Undercut Fade: How To Tell Your Barber Exactly What You Want

Undercut Fade with Beard

Undercut Fade is a subtle combination of the two most prominent hairstyles, Undercut and Fade. Every barbershop portrays the undercut fade style and proudly shows off its grooming skills while bringing this style to life. 

The undercut style ruled as the top desired hairstyles during the early 20th century. Check out the Netflix hit series Peaky Blinders (if you haven’t watched it already), the lead cast members rocked their appearances with this cool-looking and compelling hairstyle. In this style, the top of the head is long or medium while the sides and the back are trimmed to a low level or even shaved to the scalp.

Fade is another style where various lengths are blended to bring out a more sophisticated look. It is the tapering of the hair to the top from the bottom keeping it close to the scalp. The style brings out a noticeable transition of lengths on the sides and e back.

Whom Does This Style Suits Better?

Everyone. That’s the beauty in this style and probably the reason for its coming back to life after several decades. Everyone can rock this style irrespective of the facial features with its great versatility. However, it is proven that the style is best suited for men who have square and diamond-shaped faces.

If you have long hair, this style brings out the best and even supports your ponytail or man bun fantastically. The hairstyle also works fine with short hair and elevates the best part of your facial features. If your hair has a thick texture, then this style will make your hair look stylish by cutting out the bulk. Even if your hair texture is thin it creates a beautiful contrast making your hair look thicker.

How To Get This Style?

As mentioned earlier, every barbershop has this style hanging on its display. So you probably wouldn’t have to worry about miscommunicating the style. Just to be safe you can get the basic undercut fade style by giving the following instructions to your barber.

  • Tell your barber to start with your sides with attachment 0 and move towards the top fading with attachments 1, 2, or even 3 if necessary.
  • Depending on the length of the sides, leave up to 3 to 5 inches on top and cut them by the edges for better growth.
  • Blend the top section of your hair at the back using attachments 1 or 2.

If you wish to grow the hair real long, then you need to shape it in a certain way and wait for months to let the hair grow into your desired style.

You can also get an undercut fade style done on your own. A little complex but it is achievable. Use a set of clippers to hold back the hair you want to let it grow long and start working on the area you left open. Make sure that area is in a uniform line around your head. Start working from the neck upwards, carefully trim the hair using the best quality trimmers.

Several styles give you a loveable and intriguing look. Check out the list we brought together for quick reference.

15 Hand-Picked Undercut Fade Styles

1: Undercut Fade+ Trim

Undercut Fade Trim

For this style, maintain medium to long length hair on the top and taper the sides starting from the sideburns. Let your hair fade on the back from the top towards your neck. Cut the hair on the edges and maintain a decent shape at temples to look well-groomed.

2. Undercut Fade with High Pomp

Undercut Fade with High Pomp

Rock this style with a really long top and by fading the sides from the bottom to top. This style requires high volume hair at the front and gradually decreasing length in the back. Continue the side fade at the back to maintain consistency and shape the temples for an elegant look. Use the best quality gel for the pomp in the front to stand high.

3. Undercut Fade with Long Slick

Undercut Fade with Long Slick

This style works perfectly for those who have long straight hair. Trim down uniformly on both sides and the back of your head and comb the rest of your long hair towards the back after blow-drying. Use the best quality hair mousse or gel to keep the hair stable and stylish. Also, do not forget to shape the temples.

4. Undercut with Matte Slick

Undercut with Matte Slick

For this style you don’t need very long hair, medium length on top will do. Fade the sides and temple along with the back uniformly. Cut short the lengthy hair on top maintain equal length from all dimensions. Make sure you do not cut it too short and use the best quality hair product to keep the style intact.

5. Undercut Fade with Mohawk

Undercut Fade with Mohawk

This is one of the artistic hairstyles ever introduced. For every mohawk to work like intended it has to be really long from the start. Let the long hair on the top rest towards the back consistently to the back of your neck. Fade the sides or you can even go down to the scalp. Let the hair on top continue to the back with sides uniformly faded. If you fancy a beard, then let it start from the sideburn level to make it more distinctive.

