20 Best Messy Haircuts for Men: How to Have Messy Hair?

Messy Hairstyles - Breezy Messy Hairstyles

If you are looking for a casual, non-maintenance and on-the-go hairstyle, nothing can beat a messy hairdo. A messy hairstyle is all about making your hair look voluminous with some extra waves. 

This hairdo has been very much in trend lately, but why? Because, from curls to fringes; short to long; there’s a messy hairstyle for every man out there. Moreover, these haircuts are enticing enough to make sure you won’t have a bad hair day yet again. 

As popular and casual the messy hairdos are, not all men can have this type of hair. Sometimes, you have to get this look by using the right products. So, in this article, no matter what hair type you have, we’ll tell you how to get a messy hair look. Also, we’ll give 20 best options of the messy haircuts, so you can look your best by choosing one. Take a look!

How to Get a Messy Hair Look?

Here are some of the best tips and tricks to make sure you get the messy hair you crave for!

  • Texturing the Hair

Texturing is nothing but cutting your hair in different lengths all over to make it look voluminous and wavy. Ask your barber to give your hair a texture and also mention that your end goal is to have a messy hair look. He will do the rightful thing for you.

  • Opt for a Fade or Undercut

An undercut or a fade to the sides can elevate the top part, making it look more thick and with volume. So, whatever hairstyle you choose, ask your barber to give an undercut to the sides.

  • Shampoo your Hair Thrice a Week

If you are someone who is used to shampooing the hair everyday, stop it right now! You are basically stripping your scalp from all the essential oils. Instead, shampoo your hair twice or thrice a week to make it look fuller. This ensures your hair is thick, so you can easily get a messy look.

  • Use Hair Products

When you feel your hair is dry and rough, you can opt for a hair wax or a gel and coat a thin layer of this product on your hair using your fingers. This makes it easy to style your hair as messy as you want in any direction. 

  • Blow Drying

Rubbing your hair with a towel surely adds volume but creates frizz. To get the messy hair, use a blow dryer instead. You can lift up your hair and set it up to add some volume along with a messy look.

20 Best Men’s Messy Haircuts

Now that you know how to get a messy look, here are some of the best ways you can cut this messy hair in order to look contemporary.

1. Breezy Messy Hairstyles

Breezy Messy Hairstyles

This is one of the best casual hairstyles for men where the sides are cut into a high fade while the top is left long and unruly to fall flat in all directions. As you can see, this hairstyle is very easy to maintain and mostly suits men with straight hair.

2. Short Messy Hairstyle

Short Messy Hairstyle

Short messy hairdo is one of the contemporary looks you can definitely try. As the name suggests, this hairstyle features a fade to the sides and the front hair is kept short and is brushed to the front to give the messy look. Moreover, as the hair falls on your forehead, this hairstyle suits men who are facing the problem of receding hairline.

3. Sumter Blonde Messy Hairstyle

Sumter Blonde Messy Hairstyle

If you have shiny blonde hair, this messy look will just amplify the overall look of your hair. Here, the hair is cut to medium length overall and is brushed using the fingers in any direction. You don’t need a comb or a styling product to maintain this hairstyle. It is one of the best untidy hairstyles that makes you look elegant.

4. Short Straight Messy Hairstyle

Short Straight Messy Hairstyle

Straight hair looks the best in messy hairstyles, there’s no doubt about it. This short messy hairstyle is perfect if you have straight hair. This is because you can easily brush it back using your fingers. If needed, you can use a gel or wax to make the hair stay intact to the back. 

5. Messy Mohawk Hairstyle

Messy Mohawk Hairstyle

If you have straight and long hair, you can try many hairstyles including the mohawk. With the shorter sides and back, the top looks more elevated and makes it look good even if it is messy.

6. Blonde Messy Short Hair

Blonde Messy Short Hair

Robert Pattison is mostly seen flaunting this short messy hair look. It makes him look charming when combined with his enchanting blue eyes. You too can get this look if you have long and thick hair.

