7 Best Dandruff Brushes 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Dandruff is nothing but dead skin cells. Some of it comes off like flakes, and some of it sticks to the scalp. When you think of getting rid of it, you think of shampoo and oils. But nobody talks about this simple tool, a dandruff brush.

A scalp massaging brush or a dandruff brush brushes dandruff off the scalp. It gives a nice exfoliation and loosens up the skin flakes, which is then washed away with the shampoo.

Exfoliation has many other benefits. It improves blood circulation and stimulates hairgrowth. It opens up the pores,which can absorb more nutrients. It takes very little shampoo to make a lather.And they are excellent for a relaxing bath.

In this article, we will be reviewing 7 best dandruff brushes. While you can could choose any, there are a few things to remember to make the most out of your money.

  • Types of dandruff brushes: There are mainly two types. Manual ones and the automatic ones. Vibrating ones (automatic) are obviously more expensive and easier to use. But some don’t like the feeling of vibration of their head. Manual ones are cheaper but probably more durable.
  • The firmness of the bristles: Softer brushes are good for thinner hairs. And people with scalp issues like seborrheic dermatitis or scalp psoriasis. Firmer brushes are more suitable for thick and curly hair, where penetrating the hair becomes difficult for a soft, flexible brush.
  • The handle:Anything other than a ring-type handle is good. They break very easily also put more stress on your fingers and arms.

Apart from the above factors, there are many other factors that might influence your decision making process. So, there is a buying guide for the best dandruff brushes at the end of this article.

7 Best Dandruff Brushes

1. Maxsoft Scalp Care Brush

maxsoft scalp care brushMaxsoft is one of the highest-selling scalp massaging and dandruff brushes with over then thousand reviews.

Like the name says, it has soft silicone brushes perfect for sensitive scalps. People who have scalp issues like seborrheic dermatitis or others can trust this brush.

The soft silicone bristles will wash off dandruff but won’t hurt your head. That also means the soft silicone bristles are flexible. And if you have thick curly hair, it won’t be able to penetrate the hair.

Maxsoft is manual and waterproof. You can use this in the shower, in the bathtub the way you want. If you have any scalp oil or medicine to apply, this brush can help them absorb quickly.

It has just the right size. Not too big, not too small, something that even kids can hold and use.

The ergonomic design helps to maneuver without slipping off the hands. It’s also light ounces and made of durable plastic. A soft brush like this is perfect for painted nails and manicured hands.

You have three color options– mint green, blue and pink.


  • Best for sensitive scalps
  • Soft silicone bristles
  • Cleans the scalps and exfoliate
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not suitable for thick and curly hair

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2. Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Brush


Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

If you like vibrating dandruff brushes, this is one of the best available out there. The Vitagood scalp bush has rubber tips that gently vibrate to scrub dandruff off the scalp.

The vibrations also give a good stimulation to the hair follicles and circulate more blood. The bristles are of different shapes and sizes, which massages your scalp differently. Also, unlike the previous one, it penetrates deeper.

It’s water-resistant. Which means it can take water splashes but can’t be submerged.

There are two vibrating speed settings, high and low.  If you like vibrating motions on your scalp, you will love it. But some are sensitive to these vibrations, especially on the head.

The brush is quite big in size compared to others. It’s also heavierbecause of the batteries. There is a big and ergonomic handle, though, that firmly hooks between the fingers.

The product had a lot of complaints on its battery compartment, which leaks water. It’s water-resistant and not waterproof. Our suggestion, don’t run the shower while massaging with this brush.

You have four color options—black, mint green, purple, and white.


  • Removes dandruff automatically
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Both adults and kids can use


  • Water may leak inside if you use under running water

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3. Heeta Shampoo Brush

hair scalp massagerDo you have thick curly hair and stubborn dandruff? Do you prefer a firm dandruff brush over soft, flexible ones? Check this one out.

Heeta shampoo brush is affordable, durable, and it has the perfect firmness to work through a very thick and curly hair.

It also has silicon brushes. But the brushes are firmer. They reach the scalp and give it a nice exfoliation to get rid of that stubborn dandruff and build up.

It’s manual but waterproof. The reason why we prefer manual brushes is that you can use it underwater without any worry about water leakage.

Coming to the design. It has the perfect size to fit in one’s palms. However, we feel the little handle could be bigger, compared to its size. But it stays hooked up anyway.

It’s also lighter in weightthan the automatic ones. So you can wash your long hair for a good time.

I have excellent reviews from the users. If there is one downside, that would be the firmness of the bristles.

It’s too hard for the delicate scalps, for kids and for people who have very fine hair.


  • Ideal firmness for deep exfoliation
  • Works on all types of hair
  • Good choice for thick and curly hair
  • Affordable


  • It might tangle and pull the hair

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This dandruff brush works for the whole family. It has longer silicone bristles to work with every type of hair– thick, thin, straight, or curly.

