10 Best Temporary Hair Color Sprays

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Are you planning to color your hair but scared to go for a permanent hair color? Even though coloring hair can sound really fun, sticking to just one color forever can give you chills too!

This is where temporary hair colors and dye kits come into action – you can play with your hair colors frequently, that too at the comfort of your own house.

A temporary hair color allows you to color your hair using a hairspray. People prefer using them for special events like parties, trips, or even Halloween.

They help you change your look with minimal effort and without even committing to a permanent hair color. These temporary hair colors are pretty cheap and get washed out easily with shampoo.

No matter what your hair color is and what hair color you are planning to sport, we have shortlisted some of the best temporary hair color sprays that can help you change your look entirely.

Along with this, we have also shared a Buying Guide so that you don’t end up buying a hair color that is not helpful for you. Let’s check it out!

Best Trending Temporary Hair Color Sprays

Temporary Hair Color SpraysColorNo of ShadesSuitable ForBuy Now
High Ridge Hair sprayWhiteOneAny hair colorCHECK ON AMAZON
Tresemme Hair Spray Dark brown
5 different shadesRoot touch-upsCHECK ON AMAZON
L'Oreal Paris Hair Color SpraySilver10 different shadesAny hair colorCHECK ON AMAZON
KISS Tintation Temporary Hair Color SprayBrownOneRoot touch-upsCHECK ON AMAZON
Jerome Russell Punky Hair Color SprayLynx PinkOneAny hair colorCHECK ON AMAZON

10 shadesRoot touch-upsCHECK ON AMAZON
AMSCAN HAIR SPRAY Purple8 shadesAny hair colorCHECK ON AMAZON
ROUX FANCI Hair SprayChocolateOneFor root touch-ups or added shine

SoftSheen-Carson Dark Hair SprayPurple10 shadesBlack women with dark hairsCHECK ON AMAZON

OneRoot touch-upsCHECK ON AMAZON

Top Trending Temporary Hair Color Sprays

1. High Ridge temporary spray-on hair

High Ridge temporary spray

If you want to color your hairs white for a costume party, or Halloween party, you should definitely try this spray color.

There are two things to absolutely love this product. It works like a hair spray. Which won’t stain other’s cloth, and it comes out after just one wash.

It works on every type and color of hair—even the darkest of black and browns. If you have long hair, you might need another bottle.

This product does make the hair stiff. So, one has to do the styling before it dries and has to do it quick.

It can stay for days since it’s not like that gummy, gluey temporary hair colors that come off on other people’s cloth while you hug. It would stay as it is as long as you don’t take a bath.

It instead works as spray paint. So, you have to use both of your hands to get an even result. Since it’s a spray, it can create a mess.

With some practice, you can even achieve a classic salt pepper look. Some users have done this.


  • Very easy to apply, works as a spray paint
  • Easy to wash off
  • Can paint the darkest color hairs
  • Best color for Halloween


  • Makes hair stiff
  • Longer hair might need another bottle

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2. Tresemme Hair Spray 

Tresemme Hair Spray If you are looking for a dark brown root touch-up instant spray, this Tresemme hair spray works well. Now, you can temporarily avoid the unwanted gray roots with this brownish spray. 

By its powerful formula, it stains the hair within seconds and does not leave any sticky residues. Upon spraying, the hair looks freshly finished with a dark brown color that lasts longer until your next hair wash. 

As the spray bottle has a well-designed nozzle for better and targeted application, it perfectly reaches the targeted gray areas including the roots. The spray is smudge-proof and does not leave the hair wet. It dries up quickly within a minute letting you quickly get ready for the party or office meeting. 

The spray has safe and harmless ingredients and avoids ammonia, peroxide, and synthetic dyes. Therefore, it is safe and suitable for all hair types. 

Along with the brown color, the brand offers hair sprays of different colors like blonde, black, and others that give you a wide choice. You can use these root touch-up sprays between various color sessions as you want. 