7. Messy Short Hairstyle

Messy Short Hairstyle

Messy style looks good on chopped hair too. As you can see above, the sides are perfectly faded and the top is chopped and kept unruly. You can also see a sharp quiff to the top to add some definition to your face.

8. Short Messy Hairstyle

Short Messy Hairstyle

This is yet another messy hairstyle on short hair which looks absolutely elegant. Here, the temples are faded while the top and front are brushed forward to create the messiness. 

9. Short Messy Hairstyle Tom Hardy look

Short Messy Hairstyle Tom Hardy look

Tom Hardy is well known for trying different hairdos. As you can see, he even tried messy haircuts. In the hairstyle, the sides are chopped and the front, top are cut a bit longer than the sides. He also slightly brushed his hair to the side with his fingers for a natural look.

10. Messy Hairstyle Oscar Le sage Look

Messy Hairstyle Oscar Le sage Look

This is one of the super attractive men-chaotic haircuts to attempt this event. On the off chance that you are a major devotee of Oscar Le sage, then should attempt this haircut with long front locks with muddled directional touch.

11. Celebrity Ginger Messy Hairstyle

Celebrity Ginger Messy Hairstyle

Mateus Verdelho looks appalling with his ginger shaded hair with a muddled surface. You can likewise attempt this one of the adorable men-muddled hairdos for any exceptional occasion.

12. Blonde Messy Hairstyle

Blonde Messy Hairstyle

This is one of the attractive looking men-chaotic haircuts that compliment each man with medium long hair. This haircut is anything but difficult to accomplish. Only a little measure of gel and move your fingers on your hair for this charming look.

13. Messy Hairstyle Andrew Caruthers Look

Messy Hairstyle Andrew Caruthers Look

As we already said, messy hair looks great on straight blonde hair. See how elegant and voluminous the hair of this man is in this messy look. The sides are kept short to enhance the way the top looks. 

14. Messy Bed Hairstyle

Messy Bed Hairstyle

This is a just-out-of-bed look that is more casual and requires no maintenance. It suits all hair types and makes your hair appear more dense. The way this hairdo conceals the forehead, makes it suit men with long foreheads.

15. Business Men Messy Hairstyles

Business Men Messy Hairstyles

Messy hairstyles also look good for business meets and professional purposes. This haircut is one such perfect example. Here, the sides are cut very short to elevate the top while the top is left messy and unruly with the length being slightly longer than the sides.

16. Messy Different looks and styles

Messy Different looks and styles

Here, we have provided you with six different messy hairstyles that perfectly suit youngsters. With a nice fade or undercut to the sides and back, these hairdos are worth trying.

17. Messy Undercut Styles

Messy Undercut Styles

This one too is one of the most prominent messy hairstyles with a high fade to the sides and back. The front has neatly cut fringes while the top is chopped to give it the messy look.

18. Tousled top and shaved sides with Design strip

Tousled top and shaved sides with Design strip

Long hair and a messy look is the best combination. As you can see in the image, the top is left with longer tresses while the sides can be seen having a taper. You can also notice the fade near the temples that aptly highlight the top.

19. Long textured messy Corp

Long textured messy Corp

Textured hair looks the best with volume, and when it gets a messy look, it’s unbeatable. As you can see, this hairdo is a perfect combination of a fade, long fringes and texture, giving a stylish look.

20. Skin fade textured messy corp

Skin fade textured messy corp

With a skin fade to the sides, long messy top and cropped back; this hairstyle is stylish, contemporary and easy to maintain. It looks good on young men.


As you can see, there are numerous ways you can style your messy hair. And, in our list, we have included the styles to suit men of all age groups. If you are a teenager, you can try the textured messy cut that we have mentioned at the last or the undercut style. If you are an office goer, you can try the Tom Hardy short messy cut or the Business Man style. Choose your best fit and let us know if our choices helped you!


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