This waterproof brush has made some changes in its model and has come up with longer bristles.

The silicon made brustles are gentle enough for sensitive scalp also long enough to penetrate a thicker hair.As you work with the brush to massage your scalp, it removes dandruff and dirt particles. And help absorb the essential nutrients.

The hand-through handle is also different than others. The brush has an easy-grip body that fits right into your hand. Even though it’s heavier, it’s comparatively easier to hold.

The heavy body is also a sign of its durability. It comes with a warranty too.

While some think it has the right firmness, some felt the firmness is not up to the mark. You see, this is a personal preference.

Still, if you feel you have very thick hair, there is another better option. For the price of one, these brushes are more than good.


  • Long silicone bristles clean and exfoliates the scalp
  • Hand-through handle for a comfortable grip
  • 2 brushes at a budget-friendly price
  • Works for everyone


  • For some, it was too soft
  • Some have said it is not durable

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5. Vanity Planet Groove Scalp Massager

vanity planet scalp massager

Another vibrating dandruff brush on the list. Vanity Planet scalp massager is very similar to Vitagoods, the one we reviewed earlier.

This brush is a bit more expensive and has moderate firmness ideal for most people. It has 2-speed settings for the vibration. And it works on 2AA batteries.

It has soft rubber tips, but the bristles are pretty firm to enter a thick curly hair. The flat cone-shaped bristles exfoliate the scalp removing dandruff and build up.It also gives a nice massage, which promotes blood circulation.

It has a big comfortable handle to fit right between the fingers. And the size and weight are also on point, to make a lather and enjoy a pleasant hair massage.

Like we said before, you will like the massage if you like the feel of vibration. However, the vibration for this particular model is much lesser compared to Vitagoods. For some, it was just the right amount, while some with the thickest hair barely felt it on their head.

The battery consumption is also on the higher side. Since it’s not waterproof, there will always be a chance of water leakage in the battery compartment. So, we don’t recommend it to use under running water.

You have 3 color options to choose from- blue, mint-green, and pink.


  • Good choice if you have thick and curly hair
  • Comfortable grip
  • Ergonomic design to fit into your palm
  • Smooth and gentle exfoliation


  • The vibration is noisy
  • Might leak water into the battery compartment, if you use under running water

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6. MARNUR Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

MARNUR Scalp brush

This is the odd one in the list but in a good way. It’s a 3-in-1 massager. It comes with a scalp massager, a loofah pad, and a mini body massager.

You can use the scalp massager to exfoliate and massage your scalp. The loofah pad can be used to make lather both for your shampoo and body wash. The full body massager is for relieving stress and stiffness.

Now coming to the hairbrush or the dandruff brush, the bristles are quite stiff—made of plastic. Which is good for removing dandruff, but for some, it was way too hard.

The vibration is also quite intense, and it’s good to use 1-2 minutes on a maximum. Also, it’s in the heavier side. So, both ways, you can hold it longer over the head. The body massager works well, though.

It’s waterproof, and the package includes 2 AA batteries. All this comes at a reasonable price. So, if you are interested in a brush that can provide more than scalp massage, go for this.


  • Multipurpose 3-in-1 brush
  • Firm bristles good for deep exfoliation
  • Waterproof
  • Includes batteries


  • Bristles are too hard for some
  • Heavy

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7. FReatech [Wet & Dry] Manual Head Scalp Massage Brush

Freatech dandruff brush

FReatech Scalp and Dandruff brush is a good alternative if you don’t want to spend too much on a brush. It has over five thousand reviews and excellent ranting.

It’s a manual scalp massager. The bristles are made of medium-firm silicone bristles. The uneven and ergonomic design provides the srub that your fingers cannot give. It gently but effectively removes dandruff along with dirt.

It’s a good choice to spend a few bucks if you care about That being said, it might not be very effective if you have thick curly hair. The bristles can’t penetrate the hair.

It’s good for women with straight or thinner hair, men even pets. It’s gentle and lightweight. Lighter than any other on the list.

There are 6 color options—black, blue, mint-green, red, and pink. Some are a bit expensive than the others.


  • Affordable
  • Everyday use for gentle exfoliation
  • Lightweight
  • 6 color options


  • Too soft for thick curly hair

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Things to consider while buying a Dandruff brush or a Shampoo Brush

A dandruff brush is not just another hairbrush. It has multiple other benefits. So, in order to get the most out of it, you have to consider some factors.

1.Manual or vibrating

The first thing you would decide whether you want a manual brush or vibrating brush. Automatic brush vibrates and does the job as you hold the bush. Therefore they are easier to use. Some high-quality brushes have settings for vibration intensity control.

