40 Best Short Hairstyles For Men

Why should girls have all the fashion fun? Why can’t Men? Yeah, you got me. Fashion isn’t gender biased, Men too have a trendier urge to look fashionable and stylish. The unique thing that can make men look modish is through their dressing and hair style. The acceptance of hipper looks in men is widely spread and seasoning with time to time. Men are turning out to be more conscious about their presence in any occasion let it be a formal meeting or gala fun parties. They seem to have a special place acquired for their classy, elegant to funky looks taking care of their comfortability and attractiveness.

Men with short hair look traditional and it almost suits with most of the men. Men Short haircuts are easy to cope, quickly styled with a unique crunchy look that is neat and ever trendy. Short hair men have more viability to add up more styles by adding textures, spikes and barbs. Small hair men have greater chances of trying new add-ons to hair to look stylish and posh. During summer season, it becomes more flexible for men with short hair to blend in styles that are comfortable and cool.

Men looking out to be trendier, try to make short hair, it is gonna to work for you guys. Short hair fashion in men purely depends upon their interest and comfort level. Few men like to have front short cut and few men prefer to back way short or another way. For the up-to-the-minute fashion trends, try out faded, different sizes of hair on top, and get the different look from crowd to look more matchless.

Let’s take up a keen focus on the interesting stand point of fashion in men, the trendiest look of men with the top hairstyles for short hair men for 2016.  Try out very short hairstyles for men that are recommend as the best short haircuts for men in the current fashion era of 2016.

40 Best Short Hairstyles For Boys and Men

#1: Spiky Flat Top

Spiky Flat TopShort and spiky hair cut gives an immediate glance of military look, the classic short cut into a boxy flat top. It is standard form of short hairstyle for men to look younger and modern. Men with thin or thick hair can try this spike flat top short hair style to create your own novel look.

#2:Modern Crew Cut

Modern Crew CutBasically, the short hair crew cut is similar to type of military hairstyle that resembles masculine and decent look for men. It is considered to be the best style which is easy to maintain, look ever young, with a neat and fie look. It is unique for soldiers, athletes that has gained popularity in the general crowd too. Modern crew cut is cool and stylish.

#3:Men’s Pompadour Haircut Fade

Men's Pompadour Haircut FadePompadour haircut fade is unique style trending now that rocks back the look of 50s with faded on sides and voluminous on top. This short hair style cut goes well with men who have round and square face shapes. When combed back, pompadour is trending upward and is the most acclaimed hairstyle among men who want to look contemporary.

#4:Clean Taper + Sponge Curls

Clean Taper + Sponge CurlsThe clean taper and sponge hair curls haircut has the comparatively long hairs at the top curled, with the sides gradually fading away with shorter hairs on the sides and the back. The hair as it comes down on the sides and back, becomes progressively shorter and ultimately blends with the skin.

#5:Short Textured Haircut

Short Textured HaircutThe short textured haircut is for men having natural texture. The hair is close cut at the back and sides with about 2 inches kept on the top. This hairstyle is a casual one, and can be done easily when the hair is slightly damp and a styling paste is used to add texture.

#6:Taper Fade with Textured Wavy Hair

Taper Fade with Textured Wavy HairThis hairstyle is one of the most popular faded men short hairstyles. The hair is kept moderately long at the top with the back and sides gradually fading away with shorter cuts. To make the hair wavy on the top, you can use a little gel and a pencil to curl the hair.

#7:Super Short Crop Haircut

Super Short Crop HaircutThe super short crop haircut resembles the crew cut, where the hairs on the top are cut too short with the sides and back having clipped hair to add a little sharpness to the edges. The cut should be proportionate and balanced when compared to the hairs at the top.

#8:Short Textured and Spiky Haircut

Short Textured and Spiky HaircutThe spiky haircut with short textured hair can be made by having the hairs at the top cut short with the sides and back tapering a little. You can use hair wax to have the perfect hair texture and then have them twisted according to your likes.

#9:Side Swept Short Hairstyle

Side Swept Short Hairstyle

The side swept short hairstyle has the hairs on the top, back and sides cut short and then swept to the sides and back by the use of a comb. As the hairs come down on the sides, it is given an undercut by having the hairs clipped below the horizontal line of the temples.

