15 Ideas About Hot Silver Foxes – Grey Haired Men

The Brushed Back Silver Fox

Silver Fox Men: Men with grey hair wanting to step out in style and make a bold statement, will find these silver fox men hairstyles really hot. Women will also find these peppered or grey hair exudes appealing if not sexy.

#1: The Brushed Back Silver Fox

The Brushed Back Silver Fox

Here the grey hair is brushed back and the sides are kept longer. A beard could well complement the hairstyle. Although this haircut seems a little bit messy, it can make women turn their heads.

#2: The spiky silver fox

The spiky silver fox

The grey hair is styled in spikes to make older men looking the trendiest hairstyle. The hair is unkept and with a short grey beard, the hairstyle can look awesome.

#3: The Richard Gere Hairstyle

The Richard Gere Hairstyle

This hairstyle looks unique with the a tiny part in the middle over the forehead and the grey hair flowing to all the sides. The hair on the sides is kept longer to cover the ears.

#4: Silver Babe Tattooed

Silver Babe Tattooed

An ultra modern grey hairstyle, where the hairstyle matches the tatooed hands as seen here. The hair is a mix of grey and black also evident in the sideburns.

#5: Michael Justin Hairstyle

Michael Justin Hairstyle

The hair is cut short and combed backwards. This silvr fox men hairstyle is of low maintenance, which makes it an obvious choice. Looks masculine, bold and beautiful.

#6: Mature Men Grey Hairstyle

Mature Men Grey Hairstyle

This is a grey hairstyle for mature men, where the hair is neatly parted to the left side and a closely shaved beard compliments the hairstyle. Ideal haircut for formal occasions.

#7: Slick back iconic hairstyle

Slick back iconic hairstyle

Watch how the hair is slick back to look iconic, with the sides closely shaved to create a contrast to the hairstyle. A beard and a well grown mustache adds to the style, making this haircut classic.

#8: The Gentlemen Haircut

The Gentlemen Haircut

This grey haircut is the gentlemen’s haircut, where the hair is brushed to all the sides with a small part noticeable in the middle. The sides are swept and the hair at the front is made a little bit messy.

#9: Sophisticated Haircut

Sophisticated Haircut

This is a sophisticated haircut for grey hair, which looks elegant. A sauve style with a fully slick back hair showcases a refined hairstyle. This hairstyle demonstrates three elements, power, sophistication and experience.

#10: Simple side swept

Simple side swept

The hair is neatly side swept to make this haircut look simple. The hair is cut short all over the head to give a clean appearance. This style embraces the philosophy of slower aging. The back and the sides are trimmed to create a contrast to the weight and the texture of the hair at the top.

#11: The wild grey haircut

The wild grey haircut

This grey haircut looks wild and can match even younger men fighting against aging. The grey hair is combed to all the sides with a small quiff noticeable at the front. A styling product will be required to keep the hair in shape.

#12: Casual laid back haircut

Casual laid back haircut

Men with grey hair will love this casual and laid back hairstyle for all occasions. The versatility of this hairstyle is the messy appearance, an ideal one for a hangout. The back and the sides are trimmed and a lot of combing is required.

#13: Stylish haircut for receding hairline

Stylish haircut for receding hairline

This dapper style haircut for grey hair can be used as an advantage for hiding the receding hairline. This is a brushed up style, similar to the slick back undercut. A good quality pomade will be required for applying to the towel dried hair after a shower.

#14: Short and smart

Short and smart

This grey hair men’s style is a smart one, especially for the short cut that is made all over the head. Matched by a short beard going all up to the sideburns, this hairstyle can make older men look much younger.

#15: The tidy haircut for grey hair

The tidy haircut for grey hair

This is a tidy haircut for grey hair, which looks fashionable and functional. Cutting the hair short gives an additional advantage and can be an ideal haircut for older men with receding hairline. Beards can add to the style. You can either clip the sides and the back or trim the hair with scissors.



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