  • Perfect color spray
  • Looks like the natural color
  • Covers larger and smaller areas
  • Instant gray coverage
  • It does not leave the hair brittle.


  • It stained the pillows. 
  • Some people complained of irritation. 
  • The hair may become oily sometimes. 

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3. L’Oreal Paris Hair ColorColorista 1-Day SprayLOreal Paris Hair Color

Those who are looking for a temporary silver hair color can try out this one. This is 1-day spray hair color from Loreal, one brand that is loved and trusted by its customers worldwide.

This is the color Silver. But there are 10 different shades to chose from. Including- hot pink, blue, rose gold, pastel blue, lavender, etc

These colors are not for the faint-hearted. They are bold, and the color payoff is fantastic. Unlike the Schwarzkopf one, it holds to every shade of hair, from black to blonde.

Anyone can use it; it’s really simple and hassle-free. The color lasts until you wash your hair. Also, it doesn’t leave any residue.

It can make hair stiff if you apply it from too close. But you can brush the excess color off. Or, the best way is to hold it at least two inches away from the head.

The Silver one is also popular among people who are experiencing greys and want to flaunt some more.

A few users said that it transfers the color a lot. It might stain your pillows or clothes. So, it might be wise to wash your hair before you go to bed.

Some didn’t like the smell, while some loved it. One last thing, the quantity is not enough for long hair. If you have hair below the shoulder length, take two bottles.


  • Vibrant colors work on any base
  • Easy to apply
  • Good coverage, don’t need to put a lot of paint
  • Washes off easily


  • Rubs off
  • Can make hair stiff

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4. KISS Tintation Hair Color Spray

KISS Tintation Hair Color SprayThe KISS tintation darkest brown hair color spray comes with a two-pack at an affordable price. So, you can easily grab the fashionable spray for long-time use. 

It’s specially formulated with olive oil and covers the gray hair from the roots to the end. Within one minute, it gets dried and allows a quick touch-up even in a hurry. 

As it is water-resistant and smudge-proof, you can use it well. Moreover, it does not even stain pillows or clothes. With no ammonia and bleach, you can use this spray safely, and it prevents hair irritation. 

The nozzle’s design is so ergonomic that it allows the spray to fall over the hair appropriately without wastage or direction deviation. 


  • Well-colored
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Smudge-proof
  • Pillow-friendly
  • Water-resistant 


  • It does not get washed out completely even after using shampoo sometimes. 
  • It’s difficult to comb the hair after spraying. 
  • The hair becomes stiff. 

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5. Jerome Russell Punky Hair Color Spray

Jerome Russell Punky Hair Color SprayThose who are more interested and desirous of a fashionable and stylish hair look can have this punky hair color spray.

It gives a unique appearance other than the natural hair colors, and so it’s suitable for theatrical plays, holiday events, festive seasons, and other parties. This vibrant color also gives a playful look and matches with the costumes you wear. 

As it is a temporary spray, the color gets removed easily with one shampoo wash. So, you need not bother about the color retaining. 

Moreover, it uses high-quality ammonia-free ingredients and prevents hair damage. It contains 100% natural extracts and cruelty-free products. 

You can just hold it about 12 to 18 inches away from the hair for better effect. It gives the best results when applied on dry-styled hair. 

As the spray comes in a 3.5 oz size, it’s a great option for travel too. 


  • Bright pink color
  • Easy to use
  • Pigments even dark hair
  • Looks great for adults and kids


  • Too messy
  • Better avoid using for kids
  • It stains your clothes and pillows. 
  • It does not wash off easily. 

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LOreal Paris Hair Color

L’oreal Paris magic root covers concealer spray is the best option to cover your greys. This product covers up the gray part of the hair instantly.

It gives a seamless coverage. And no kind of residue is left behind after the usage. During the application, you will see no smudge in the roots.

The best of this hair color is, it’s ammonia-free and peroxide free. Which means you can do the touch-ups as many time as you want without thinking of damaging the hair.

