Layered Haircuts : 40 Best Men’s Layered Hairstyles for 2018

Layered Haircuts : 40 Best Men’s Layered Hairstyles for 2016

Layered hairstyles for men : Hair is a very important element responsible to add beauty and smartness to the personality of a person. One cannot do much if he does not have the god’s gift but for those who have, should take proper care of this natural asset. Like you need to groom your other body parts to look good, maintaining your hair holds equal importance.

In many cases, when asked about the plan for year people have a list of activities that they intend to do throughout the year but have they considered giving their hairstyle a breath of fresh air too? Not really – many of you would answer, the perfect excuse could be maybe you do not have time to make it to the salon or at the worst chance you are happy with the same boring hairstyle that you have been wearing since your high school time.

But if you do not know whether the new style would suit your face then try for layered hairstyles for men which are meant to look good on everyone. Whether you choose for short layered hairstyles for men or long layered hair for men your surely are going to rock with your new hairstyle. Likewise, medium layered hair men look equally good. With a little change in your hairstyle you can wear a whole new look.

We have jotted down 15 amazing layered men hair styles and layered haircut for men that can be worn on any face with a little variation.

#1: Layered hair for men:

Best Men's Layered Hairstyles - Layered hair for men

Prominent haircuts of today include making one of kind styles between the distinctive layers that men appreciate. With layered hairstyles men with any length of hair can give themselves an entire fresh look.

#2: The undercut with layers:

Best Men's Layered Hairstyles - The undercut with layers

This is one of the ideal short layered haircuts for men in which the layers of the hair are combed towards the back while sides are kept short. This look is clean and funky at the same time.

#3: Classy layered hair men:

Best Men's Layered Hairstyles - Classy Layered Hair Men

For those who want to display themselves as stylish yet sophisticated, this hairstyle has no match as this is the best suited layer cut for men with a decent taste. You can try this look if you are a business icon or you want to feel like one.

#4: Messy Layers:

Best Men's Layered Hairstyles - Messy Layers

Not just only short hair has a right to look attractive, sometimes long messy hair, too, gain attention in a positive sense. Beauty of the layer hairstyles lie in the fact that even the messy hair looks good if carried properly. Try this out if you are fond of your long hair!

#5: Layers with spikes:

Best Men's Layered Hairstyles - Layers with Spikes

This is one of perfect layered haircuts men with a gentle personality can wear. In this haircut, layers are accompanied with the spikes that add to the elegance and shows how respectful you are towards the hot girls, Wink!

#6: Shorty- Sexy:

Best Men's Layered Hairstyles - Shorty Sexy

Short is unbeatable sexy! The biggest benefit that the short layered hair men enjoy is the super low maintenance – you are ready to go like that at any instant. You only have to get the haircut once and you can be like that for days before the next cut.

#7: Layer for dark hair:

Best Men's Layered Hairstyles - Layer for Dark Hair

One of the most popular long layered hairstyles men with darker hair can try. This hairstyle is at its best if you have a fairer skin tone as the contrasting color of your hair will make you look hotter.

#8: Handsome men layered hair:

Best Men's Layered Hairstyles - Handsome men Layered Hair

Absolutely stunning short layered haircut men with a tall physique and blonde hair color can carry. This hairstyle goes well if paired with a light and sleek beard. However, this style needs to be maintained as the whole effect will get spoiled if you go little loose on your grooming. So be cautious before choosing this hairstyle and if you choose promise yourself to visit your hairstylist regularly, without failing.

#9: Cool Long Layers:


Best Men's Layered Hairstyles - Cool Long Layers of the awesome layered haircuts for men that can make you look cool and hot at the same time. This haircut is good for medium to long hair length and does not get spoil if you missed shaving your beard for a month. To make the best out of this men layer haircut apply contrasting hair color and the gel so that the layers are more prominent.

#10: Rocking Blonde Layers:

Best Men's Layered Hairstyles - Rocking Blonde Layers

For a clean and sexy look this layered haircut is the perfect one. But clean means clean, keep your beard to size zero or shave it off completely. This haircut can act as a magnet in either case, depends on you how you want to gain attention, with a clean look or a murky look.

#11: Men layered cut with side parting:

Best Men's Layered Hairstyles - Men Layered Cut with Side Parting

This is another good cut for the guys with longer hair. Color of the hair does not matter much but still one can say it gives best effect on dark hair and fairer skin. You can pull your hair to either of the sides and apply gel to let it on the same side for longer times and also so that layers are easily shown.

#12: Flirtatious Layers:

Best Men's Layered Hairstyles - Flirtatious Layers

When you choose this hairstyle be sure that girls are going to take you as a flirty guy but will also not be able to resist themselves from finding ways to be with you. Your layers will speak about how you actually love to be the apple of everyone’s eye.

#13: Brown Layers with undercut:

Best Men's Layered Hairstyles - Brown Layers with Undercut

One of the best short layered haircuts men with brown hair color can go for. In this haircut, the brown layers are made prominent by reducing the length of the hair on both the sides. This is a good men layered haircut for those with a slender face.

#14: Straight Layers:

Best Men's Layered Hairstyles - Straight Layers

Straight hair too can enjoy the layers with a little variation. In this layered haircut men have to keep the layers on one side of the forehead and length of the hair from all the other sides will be reduced except some wavy strands on the top. This is a cool layered cut men in early twenties can enjoy. Since this is a little party type look, keep the beard shaved so that it goes well in your workplace too.

#15: Shaggy Layers:

Best Men's Layered Hairstyles - Shaggy Layers

This style makes you exactly the opposite of the layered short hair men as is for those who want to save the length of their hair but yet stand out in the crowd. This haircut acts as evidence that not only short can make you look sophisticated but long hair can also talk about your decency. One more advantage of shaggy layers is that you look much younger than your actual age. So you can cleverly conceal your age with this smart hairdo.

Give your hair the perfect treatment with these layered hairstyles and haircuts as they deserve to get equal attention and love from you. Layered hairstyles are the most popular among all the other hairstyles as they look good on every guy and do not ask for much of maintenance from you in return!

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