer session is going on and every one want cool and warm look during this session , all style are very famous and trendy for opts according to hair type and hair quality. All 20 faded faux hawk hairstyles are used by many celebrities and these hairstyle very famous now a days so you also can go with your favorite faux hawk hairstyle and change you look. I can suggest you everyone in every session you change your look according to your need by using faux hawk styles.

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