15 Best Drop Fade Haircut: How to Get Drop Fade Haircut

High maintenance medium drop fade

What is a Drop Fade Haircut?

The drop fade haircut is a variation of the popular fade, except that the fade comes down to behind the ears and creates a tapering and curved fade. The characteristic of this haircut is that it creates an arc that is symmetrical with the curvature of the head shape. The drop fade haircut is a classic example of modern hairstyles or men and looks natural as the fade comes down to the neckline.

Location of the crown and the hairline are two factors on which the angle of the drop fade will depend. Being a high style and low maintenance haircut, this hairstyle can be a better choice ovr other types of fade haircuts.

How to Get the Drop Fade

Step 1 – Using a spray, dampen your hair slightly so that the hair can easily be molded and cut. Part the hair using a comb, keeping one side longer than the other side.

Step 2 – Set your guard to a size that suits best for the fade line, according to the shape of your head. Then you can choose shorter guards to bring the fade appearance.

Step 3 – After determining your fade line, that is, from where the actual fade will start, use a pair of scissors to draw the hair line.It could be straight or curved depending upon your choice.

Step 4 – Create a rectangular area on the top of your head and around the skull, where the hair should be kept longer than those on the sides and the back. You can use a hair band to keep away the long hair from the short sides.

Step 5 – Guide the Clippers vertically in the direction opposite to the line of the hair growth. Begin with a clipping from the sideburns and then move in an upward direction right to the back of your head.

Step 6 – Move the clippers across sideways along the fade line, holding the Clippers vertically. Keep along the fade line, that is where the hair starts transitioning from long to short.

Step 7 – Follow the process covering small portions in order to prevent any uneven spots to be cleaned.

Step 8 – Adjust the guards as you move on to the shorter hair. This move should be after you have covered the base at the back and around the sides of your head.

Step 9 – Now start cleaning up the fade line using a comb and the clipper Moving the comb into the hair for about an inch or two, grab the clipper and move it upwards, starting from the fade line.

Step 10 – End up cutting the hair on the top with the scissors, keeping the hair length according to the style you want to flaunt. This can be the buzz cut, pompadour, crew or a quiff.

Here are 15 drop fade hairstyles to help you find the ones that can best suit your head shape and the texture of your hair. Remember to groom the haircut on a regular basis for which you will need to visit the salon.

15 Best Drop Fade Hairstyles – 2017

#1: Drop  Fade Quiff

Drop fade quiff

You can style a quiff on the top while leaving the back and the sides closely shaved. A deep parting is made and another curved line just above the ears complete this drop fade hairstyle.

#2: Comb over drop fade

Comb over drop fade

Who hasn’t heard of the comb over fade haircut! It’s a modern, sleek and uber stylish!

How to get it: Start with dry hair.Carefully comb your hair forward and find your side parting. Keep things neat.Blow-dry front to back. Comb the top of your hair in to place, but keep the parting.Work pomade back to back to front. Finish by combing the front.

#3: Slick back drop fade with beard

Slick back drop fade with beard

While the long hair is slick back, the sides and the back have drop fade with closely shaved hair. A long beard compliments the hairstyle in an appealing way.

#4: Crop Fade Hard Part

Crop Fade Hard Part

This is a hard part hairstyle with a drop fade, where the hair has a deep part on one side and the sides are shaved closely to allow the fade come very low to the area around the ear.

#5: Drop Fade Side Swept Undercut

Drop Fade Side Swept Undercut

The hair has to be long enough to have it side swept, with the hair falling over the forehead.The undercut is prominent which then transforms into a drop fade.

#6: High maintenance medium drop fade

High maintenance medium drop fade

Men having long hair and willing to spend some time giving attention to the top, but wanting a hassle free maintenance on the sides, will find this drop fade suited for them. With 3 inches of the skin layer visible and 3 to 4 inches of hair on the top, this haircut needs high maintenance.

#7: Drop fade brush up

Drop fade brush up

The hair is neatly brushed towards the back, giving it a lift, while the sides are low fade. No part is to be seen and this drop fade haircut looks classy and smart. A nice hairdo for formal occasions.

#8: Drop Fade Fohawk

Drop Fade Fohawk

The hair drops behind the ears and the longer the length, the better is the Mohawk style. The sides are fade to create the drop fade style. Men with long and curly hair can do well with this haircut.

#9: Drop fade neat swept

Drop fade neat swept

The hair is neatly swept to one side with the fade, dropping low to the ears. Frequent combing will be required to maintain the sweep. This hairstyle looks really masculine with a beard complimenting the hairstyle.

#10: Ocean waves high drop fade

Ocean waves high drop fade

The top part has ocean waves which are a perfect way for styling the drop fade. The skin of the drop fade is highly exposed to create a contrast. You will need styling tools and the skills of a professional barber.

#11: Pompadour with drop fade

Pompadour with drop fade

Pompadour is always a popular hairstyle, and when combined with the drop fade, this haircut can be really appealing for both men and boys. The pomp is high on the top and the sides have low fade.

#12: Afro style drop fade

 Afro style drop fade

This afro style drop fade haircut has the hair styled into curly twists. The sides are drop fade and create a striking contrast with the curls. A low maintenance hairstyle.

#13: Drop with blonde fringe

Drop with blonde fringe

The hair on the top is blonde with the fringe drooping over the forehead. The sides have a low fade and a beard seems to match the hairstyle perfectly.

#14: Buzz cut drop fade

Buzz cut drop fade

The top has a buzz cut and the sides a drop fade. The forehead has a square hairline and a beard compliments the hair cut very well. This haircut will need maintenance in cutting the hair on a regular basis to keep the buzz shape.

#15: Drop with spiky brush up

Drop with spiky brush up

The hair on the top is brushed up and styled in spikes, while the back and the sides have low fade. This drop fade looks appealing, especially with a chin strap beard.


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