Facial Hair: 15 Best Short Beard Styles And How To Trim Them


It is no surprise that beards are the trend of our time. Just take a walk outside casually (when you can) and look at how many men you can see in beards. Or you check out all the TV shows running or coming up and check yourself how many lead actors are portraying characters with beards. 

There are different styles and lengths of beard that you can try. Not everyone is blessed with a full-grown beard. That doesn’t mean they have to give up the thought of growing one.

Are Short Beards Better Than Long Beards?

Obviously, there is no competition with the appearance a long beard can give but still, the short beard has advantages over a long beard.

  • You don’t have to spend more time and energy on maintaining a short beard. It is advised to keep it clean all the time but compared to long beards, the maintenance is simple.
  • Unlike long beards, short beards do not test your patience. It doesn’t block food or drinks and it doesn’t get tinges on itself after every meal.
  • It is accepted everywhere these days. Though long beards are intriguing, you can’t just walk into a corporate office as an employee with your full-grown Viking beard. Whereas you can walk into any office with a neatly groomed short beard and make yourself noticeable.

What Makes a Beard Short And How To Get One?

A typical short beard is just 1 or 2 inches long from your chin. Anything more than that is considered long. There are several styles in which you can fancy a short beard. We’ll get to handpicked best styles in this article further down but before that let us see if a beard is indeed your style.

Let us consider that you decided to grow a beard today. Starting from today, you need to let the beard grow for at least two to three weeks. After which you will have a bright idea of how well your beard grows what styles are meant for you. A professional barber can make a few good suggestions on what suits you the best. They study your face and the pattern in which your beard is growing and they fix you up in the right way. Or you can figure out the shape of your face by yourself and see what style suits you better depending on the growth pattern.

Maintaining a Short Beard

Waiting for two to three weeks for the beard to grow might be a little discomfort to you if you are not a big fan of itching the beard causes. You can deal with it by applying the best-suited beard oil. Yes, you can apply beard oil for short beards too they are not limited to just long beards. Beard oil helps your beard grow stronger and faster. It helps you in keeping the beard hydrated and keeps it from itching and growing dandruff. Many beard oils these days come with arresting aroma so you are going to get a point on that too.

Shaping the beard is something you can do yourself but it is always better to have a professional’s assistance for at least the first time. A professional barber knows what level the cheek line should be or how thick sideburns can be for elevating a decent short beard. 

Now that you have a foundation it is easy for you to maintain the beard on your own. Set the level you think suits you and try to stick to that level every time you groom at home. You should be aware of when to use a trimmer and when to use a scissor while shaping your beard and mustache. For example, for your jaw, the trimmer level is higher compared to your cheeks. And, it is difficult to use a trimmer on your mustache, closer to your nose and ears. For that, scissors are the best choice.

After you get familiar with how to maintain the beard, you can explore different styles out in the world and pick the one that you think suits you better. This article has brought to you the best short beard styles to look at. Let us begin.

15 Best Short Beard Styles For You

1. Stubble


Stubble is first on this list because of its high prominence. This style will be showing off your neatly groomed beard shape growing lightly over your skin. Stubble works perfectly on kinds of skin tones, on all kinds of shape faces, and suits well with all kinds of hair textures. Getting this masculine style is quite simple. Pick level one on your trimmer and trim down your beard uniformly including your mustache. Make sure you get rid of all stray hair that might ruin your beard.

2. Tailored Beard

Tailored Beard

With this style, you will be having a thick beard on you. Still short, but thick. Grow your beard for about two weeks and then shape the design but try to limit cutting the short length. You have to groom every four days to maintain the consistency of this style. Trim down the area between the cheek and jawline where the growth is rapid and often out of shape. Make sure the neckline is not stuffy every time you groom.

3. Fade Beard Style

Fade Beard Style

This funky style makes you look trendy and well-groomed. Let your hair fade from above your sideburns to your cheeks. Obviously, there are variations to this style but make sure you give a definitive shape to your beard to highlight your skin. Use scissors to cut down access facial hair along with trimming the shape of the beard.

