Hitler Haircut: 30 Elegant Hitler Youth Haircut Styles

The Office Haircut

One of the very few things that Hitler could contribute, which became popular throughout the world is the hairstyle. Known as undercut hair styles, hitler haircut is still one of the most flaunted hairstyles for men, especially the range of hitler youth haircut, which are making the younger generation crazy.

Although the mens hitler youth haircut has come under severe criticism from a class of the Jewish community, the popularity of this hairstyle has not receded by any means. In fact, the hitler youth haircut has been gracing the heads of increasing numbers of today’s youth. The features of this type of haircut include buzzed sides and long hair on top, slicked back with the use of pomade. This inspirational hairstyle is evident in salons, where hitler youth haircut pictures hang on the walls.

“Jugend” is the other name of the haircut hitler youth, which, according to the activist group, is just a silly statement. The variety of this popular hairstyle has proved it wrong, and that is why barbers keep on saying that visitors keep on asking which type of mens hitler youth haircut would be the best to suit the type of their faces.

Here are 20 hitler youth haircut styles from which you can choose to suit your style.

Hitler Youth Haircut Styles

#1: The First Attempt:

The First Attempt

This is the haircut hitler youth hairstyle which showcases the first attempt in flaunting the hairstyle.

#2: Bearded Slid Back:

Bearded Slid Back

The sides have an undercut with the hair on the top combed neatly backwards. What makes this mens hitler youth haircut, one of the most followed by men, is the long and thick beard, giving a good but scary look.

#3: The Sexy Hitler Youth Haircut:

The Sexy Hitler Youth Haircut

The youth generation has this haircut hitler youth hairstyle to look sexy. This hairstyle is more of a hipster style, where the sides are shaved and the hair on the top styled with a pomade.

#4: The Wavy Hitler Haircut:

The Wavy Hitler Haircut

Those with long hairs can try out this youth hitler haircut, where an attempt is made to have bangs on one of the sides with the long and wavy hair on the top is combed towards the back. This sleek hairstyle is one of the best to flaunt with long hair.

#5: The Smart Hitler Hairstyle:

The Smart Hitler Hairstyle

You can look no better with other hairstyles than the hitler youth haircut, like this one, which is smart and cool.

#6: One Side Undercut:

One Side Undercut

This hairstyle is one of the variations of the youth hitler haircut. One side has a fade, to which the middle patch is slicked, and looks like an undercut and an attempt being made for bangs.

#7: Slicked Back Mid-Contour:

Slicked Back Mid-Contour

After the mid-contour hairstyle has been revived, thanks to the hipsters, the slicked back mid-contour hairstyle is a popular one. It was popular in Germany at the time of the Nazis, and was known as Regulation Cut, as the military had this hitler haircut.

#8: The Office Haircut:

The Office Haircut

This hitler style haircut is for office goers, where the sides are faded into the skin and styled to give cliff appearance. A beard of medium thickness could be ideal to complement this hairstyle.

#9: The Smooth Undercut:

The Smooth Undercut

When you go through the hitler youth haircut examples, you will find that most of them are undercuts, and this hairstyle is one of them. A clear parting is made, with the hair falling naturally in the opposite direction. With the low sides faded, this hairstyle stands out in the crowd with a clean shaven face.

#10: Undercut on the Middle Part:

Undercut on the Middle Part

This cool hairstyle reflects the time of the Nazis, and is one of the plenty options in hair styling that can be followed. You have the option to tousle the hair, slick it back, or even make a parting in the middle. This is one of the adolf hitler haircut styles that was worn by the military officials in those times.

#11: Long Waves with Thick Beard:

Long Waves with Thick Beard

The long and wavy hair on the top forms a contrast with the sides which are faded to perfection. The long hair on the top is combed back, leaving the forehead clear. The thick beard complements this hairstyle.

#12: Mid-Contour With Middle Part Hairstyle:

Mid-Contour With Middle Part Hairstyle

This is a typical mens hitler youth haircut, where the hair is parted in the middle to complement the mid-contour haircut. The Nazi officials had a passion to flaunt this hairstyle.

#13: The Smooth Strata:

The Smooth Strata

The back and on the ears, it is clean, and the hair on the top is combed to perfection and to look smooth. The middle section at the front invites the middle part of the back and although it looks simple, a lot of precision has to be applied.

#14: The Perfect Undershave:

The Perfect Undershave

This hitler style haircut is an undercut, where a clipper is used to buzz the undercut, leaving the hair look subtle. Making use of a clipper to style the hair to a shorter length, the undercut is buzzed.

#15: The Curving Tips Hitler Hairstyle:

The Curving Tips Hitler Hairstyle

This hairstyle was common among the military men during the times of Hitler. The middle part of the hair is first raised and then styled to curve towards the center. The hair is parted on the sides with the fade going lower. The appearance at the end resembles a horn like look, with the mustache being styled accordingly.

The mens hitler youth haircut has come into prominence and is still being flaunted by men of all ages. These hitler youth haircut examples may be difficult to flaunt, unless you have the assistance of skilled hairdressers. Ultimately, to wear these hairstyles, you will require your hair to have follicular density, which will allow variations of the haircut hitler youth to be styled with perfection. To flaunt any of these hairstyles, you will have to visit to a salon for how to ask for a hitler youth haircut. Once you get a mens hitler youth haircut to perfection, you can look great.

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