Crew Cut Hairstyles: 15 Stylish Crew Cuts for Men – How to Style

The crew cut hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles for men, which has been around for a long time, the reasons being the chi appearance it gives, easy maintenance and the fact that it gives a very formal look. There is a general impression about the crew cut hairstyle being meant solely for the military, but it is not entirely so.

All the variations of this crew cut haircut make it more popular, as we have plenty of styles to choose from always. However, it is difficult to get the crew cut hair styles done at home all by yourself, as the use of the clippers needs plenty of skill and practice. The styling of a men’s crew cut involves keeping the hair, longest at the top, with short hair on the back and sides, which are usually tapered.

What Do You Need for a Crew Cut?

The Crew Cut is a variation of the regular hair cuts and have been popularized by the military haircuts and the marine haircuts, where the hair all over the head is cut very short, keeping the sides and the back to a uniform length in the range from #2 to # 4 depending upon the hairstyle you are aiming at. All you will need for a crew cut are a quality clipper, comb, multiple guards, and scissors. Other requirements include:

  1. You will need the sides to be buzz cut, beginning with 1/16 inch at the ears and the neckline.
  2. Hair should be fading just around the ears to a longer length.
  3. Ensure that the hair on the top is the longest.
  4. Another thing you will need is a sunscreen to protect your scalp from the sun

How to get the crew cut

Step 1 – See for yourself in front of the mirror to determining the growth pattern of your hair.

Step 2 – You will need to fade the back and the sides, which will require a lot of patience and skill.

Step 3 – Cut the hair at the back and on the sides to a uniform length in the range of # 2 to # 4, depending on which style you want to achieve.

Step 4 – Work the comb and scissors to cut the hair short, starting from the bottom on both the sides of the center portion.

Step 5 – Work on one side and then switch over to the other side while focusing on the top.

The crew cut styles are suitable for any shape of the face and type of hair making it highly sought after. Check out on these 15 crew cut styles, which we’ve chosen for you. Go on ahead, give them a read and try out the ones that you like.

#1: The Cool Crew Cut:

The Cool Crew Cut

This crew cut hairstyle looks cool and simple. The use of a pomade is reflected in this hairstyle, which keeps the hair get a slick and shiny look.

#2: Soft and Short Crew Cut:

Soft and Short Crew Cut:

Bidding adieu to the floppy, long and fringe cuts, the Soft and Short Crew Cut, also known as Zac Efron modern crew cut give the jaw line a distinct look. Groomed eyebrows can add to the style.

#3: Classic Crew Cut:

Classic Crew Cut

This crew cut appearance resembles the army crew cut, where the hair is cut short in equal length. Skilled hands using the clipper are reflected in this boys crew cut.

#4: Crew Cut with Tousled Up Top:

Crew Cut with Tousled Up Top

This type of crew cut is the short crew cut, which became famous after Channing Tatum sported this hairstyle. This hair cut also called the brush cut, which is full of texture and looks sexy. The hair is cut into comparatively long length and slightly tousled up. The length of the hair, which is cut an inch longer than the typical crew cut, looks tidy and smart, withy the military look not noticeable.

#5: Crew Cut with Undercut:

Crew Cut with Undercut

This is a super crew cut, where the hair on the top is cut into medium length, with the sides undercut. A beard fully complements this crew hair cut, which is one of the trendiest crew cut man hairstyles.

#6: The Drive Crew Cut:

The Drive Crew Cut

This is a signature haircut, one of the popular men’s crew cut, made so by the noted screenwriter, director and musician, Ryan Gosling. Here, the short crew cut style has the short fringes are slicked to one side, and is a matching hairstyle for those having an oval shaped face. This is a contemporary as well as a fresh hairstyle.

#7: Slightly Spiked Crew Cut:

Slightly Spiked Crew Cut

The slightly spiked crew cut styles look dapper and clean cut. Although the hair is cut short, this modern crew cut has the dynamic texture. Use a comb with fine teeth and a quality pomade to get the hair cut to the desired length and get the texture. Chris Evans, the American director and actor made this hairstyle more popular.

#8: Mid Length Crew Cut:

Mid Length Crew Cut:

This hairstyle, varying in crew cut lengths is a classic hairstyle, where the hair is cut to mid length and the sides cut comparatively shorter, looking like an undercut.

#9: Boyish Crew Cut:

Boyish Crew Cut

This crew hair cut has a boyish charm, and suits best for those having a long shaped face. This is a stylish haircut, with a subtle appearance to balance the look. This crew cut man hairstyle is easy to maintain and style. You will only need to wash your hair regularly with a conditioner, and a brush with medium bristles to style the hair with pomade.

#10: Tousled and Side Swept:

Tousled and Side Swept

This crew cut shaver hairstyle is a modern crew cut haircut, where the hair is swept on the side and a a product is used to tousle it up in order to have some length of hair on the top, and also to sweep the hair from the left to the right.


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