4. The Short Beard

The Short Beard

This style is a little short in length compared to the tailored style but thicker than stubble.  Shape out your beard uniformly from your sideburns down to your goatee. You can leave the beard below the neckline for a more raggedy look or you trim it a little above to make it more distinctive.

5. Stubble Fade

Stubble Fade

This is a combination of a stubble beard and a faded hairstyle. You need to taper the hair thickness starting from above the sideburns and work your way to the bottom. Maintain the stubble beard but keep it low consistently by grooming almost every alternative day.

6. Clean and short goatee

Clean and short goatee

This is a perfect style if you don’t have a fully-grown beard or if you prefer to keep a short beard. For this style, you don’t have to do much. Shave out the rest of the beard and keep the goatee with the thickness you like. You can make a full circle by combining the mustache with a goatee or leave them separate.

7. The classic short beard style

The classic short beard style

This is a slight extension to your goatee style. Simply put, you will be adding an extra jawline beard to your circle goatee beard. You can also extend the jawline upwards onto your cheeks if you feel like it. Maintain a perfect goatee with an extended soul patch and conjoining mustache with the chin.

8. The close cut

The close cut

For this style, you have to trim down the beard to a very low level that it mixes with your beard. It is lighter than stubble style. This works perfectly when the skin tone is similar to the facial hair color. Leave the neckline to grow wild but groom cheek line.

9. The modest beard style

The modest beard style

This style is perfect for all kinds of attire and makes you the man of the hour. Leave the sideburns thick and trim the beard and mustache close to your skin. Make sure your beard does not exceed your cheek line and neckline. Highlight the mustache with a peculiar shape so that it stands out from the beard.

10. Modest Chin Style

Modest Chin Style

For this, you will be having the whole beard. But the chin beard is thicker than the beard on the cheek. It is like your circle goatee is given an extension with the jawline beard and faded cheek beard. Trim down the neckline so that it is not visible from afar.

11. The artistic beard style in a goatee

The artistic beard style in a goatee

This is similar to a circle goatee but rather thick. Grow your beard for 3 weeks to get the thickness and trim down the beard to zero levels. Leave out the goatee, mustache, and soul patch. Connect cover your lips on all sides with a thick beard to have an intriguing appeal.

12. Chin Beard, Mustache, and Long Hair

Chin Beard

This is a complete artistic style that may not be appropriate in the corporate lifestyle. Nonetheless, this is one of the iconic and most desired styles out there. You let your mustache and goatee grow separately or you can join them to make it look more complete. Give decent space between each grooming session to look wilder.

13. Full and Short

Full and Short

This is a sophisticated style that can make you look like the next lead actor in the James Bond franchise. You grow a full beard and maintain it thick all over. Make sure the cheek line matches the mustache level. Keep your sideburns to a low level and let your mustache have extended edges to look more captivating.

14. Wispy and thick soul patch

Wispy and thick soul patch

This short and stubby style works perfectly if you have a patchy beard. Hollywood sweetheart Keanu Reeves is seen quite often in this style. You have to make your mustache and soul patch look more prominent than other areas. This a simple style that does not require much care but less often grooming.

15. The short beard with lines

The short beard with lines

This is another widely used style by people of color. For this style, you cut short your hair and put sharp edges starting from the top and extended to the chin goatee. The cheek line is bent at an attractive angle and the mustache is trimmed down to pencil style. The mustache meets the cheek beard and you can either connect your soul patch to the goatee. Or you can leave them separated and shape down the goatee to look more intriguing.


Use your beard to elevate your charm. Whether you have a fully-grown beard or a patchy beard there are styles for all kinds of beard shapes and beard textures. Use this article as a guide to figure out the beard style that is best suited for you. Although your growth pattern plays a vital role in deciding the style that works better for you. So does the shape of your face. But no matter the face’s shape, the hair texture, or the skin tone, the stubble style works for everyone. If you are about to start growing a beard then that’s where you start.


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