Manual brushes will require more effort. You have to move them and put some pressure to scrub the dirt off. They are affordable and also more durable.

However, we have seen that some people are very sensitive to vibrating motions on the head. Even the lowest intensity feels too much for them. So, think about it.

2. Do you have any scalp issues?

If you have any serious scalp conditions like — itchy red scalp, seborrheic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, that means your scalp is already injured. You cannot scrub with something that is too stiff. It will only worsen the current condition. You need soft and flexible bristles that will gently remove dandruff. A soft silicone brush is the best option for you. Try our Maxsost dandruff brush.

3. Consider your hair type

A soft brushthat bends as you put some pressure won’t be able to reach the scalp. Similarly, curly hair is more voluminous, and a soft brush won’t penetrate through the fluffy hair and won’t reach the scalp. You need something on the firmer side. Try Heeta dandruff brush or Vitagoodsscalp massaging brush.

4. A comfortable grip

If the grip is not comfortable, it may put a strain in your arms. Or the brush might slip away. The best type of handle is probably the hand through ones. It’s really comfortable to hold for a long time without stressing your arm. The one that slides between the fingers is also good. Look for a wider handle. The worst type of handle is ring-type. They feel heavier. Also, they easily break off from joining.

5. Water resistance

If you are using a manual brush, then this is not a factor. You can use it under the shower in a bathtub and everywhere else you like. But, if you choose a vibrating brush and that is water-resistant and not ‘waterproof’ (entirely safe for using underwater). It is advised not to use it under running water. That means, not even under the shower.

Water-resistant means it can resist water splashes. But if you submerge it or use it under constant water flow, it might leak the water inside the machine. So, when you are using the brush on the scalp, stop the shower.

6. Weight

It would go without mentioning it. But if the brush is way too heavy, it can put a strain on your arms. Some vibrating brushes may weigh more, because of the batteries. So, give it a thought. Though it’s never the ultimate deciding factor.

Benefits Of Using A Dandruff Brush

Nobody will tell you that it has so many other benefits other than just removing dandruff.

Exfoliates the scalp

Your scalp produces more cells than anywhere else. So, exfoliation is always good for the scalp. It helps remove dead cells, dirt build-up, oil, grime, and everything in between.Also, it provides a clean surface to let grow healthier hair.

A deep hair-wash

A dandruff brush or a scalp wash brush can give you a next-level hair wash. It’s not possible with your fingers. The multiple bristles reach every corner of your head and wash every little dirt particle. You might notice the hair stays clean for more days.

Hair growth stimulator

As you massage the brush, it dilates the blood vessels. Dilated blood vessels mean increased blood flow. Which is related to better scalp health. Stimulation of hair follicles and eventually increased hair growth.

Apply hair oil or other hair products

We all use some oil, hair cream, or spa creams. And there’s no better use of a scalp massage brush. The tiny bristles do the job for you. You get to distribute the product evenly and have a better result with less effort.

Makes the job easier

It’s always easy to use a brush than using your fingers. It puts lesser strains. It does a better job and provides better results.

Needs less amount of shampoo

It distributes the shampoo very well. And it makes more lather than your hands. That also means you need less amount of shampoo.

Protects your nails

We often break our nails, rubbing our heads while shampooing. And strips your nail polish off. Why would you want to waste your manicure? It’s so much better to invest some bucks over a dandruff brush.

Big-time stress relief

Did you know that scalp massage has a positive impact on your hormones? A few minutes of scalp massage relieves so much stress and anxiety. It instantly makes you relaxed and lifts your moods. The massage actuallyincreases the level of happy hormones.

How often canyou use a dandruff brush?

Everyday for 2-5 minutes. It’s safe and does only good to the hair. Even if you don’t shampoo your hair each day, you can use the dandruff brush. You can also use it to apply oil or other hair products. However, you should keep them clean. And wash them with warm water and soap. They might form build-up from your hair.

Are dandruff brushes safe for the hair?

Massaging your scalp is never harmful. So, a dandruff brush is safe as long as you don’t try to scrub your head vigorously and pull your hair. And if you have serious scalp issues and you are taking medicines, or under any hair fall treatment, it’s better to consult the doctor.


Remember, sensitivity is very subjective. The same brush feels too firm for some and too soft for some other. And only you can tell what will suit you the best. If you have a delicate scalp, choose a softer brush. And if your preference is a nice hard scrub, go for a firmer brush.

It exfoliates, it cleanses, it improves hair growth. And they so affordable. If you have dandruff and a dandruff shampoo isn’t working alone, give it a try!

Our first recommendation is MaxsoftScalp care Brush, for thin and sensitive hair. And Vitagoods Scalp Massage Brush, if you prefer a vibrating brush.

So, what are your thoughts? Have you used any of these? How was the experience? Share with us in the comment section below.


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