Black Men Beards: 20 Best African American Beard styles Pictures 2017


Black men have a range of beard styles to choose from, which are unique and the latest in fashion trends. There have been many black icons who have gone past their boundaries to sport beard styles that have remained to be followed in large numbers till the present. There is a range of beard styles for black men from which you can choose the one that best suits the shape of your face.

Here are 20 black men beard styles that have become popular and is followed by large numbers of black men.

#1: Beard Five’O’Clock

Beard Five’O’Clock

It will take only three days to perfect the Five’O’Clock shadow when growing a beard style. It has been a craze among black men to follow this beard style, as this black men beard style is easy to pull off. Although this hairstyle looks lazy and laid back, you will require a bit of hard work to maintain this beard style. What you will need is to shave the areas around the cheek and neck, and that too daily, to maintain the desired look. The rest of the facial hair when grown to a quality beard will give the cool and relaxed ppearance.

#2: The Short Beard

The Short Beard

The short beard style has become popular among the African American communities. Although this beard style may not seem that easy, keeping in mind the color of the color of the skin, but it may actually ed up in making womenturn their heads.

#3: The Goatee

The Goatee

Even if you sculpt the Goatee beard style in whatever way you like, still this beard style for black men gives you the desired appearance. Round shaped face is best suitable for this beard style and when connected with a mustache, the Goatee looks great.

#4: Circle Beard:

Circle Beard

The Circle Beard is for those, who want a neat and clean beard style, where the goatee extends to meet the mustache in a round shape. This beard  style is easy to maintain, but will need regular trimming to ensure that the circle shape is not lost. If you have skin breakouts or a softer jaw, this beard style can be the perfect one for camouflaging. Here are the steps to style the Circle Beard

#5: T Mutton Chops

T Mutton Chops

The chops are left thick and short in this mutton Chops beard style. The mustache is shaved thin and the hair on the chin kept long. May be a bit bad looking, but this beard style has been flaunted by many celebrities.

#6: Carved Beard

Carved Beard

Black young men can show off their personality with the carved beard style but you will need the deft skills of a barber to perfect the shaped contours. A razor is used to trim the goatee, cheekbones and the neck. Ideally suited for those having dense facial hair.

#7: Van Dyke:

Van Dyke

The van dyke goatee style has grown in  popularity in recent years. This mens goatee beard style is a combination of the chin goatee and standard goatee, with no connection to the mustache. The cheeks are shaved clean and smooth to give more effect to this beard style.

#8: Chin Curtain

Chin Curtain

The beard is trimmed from the sideburns right down to the jaw line, passing along the chin and then up to the other side. There is no connection to the mustache and to maintain this beard style for black men, you will require trimming the beard daily. You can also shave off the mustache if you want to make the beard style striking.

#9: Anchor:


Once you have the anchor beard style, it will be hard from deviating from this chin goatee style. You will find hard to change to other options, once you have this goatee mustache style. Sporting the Anchor style is not going to be easy, unless you have expert hands of a professional barber to help you. This goatee style is a combination of the standard goatee, chinstrap and the handlebar styles.

#10: Barely Shaved Beard

Barely Shaved Beard

The facial hair is allowed to grow each day till they reach a certain length, when they are trimmed. You may mistake this black men beard style with a clean shaven face. If trimmed daily at the same time, sprouts will appear on the surface of the face.

#11: Split Beard

Split Beard

In the split beard style, the hair on the chin is allowed to grow full and thick and then split into two layers on the chin. This style is a killer style and have been sported in many thrilling movies like the series on  Pirate movies.

#12: Beard for the Bald Man

Beard for the Bald Man

This beard style for black men has become popular among the blacks, here the facial hair is grown to full thickness and climbs up to the area just below the ears from the jaws. The contrast created due to the baldness and the thick beard compels to draw attention.

#13: Mid Range Stubble

Mid Range Stubble

The facial hair is trimmed after it has been let to grow for about a week. This beard style will take some skill, and when it is achieved, it looks just classic. The growth of the hair should stop when it reaches about ½ an inch, otherwise you could end up nowhere.

#14: Garibaldi Beard

Garibaldi Beard

The facial hair grows well below the chin and is shaped like a “U”, This beard style for black men is a combination of the chin strap and the neck beard. You will need dedication and patience if you want to achieve perfection.

#15: Classic:


This is a facial hair style for black men, which is a variation of a Goatee., where the facial hair is attached to the mustache. This beard style suits black men with round shaped face and exhibits the personality you want to show.

#16: Stubble and Scruffy Beard

Stubble and Scruffy Beard

This beard style originated from the African Americans, where the stubble and scruffy look becomes a game changer. The facial hair takes only about 4 to 5 days to grow, after which the hair is trimmed at the areas round the cheek, neck and nose. This beard style is easy to maintain.

#17: The Sould Patch with a Variation

The Sould Patch with a Variation

This is a unique beard style for black men, where the facial hair is grown to be styled as a narrow or a wide patch just at the chin and directly below the lower lip. You can opt for a number of possibilities with this sou patch variation.

#18: Van Dyke and Goatee

Van Dyke and Goatee

This beard style is a combination of the Van Dyke and Goatee. This style will help black men with round face to look attractive. It accentuates the mouth as well as the chin, where the beard is grown in a circle around the mouth with a goatee.

#19: Full Classic Beard

Full Classic Beard

This beard style is for black men who have thick facial hair and when styled can look really intimidating. It is easy to maintain and makes a statement. The facial hair looks as though there is some mystery around the style.

#20: The Hipster for Black Men

The Hipster for Black Men

The longer hair is styled into plaits and the hair is grown fully without trimming it. This beard style for black men is a cool beard style and can draw attention from the opposite sex.


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