#10:Very Short Buzz Haircut

Very Short Buzz Haircut

To have this hairstyle perfected, you will need to cut the hairs on the top, back and sides very short, with the sides fading away. Then you can have the hair buzzy by using clippers and using some gel to get them texturized. This cut is somewhat similar to a military cut.

#11:Cool Messy Short Hairstyle

Cool Messy Short HairstyleThis is one of the short hair styles for men, that is not only cool, but appealing and sexy. The hairs are cut short and given the look of tousled hair with the waves gently falling over the eyebrows on the forehead, giving a natural look. You can have the hair messy by just passing your fingers to and fro.

#12:Short Side Part Slicked Back Haircut

Short Side Part Slicked Back Haircut

This short haircut for men is flaunted by having the hairs parted on the sides and cut short more on the sides and back. The hair is medium at the top and a wide range of styles and cuts at the back, making the hair slicked at the back. You can add textures and volume suiting your facial appearance.

13:Wavy Short Hairstyles

Wavy Short HairstylesThis hairstyle has the hairs on the top cut to medium length with the sides and back cut short but allowing the hair to droop along the sides and back. You can then have your hair wavy by drying the hair and allowing cool air to be blown into the hair.

#14:Short Curls Hairstyle

Short Curls Hairstyle

Short curls hairstyle is suited for men having straight hair and involves cutting the hair to a medium length on the top, sides and back. To make the hair curly apply some gel and then run your fingers through the hair on all the sides to give a uniform look

#15:Funky Short Trendy Spiked Hairstyle

Funky Short Trendy Spiked HairstyleThis hairstyle is for men having long hair. To get your hair funky, you will need cutting your hair short with some parts having comparatively long hair. To make the hair spiked, you will need to dry your hair and then use the iron for straightening. Do not use any conditioner while showering

#16:Short Brush Back Hair

Short Brush Back HairThe short brushed back hairstyle is a classic one, where the hair needs to be cut short with the back and sides tapered. The hair on the top need to be lifted and then brushed backwards down the back. You will need to use a dryer so that the hair stands up.

#17:Bangs and Messy Short Hairstyle for Men

Bangs and Messy Short Hairstyle for MenTo have this hairstyle, the hair needs to make messy by keeping the hair long and passing your fingers aimlessly so that the hair looks shaggy. Then part your hair to one side and comb your hair to the level of the upper line of the eyebrow. You can manage the width of the bangs as you like.

#18:Short Faux Hawk Hair Look

Short Faux Hawk Hair LookThis is one of the short hairstyles men, that is simple to follow, where the hair is cut short on the sides with the top having comparatively long hair for spiking or pointing. Then the hair is cut into a partial Mohawk. The hair needs to be textured to give it thickness and depth along the middle and the top.

#19:Modern Pompadour Hairstyle

Modern Pompadour Hairstyle

#20:Mens Comb Over Hairstyles

mens comb over hairstyles

#21:Haircuts and Hairstyles with Bangs

Haircuts and Hairstyles with Bangs

#22:Crew Cut Hairstyle

crew cut hairstyle

#23:Caesar Haircut

caesar haircut

#24:Tapered Haircut

tapered haircut

#25:Iduction Cut

Iduction cut

#26:Burr Cut

Burr Cut

#27:Buzz cut

Buzz cut

#28:Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League Haircut

#29:Fade Hairstyle

fade hairstyle

#30:High and Tight Haircut

high and tight haircut

#31:Undercut Hairstyle Men

undercut hairstyle men

#32:Mohawk Hairstyles

mohawk hairstyles

#33:Stright and Wavy Short Shag Haircuts

Stright and Wavy Short Shag Haircuts

#34:Side Part Haircuts

side Part Haircuts

#35:Short Afro Hairstyles

Short afro Hairstyles

#36:Butch Haircut

butch haircut

#37:Cowlick Hair

Cowlick Hair

#38:Cornrow Braids

cornrow braids

#39:Haircut with Varied Length

Haircut with varied Length

#40:Unique Boys Haircuts

Unique Boys Haircuts

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