20 Best Hairstyles For Men With Thick Hair – Guide on How To Style Thick Hair

Sexy Spikes

Hairstyles for men with thick hair: Life is too short to have boring hairstyle! When you have thick hair, consider yourself damn lucky!!

Those days are gone where thick long hair for men is considered unmanly and not fashionable. For me, thick hair in men is a guarantee of a great hairstyle and men with long hair look mysterious. Everyone wants that perfect hairstyle, but not everyone has the right hair type to make it work. One needs to choose a great style which also meets your lifestyle. Most men would like to flaunt their thick hair but would like to make sure they don’t look too voluminous.

The simplest method, for tackling your thick, wavy hair is to keep your hair short. By cutting your hair shorter, you’re basically solving the issue of excess waviness and your hair will be more controllable. To help you feel and look you are most confident and powerful, I’ve put together 20 hairstyles for men with thick hair.

20 Best Hairstyles For Men With Thick Hair – Tutorials

#1 Styled Undercut for Thick Hair

The look which features shorter length on the sides as compared to the top. During summers, people don’t like a lot of hair on the sides and I think this cut is the apt stylish replacement of out childhood “Summer Military cut”


How to get it:

  • Wash your hair using a hydrating shampoo to dry the hair
  • Work in a dime-sized amount of styling cream.
  • Since the hair on the top has more length, you can apply more cream here
  • Brush the hair backward and have the hair side swept in order to create a parting.

#2 Classic Side Part

The classic side part has staged a comeback with contemporary styles being created which are the variations of the 20’s. 40’s and the 60’s. This hairstyle is iconic and one of the most versatile hairstyles for men.


How to get it:

  • Using a comb, part you hair along the natural hairline and brush the hair to both the sides
  • Use your fingertips to apply a pomade to add to the styling.
  • Complete with applying a hair spray to prevent the hair losing its shape and volume

#3 The Pompadour

The Pompadour has been one of the hottest trends in hairstyles for men since Elvis Presley sported it. Others have followed in large numbers to make this hairstyle an evergreen one.


How to get it:

  • Dry your hair using a towel and a hair dryer. Brush your hair towards the back using a comb to give the hair a little lift.
  • Use a strong pomade and massage it evenly throughout the hair to give volume to the top and the sides.
  • Use a comb and your fingers to run them in between the hair to achieve a textured finish
    Finish off with a hair spray to give shape to the hair

#4 The Quiff

The quiff has cemented its position as one very popular classic hairstyle for men and it is similar to the pompadour.


How to get it:

  • Apply a gel evenly throughout the hair after having the hair dried by a towel
  • Blow dry your hair and comb it towards the back and the sides starting from the parting which naturally appears. Use a bristle brush to add more volume to the hair. Blow-dry your locks up and away from your face, slanting your hair to one side.
  • Use a quality hair spray to ensure that the hair holds on to its shape

#5 Messy / Disheveled Look with some Volume

The disheveled look is a classic style that can be worn successfully by all ages and hair types. It is a timeless haircut that is full of character and suitable for all occupations.


How to get it:

  • Apply a texturing mousse or spray to still-damp roots, and use your fingers to massage the product evenly throughout.
  • If you want to get this look right, then use a hairdryer, rough dry it to create volume on top, and then whilst grabbing small sections, twist the hair up whilst blow-drying.
  • Add a light-weight gel or texturing wax and roughly rub through your hair – and voila– you have successfully achieved the perfectly disheveled look.

#6 Long Curly Top and Short Sides

If you’re looking for a men’s hairstyle that works well with naturally curly or wavy hair, look no further. As you’ve already got volume—well, it’s a no brainer.


How to get it:

  • It is simple, ditch the brush and switch to shaping with your fingers. Keep defining the curls by scrunching them into place.
  • When finished, run pomade through your hair for gentle hold followed by a spritz of hairspray.

#7 Messy Side Part:

Take a look at this piece on how to create the perfect side part for men with short, medium or long hair length. This messy Side part style is a sure way to get attention.


How to get it:

  • This is a meant to be a loose version of a side part and the hair can be a bit out of place and still look good.
  • Start with clean hair and use a blow dryer to start. Blow dry the sides down and back and the top in the opposite direction of the natural part to give it volume.

#8 Maximum Waviness:

This one is a bit longer, but if you have the patience to grow your hair this long it’s a relaxed sexy style.


How to style it:

  • This look has a very loose styling, but you’ll need a product with hold to control fly away and to make those waves stand out.
  • Blow dry and finger combs your hair into shape and to keep the bangs from falling in your face.
  • Add a little bit of Mousse to provide some volume and finish it off with a matte, high hold product.
  • Using a comb is not recommended as it will make this hairstyle look too structured and neat – remember to embrace the playfulness of the waves.

#9 Shaggy Haircut

This is the style of people with artistic, unruly and cheerful nature and mostly sexy!


How to style it:

  • Start with a shampoo, work styling mousse through your hair and blow-dry it.
  • While you blow-dry, keep running your fingers through your hair to create the tousled look.
  • Then use your fingers to shape your hair the way you like it. Allow the hair to air-dry completely.

