Tips to Grow a Long Beard and Mustache

Tips to grow a long beard and mustache: Long beard facial hairstyles are one trend that will never get out of fashion. This hairstyle is regaining its popularity because of the numerous styles that are available to choose from.

To effectively pull off this look, one needs to combine confidence and style without sporting an over messy look as long facial hair can make even the most handsome man look homeless.

Tips to grow long beard

Many guys do not want to experiment long beard styles as they do not know to style the beard to match their face. Genetics determines the maximum growth of a guy’s beard, hence it is important to gather ample information before experimenting. One cannot control one’s genes, but every other aspect of beard growth depends on the care and attention an individual gives to his facial hair.

Pointers to grow long beard styles.

No matter what type of beard an individual wants to sport, the first thing one needs to develop or practice is to arm oneself with patience. This especially plays a pivotal role in the cases where a man is experimenting to grow a long beard. During the time period where one waits for the facial hair to grow, an individual needs to focus and determine the future type of beard he would like to sport on. The style one chooses should match the shape of the face and should not be too messy.

The following pointers aid in growing a long beard:

#1: A well-balanced diet

Consume a diet that promotes healthy beard growth, this includes food rich in proteins and good fats, like eggs and organic meats.

Note: The key constituent that one needs to refrain from to grow a long beard is “Sugar”.

#2: Regular workout

Higher levels of testosterone promote beard growth. The body will produce more testosterone if one exercise daily this, in turn, will make the beard grow thicker and faster.

#3: Adequate sleep

Our body grows hairs mostly when we sleep. So, if long facial hair is what one desires, one needs to get 8-10 hours of sleep every day.

#4: Refrain trimming the beard for a while

Avoid trimming the beard for at least four weeks, as this the minimum time the facial hair requires to reach its full potential, after which one can shape it the way one wants. The best time to trim the beard is when it reaches the desired length.

#5: Beard oil application

Beard oil application should be initiated from the beginning of beard growth as this will help the beard in obtaining the necessary nutrients to grow thicker and faster.

#6: Develop one’s own total care regimen

Figure out a routine that works well on you and practice it regularly.

#7: Combing and brushing on a regular basis

When a beard starts to gain some length, some men may notice little curls in their facial hair. These curves are seen to disappear at later stages of beard growth, but one needs to comb and/or brush the beard often along with the use of beard oil to tame the facial hairs to lie the way one prefers them to.

#8: Training the mustache

A long beard is accompanied by a long mustache. Initially, many men make an error by trimming the mustache too early. However, when the beard grows longer, one will want the mustache to complement their facial hair. Training them with a good mustache wax will aid in keeping them out of the mouth.

#9: Practicing to eat and drink with facial hair

Many men with long facial hair face problems while consuming food and drinks as the food continually gets held in their facial hair. Not only food, but other stuff can also come into contact with the beard and damage or break it. Hence one needs to learn and practice eat and drink with a beard and mustache.

#10: Judge the beard on its own merit, not by other beards around you

No two people will have the same speed of facial hair growth. Hence avoid judging your facial growth with your friends or relatives.

#11: Be patient

Facial hair grows at an average rate of only half an inch per month and nearly everyone experiences a time where it seems like their beard and mustache stop to grow. This is just a phase that will change. On the other hand, there will be times when it seems to grow two inches in a month. Enjoy that phase.

#12: Track the progress

Whether you measure or take a selfie every month do it in the same attire every time for the best outcomes to chart one’s progress. Track the beard growth. Over time, a man will start to learn his facial hairs growth patterns and even if particular seasons have a positive or negative effect on your beard.

Final Thoughts

Growing a long beard and mustache is a marathon and no marathon winner becomes a winner overnight. Put in the effort and maintain the beard to grow the best beard one can.


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