20 Best Hairstyles For Men With Fine And Thin Hair

Swept Back Pompadour

Hair thinning is a common problem faced by men. A man can have thin hair from birth or may develop this issue as he ages. No matter the reason, almost every man loathes thin hair.

If you too have the same hair issue, start accepting the fact, start loving yourself with thin hair. Though you may think thin hair is difficult to deal with, it is not. There are numerous hairstyles, right from a comb over, undercut, slicked back to a messy cut that you can style your thin hair with.  

However, choosing the right hairstyle will ultimately change the way your hair looks. So, in this article, we bring you 20 best hairdos for thin hair that will make you feel more confident about yourself. We will also give you some tips to help deal with thin hair.

Helpful Tips to Deal With Thin Hair:

Though hair thinning is inevitable as you age, there are certain things you can do to slow the process or stop more hair fall. We’ll discuss these below:

1. Protein-rich diet

Protein is the best nutrient that helps in hair growth. So, make sure you take plenty of protein-rich food everyday. Other things aside, this protein will at least stop excess hair fall.

2. Quit smoking

Tobacco is not just harmful for your health but also for your hair. Smoking also restricts the blood flow towards the hair follicles thereby reducing the hair growth. 

3. Medical conditions

Medications or frequent usage of medicines can affect hair growth in a major way. They can cause hair fall and also hair thinning.

4. Don’t use too many hair products

Sometimes, using too much heat or products with too many chemicals can be damaging to the hair. So, if you are already observing hair fall, then do not use any styling tools or hair creams on your hair.

20 Best Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Now that you know how to care for your thin hair, let us now look at the best haircuts and styles that can make the thin hair look fuller and stylish.

1. Slick Back Hairstyle

Slick Back Hairstyle

The best way to tame thin hair is by either brushing it to the back or sides. This slicked back look as you see in the image, makes your thin hair look dense and full. This hairdo best suits men with straight hair.

2. The Crew Cut Hairstyle

The Crew Cut Hairstyle

Crew and buzz cuts are two of the most suitable haircuts for thin hair. This crew cut, as you can see, makes the man look more handsome and stylish. With the chopped hair on the top and a fade to the sides, this crew cut is the best way to conceal your receding hairline. 

3. Swept Back Pompadour

Swept Back Pompadour

Thin hair needs the right amount of elevation to get the voluminous look. This hairstyle is what you need if you are looking to add some volume to your hair. The swept back front and sides make you look more professional and presentable. You can even use a hair gel or wax to set the hair in place. 

4. Spiked Up Thin Hair

Spiked Up Thin Hair

Spikes usually tend to cover up your baldness. This spiked up hairstyle you see in the image best suits thin hair. Here, you can see a high fade, a side partition and a brushed up quiff to make your hair look thick.

5. The Short Crop

The Short Crop

This is an inverted bowl haircut where the sides and back are faded to highlight the top. Also, if you have the problem of receding hairline, this hairstyle can easily mask it. With the hair cut short on the top, you can see the difference in volume easily. 

6. Textured and Short Hairstyle

Textured and Short Hairstyle

This textured hairstyle is a messy hairdo that automatically adds volume to your thin hair. The hair is also cut short to make it appear like you are having spikes. 

7. Hipster Thin Hair Style men

Hipster Thin Hair Style men

In this hairstyle, the sides and the back have a close cut while the top is left with as much hair as possible. You can either brush the top hair to the front or back to add volume. This hairdo is best for men who just started experiencing receding hairline. 

8. The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is one of the low maintenance and easy-to-carry-off hairstyles that is best for men with severe hair loss or receding hairline. It is also easy to style and suits almost everyone.

9. The Faded Undercut Hairstyle

The Faded Undercut Hairstyle

This faded undercut is a versatile one and is also one of the most popular hairdos as it suits men with both straight and curly hair. The neat fade to the sides can easily help to conceal the areas that are receding.

10. Parted or Fringe

Parted or Fringe

In this parted or fringe haircut, the sides and back are kept short while the top is kept as long as possible. So, you can neatly create a side partition or choose to have fringes that naturally fall on your forehead. 

11. The Haircut Paired with a Beard 

The Haircut Paired with a Beard 

A thick beard can make the receding hairline or thin hair less visible as the focus automatically shifts towards your beard. Meanwhile, if your hair is thin or if you have already lost most of it, try to create some spikes to make sure there’s volume.

12. The Tight and High Hairstyle

The Tight and High Hairstyle

This tight and high hairstyle gives an illusion that you have thick hair. In this hairdo, the back and the side hair is kept as short as possible to highlight the top. Moreover, it helps to camouflage the thinning areas.

13. The Side Parting

The Side Parting

If you have fine, straight hair, side parting is the best way to look presentable. The sides are also tapered to give a fine finish. You can also define the sections by applying a hair gel or wax. Also, side parting suits almost all face shapes.

14. The Complete Fade

The Complete Fade

Fade to the sides can be done in different ways, low, medium or high. The higher the fade is, the more thick the top looks. So, it aptly suits men with severe hair loss.

15. The Romantic Long Hair Cut

The Romantic Long Hair Cut

If you have long and thin hair, this swept back look gives a nice look to your face. The hair flows till your neckline, making you look handsome and attractive. 

16. The Mop Top Long Hair

The Mop Top Long Hair

The mopped up top with the long hair styled messy can help you to hide the fine hair. Apply a hair paste and blow dry your hair before styling. This will make the hair appear thicker.

17. Textured and Messy Hairstyle

Textured and Messy Hairstyle

The hair has a textured and a wild look which looks classic for all types of hair. More volume is added to the hair without making it frizzy. You can choose from a range of hairstyles that include the textured fringe or the spiked hairstyle.

18. Thin Hair Sin Hairstyle

Thin Hair Sin Hairstyle

To get this hairstyle, let the hair grow to such a length that you can combover to hide the balding areas. Use an organic product and take immediate action as soon as you find the first signs of balding.

19. Busy Men Simple Haircut

Busy Men Simple Haircut

Here, the sides are given an undercut while the top is left short and messy. You can also see a quiff to the top that adds a nice volume to the thin hair. This hairdo is perfect for men in their 20’s and 30’s. 

20. Adding Length at the Top

Adding Length at the Top

Adding length is one of the easiest ways to hide thinning hair. Grow your hair in the direction it wants to go and comb it gently to make the hair look thicker. Midway down to the neckline, have a square bottom cut that will make you look youthful.


As you can see, there are different ways to style your thin hair and camouflage the receding hairline. On our list, we have carefully included the selective ones that suit young boys, adults and also older men. Choose your pick and let us know how it worked for you!


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