20 Best Long Beard Styles : The Right Beard Length For You to Rock

Garibaldi Long Beard Style

It is the age of embracing the charm as we are. The societal norms are changing and people are accepting the way of living and look without any predetermined stereotypes. There was a time when there was a limit for growing your beard and there were only a few styles accepted as the good ones and the rest were considered too “hippie”. As society started accepting itself there is a drastic drop in prejudice on how a person should look.

Bearded men attract partners more than clean shaved men. You can check out any popular TV shows coming out these days and you’ll see how many lead actors are seen with beards. Longbeards are a blessing if you want to call that. It brings out masculinity from within. Some can groom their beard so well that you don’t want to see them without one.

A well-maintained long beard shows how hygienic you are and attracts many eyes. On the other hand, a long beard without proper grooming makes a person look just like a homeless person no matter how handsome or hot he used to be.

How can you grow a long beard?

Well, after puberty beard is going to grow without you having to do anything. But to have a thick full-grown beard that is going to be your charming asset, you need to take proper care.

Diet plays a vital role

Hair is part of your body. Obviously, the food you take in will affect your hair. It is proven that a proper diet helps the growth of your beard. Food that carries lean protein, iron, healthy carbs & fast, essential vitamins, etc. You may have to cut down your sugar intake which may affect the hair follicle’s strength and make them fall out.

Stay healthy and fit

Your health impacts the growth of your beard. Along with the proper diet you need to focus on staying fit and getting a good amount of sleep. Exercising regularly and getting deep sleep improves your body testosterone which boosts in growing a decent amount of beard.

Learn how to groom

You should consider beard growing as a serious project. You should know when to shape it and understand the results of shaping your beard. See how much beard you can grow in about 4 weeks and shape your beard anticipating the growth in the trimmed area for a captivating look.

Keep it clean and nourished

Just like you wash the hair on your head you need to frequently clean your beard. Find the best shampoos out there in the market and choose the one that suits your skin conditions. Also, apply beard oil on regular basis to avoid itchings and boost the growth at a faster pace.

Groom and bloom

Combing is very important when you have a long beard. You need to comb the beard and mustache so that they don’t grow out of shape. Beard gel is one way for well-grooming of your beard.

If you are confused about what kind of style suits you better then check out the list below for the best long beard styles.

20 Remarkable Long Beard Styles

1. Garibaldi Long Beard Style

Garibaldi Long Beard Style

For this style, you grow the beard for a decently long length of 6 to 8 inches and shape it down at the bottom to make an attractive round shape. You need to keep the mustache long and shape it to elevate it above the beard.

2. The Hipster Beard Style for Black Men

The Hipster Beard Style for Black Men

Black men have great hair texture for the tremendous beard. For this style to kick in, you need to grow a great length of beard with good thickness. The mustache should become a part of your beard with being like an extra layer.

3. Long Beard for the Bald Man

Long Beard for the Bald Man

This is for the men who like to shave their hair or those who have gone bald. This works for all ages and hair colors. Make sure you shape the cheek line perfectly for the style to look better.

4. Gruff and Polished

Gruff and Polished

If you have a rectangular face then this style is for you. Let your beard grow to above the chest level and then trim the sides. This style looks more dashing if the beard texture is curly and dense.

5. The Bold Long Beard Style

The Bold Long Beard Style

For this style, the beard starts from your sideburns and grows to a full length. The cheeks have a perfect square shape and the chin is neatly groomed. The mustache must be neatly scissored to make this style look complete.

6. The Boss Style Long Beard

The Boss Style Long Beard

This is a cool look that goes perfectly for kinds of attire. Keep your sideburns short and slip and let your beard grow to great length. Trim your mustache neatly into a normal length and let it mix with great beard volume.

7. The Harden Long Beard Style

The Harden Long Beard Style

This style is named after the professional basketball player James Harden. To get this distinctive style you need to trim down your hair above sideburns and let the beard grow to your neck level. Use scissors to bring out this perfect shape.

