What is Temple Fade Haircut: 20 Best Temp Fade Haircut for men and Boys

Temp Fade Haircut

Temp Fade Hairstyles for Men: Keeping a fade haircut is a trend now days for a smarter and cleaner look. The temp fade, also known as the temple fade, is one of the attractive fade styles around town.

The temp fade is a very popular hairstyle among the afro guys but now almost everyone can look at their best with the tem fades. Check out the 20 handpicked temp fade haircuts below:

What is the Temple fade haircut?

The Temple Fade, also commonly known as the Afro Blow Out, Brooklyn Fade or the temple fade is a haircut which has the hair getting disappeared at the lower parts, but with an abrupt transition between the hair lengths.

How do I get the temp fade haircut?

You can ask your barber to get you a temp fade. However, for your knowledge sake you can just have go through the following points:

  • Firstly cut one inch of hair around the scalp, starting from the hairline.
  • Make the skin of the sides and back faded, again starting from the hairline.
  • The fade should be made up to about half an inch in length to one-inch distance at the end.
  • Taper the hair rapidly up in length by increasing the hair length up to one inch to two inches
  • The final hair length has to be decided by the person who is getting the haircut.
  • At times, a temple fade may include the fade being done on the hairline of the forehead as well.
  • You can even give a regular temp fade any designer look of your choice and can easily get temp fade haircut design.
  • At last depending upon the texture of your hair and the haircut you have just had, you can use hair gel or hair serum if required.

Temple (Temp) Fade Haircut for Men

Temp fade with short curls:

Faded Twists

You only should have short but curly hair to get this temp fade haircut. A sharply shaped thick chinstrap beard would complement your short hair. You are out to rock dude

Temp fade for little boys with twisted hair:

Temp fade for little boys with twisted hair

This could be a wonderful curly temp fade for little afro boys. Dense and thick curls will give it the intended look and also will be easy for your child to carry it.

Wavy temp fade:

Wavy temp fade

Not everyone can try this temp fade with waves hairstyle as to wear this hairstyle you must have natural wavy hair. The temp fade created on the wavy hair is a real talent!

Designer temp fade:

Designer temp fade

There are absolutely no boundaries to your creativity, hence proved with temp fade with design hairstyle. You can also call it as the ‘party in side’ look, as this temp fade haircut design at one side spills it all.

Temp fade with spiky look:

high spiky hairstyles for men

What is the best you can do with your straight hair is to try out a all-round spiky with a temp fade look. You already know it you are going to look awesome!

Temp fade with a stylish pompadour:

High Pompadour Haircuts with Highlight

White guys with straight hair can even wear a temp fade with a pompadour. This is a perfect style suited for all the occasions, whether formal or informal.

Mohawk temp fade with intense curls:

Curly Fade Mohawk Hairstyles

One needs lot of guts to wear this hairstyle, because ass you wear this temp fade afro haircut all eyes are going to be at you. The temp fade Mohawk hairstyle, however, is quite cool if you don’t care what others have to say!

Low temp fade:

low bald fade haircut

Very dense curls could also be showed off with a low temp fade. Among the afro temp fade with curls hairstyles, this is a great option if you are proud of your curls.

Another low temp fade:

Brushed Up Line Up Haircut

Keeping the curls to the minimum height and maintaining a tem fade is what you can do in this low temp fade haircut for a cleaner look. If you want you can also keep a light beard.

Dreaded temp fade:

Undercut with Mini Dreads

Yet another style unique afro temp fade style is with the dreads. The key element to remember while making this style is to keep the dreads to a minimum thickness. Multiple thin dreads will be the attraction of this temp fade cut.

Cool temp fade for golden hair:

mohawk hairstyles

Golden hair has its own beauty and so we have a very cool temp fade style for guys with golden hair. You just have to give your hair a little disheveled look for the front hair; the temp fade will keep adding its magic!

Sporty temp fade hairstyle:


For a sporty look you might want to give a shot to this haircut. The hair at your front and sides are made to stand upwards with the help of hair gel while preserving the temp fade look.

Temp fade with a comb over:

Pompadour fade Hairstyles

There is nothing you cannot club up with a temp fade! Just like this haircut where you get a temp fade while combing over your front hair to the sides.

Temp fade with textured hair:

Long textured messy Corp

White guys have another option to go for! A temp fade with beard is all what you need and remember not to keep a light and crisp beard because a thick or dense beard can spoil the look. At the last you only should have a good hair gel to highlight each strand of your hair with perfection.

Temp fade for guys with big forehead:

The Party Up Top

Even a big forehead cannot stop you to get temp fade! Just keep your hair length to minimum so that it complements with your big forehead, but all together you are sure to look good.

Nappy hair temp fade:

Black Men Fade Hairstyle Side

The hair texture of afro people helps them to easily get the nappy temp fade. Here, first the barber gives a regular high temp fade and the curls are rubbed all over with the help of a special nappy sponge to give it a finished look.

Braids with a light temp fade:

Braided Faux Hawk Haircuts

Afro guys are known for their liking of keeping long hair. For them this afro temp fade haircut is just the perfect. You can keep multiple braids and with a temp fade.

Temp fade with short blowout:

New Look with Shaved Lines

This is quite different from the other black men temp fade haircuts and it may not suit the afro guys given the texture of their hair. This style goes best with guys with fairer skin and straight hair and who are ok with the short length of the hair. The cut resembles to have spikes all over your head. To get the most out of this haircut use a good quality hair serum that will be helpful in flaunting your blowout.

High flat top and temp fade:

High Taper Fade

This is the easiest high temp fade haircut. You only have to create a high top with your natural twisted hair up to an inch high or a little more. Sides and back will remain faded.

Superb designer colorful temp fade:

High Fade with top Colored Mohawk Desighn

There is almost every possibility to try with a temp fade. One of the best temp fade designs could be this – try out different hues of your choice to color your hair and design the haircut as shown below. Make a flat top and choose any design for yourself. But make sure that you choose an expert for this designer haircut!

The beauty of temp fade haircut styles is that it has something or the other for everyone. Whether you are looking to style your kid or a style for yourself, you will never go disappointed. So pick one of the above temp fade styles and get the ball rolling!

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