Bald with Beard : Best Beard Styles for Men with Bald Heads

Designer chinstrap with bald

It is about time we embraced baldness with open arms. Many men nowadays are shaving their heads to look more dominating. Several studies support the idea that bald men indeed take over the room often compared to men with patchy hair or in some cases men with perfect hair. Now, are bald men the most attractive? Probably not. But is there a way to make sure that your baldness can be advantageous to you? Yes, by growing a beard.

You might have noticed ferocious-looking men rocking their looks with full-grown Viking beards and you might’ve seen clean shaved bald-headed hunks that look like demi-Gods among us mortals. There are other kinds, the ones that combine arresting beard styles with domineer bald heads. Not just a clean shaved head, a beard transforms your look for better even with patchy hair and a power donut hairstyle.

Do You Really Need Beard With Bald To Be Accepted?

Not necessarily, there are successful people who gave a trademark look with their power donut hairstyle. There is Jeff Bezos who is bald but you don’t see him with a beard. There are no rules here. Society is getting is slowly rid of stereotypes about how one should look. However, a beard is proven to be a great addition to elevate your charm. Many men tried going bald with neatly groomed beards and gave themselves a remarkable makeover. So, if you think you wanted to bring change into your lifestyle by becoming even more attractive, then this article is for you.

Not everyone can pull off a beard. Not everyone can pull off a bald head. Similarly a bald with a beard may not be for everyone. But it is proven that bald with the beard has brought more positive change than negative. Those who shave their head and are okay with the absence of important features such as hair are indeed considered brave and confident. At the same time, a full-grown beard is always admired. If you are facing a tremendous hair fall, then it is time you pick up that razor and shave that patchy-looking hair to show the nature that you embrace your vulnerabilities. Beards are your ever-lasting companions that would let you own the baldness with admirable class.

How To Get Into Bald And Beard Style?

If you think this is something that you should try out, then you should understand one thing. One style doesn’t go with all facial shapes. For example, men with round shapes can grow long beards that would extend their shape. Whereas, men with long oval or rectangular faces are advised to keep their beard to a minimum as it is not very good looking with an extension to an already elongated face.

Once you know the length of beard you wish to grow, then it is time to get scruffy. Start growing your beard and let it grow for 3 to 4 weeks to see how your growth rate is. While growing you might find out the beard level that suits you. Maintain your beard healthy and away from itches by using decent quality beard oil regularly. Shave your head or if you prefer not to shave then at least keep the hair level to a minimum until you figure out the beard style that suits you.

Bald with a beard is very simple and requires very low maintenance. Let us check out the top 20 highly desired bald with beard styles.

20 Best Bald With Beard Styles

1. Light beard with partial baldness

Light beard with partial baldness

This style is for those who proudly embrace their baldness and show off their masculine beard. For this style to elevate your charm, you have to trim down the hair on your head and beard to a very minimum level. This gives you an intriguing look to carry around. 

2. Superstar beard bald look

Superstar beard bald look

This style makes you like the man of the hour. You need to shave your head clean for this style and let the beard grow a little thick. You can highlight the goatee by trimming down the beard on your cheek line and neckline.

3. Disconnected mustache with rounded beard

3. Disconnected moustache with rounded beard

This yet another subtle style best suited for your shaved head. You need to grow your mustache and beard to a decent volume and shape them up. Make sure to keep the mustache and the beard separate to make this work. Keep the beard round and mustache curled for a complete look.

4. Bald Verdi of the 21st century

Bald Verdi of the 21st century

Inspired by the famous Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi, this style is the most compelling for bald-headed men. Grow a good volume of goatee beard with great length on your chin and mustache. Curl your thick beard to make a distinctive appeal. You can also grow a full beard reaching up to sideburns but remember that this style is famous for its unique mustache.

5. Shaggy beard with chins curtain


You need to grow your beard for a couple of months patiently to achieve a shaggy beard style. 

A chin curtain is where you run your beard from one side of your face to another through the jawline. Comb as much as possible to get the most out of this style. The style looks more suited if you have shaved head.

6. Beard with thin strands

Beard with thin strands_

This style is for those whose beard volume is not very thick. The hair strands are visible that you can almost count how many are there. Pull this off with decently trimmed down hair and a well-groomed mustache. You can leave the neckline for a raggedy look but it looks even better if you keep it leveled.

