Bald Celebrities: 20 Celebs Who Prove Men Can Be Hot Without Hair

Hollywood Celebs with Hair Loss (Before hair and after Hair): Celebrities have to follow different hairstyles and hair does depend upon their character in the movies. This is usually done to help the actor justify his roles in the films through his own looks. The Bald look has been seen on celebrities not only in the moves but also off screen. They have nowadays adopted the bald look.

This not only makes your life easier because you don’t have hair on the head anymore to worry about but also makes you look more confident, wiser and helps you look masculine and tough. This look is usually adopted by celebrities because they face the baldness problems at later ages. Below is mentioned the name of some of the celebrities who are completely rocking their bald look.

20 Best Celebrities with bald head

#1: Dwayne Johnson

He is also known as ‘The Rock’. He is an actor, a producer and a wrestler. Being an Ace actor to support his roles he has tried a number of hairstyles. He has been seen in short hair, spikes, and very long braided hair too. He has now completely transformed his look and flaunts his bald look with full confidence and poise.

#2: Jason Statham

Jason Statham

He is one of the finest actors in the Hollywood. He is an actor and a producer by profession. He is known for his action packed and tough roles. Not a lot of people know that he is also footballer and a diver. Jason had been seen in his movies with a variety of hairstyles but the one that has actually complimented his personality is his bald look that not just adds style but also makes him look different and bold.

#3: Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel

An Actor, Director, Producer and a writer. He has been seen playing a lot of serious and important roles on and off screen. He has been seen in long hair and full-grown beard in one of his movies back in 2004. He has undergone lot of changes and the best is the bald look. It makes his looks sharper and has also helped him look more attractive. Bald head reflects the confidence of the person.

#4: Christopher Meloni

Christopher Meloni

An American actor who has been seen on the Television, in movies, drama etc. He once had long beautiful hair when he was eighteen. When he entered the film industry just like other actors he also tried different hair does and finally settled for the bald look.

#5: Pitbull


He is an American Rapper by profession. He is also famous by the name Mr. Worldwide. Pitbull is also in the list of those men who look completely hot and charming in the bald look. He has been seen with a pony tail at an early stage of his career. This new look makes him look sharp and adds roughness to his rapper personality.

#6: Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel

He is a Canadian Stand-up comedian, television host and an actor. He carries off his bald look very well. He has paired his hairstyle with a stylish beard. Before Howie’s bald look, he was seen flaunting his funny and curly long hair. But you guys agree that the bald head makes him look younger?

#7: Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson before hair after hair

Samuel L. Jackson is an American actor and a producer. He has been seen in more than hundred films till now. He has tried it all, from colouring his hair to different shades, dreadlocks, braided hair, long curly hair and different wigs to help do justice to characters in the films.

#8: Common

Common is an American actor, hip hop singer, producer and a director. He started his career in 1994. He believes that Baldness is over rated. He has been seen flaunting different hair does like corn rows, under cuts etc. He faced baldness at the age of 44 but since then he has been confidently carrying it off.

#9: Patrick Stewart

Patrick is an American actor, director, television artist and a producer. He has won a lot of awards that clearly shows how amazing he is at his work. He has tried a variety of styles but the bald head suits him the most.

#10: Bruce Willis

Bruce is an American actor, singer and producer. He is known as the action hero of Hollywood. Bruce has been coping with his baldness with positivity and has changed a disorder to a style that everyone would want to follow. The bald look makes you look younger, more masculine and wiser.

#11: Tupac Shakur

He is a very well-known American rapper and an actor. He is amongst the top rappers of his time. At an early age he adopted the bald look and was pretty confident about it. His bald look completely compliments his gangster attitude and personality.

#12: Tyson Beckford



Tyson is an American actor and a super model. He is a very well-known model for the brand Ralph Lauren Polo. The bald head look on Tyson completely transformed his personality. He has been seen at the onset of his career in longer hair. The bald look makes him look masculine and rough.

#13: Luke Goss



He is an English actor and a drummer by profession. Luke has been seen earlier in movies having long straight hair. His fans feel that he looks the best with either very little hair or no hair at all. It makes him look younger and stylish.

#14: Woody Harrelson



Woody started his career in 1985 with a television sitcom. He is an actor by profession. Woody has been loved by his fans in his straight ear length hair style. He has also experimented with different wigs. He looks better and wiser after he got bald.

#15: John Malkovich



John is an American actor, director, fashion designer and a producer. He has been seen in more than seventy films till now. In his earlier films he has been seen with long hair to support his characters in the movies. He is one of those men who confidently carry their bald look.

#16: Michael Jordan



He is an Ace American Basketball player by profession. He has played somewhere around fifteen seasons for the national basketball academy. He is known as one of the best basketball players of his time. He has been seen less with longer hair in his initial stage of his career. But definitely his new bald look is loved by all.

#17: Peter Boyle



He is an American actor by profession. He started his career in 1965. Peter has also been seen in his old movies flaunting longer hair. He has experimented a lot with his hair styles in his films. The bald look is just another style that he chose and it actually helps his character look real in the films.

#18: J.K. Simmons



He is an American actor who is seen on the television and is known for his roles like a police officer, legal officer, pope etc. in his drama series. He had short hair when he entered the industry. He is in his late sixties and look flawless in his bald look.

#19: Jason Alexander



He is an American actor, director and a comedian. He is best known for playing a character in the series Seinfeld. He also like other celebrities started his career with hair on. But by the end of his career it seems that he loves his own bald style.

#20: Stanley Tucci



He is an American director, an actor and a writer. He started his career in 1982. He is from London. Stanley has been known for his roles and it is also very well known that he is a perfectionist when it comes to movies. His new bald look has made this a trending hairstyle by men in Hollywood. The bald look helps enhance his feature and makes his look younger all the time. It makes him look muscular, strong and tough. The look transformed his personality.


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