How to Grow Your Hair Out : Simple and Effective Ways For Men

Tips To Grow Out of Hair

Long hair looks good on most men, isn’t it true? But, getting the desired long hair look is not a cakewalk. Many times, you might have tried to grow your hair till the neckline but it might have turned out to be unhealthy and disastrous. This is because you have either followed it the wrong way or have not taken the right care. 

So, you need to know the right way of growing your hair long, so you can flaunt it without any reluctance. In this article, we bring you some of the most suggested tips and tricks that experts swear by, so you can easily grow out your hair in no time.

How Long Does it Take for your Hair to Grow Naturally?

Long HairstyleBefore we jump into the ways to grow your hair faster, let’s first know the natural growing cycle of your hair. 

A man’s head usually has about 100,000 hair follicles. And, according to research, your hair grows about ½ inch a month, which equals to approximately 6 inches a year. 

So, if you want to grow your hair long till your neckline, it would take about 6 months or so, assuming you have 2-inch long hair strands at present. If you are starting with a complete buzz cut, it would undoubtedly take about a year or more for your hair to grow till the ears. So, growing your hair long takes time and requires a lot of patience.

However, you can naturally hasten the hair growth process by maintaining your health, taking the right nutrients into your body, having proper sleep and not shampooing regularly. You’ll know more about these in detail as we proceed further. 

Things to do Before you Start Growing out Your Hair:

Now that you have decided to grow your hair long, you need to keep a few things in mind. Here are some of those. Once you are sure of all these, you can start your hair growth journey right away.

  • Double-check if long hair really suits you

We know long hair makes any man look handsome and desirable. But, that doesn’t mean anyone can grow it right away. You need to first determine your face shape. Do some research on this and find out the shape of your face. It’s not a tedious job. You can find it out using a mirror at your home.

Once you know the shape, check if long hair suits you. You can easily find this information on the internet. If you are still not sure, you can ask the suggestion of a hairstylist. 

If this long hairstyle doesn’t suit your face shape but you have made up your mind to grow it long, don’t hesitate to cut the long strands once you notice that it’s looking awkward on you.

  • Find the right long hairstyle

There are innumerable long hairstyles suiting different hair types and face shapes. So, once you know the shape of your face, your next job is to pick the right hairdo. For instance, if yours is a big face, a layered hairstyle would suit. Whereas, if you have a thin face, you should go for a sleeker look. There are many such hairstyles you can choose from.

Effective Tips to Grow Out Your Hair Quickly and Easily:

Long hairstyle 2Now, we have reached the main part. Here, you will know all the steps and methods that’ll help you achieve the desired results swiftly. Take a look!

  • Eating the right food is mandatory!

Having balanced meals with the right amount of nutrients like vitamins and other supplements can definitely affect your hair growth. 

Some of the best and doctors-recommended supplements include, 

  • Omega 3 and 6 – to prevent hair loss.
  • Vitamin C – Prevents hair graying and also hair thinning.
  • Biotin – To improve hair quality.
  • Vitamin D – Also works on hair loss and prevents hair conditions like alopecia.

Along with these, make sure you include high protein food like eggs, nuts, fish, lentils, dairy products and lentils. These foods can stimulate the cells leading to faster hair growth.

If you are a “plant-based diet” fan, you must definitely include spinach, carrot and green peppers in your diet. Coming to fruits, try consuming kiwi, strawberries, apricots and pineapples.

  • Oiling is must

Men tend to stay away from oils, but that’s not a healthy practice. Instead, if you want to grow your hair at a faster pace, you must even use essential oils like rosemary and peppermint oil. There are several studies indicating that these oils improve hair growth. 

However, do not apply these essential oils directly to the hair. Mix 3 to 4 drops each of them into a carrier oil like coconut, olive or almond. If possible, using the double boiling method, try heating the oil before applying to your scalp and hair. This process ensures the oil sinks into your scalp and into the follicles easily.

  • Exercise Regularly

Proper blood circulation from head to toe is essential for your hair to grow properly. This circulation happens when you move and exercise regularly. Aerobic exercises in particular help in easy transportation of oxygen to every part of your body thereby improving blood circulation. 

Experts suggest men exercise for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis to stimulate hair growth. Also, with regular exercising, you will be free from stress and depression, which are also the major causes for hair fall. 

  • Get 8 hours of sound sleep

Did you know? Your body releases the growth hormones while you are asleep. So, it is mandatory for you to have a proper good night’s sleep to ensure hair growth. These growth hormones in turn improve the cell production thereby leading to the faster growth of the hair follicles.

  • Visit your hairstylist for regular trimming

Once your hair starts growing, it is not a guarantee that it will grow exactly the same way you like. In the meantime, the ends of the hair may develop split ends, and the hair can also develop frizz if you travel regularly. So, till you get your desired hairdo, keep visiting a barber or your favourite hairstylist every 1 month.

Your stylist will check your hair to see if it’s growing in a healthy way. He will also remove the split ends and trim some part of the hair for better growth in the coming days. He might recommend the best shampoo that would suit the present hair condition too. So, ensure you hit the salon once in a while.

  • Say NO to frequent Shampooing

Some hair experts recommend not shampooing the hair till the desired hair length is reached. But, we know it is practically impossible to not wash your hair and move out. 

So, you can use a dry shampoo and apply it to your roots when you feel greasiness on your scalp. When your scalp gets more oily, it can attract dandruff, dust which in turn causes hair fall. This is the reason we recommend you to use only dry shampoo. 

In the worst cases, use a mild shampoo that is free from sulphates and wash your hair only once with lukewarm water. 

This goes without saying, but make sure your scalp and hair is fresh most of the time to prevent hair fall.

  • Use the right comb or brush

The more you brush your hair, the more it is prone to breakage.  And, while you do it to the wet hair, it’s even devastating. But, if you really want to detangle your hair while it’s damp, comb the lower part of the hair first and then reach the roots. 

Coming to the comb, make sure you use the one with a large spacing between the bristles. This type of comb is good enough in distributing the natural oils throughout the hair. 

  • Avoid using the heating tools

Styling tools are damaging to everyone’s hair, be it male or female. When you use them with more heat, they even hinder hair growth. Also,heating tools like straighteners and blow dryers can make your hair weak. So, for you to grow your hair long, make sure you stay away from styling the hair regularly. 

  • Keep altering your hairstyle till the hair grows to the fullest

Before your hair reaches the desired length, it will grow in bizarre lengths, making it not suitable to flaunt the way it is. But, this stage of hair growth cannot be avoided. So, you can either tie the hair into a bun, opt for a slicked back hairstyle, or any other textured one that goes well with uneven hair. 

To make the hair more manageable during this stage, make sure you care for it with high-quality hair products that are natural and chemical-free.

  • Patience is the key!

As we have already mentioned above, growing long hair can take anywhere from six months to a year, that too with proper care and maintenance. In the meanwhile, your hair will go through various phases, right from the growing cycle till the falling cycle. So, don’t panic even if you witness more hair fall or if your hair turns out to be unmanageable. Just hang in there and keep eating healthy food, do regular exercising and pamper your strands. The end result will be the one you like. 

Final Thoughts:

Long hair is an obsession not just for women but also for men. Unlike women, men need to be more cautious and careful while growing their hair out as it is a time taking process. But, if you have really made up your mind, nothing is impossible. Just make sure you follow every tip and suggestion we provided and flaunt your healthy long hair wherever you go!


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