7. Curly dark perfecto

Curly dark perfecto

Black men can rock this style with their unique hair texture. You need to shave your head completely and let your curl beard grow. Shape your beard so that it looks well-groomed. Connect the mustache with the beard but make sure you trim down the mustache to a thin level. You can either keep a soul patch or just leave it empty.

8. Fancy golden brown beard

Fancy golden brown beard

If you have a really long beard then this style is for you. You can shave your head completely or leave it partially bald. Make two braids with your long beard and you can decorate those braids with captivating beads or clips.

9. Wizard beard and bald head

Wizard beard and bald head

Just like the name suggests you have to have really long beard like Gandalf The Grey from the Lord of The Rings Trilogy or Professor Dumbledore from the Harry Potter movie franchise. Shape your beard so that it grows straight up to your chest level and you can either shave the head or if you patchy hair trims it down for leaving it partially bald.

10. Trimmed beard with an under lip strap

Trimmed beard with an under lip strap

This is a perfect style for both formal and informal looks. Groom your beard and hair on the head to a low level and keep them uniform in all dimensions. You can fancy a mustache but you are advised to keep it to a low level and finally put a thin strap under the lip for a complete look.

11. Ginger beard with a bald head

Ginger beard with a bald head

If you are a red-haired man then you can rock this effortless style. Embrace your unique red hair with a full-grown beard. A bald head with a ginger beard is quite popular and highly attractive due to its unique captivating hair color. Try out a simple full-grown beard with a mustache not exceeding the professional limit to rock this style.

12. Neat and full beard

Neat and full beard

This is a sophisticated style that lets you stay classy at formal events and intriguing at informal events. To get this style, you need to neatly shape your beard including your cheek line and neckline. You can keep your goatee a little longer to make it look more distinctive.

13. Scruffy beard with a bald head

Scruffy beard with a bald head

Your beard in this style does not look good but it must be groomed to stay in shape. The strands might look wild but the perfectly groomed shape leaves ambiguity. For this style to elevate you need to shave your head clean. It brings you an intimidating tough-guy look.

14. Fade up bald top with designed beard

Fade up bald top with designed beard

You try unique designs on your beard for this style. Coming to the hair on your head, trim down the hair to close to your scalp. You can try different styles on your beard. To keep it simple and compelling, you can neatly trim down the beard just a little below the cheek line and let your mustache and soul patch connect to it.

15. Complete bald with a partial chinstrap beard

Complete bald with a partial chinstrap beard

Embrace your bald head with a charming beard. Shave your head clean without any patches or partial baldness and give yourself a captivating chinstrap beard. It is up to you if you’d like to try a mustache or not. But keep your chin strap to a low level and thick to elevate your facial features better.

16. Baldhead with a chinstrap beard

Bald head with a chinstrap beard

If you are not a big fan of shaving your head then this style will definitely please you. You may not like to shave but for this style, you are recommended to trim down the hair to a minimum level. If you have a decently grown full beard then this style will help you flaunt it.

17. Designer chinstrap with bald

Designer chinstrap with bald

Make yourself a domineering figure with your bald head and remarkable chin strap. Pick the unique chinstrap beard that you desire. The kind of style you pick will make you look more modern and masculine.

18. Baldhead with a goatee

Baldhead with a goatee

This iconic style is very popular as it makes it wearing look stronger and meaner. Grow a circle beard goatee and shave the rest of the beard. Also, shave the head for a completely badass look. Keep the goatee thick but groom it to a decent level.

19. Pointed beard plus a bald head

Pointed beard plus a bald head

This look is a combination of funky and wild. Make your goatee thick and long compared to the rest of your beard. You can either attach the goatee with a thick soul patch or just let the goatee hang low all by itself. Try the soul patch first and if you want then go for a clean goatee.

20. The bad-man bald and beard

The bad-man bald and beard

This is a ferocious look you can pull if have a huge volume of beard. Let the beard grow to a great extent. If you are with it let it grow freely. Make sure your beard is long and thick to elevate the mean look. Shave the head clean to make this style work.


Baldness isn’t a curse or weakness. There are ways to make yourself admirable with patchy hair. Beards with baldness transform you into the self that you never knew was within you. It builds your confidence and with the right set of social skills makes you the most intriguing person walking into a room. Through this article, you are introduced best styles to embrace your bald head. Keep yourself open to try something new and maybe you are still due to surprise yourself.



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