People who hate visiting salons every now and then will definitely love this product. You can use it between your salon visits or in an emergency meeting.

The lightweight formula never gives off that sticky and stiff feeling. It works for every hair color, texture, and thickness.

Using the color is a little different. At first, shake the bottle well. Then spray it onto the new growth and also the places where you want coverage, after that, comb your hair to spread the color evenly.

The desired look will appear just after a minute. Since its dark color, you might want to use small bursts, to prevent yourself from coloring your scalp as well. You can always build up the color.

This spray is available in a palette of eight shades. This product is the quickest way to cover gray hair.

Pros :

  • No residue or stickiness
  • Flawless roots within few seconds
  • Blends with all hair types and texture
  • Lasts on the hair until next shampoo

Cons :

  • Bottle design can be better
  • Cannot add any shine

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Amscan Hair Spray

Amscan hair spray is one of the newest hair sprays in the market. This particular color gives a silver finish to the hair. But there are eight colors to choose from, including—pink, green, blue, purple etc.

This product is strictly non-toxic. This spray is also not hypo-allergic. And the intensity of the color is on point.

It’s an amazingly shiny silver color that you can wear at a costume party. It contains a little glitter in it, which adds fabulous shine to the hair.

Amscan hair spray works on every type of hair. The Good thing about this product is that it comes out easily with only one wash. It can make the hair stiff, but the spray does not get sticky.

Amscan hair spray also has a great smell.  Also, it doesn’t stay for a long time. But it does the job for a one day occasion. And looking at the price, everything falls on place.

Shake the bottle well before use. After that, spray it to the desired parts of your hair.

The product contains 4.6 ounces. Some of the customers had complaints about durability. This product also does not ship to several places.


  • Great and vibrant color
  • Goes well on every hairstyles and texture
  • Comes off easily
  • Has a brilliant shine


  • Availability issues
  • Quantity issues

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8. ROUX FANCI Chocolate Brown

Roux Fanci Full Rinse hair color

For those who are after a brown color hair spray, this is for you. It has been in the market for quite some time now and has fantastic customer reviews.

It is in the shade chocolate brown, which is a very natural medium to dark brown. It works wonderfully for covering your hair. Or add some shine to the faded hair strands.

However, it might not cover colored hairs like pink, red blue. The temporary hair color stays until you wash off your hair. And it goes away with just one wash.

It contains nor harmful elements, and it never damages the hair quality. This product does not leave any flaky residues after usage, which is great.

Roux fanci full rinse hair spray comes in a 15-ounce bottle, which is great. And it will last you a very long time.

Unlike many other temporary hair colors, it doesn’t stain your pillow covers if you sleep with it. You can also wear hair accessories, and it won’t stain them.

It has a very mild scent. Be careful with the spray. It’s better always to use a towel around your shoulder and wearing gloves if you don’t want to stain them.


  • Beautiful chocolate shade
  • Huge quantity
  • Never damages the hair
  • Doesn’t rub off


  • Has ashy undertones

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9. SoftSheen-Carson Dark and Lovely Temporary Hair Color

Temporary Hair Color by SoftSheen

Sofsheen Temporary hair color is the best among the cheapest temporary hair colors. This is purple, but you can choose any from the available 9 shades.

This color is made keeping the African-American women in focus. But anyone with darker hair color can use it. The colors are loud, vibrant, and fun.

They are the most trendy right now. There’s one shade for everyone. It works immediately after spraying. The Carson Softsheenhairspray also gives out the fabulous shine.

This product is also known for its durability. You don’t have to use a ton of the hair spray to get the desired coverage.

You should always read the instructions before using the product. At first, you have to cover your shoulders with towels or other clothes. Then you can spray the hairspray on the dry hair.

The product takes one minute to dry up. If you want more color and impact on your hair, then it is recommended to re-apply.

