21 Incredible hairstyles You can Flaunt at Your Wedding


Wedding, the most magical day of our entire lives. It should be nothing short of perfect if not more. Besides an enchanting venue and striking attire, as the groom, you must also look flawless and at your best with every hair in its place. 

The perfect hairstyle doesn’t just happen in a night. It needs proper planning, patience and quite a few visits to your stylist beforehand. Land on your favourite hairdo and style your locks accordingly, two weeks or two days prior to the D-day.

With the range of cuts available, it’s not an easy mess to sort. So leave it to us.! From buzz cuts to messy buns, classic styles to tousled waves, we got everything here to help you choose your hairstyle while you plan your big day!

How to Choose a Men’s Wedding Haircut:

There are a billion things to consider before picking the right style. The shape of your face, the suit you are donning at your wedding, the length of your hair, and the list goes on and on. The hair texture and length play an important role as well. Different hairstyles go with different face shapes. Know your shape well before going for the kill. 

What face shape do you possess?

If you are unsure as to how to determine the shape of your face, worry not. Simple measurements of your jaw, cheekbones and forehead with a tape will suffice. 

Measure from one cheekbone to the other and from your forehead to the chin. Then take note of the breadth of your forehead and length from the tip of your chin to each jaw.

  • Round: When the lengths from forehead to chin and cheekbone to cheekbone turn up the same, it means you have a round face.
  • Oval: For an oval face,  the length is more than the breadth of cheek bones.
  • Square: If the measurements turn up almost similar, then you have a square face.
  • Diamond: The lengths of face, cheek bones, forehead and jawline come in descending order.
  • Rectangular: For this, your forehead, jawline and cheekbones are the same with a large face length. 
  • Heart: With this shape, you generally get a pointed chin and a large forehead with slimmer cheekbones and jawline.
  • Triangular: Forehead, cheekbones and jawline measure in an increasing order giving your face a triangular cut.

What suits you:

The most important question we need to be asking ourselves is, “ Which style goes well with my face cut?” 

You don’t have to go to lengths to try every hairstyle there’s to know what suits you. It brings nothing but a burn in the pocket and weeks of anticipation for the hair to grow. Which is why we are here to help you navigate this tricky maze. 

Haircuts for oval faces: 

Hailed as the jackpot of genetics, oval shaped faces can handle any hairstyle.  It is versatile and symmetrical enough to pull off any do or experimentation. You can keep it short, grow it longer, straighten your hair or curl it. Better avoid fringes or bangs, lest your face looks round.

Haircuts for  rectangular:

Rectangular is not for everything so it is better to avoid length. However, some slicked back, or a man bun or side parts can give you the look you are going for. Few tweaks that offer a uniform vibe to the whole features will prevent the face from appearing longer.

Haircuts for round face:

Owing to the lack of sharp shape and dimensions, round faces require angles and proportions to elongate the face. Longer proportions on the front or sides can work wonders for people with round faces. 

Haircuts for diamond faces:

It’s a rare face shape with a narrow chin and brow. Fringes, textured or messy hairstyles best complement this structure. Keep the sides longer to shift the focus on the cheekbones avoiding the ears. 

Haircuts for heart faces:

While it is not the rarest shape there is, it is not fairly common in men. Longer, softer style with layers or fringes best suit this type of face. Some facial hair to go with the hairstyle can improve the overall look as well. 

Hairstyles for square shape:

Square shaped faces are chiseled and considered masculine. Like the oval shape, this is flexible and versatile enough for all styles. However, it is best to avoid shorter styles and keep it classy and neat to enhance the jawline.

Hairstyles for triangular:

A wider jaw and narrow forehead gives a disproportionate look to the face. Some volume on top like pomp or quiffs will balance the shape. Maybe don’t grow out a beard to avoid accentuating the triangular.

21 Wedding Hairstyles For Men: 

Depending on the length and texture of your hair, we pulled together a few styles that will go well with your dashing suit.

1. The Buzz


The buzz, which features a close cut, makes you look more mature and defined. It suits all face shapes and is the go-to no-nonsense look. This minimal style is functional as well as fashionable. There are many variations with the cut too if you are out for something new such as the fade, the burr and so. Moreover, there isn’t a barber in the world who doesn’t specialize in this style. With a bit of training and a pair of clippers, you can even do it at your home.

2. Smooth and short waves

Smooth and short waves

It’s edgy. It’s classic and it is fuss free. The style does require some moisturizer and a lot of patience but is definitely worth it. 

To start with, you need to get a (not too short)buzz cut with temple fade and edge up. Cleaner hair makes the waves and you look fresh! Pair this hairstyle however you like with a goatee or a clean shave and you’d look dapper and photo ready!

3. The Short Pompadour

The Short Pompadour

If you are looking for classic yet a modern look, short pompadour it is. The hair is longer on top with short sides gradually fading as it goes down. And, it does not take much to pull off a look this effortless. What’s more, it requires no maintenance as well. 

4. Long pompadour hairstyle

Long pompadour hairstyle

Like they say, the more the merrier. The same goes for this as well. Pompadour is considered a classic in wedding hairstyles and for those who want a little flair to go with the short pompadour can blindly choose this. While the sides remain short with fade going down, the top is kept longer than usual to add finesse. 

5. High Pompadour

High Pompadour

This hot and happening cut has been gaining traction in recent years. You can choose to tailor it as you please with high fade and loose pomp that moves with wind giving it a tousled took. This barber-shop favourite might be the one for you if you are up for something new. 