# 10 Brush-Up

Brush-up is almost like Quiff, except that the entire hair is lifted upwards in place of a forelock. This simple hair up brush style needs the hair at the back and on the sides to be trimmed for having a tapered haircut.


How to get it:

  • Take your morning shower and dry up the hair with a towel (not a dryer) to leave the hair a little damp.
  • Apply hair mask or mousse and there are no locks.
  • Lift the hair with your fingers pointing the dryer towards it. Continue the process until you have reached the required height. You can use a comb to lift the hair.
  • Finish off by applying more wax or mousse and repeating the step 3.

#11 Comb over fade haircut:

Who haven’t heard of this haircut! It’s modern, sleek and uber stylish!

Comb over fade haircut

How to get it:

  • Start with dry hair.
  • Carefully comb your hair forward and find your side parting. Keep things neat.
  • Blow-dry front to back. Comb the top of your hair into place, but keep the parting.
  • Work pomade back to back to front. Finish by combing the front.

#12 Medium Boho Layered Haircut

Medium layered haircuts are great for thick hair. They are usually styled into beach waves or in natural-looking relaxed hairstyles.

Medium Boho Layered Haircut

How to get it:

  • Style the layered haircuts with hair mousse or any other hair products which can help you achieve loose waves.
  • Keep some shag and natural effect by side parting.
  • In case you also like bangs you can choose long side bangs which will frame your face.

# 13 Pompadour Fade

 Pompadour Fade

With short sides and dramatic height, Pompadour Fade gives you a cool classic retro look.

How to get it:

  • Take a blow dryer and set it to a high point of heating
  • Using a round brush, brush the hair from above the forehead towards the back and giving the volume a little bit of lift. Repeat the process and blow dry the hair as you do so.
  • Use a blow dryer to dry the hair and brush the hair backward
  • Use a pomade to and massage a small amount throughout the hair to add volume. Give the hair a lift using a blow dryer.
  • Finish off using a hairspray

#14. Surfers Style

Have you the lovely the ever-lovely wavy hair? Want to go all natural and carefree? This is the style for you.

Surfers Style

How to get it:

  • Use your hands and get the messy look. Don’t use a comb or brush, because you don’t want it to look too perfect.
  • Air dry. You now have sporty and tousled hair that looks like it’s been at the beach all day long.

#15 Messy undercut Slick back

If you like the idea of a slick-back but don’t like the idea of having something super slick and neat, then this is for you.

Messy undercut Slick back

How to get it:

  • First get a good fade right up to your part line on both sides – make sure you leave enough length on the top so that you have enough hair left over to slick back something.
  • Take a quarter sized amount of pomade and work it through the top of the hair,
  • Finish off with a blast of hairspray.

# 16 Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is an asset, you can get possibly the best hairstyles if you have a wavy mane, plus, you can get the heads turned!

How to get it:

  • Start with clean, towel-dried hair.
  • Use a blow dryer on high heat for long hair if you want added volume.
  • Take a dime-sized amount of styling cream for a looser, casual look, or a water-based pomade it you want more shine and hold

#17 Side sweep with a side braid:

Side sweep with a side braid

I totally love this look! Also, it is very easy to get this style.

How to get it:

  • The style starts with a trimmed top section and closely shaved sides.
  • Longer top hair is then given side part to create a base hair. The base hair should then be weaved into a single braid that stretches to the crown.
  • Some of the base hair will not be long enough to be weaved into the braid so blend them into short hair.
  • Finish off with a blast of hairspray.

# 18 Sexy Spikes

Sexy Spikes

All types of textured hair can be given the spiky look but naturally, thick hair has an edge over the rest.

How to get it:

  • Blow dry your hair straight.
  • If you have relaxed hair, apply a dime-size amount of a thick conditioner mixed with a quarter-size amount of medium-hold, non-alcohol gel on your hair before blowing it out.
  • Mold your style into the desired spiky shape. …
  • Add some shine and hairspray.

# 19. Simple yet Elegant

Simple yet Elegant

The beauty of this hairstyle is a result of only two things, I.e., thickness of the hair and the skills of the barber.

How to get it:

  • Start with damp, towel-dried hair.
  • Coat your hair with pomade.
  • Run a comb from your forehead to your crown. Use a fine-toothed barber comb and slick your hair straight back from your forehead to the crown of your head.
  • Slick back the sides.
  • Continue combing towards the back and repeat the process until you achieve the shape you want. You can also slick the hair a few times to get the right shape.

# 20 The Classic Tapered Hairstyle

The Classic Tapered Hairstyle

Last but not the least, my all-time favorite, Tapered hairstyle. This is the quintessential man’s haircut. It is easy to maintain, short, masculine and never goes out of style.

How to get it:

  • Dry you r hair using a blow dryer and apply a small amount of mousse to keep he hair in shape
  • Apply the mousse starting from the back to add texture. You can also create a swirl pattern finishing at the front.
  • Apply a gel to add volume to the hair and then slick back the hair from the natural part or create a side part which is prominent. Allow the hair to dry naturally.


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