As per customer reviews, the hair spray doesn’t come off very easily. You might have to wash it more than once with a good shampoo.

Also,  the hairspray might get on the clothes and sheets, so it is recommended not to sleep with hair spray on—all in all, it’s fabulous product within a low budget.

Pros :

  • 10 vibrant colors
  • Dries instantly
  • Well pigmented
  • Budget-friendly


  • Might get stains on clothes
  • Might have to wash more than once

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Medium Brown Root Concealer

This is another brown color temporary hair spray. Excellent for root touch-ups. It comes with a pin-point applicator for a more precise application. It’ free of all harsh chemicals. 

Made of conditioning elements, it doesn’t dry out your hair neither leaves any flaky residues. It only adds a natural sheen to your hair.

You can use it regularly without any hair damage. Color adjusting formulas of this hair sprays helps it to blend with all types of hair. 

The color dries up super fast in just 3 seconds. It doesn’t come off while rubbing or sleeping but quickly goes away with one wash.

For the best results, you have to shake the bottle well before applying. No flaky residues will be found during the use.

This professional-grade product gives you a break between the salon visits. Some liked the smell; some didn’t.

Style edit hairspray gives a gorgeous and luxurious look to your hair. We don’t recommend you to use it all over your hair.

Overall, it’s excellent for root touch-ups unless you at the price tag.


  • Comes with pin-point applicator
  • Suits all hair color and types
  • Doesn’t transfer
  • Goes away with one wash
  • Free of harsh chemicals


  • Expensive
  • Small quantity

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How Temporary Hair Color Spray Works?

Unlike permanent and semi-permanent hair colors or dyes, the temporary hair colors don’t penetrate into the hair shaft. They simply rest on your hair shafts and coat them to give a new color. These hair dyes don’t even contain ammonia. This is why they don’t have a strong scent of chemicals and don’t cause any damage to your hair like permanent hair colors. They offer only temporary results.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Temporary Hair Color Spray

Selecting a temporary hair color spray is definitely not a Herculean task. However, following these factors can help you buy the best one in the market.

1. Brand

Choosing a branded product is never harmful. There are many famous brands that manufacture temporary hair color sprays.

You can either choose a brand that you always prefer or love or you can look for a brand with the best reviews. This will help you in assuring that you are buying a good quality product.

2. Color Pay-off

You should select a product that offers a great color opacity keeping in mind where and how are you planning to use. Some hair sprays don’t necessarily offer the same result as they promise. Going through the customer’s reviews are again helpful here.

Another pointer to confirm its color pay-off is what is the color of your hair presently. If you have a lighter hair color, possibility is the application time and pay-off is quite easy but at the same time, the tendency of staining is high.

On the other hand, if you have dark-colored hair, sprays that offer little pay-off might not show any result on your hair at all.

3. Price

Deciding the price range is your personal choice. The price also varies from brand to brand. If you are looking for just a one-time use or simply want to try how it looks, you can go for a cheaper option. But make sure that the product and the brand are safe to use.

How To Use Temporary Hair Color Spray

You can follow the steps mentioned below to use the temporary hair color spray and achieve the best result.

  • Select the hair color that you want to try: Look for a shade according to your requirement. Also, make sure that it will blend well with your natural hair color.
  • Take care of your clothes: Wear an apron, old t-shirt, or wrap a towel around your neck and shoulders to prevent your clothes from color staining.
  • Shake well: Shake the hair spray can properly before applying it to your hair.
  • Start spraying:To start with, hold the can in the correct position. It should be around 4 – 6 inches away from your hair. You can now start spraying evenly across the strands. One mantra to keep in mind while applying hair color is “Less is More”. Remember that over-spraying of the color can make your hair dry and brittle.

If you want to apply color all over your hair, a single can of hair spray might not be sufficient. Plan the amount of color required beforehand, depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

  • Don’t rush: After applying the color evenly, wait for some time and let the color dry and settle.
  • Start styling: Once your hair is completely dry, you can start styling accordingly.

