Regulation cut: Navy, Army, Military cut With Receding Hairline

Crew Cut

Regulation cut: Among all the haircuts for men, the regulation cut is perhaps the most appropriate and practical. Being a haircut of the military style, where there are strict norms to be followed, there may not be enough scope to pull out your personality. Still, there are some regulation haircuts which are uniform and unique and also versatile to allow you to flaunt the hairstyle that can reflect your own style.

This cut involves the top hair to be trimmed, leaving the sides tapered and allowing as much skin as you would like to be exposed. Not only are the regulation haircuts practical, they also look good in any type of environment.

How to get a regulation cut

  1. If you are attempting to make the regulation cut at home all by is better that you have a helping hand. Otherwise, this cut is easy and requires low maintenance.
  2. Begin the cut by trimming the top to number 3 and then start tapering the sides, leaving the skin exposed to an extent that you prefer.
  3. The easiest way to do this would be to clip the hair on the sides to #3 and then shorten the hair gradually towards the lower part, using a scissor.
  4. Finish off with shaving the lowest part. It could be better if you visit the barber for getting a harder taper.

How to style this cut   

There could be no hassle at all when styling this cut, as it is easy to cut the short hair on the top to no.3.You will find it easier by applying a gel when styling the areas on the back, side and at the front. Match the cut with a clean shaven face.

Here are 15 regulation cut hairstyles which originate from the range of military haircuts, and are still popular.

Best 15 Regulation Haircuts

#1: Fade Regulation Cut

 Fade Regulation Cut

While the hair on the top is brushed to one side with a slight lift, the sides and the back are fades. You can use clippers or razor to create the fade appearance. This regulation haircut is easy to do and also to maintain.

#2: Regulation Cut Military Style

Regulation Cut Military Style

You can have this regulation cut military style with different variations. You can have the hair on the top trimmed and brushed to one side and the back and sides having a tapered fade. You can have a hard or a light part.

#3: The Regulation Cut with Beard

The Regulation Cut with Beard

Have the fair on the top trimmed and neatly brushed to one side with the sides and the back having a fade. Adding to this style is a beard that joins the sideburns. This cut is easy to make and will require little maintenance.

#4: The Common Regulation Cut

The Common Regulation Cut

Although this regulation haircut may be common, still it has a marvelous exposure of the skin, which makes it attractive. You can flaunt this cut anywhere.

#5: The Regulation Pompadour

The Regulation Pompadour

This regulation cut has the hair on the top look slightly like a pompadour. The back and the sides have a neat fade and this cut is a truly formal hairstyle.

#6: Crew Cut

Crew Cut

This regulation haircut is simple and an inspired military hairstyle. It adds definition to the shape of your face. The hair on the top is tapered and brushed to one side while the back and sides are cut very short.

#7: Side Parting Regulation Cut

Side Parting Regulation Cut

Business professionals would like this regulation cut, especially for the noticeable side parting. The hair is tamed perfectly by using the comb to create the parting and the long hair on the top to be swept to one side. A hair spray can keep the hair in place.

#8: Tight and High

Tight and High

This regulation cut is a variation of the crew cut, where the hair on the top has more fullness and height. The sides and the back are blended to proportions matching the shape of your face. You will definitely need the skills of a professional barber.

#9: Medium Regulation Cut

Medium Regulation Cut

The white walls are properly blended in this medium regulation hair cut and looks more like that of an officer. It is more ruled by the rules of the regulation cut and is a low maintenance hairstyle.

#10: The Regulation Burr Cut

The Regulation Burr Cut

The Burr cut is a variation of the Induction cut, where the hair is cut to the same length, using a clipper blade. The sides have a fade and looks like an induction cut worn by civilians. Easy to style and maintain, this cut is a popular military cut.

#11: Butch Cut with Fade

Butch Cut with Fade

In this regulation haircut, the hair on the top is fairly short and shorter at the regions just above the ears and the temples. You will not even need a comb for this haircut, which can be an ideal one for the boxing ring.

#12: Attention Sir

Attention Sir

This regulation cut is of the late 80’s, where the top is flat and is symmetrical with those of the childhood period. This haircut has been followed by cartoon characters.

#13: Short Army Regulation Cut

 Short Army Regulation Cut

This is a simple and clean version of an army haircut, where the hair is cut to a very short length to about 1/4th of an inch. The cut gradually fades to the nape, sides and the temple.

#14: Shirt Hair Side Part Regulation Cut

Shirt Hair Side Part Regulation Cut

This regulation cut is easy to style especially if you have straight hair. The hair is cut very short and brushed to one side. You can apply a pomade or a gel before letting the hair to dry.

#15: Hard Part Army Regulation Cut

Hard Part Army Regulation Cut

Although the military haircuts have to follow certain rules, still you can show off your personality with some haircuts like this one. Here, a diagonal side part is created to add the definition. The short hair makes it easy to style.

The Regulation haircuts that come from the range of military hairstyles are easy to make and maintain. Those who have lesser time to pay attention to their hairstyles can well follow this range of regulation cuts.


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