6: Undercut Fade into Bald

Undercut Fade into Bald

For this style, you can have long or medium hair on the top. As you go down on the side your hair should start fading up to a certain point after which you need to shave the hair to the scalp. On the sides and at the back, maintain the limited baldness in a balanced way. You can experiment with different styles on the back depending on the shape of your scalp.

7. Disconnect Fade Undercut

Disconnect Fade Undercut

This style looks way better if you can grow long hair on the top. On the sides and on the back trim down so that the hair fades as you go down. Make sure you don’t taper too much as this style keeps the sides with a good level of thickness on the sides and back. Do not forget to shape the temples as it gives a well-groomed look.

8. Undercut Fade with Beard

Undercut Fade with Beard

If you have a full-grown beard, then now is your time to shine. Keep the top of the head thick with medium to long length hair and let the sides and back fade as you go down. Shape your beard with a perfect cheek line and square on either side. Also, give your neckline proper grooming for an elegant look. Shape the mustache to a little thicker than a pencil cut and let it meet with your beard.

9. Slick Back Undercut With Hair Design

Slick Back Undercut With Hair Design

To be honest, this funky style is not for everyone. You can’t really walk into a corporate office with this hairstyle. Not yet. But if your profession allows you to be whatever you want or if you are a college student then this style is worth trying. Maintain long hair on top and keep it combed to the back. On the sides and the back where you taper the hair, you can experiment with unique designs that would make your look way more compelling.

10. Quiff With Undercut Fade

Quiff With Undercut Fade

Fade the sides and the back from the top to the bottom. On top, maintain a decent medium-length hair. Cut the top section to gain a choppy cut. On the front, maintain a tousled quiff using a comb. Shape the rest of the front area so that the quiff is highlighted. Use the best quality hair product or a dollop of pomade for quiff to stay steady.

11. Drop Fade Side Swept Undercut

Drop Fade Side Swept Undercut

This subtle style lets you have a compelling look to carry in all kinds of attire. Trim the sides and back so that it is faded towards the bottom. Make sure you are not fading it too much. On the top, it is ideal to have a decent volume of thick hair. Comb on either side to bring a parting line connecting with the temples. Cut the extra hair and comb the front part towards the back.

12. Crop Fade Undercut With Hard Part

Crop Fade Undercut With Hard Part

Give decent tapering on the sides and back so the top hair descents towards the back uniformly. Leave sideburns to a visible length for a distinctive look. Give a stunning-looking parting on top on either side with a large area comb the hair towards the back giving a lump in the front. You can groom a decent-looking beard with this style if you can make it more subtle.

13. Wavy High Top With Low Fade

Wavy High Top With Low Fade

This style gives a unique look if you have curly or wavy hair. Taper the sides and the back of your head towards the bottom to the scalp if possible. Cut the top hair to give it a decent medium length. Let the hair in the front fall onto your forehead for a funky and stylish look. People who don’t have natural curly hair can use curlers along with hair spray to obtain this wavy effect.

14. Pompadour With Drop Fade

Pompadour With Drop Fade

This is a true showman hairstyle that is always loved but tried with extreme care. Not everyone can pull off this style but if you do you can be the man of the hour. Let a good volume of hair grow on top. Blow-dry the hair as you comb the wet hair using a round brush. Combine it with drop fade on the sides extended to the back of your head. Use the best quality hair product like gel, hair spray, or pomade for the pompadour the last longer.

15. Manbun/ Ponytail Faded Undercut


Undercut fade elevates your man bun or ponytail effectively by highlighting the top section. Fade the sides and the back of your head towards the bottom. You keep the fading low and let the sides be thick to support the long hair on top better. Pull back the long hair right from the front side to the back of your head. Gather the edges of your hair and carefully start cutting until it can make a decent man bun or ponytail. You can fancy a long ponytail but it looks remarkable when it is closer to the rest of your hair.


Through this article, you have been introduced to the top undercut fade styles often seen nowadays. Though we believe this is the best list you can follow, obviously, the style is not limited. You can experiment in several other ways and give yourself a signature look. This style is very versatile and with a good amount of care, it can give you a tremendous makeover.


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