Tips on Using Temporary Hair Color Sprays

Now that you know how to apply hair color, here are some tips that can be helpful to you. Let’s have a look!

  • Rather than spraying the hair color indoors, try and use it outdoors. The reason behind it is the fumes of these sprays can be a bit strong, especially if you are allergic to specific scent or chemicals.
  • While some colors last for some time, few others come off after a single wash itself. Often, the hair colors leave behind stains on your hair that might not look good. To avoid any such unpleasant experience, try to use the color on a small portion of your hair and then wash it off to see its impact. You can use regular shampoo to get rid of these temporary hair colors.

What are some alternatives to temporary hair color sprays?

  • Hair mascara: Using hair mascara not only helps in covering gray hair but they also add a pop of bold color to your mane. It is very easy to apply too. You can simply use the wand to apply it directly to your hair. It is one of the easiest fixes to dye your hair instantly and lasts for 1 or 2 wash.
  • Hair chalk:Using a hair chalk is another great alternative. It delivers great performance mainly due to the opacity that it offers. You can see its effect on literally each and every strand. The application is again simple: wet your hair and separate it into small sections. Run the chalk from the top till the tip of your hair and you are done. It can easily last for 3-4 washes.
  • Semi-permanent hair dye:The molecules of a semi-permanent hair dye are quite large and this is why they don’t penetrate into the hair shaft. Instead, they act as a stain in the cuticle layer of your hair. These dyes last for around a week.
  • Vegetable dye:The vegetable dyes last for the longest time when compared to all the above options. These are chemical-free alternatives and can last for over a month, depending on the tone saturation or the darkness of the color.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. From where can I buy temporary hair color spray?

The temporary hair colors are easily available in beauty stores or even in the beauty arsenal of the supermarkets. You can get plenty of options to look for. You can even buy them online on Amazon or other retail websites.

2. Can a temporary hair color cause damage to your hair?

The beauty of temporary hair colors is they don’t cause any damage to your original locks. However, to prevent your hair from any type of damage, you can always use a color-safe shampoo.
Along with this, try to select products that do not contain harsh chemicals that can damage your hair by making them dry.

3. Are these colored hairsprays safe for use for kids?

Yes. The temporary hair color sprays are safe for use for kids as well. But make sure you are selecting a trustable brand. Most of the cheaper brands or alternatives lead to color staining, which is not a good sign.
Check if it contains any harsh or harmful ingredients. Apart from this, try to keep the color away from the scalp or else it might cause irritation. Also, look for dying instructions before application.

4. How long do hair color sprays last?

Any temporary hair color is meant to last until your next wash. However, the number of washes might vary. While some colors wash off after 1st wash only, few colors last for 2-3 washes. Some colors even fade off gradually taking a few weeks’ time.
Another factor that contributes to the longevity of the color depends on your natural hair color. For people with very light or natural hair color, the application of temporary hair color might end up looking more like permanent hair color. In simple words, if you have lighter hair and if you are choosing to apply a darker temporary hair color, it might take a bit longer for the color to wash out.

5. Is It Safe To Use Temporary Hair Color Spray For Dry Hair?

Even though these colors are designed to wash off after a couple of washes, you should be a bit careful if you have dry hair. The temporary hair color tends to enter the exterior of dry hair follicles that makes it quite difficult to wash out the hair color. You should use it on healthy hair to prevent any further damage.


Hair sprays are cheaper alternatives to salon treatments. Whether it’s a Haloween party, your kid’s annual function, or a costume party, these are saviors. Unlike the sticky color waxes, they don’t transfer to your clothes, and most of them wash off pretty easily.

Just keep in mind that some hair sprays contain harmful fumes. Neither one of the products mentioned over is harmful. But if you choose something different, take a look at the ingredients and also in the review section.

So, what are you buying today? Have you used any of the products mentioned above? Do you want to see your products get reviewed? Write to us in the comment section below.


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