6. The Brushed Back

The Brushed Back

The brushed back has been in the limelight for quite some time for a good reason. With some amount of wax and a good stylist, you can create this stunning do that will set you apart and make you look more rugged. It’s also a great way to style your long tresses as it gives volume and more texture on top. You can play around with style however you like with side fade and sleek top. 

7. Ivy league

Ivy league

Like the name suggests, this humble hairstyle has its origins in the world renowned Ivy colleges of the west. Also known as the Princeton haircut or the Harvard clip in some circles, it is a variation of crew cut with a side part. The style features 1 ½ inch hair on top leaving the sides and back with hair as short as possible. This sleek laid back hairstyle makes you appear smart and polished.

8. High top retro fade

High top retro fade

Popular in the 80’s and 90’s, this retro do found its way to this millennium and has been all the rage since. It is stylish, fun and gives a classic twist to your modern wedding. The ‘always flat top’ paired with faded sides can be worn in various styles. This is perfect for every hair type except straight and is as iconic as it is fresh.

9. Slicked Hair

Slicked Hair

This is hands down one of the coolest hairstyles there is. It adds volume and is the perfect wedding cut. Generally set using a product or pomade, this style gives you a look of importance and distinguishes you from others. Brush back your hair and use some gel to retain the shape. 

10. Long Hair With Beard

Long Hair With Beard

Can you name a better combo than long hair and beard?

While short hair limits the number of styles we can do, longer hair doesn’t. You could try hundreds of styles with long hair and combining it with a beard just makes it more stylish. A short and scruffy beard accompanying long has been in trend for sometime now, however, longer beards have been gaining popularity as well. Moreover, long hair with a beard adds masculinity to your features. 

11. Long Slick Back

Long Slick Back

Slicked back style isn’t just for men with short cuts. It works best with longer hair as well. The good news is it is perfect for all face shapes. You can get this classic yet cool style with or without a barber’s help. It does not need previous setting or extra cuts and gets done in minutes. With some hair spray and a pinch of flair, this low maintenance hairstyle can help you look fabulous.

12. Curly Hair Cut

Curly Hair Cut

It’s no secret that curls have their own separate fan base. Messy curls, soft curls, ring curls, wavy curls and whatnot, they are exquisite, wild and can improve any outfit in a snap. A curly style is the perfect way to bring mischief to your wedding looking all classy and handsome. You can even have a high fade curl cut, undercut, pompadours with this do.

13. Shoulder Length Wavy Slick Back

Shoulder Length Wavy Slick Back

Shoulder length hair opens up a window of styles we can try. You can leave it down, pull it up to a man bun or just slick it back. It gives a laid back yet a stylish look to the overall attire. Brush back your hair, set the tone with some gel and you are good to go!

14. Fringe Haircuts

Fringe Haircuts

Fringe, or popularly known as bangs, is a style that leaves the sides cut short with the front long enough to hang over the forehead covering it. It is trendy with smooth hair as well as curls. You can style it differently with a side swept or put some volume in it or lay flat like bangs, as you prefer. 

15. The Braids Wedding Hairstyle 

The Braids Wedding Hairstyle

If you are aiming for something brave and out of ordinary with your long locks, this style is for you!

It being the 21st century and all, men with longer hair are seen cooler and more edgy. Braids are now modern and hip so you can even change it to suit your cut more. The latest shows and series have inspired many styles. Viking braids, man braids with beard, half bun with braids are the most tried and tested styles to name a few. 

16. Classic taper cut

Classic taper cut

 The cut has a short taper on top that gradually fades into skin giving it the name. This style is tailor made for most occasions and is popular among wedding hairdos. Taper the sides and back with some gel to give it shine and separation.

17. Man Bun Slicked Back Hairstyle

Man Bun Slicked Back Hairstyle

The ever popular man bun style is suitable for all seasons. 

When you think of a bun, you get images of gathering the whole hair into a bun on top of your head. It, however, is not as simple as that. 

The style comes with its own techniques and tricks that give it the illusion of simplicity. One must master the art of wearing the bun before trying it for themselves. There are several variations to the style that fit right with longer hair.

 18. Textured and tousled

Textured and tousled

Textured essentially means parting, adding layers with different lengths to give some definition to the hair. Tousled provides the necessary messy locks that define the elegant cuts. This cut is best to show off that jawline of yours giving it a chiseled look.

 19. High Top Curly Fade

High Top Curly Fade

High top curly fade works best when paired with short curls. The high temple fades offer volume on top and shape the sides with crisp lines. This fashionable cut was traditionally for black men to suit their rich crown of curls.

20. Undercut Slicked Back

Undercut Slicked Back

The undercut slicked combines high fades with brushed back and slicked style. In this, the sides are shaved off completely keeping the volume only on the top. Get this trendy style and switch up to look your best.

21. Natural wavy style

Natural wavy style

With natural wavy hair, there are a range of styles you can try. This is suitable for all hair lengths and with the help of some pomade, you can tone down the frizz to give it more definition and smoothness. It is perfect for a wedding as the style looks attractive and appealing.

Hopefully, our collection of trendy cuts and chic styles will give you THE look to sweep your partner off the feet! 

Now that you have the whole tea, what way are you gonna style your locks?Let us know in the comments below the hairstyle that captures your eye!!


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