15 Best Grey Beard Styles- How To Rock Them With Pride


Men with grey beards are often seen as wise and mature. Also, many women find men with grey beards attractive and trustworthy. Even Hollywood icons like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Piers Morgan, etc, were seen flaunting their grey beard off-screen. So, it proves that a grey beard is no longer an embarrassment or weakness.

Moreover, the grey beard makes most prominent styles like full-grown long beard, Van Dyke, stubble, and many more look fascinating. Because of such a distinctive image it creates, many youngsters are preferring to dye their beard grey.

If you are someone who is looking to style your grey beard in compelling ways or want to try the gradient for the first time, this article is here to help you. Through this article, you will learn how to dye your beard grey step by step and explore the top 15 grey beard styles most admired.

How to Dye your Beard Gray- Step by Step


Stage 1: Washing with Shampoo

Make washing your beard a regular habit. Regular washing removes dirt under the hair keeps the follicles strong and healthy. Use good quality beard shampoo and wash once every three days.

Stage 2: Rinse

Applying shampoo every day causes dryness on your skin. Instead, rinse your beard every day thoroughly and limit the shampoo usage to once or twice a week.

Stage 3: Thorough Drying

Get rid of wetness from your beard by either towel drying or blow-drying. Use blow dry wisely because you don’t want to dry your hair follicles completely.

Staging for Dyeing

Stage 1: Trim the Beard

This part of grooming comes after selecting the style. Use a trimmer where it is necessary to reduce the hair volume in the desired shape.

Stage 2: Shave It

Attain sharp edges or smooth skin by shaving where necessary using a razor. Keep in mind that you cannot reduce hair length by using a razor.

Stage 3: Make a Barrier

To protect the skin from coming in contact with color, apply jam oil or mineral oil on the skin around the facial hair. By which you can easily wash off any spillage.

Dye Your Beard

Stage 1: Protecting Your Hands

The dye colors are hard to get rid off. To prevent the color from sticking to your hands, put on elastic gloves before handling.

Stage 2: Prepare The Solution

All colors usually come with a set of instructions on how to mix. In general, you mix the solution well until the shades are perfectly balanced.

Stage 3: Use Proper Appliances

Use a brush to neatly color your beard. Be patient and make sure that you don’t leave any patches while coloring. Do not forget to color your mustache along with the beard.

Stage 4: Give It Some Time

Any color dye usually takes 10 to 20 minutes to settle in. Wait until your facial hair is completely dry. If necessary go for another round of applying.

Whether you are going for dyeing or if you are hair is naturally turning grey from dark, it is vital to have the perfect shape to make it work for your benefit. Choose the best-suited grey beard style from the list provided below.

Top 15 Grey Beard Styles

1: Thin and Thick

Thin and Thick

This casual style is very easy to attain and requires very little grooming. The beard is full from sideburn to sideburn. It is very thick without any shaping over the edges. Give casual grooming on the cheek line and neckline. Let the mustache match the thickness of the beard but make sure it has a uniform length. Keep in mind to shape the beard as frequently as you can or else might find hair growing above the cheek line and below the neckline.

2: Defined Lines

Defined Lines

You can call this style a subtle mixture of class and mean. To attain this look, give a definitive cheek line from sideburn to sideburn over the chin. Keep the neckline as close to the jawline as possible with enough width. Shape the mustache to a small size resembling a triangle. Keep the edges neat and blunt. Make sure that hair does not fall on the upper lip. Finally, shape a thick soul patch that is wide enough to match almost the length of the lower lip. The sharp edge of the soul patch should be facing the chin but make sure it does not meet with the beard.

3: Little Effort

Little Effort

This style can be considered as an improvement to the stubble. Keep the beard on the cheeks limited to the jawline and very low cheek line. Let it blend in well with sideburns. Allow the beard on the chin is thick bust still short. Trim the mustache very close to the skin and let its edges meet with the beard. You can either support the beard with a sharp soul patch or keep shaved to attain a distinctive look.

4: Moustache and Chin Strap

Moustache and Chin Strap

A chin strap is a thin layer of beard with a low cheek line and neat shaping at the goatee. The beard supports all kinds of mustache styles and it is truly an impressive choice for men with grey hair. Grow the beard for 1 to 2 months and the mustache longer than that. Keep the beard thick but still close to the skin. Improvise the beard style by adding thickness to the edges of the goatee. Coming to the mustache, cut the hair length so that your lips are not covered completely. Comb the mustache sideways and curl up the edges.

5: Masculine and Simple

Masculine and Simple

Brad Pitt has given many styles for men to try throughout his career. The one you are looking at in the picture is a type of goatee with noticeable changes. Shave the beard except for mustache, chin, and soul patch. Shape a circle beard with the mustache meeting with the goatee around the lips. Shape the soul patch into an inverted triangle and keep it disconnected. Trim down the hair length to less than an inch uniformly. Let the sideburns be long and extended to the cheeks. Maintain the shape by regularly grooming and the grey color of your beard, mustache, and sideburns create a nice contrast with your skin.

6: Short and Tapered

Short and Tapered

You can attain a perfect gentleman look with this style. Keep the beard short between the low cheek line and neckline. Allow the beard on the chin to grow a little thicker than the sides with a matching soul patch. The sideburns must neatly blend in with the beard with matching length. Keep the mustache long and thick with edges meeting with the beard. Make sure no stray hair is left free and let your mouth be visible.

