How To Grow Your Hair Out – Tips for Men

Tips to grow out the hair as a guy: Long and healthy hair is an attractive asset for both men and women. Especially hairstyles for men, from chin to beyond shoulder length, are gaining popularity in the recent days.  To make the decision to grow hair out is a simple task but the process of sporting this look is a tedious process.

The market is flooded with supplements and products that promise to make hair grow faster and thicker but only a  healthy diet and lifestyle can contribute to better hair growth at a steady rate.

Tips To Grow Out of Hair

The rate at which the hair grows depends on the genes. The best thing is to be patient and get help from a barber or stylist to try out some cool new looks along the way. This article will provide pointers on to how to look good while growing hair out.

How to Grow Out The Hair?

#1: Keep visiting the barber or stylist at regular intervals.

To look good while growing the hair out one needs to regularly visit the barber or stylist. Choose a barber who specializes to aid in sporting longer hairstyles. Inform the stylist about your hair goals. This information with your hair type and face shape will help the barber to create a cut that will suit an individual in this tedious procedure.

A trim every 2-3 months is adequate but one can always book an appointment at the salon whenever the hair seems out of control. Regular trims not only help to keep the hair tips look good but also aids in protecting the hair from split ends and frizziness aiding a better look and healthier hair.

#2: Start long on top.

If an individual is growing hair out from a short hair, he should start by keeping the sides and back short. If one wants to achieve long hair all over, one should grow long hair at the top first. Once the hair attains about four inches long on top, this is the apt time to start growing out the sides. One can choose an excellent medium length haircuts and styles to get through this phase of hair growth.

#3: Refrain from shampooing the hair during each shower.

The hair grows about half an inch a month on an average. That means that if one begins with a buzz cut, it will take a full year to reach the ears, even longer for a chin-length man bob and years to reach the shoulders. That’s why taking care of hair while growing out is crucial. To maintain the long growing hair one needs to condition and trim it on a regular basis. Many hair professionals recommend to stop shampooing the hair until the desired hair growth is obtained. It is not easier to skip shampooing altogether as some hairs turn greasy. If the hair roots turn greasy, applying a dry shampoo not only aids to soak up oil but is also seen to add some texture and volume to roots simultaneously.

#4: Apply a conditioner post each shampooing process .

A conditioner is a must include hair care product for long hair. Find one marketed for an individual’s hair type and use it.

The general rule for hair washing is to apply the shampoo at the scalp and conditioner at the tips. The shampoo one chooses should not dry out the rest of hair and a conditioner should weigh hair down at the roots.

#5: Apply oil or a mask treatment weekly.

Hair that touches the shoulders or beyond can be several years old and needs special conditioners. Stylist suggests using moisture-based masks and oils weekly. that needs to be applied on damp hair to reduce the residues. These oils are seen to fill strands up with fatty acids and on rinsing out using regular shampoo tends to seal them inside the hair.

#6: Consider including hair-boosting supplements.

The body requires many vital nutrients to create new hair, from ample protein to a slew of essential minerals. Hence one needs to indulge in a balanced diet to get a proper amount of all the hair-building nutrients needed to create healthy hair that can grow super-long and withstand damage. It’s always safe to check in with the doctor prior to the inclusion of hair boosting supplements.

#7: Brush the hair like it’s spun from gold.

Constant brushing tends to physically harm the hair. During the wet hair detangling process, make sure to initiate from the bottom and work one’s way up. Using a boar bristle brushes are good at distributing the scalp’s natural oils down the hair and also helps to be extra-gentle on strands too.

#8: Ditch the cotton pillowcase.

Stylist recommends switching to silk or satin fabric because it doesn’t cause friction the way that regularly woven cotton does with the hair aiding in fewer tangles post a sound night’s sleep.

#9: Refrain from wrapping the hair in a massive towel.

Wrapping the hair in a towel enhances the hair breakage as the hair is seen to get caught in all the woven fibers  Opt for the super-thin and soft microfiber hair towels instead.

#10: Switch the hair care products

Most men hair care products like the pomades, waxes, and pastes are designed for styling short hair. They are seen to have plenty of holds and often need to be washed out daily. Hence, medium length and longer hair require lighter hair care products that hold and shape hair without weighing it down. Once a guy passes the high volume styles, he should look for grooming creams, serums, or leave-in conditioner to maintain and manage the longer hair.

#11: Use a hair band to tie the hair.

At some point, all men with long hair need to their hair back.  Use a hair elastic to pull medium to long hair out of the way to form a teeny manor full buns. One can also other hairdos like the half bun, half ponytail, braids or ponytails. Refrain from using a real rubber band to tie the hair back as the pull on hair is seen to not only cause breakage but also pulls hair out, painfully. One can choose a real hair band available in various natural shades depending on one’s personal taste or hair color.

#12: Avoid hot tools and chemicals application.

Blow dryers, flat irons, and chemicals such as hair dyes and relaxers are seen to significantly damage the individual’s hair. It not only makes the hair appear frizzy and dull but will also the hair growth speed. Choose to air-dry the hair and refrain from styling it with any tools.

#13: Wash the hair with cold water.

Hot showers open up the hair shaft of each strand of hair, letting out valuable moisture which makes the hair brittle and more prone to damage. Use the coldest water you can stand during the hair wash regime. The cool temperature will close the hair shaft and aid in trapping the moisture that one would otherwise let out.

#14: Maintain good health.

People predominantly experience hair fall and slow hair growth in the following conditions: stress, poor diet, and lack of exercise.  Make necessary lifestyle changes to overcome this problem and cut out stress whenever possible.

#15: Increase the water intake.

Increasing the intake of water can help provide the scalp and hair follicles with the necessary moisture for increasing hair growth. Drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day to supply the body with adequate moisture.

#16: Awkward phases will be experienced.

Any guy who grows out a buzz cut will have phases where the hair tends to stick out straight. One can minimize this with longer on top cuts. The only way to tackle these phases is to just continue growing the hair which is seen to sort out by itself. A barber or stylist can also aid in styling the hair during this troubled period. A trim, new product or style is the trick that is seen to overcome this awkwardness.

#17: Patience- pays off.

Growing hair is a tedious process and nothing can accelerate it speed up. Enjoy the different phases of hair growth and the styles that go with them. Conditioning, brushing, and styling is good practice for long hair. It’s worth the wait.

Final thoughts

The key to growing long hair is to experiment with the various hair care products that boost hair density keeping in the following pointers in mind. Always bear in mind to choose a style that suits an individual’s tastes and personality.


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