20 Best Mutton Chop Beard Styles:: What is it, Why do they Call Sideburns

Mutton Chops Beard

Mutton Chop Beard Styles: If old fashion beard styles are coming back, then the Mutton Chop beard styles are to be noted for gaining popularity in this age of contemporary facial hairstyles. Mutton Chop beard styles are the long hair with full sideburns extending down the sides of the cheeks to the corners of the face without having any connection to either the chin hair or mustache.

What is a Mutton Chop Beard

There is a range of Mutton Chop beard styles, which have been popular in the 19th century, which have made a statement with working people and politicians flaunting them. These styles are favoured mostly by bikers and are never out of fashion, even being over 100 years old. The Mutton Chop facial hairstyles can be the perfect way to hide your receding hair and yet help you to look manly.

How to Grow Mutton Chops Beard

  • Let your beard to grow for a month or a few days more depending upon the rate of growth
  • You will need to choose the right shave option that can be best suited for your type of face shape
  • Use a quality cream before you start shaving
    Comb and clean your beard regularly to prevent any curling
  • Massage a little bit of oil to reduce any breakage of the facial hair
  • If you are having a mustache, ensure that the sideburns join the mustache before you start to trim the hair
  • Shave off all the hair on the chin
  • Shave the hair along the grains so that the chin part remains totally clean

How to Trim (shave) Mutton Chops Beard

There are two types of Mutton Chops Beard Styles, the regular mutton chops and the friendly mutton chops. The regular styles are those without chin hair or mustache and the friendly ones are those where a mustache is addition to the look. While the regular mutton chops, beard styles can make a bold statement, the friendly mutton chops facial hair styles help to highlight the jaw line in a significant way. The sideburns are connected to the mustache to create a triangular shape.

How to trim (shave) Regular mutton chops:

  • Let your beard grow for a month or a few days more
  • Keep your beard straight by combing them regularly
  • Shave off the hairs on the chin and on the neck, leaving the mustache to be groomed
  • Make sure that you have the right equipment for trimming
  • Use a Wahl shaver or a razor to create a slanting line by shaving the hair on both sides of the cheeks, leaving about 1 ½ inch length of hair of the sideburns at both sides of the cheek
  • Ensure that the mustache joins the sideburns on both the sides, creating a triangular shape along the mouth as well as the chin.
  • Trim your mustache at regular intervals to ensure that the section of the outline is tight and clear.

Before trimming, use a quality hair cream to keep the facial hair soft and easy to shape

How to trim (shave) Friendly mutton chops:

  • Shave off the hairs on the neck and the chin and allow the mustache to grow
  • Grow your sideburns so that they extend to the jaw line and half way to your chin
  • Shave off the hair that is under the cheekbones to create a sloping line. You can use a Wahl shaver for the purpose.
  • Ensure that the mustache connects to the sideburns on both the sides
  • Trim your mustache to achieve the definition that is required for the friendly mutton chops beard styles

Best 20 Mutton Chops Beard Styles

#1: Classy and Clean

Classy and Clean

You will need to grow the sideburns fully to integrate into the beard. Shave off the goatee if you have and keep the chops moderately thick. Ensure that there are precision and symmetry to get a masculine look.

#2: The Side Whiskers

The Side Whiskers

Let your hair grow from the sideburns right to the chin and ensure that the hair at the region of the tip of the chin is shorter so that each side is separated.

#3: Statue it Up


In this mutton chops beard style, the mustache is let to grow instead of shaving the hair off. By trimming the beard and the mustache to a length, you can design the facial hairstyle to look unruly.

#4: Neat Mutton Chops Bear Style

Neat Mutton Chops Bear Style

This mutton chops beard style will need the sideburns along with the mustache trimmed and cut short to look smart just over the lip.

#5: The Thin Strap

The Thin Strap

This Mutton Chops beard style is sophisticated which is achieved by trimming the bulk of the hair on the sideburns as well as on the cheeks in order to leave a chinstrap and a fine mustache.

#6: Curly Mutton Chops

Curly Mutton Chops

In this style, the hair is let to grow and is designed with silver splashes and the mustache is trimmed to appear shorter than the other facial hairs.

#7: T Chops

T Chops

The chops are left thick and short in this mutton Chops beard style. The mustache is thinly shaved and the hair on the chin is kept long. May be a bit bad looking, but this beard style has been flaunted by many celebrities.

#8: Bushy and Unruly Beard

Bushy and Unruly Beard

This Mutton Chops facial hairstyle looks unruly but matches with many types of face shapes. The curly and thick hair makes the beard style bushy and well complemented with a thick mustache.

#9: Boomerang


This beard style gives you a sleek and precise look. The goatee shaved off and the chop groomed in such way that it starts thin from the side of the cheeks and increases in thickness as it goes upwards to join the sideburns.

#10: Flattering Beard

Flattering Beard

The Mutton Chops are short and separated from the thin and long mustache. This facial hairstyle gives you a smart look.

#11: The Wolverine

The Wolverine

This version of the Mutton Chops beard style is a scruffy one seen mostly in Wolverine movies and with X–Men. The mustache shaved off together with a portion of chin hair to make the style appear to frame the mouth and the chin.

#12: Side Curtains

Side Curtains

The beard grown long from the edge of the face with the muttonchops cut to form a round shape.

#13: The Country Style

The Country Style

The Mutton Chops are slightly grown out and complements the hairstyle very well. The tousled hairstyle adds to the appeal.

#14: The King

None other than Sir E #lvis Presley flaunted the King Mutton Chops beard style. The sideburns are grown thick as they join the beard and the majority portion of the face is shaved clean. A small portion of the facial hair is kept just under the chin.

#15: Mutton Chops with Shaved Head

Mutton Chops with Shaved Head

This beard style has the Mutton Chops complementing the shaved head very well. The mutton chops grow right from the edge of both sides of the lip and is grown thick.

#16: Holy Mother of Gaul

Holy Mother of Gaul

You must be bold enough to flaunt this gaudy mutton chop beard style, where the facial hair grown out fully and the chin beard shaved off. The beard is rounded upwards to give the style a sophisticated look.

#17: The Fiery Mutton Chops

The Fiery Mutton Chops

The beard is grown thick and allowed to be the thickest just at the jaws, giving the style a fiery look. The mustache is completely separated.

#18: Fluffy Sideburns

Fluffy Sideburns

The sideburns are allowed to grow thick and are made fluffy by using a comb running it backwards. There is no style created as such but the appearance looks unique.

#19: Mutton Chops for Working Guy

Mutton Chops for Working Guy

The smart clipping of the Mutton Chops make this beard style smart and cool, ideal for working guys. The mustache is trimmed and allowed to join the beard.

#20: The Retro Style

   The Retro Style

The Retro Mutton Chops beard style has the chops bushy and curly. The hair on the chin is allowed to grow slightly out of the face.

To achieve perfection with these Mutton Chops beard styles, you will need the help of skilled hands. Choose any from these best mutton chops facial hairstyles and tell your barber to follow it.


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