8. Picture Perfect Long Beard Style

Picture Perfect Long Beard Style

To own this style cut down the beard on the cheek ( not too much) and let the beard on your chin grow up to your chest. Sideburns are not short but must be neatly combed down meeting with the rest of your beard.

9. The Polished Long Beard Style

The Polished Long Beard Style

Grow the beard to maximum length and then trim the sides and the bottom to make it look uniform. Comb down the beard and scissor the excess beard to make the beard stay in shape. You can maintain this style without much effort. You just have to groom it regularly with a trimmer.

10. Razor Sharp Long Beard

Razor Sharp Long Beard

As the name suggests, you will be using the razor for this long beard style. Draw a cheek line that gradually declines from sideburns to meet with your mustache. Shave the excess beard above the cheek line with a razor. The same applies to the neckline and your sideburns.

11. The Even Flow Long Beard Style

The Even Flow Long Beard Style

As you can see this style gives you an enormous beard to carry around. For this style, you need to let a huge volume of beard grow below your sideburns. Use good quality oil while trimming the excess beard on the neckline and put beard gel to keep the beard stay in the shape all day long.

12. Chin Length Uniform Beard

19. Chin Length Uniform Beard

In this style, you will be matching the length of your beard to the length of your mustache on your chin level. This lets your beard grow uniformly without looking shaggy. Maintain the perfect cheek line for this style to look more polished.

13. Lumberjack Beard Style

Lumberjack Beard Style

This might look raggedy but it is considered the most iconic beard. It represents the honest hardworking men of the old times. For this style, you need to have a fully grown beard, a thick mustache, and long sideburns.

14. Clear Outline Long Beard Style

Clear Outline Long Beard Style

You can get the wildest look with this style. Let your beard grow freely and then slowly trim down the length from the sides and bottom. Unlike even flow long beards, this style gives better shape and gives the fiercest look.

15. Coif and Bush Beard Style

Coif and Bush Beard Style

With this style, you can look elegant in all kinds of attire. Trim down from sideburns to make your beard look more faded. Shape the sides of your hair and comb the rest of the hair neatly and be amazed at how well you can look with a long beard.

16. The Gentleman Burly Beard Style

The Gentleman Burly Beard Style

As you can see, this style elevates your charm and with a sleek hairstyle, this suits perfectly. Let your beard grow freely up to your chest and then scissor it down for hair strands to look separated. Let your mustache grow thick and meet with your beard as an extra layer.

17. Beard Style with Handlebar Mustache

Beard Style with Handlebar Mustache

In this style, Mustache plays a prominent role. You need to grow a thick and lengthy handlebar mustache. Maintain a thick beard and shape it on the sides and bottoms. The curled mustache must be highlighted above the fully grown beard. To grow the handlebar you may have to be patient for at least 3 months. But patience pays!

18. In Charge and Large Beard

In Charge and Large Beard

Grow large volume beard with great thickness. Also, add a thick mustache to your beard and curl it into an intriguing shape. Groom the beard on the edges and scissor down the areas to limit fast growth that might result in the beard going out of shape.

19. Carefree and Wild Beard Style

Carefree and Wild Beard Style

This style requires minimum maintenance as you are going for a completely nonchalant look. Trim down the side hair for making the style even more appealing. Scissor the mustache to make it look maintained but still wild.

20. The Bold and Bald Hair Style

The Bold and Bald Hair Style

Get this style to make your baldness more intriguing. Grow beard exceeding your chest. Comb down the beard to keep it uniform. Trim the mustache in a good shape and make sure no excess facial hair falls on your lips. Keep your sideburns trimmed for a well-groomed appearance.


Embrace your gifted long beard in the right way. There are several long beard styles out there that give you a riveting appearance. You don’t have to worry about being inappropriate for your work. There are styles that make you look more appealing than being clean shaved. There are obviously no rules for how you want to feel. You can have a wild look with controlled grooming or opt for neat maintenance with time-to-time dressing.



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