7: The Patchy Goatee

The Patchy Goatee

A person with the right goatee carries a strong and intriguing personality. With a patchy goatee, you will be adding a funny look to attain a young and energetic look. Grow a circle beard with unrestricted length. As the beard grows, your skin color, the natural color of your beard, and the grey together make you look a lot more cooler. If you want to make it more distinctive, make small braids with the beard facing down from the chin.

8: Bold and Thick

Bold and Thick

You should embrace your full beard every once in a while. Give a base grooming with lower length on the sides and longer on the chin. Let the beard grow for at least 4 to 5 months after that initial styling. Keep the mustache long and thick let a few strands fall on the upper lip. The soul patch is equally long and wide blending in well with the rest of your beard. Apply good quality beard oil or beard wax and keep your beard neat and healthy.

9: The Natural Outline

The Natural Outline

There are styles for every beard pattern. Even if you have a patchy beard, there are ways to make it more compelling. Some men can grow a full circle goatee while their cheeks are a little patchy. If we are talking about your beard pattern then you should start growing the goatee thick. Let the rest of the beard grow along with the goatee. Shape the mustache and goatee to a perfect circle beard but don’t shave the rest to attain the natural rugged look. Make it more compelling by limiting the beard chin and area around it including the jawline.

10: Burly Gentleman

Burly Gentleman

This is a modest improvisation to the stubble beard style. Give a decent look by keeping the cheek line at a low-level matching with the lower lip. Except for the mustache, shave the rest of the beard above the cheek line. Shape the neckline as close to the jawline as you can. Let the chin and soul patch be covered with hair but disconnected. Keep the beard length very short closer to a stubble but still not organized.

11: Short Beard “n” Shaped Mustache

Short Beard n Shaped Mustache

If you have a thick grey beard then you should give this style a try. You let your beard grow freely for 3 to 4 weeks. Using a trimmer, reduce the beard volume on the cheeks closer to the sideburns. However, keep the beard thick on the lower cheeks closer to the jawline. Keep the beard on the chin equal length with the beard around it. Allow the soul patch to grow wider but keep its length limited. Finally, let the mustache be thick but make sure it does not cover your mouth completely. Let the edges be thin and meet with the beard.

12: New Age Elegance

New Age Elegance

With this intriguing style, you will be giving yourself freshness and a new meaning of class. Always start with a base grooming in which you’ll have a low volume on the cheeks and a little thicker on the chin and around it. Let the beard grow freely for atleast 5 to 6 months. Also, allow the mustache to match with the beard but don’t let it cover your mouth completely. Co,b your beard and apply beard oil regularly to keep the follicles healthy and have a shiny beard. After the beard and mustache have grown to the length you desire, use scissors and smoothly groom the beard into the shape you desire. Comb the mustache sideways from philtrum and curl up the edges to bring out a style similar to the handlebar.

13: Going Full Throttle

Going Full Throttle

This is yet another captivating variation of a full-grown grey beard with complete uniformity in all dimensions. Make a clean U-shape during the initial grooming with a beard on the cheeks shorter in length than the beard on the chin. Keep the sideburns thin and long. Don’t reduce the volume of your mustache, instead, let it grow long with edges meeting the beard. Let the beard grow for at least 6 months. Meanwhile, comb your hair regularly along with frequent massaging using beard oil. After reaching its limit, cut the beard below the cheeks and the chin to maintain consistent length but keep the hair wild and free.

14: The Manly Woodsman

The Manly Woodsman

There are great many beard styles that can elevate facial features in the best way. The style you see in the picture is unique and very intriguing. Keep the beard uniform on all sides except for your chin and mustache. Leave a handful portion in the front to grow long while other areas remain short. Use scissors and a comb to shape the mustache in such a way that it grows into a long handle shape. Keep its length limited and make sure not even a single strand falls over your mouth. Apply beard oil and wax from time to time and comb it to keep it free from tangles. After growing the beard for a few months, reduce the beard on the cheeks and around the jawline while letting the mustache and the beard on the chin long and thick. Use scissors and neatly get rid of stray hair. The final output we have here thick and long goatee supported by a short yet thick beard in the background.

15: Patchy Beard Handlebar Mustache

Patchy Beard Handlebar Mustache

First, make a definitive shape of the beard in all areas in your initial styling session. Keep the cheek line low and straight going below your lower lip. Keep the neckline as close to the jawline as you can. Shape your mustache using scissors and a comb so that it can grow longer and thicker, parallel to your lips. After letting the beard grow for a couple of months, make a definitive U-shape out of your beard using scissors. Comb the mustache sideways away from the philtrum and get rid of stray hair. Use beard wax or oil to curl up the edges making a handlebar.


When groomed right, grey hair brings life to the saying “aged like fine wine”. Instead of panicking, welcome the traces of grey hair with open arms. There are great many beard styles trending in the world that can make grey hair an advantageous trait. We gave you the best 15 of those styles in this article. Though we can assure you that these 15 are bound to give your fruitful results, we recommend you stay with an open mind for experimenting with the latest styles. Maybe your signature is yet to be discovered.


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