15 Hairstyles By Bradley Cooper That Are A Trendsetter

Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Bradley Cooper, the actor who has been heavily nominated for the prestigious BAFTAs, Academy awards and Golden Globes, needs no introduction in the world of cinema or generally, the world itself. He is hailed as a master in carrying the essence of the character he is playing with unmasked skill and expertise. However, his acting isn’t the only thing that makes the actor remarkable.

His style and looks have made him top the list of sexiest men alive, time and again. Whether it’s for a casual walk around the city of angels or the walk down the red carpet lane, he makes sure he is always ready with a picture-perfect pose and a flawless hairstyle.

While it is next to impossible to look like him, it is possible to copy his trendy looks and cuts that tend to take the spotlight as often as he does. Below we have compiled the best of the actor’s hairstyles he has worn over the years. So jump in and find out the ultimate Bradley Cooper hairstyle to channel your inner champion!

Bradley Cooper Hairstyles:

Messy, lengthy, crew cut..you name it, there isn’t a style the actor couldn’t astound with. So taking a page from the actor’s stylebook, here are his irreplicable styles that could make you the next major style star!

1. Short Straight 

Short Straight

As hairstyles go, this is the rarest of Bradley Cooper’s styles. Although the actor is not known to sport a short look, when he does opt for it, he does it with finesse.

This is a no-fuss cut that drives home the point with its simplicity and ultra-modern aesthetic. You can style this around the ridges of your widow’s peak to rock those bald spots boldly. Some low fade on the sides could also help enhance the slich straight stands on top.

2. Short and Wavy 

Short and Wavy 

It’s one thing keeping it simple, but the waves take the style to a whole other level.

This is a casual look that resonates with the chill guy inside you. Also, it’s a flexible look that is as good for a party as it is for a breezy night out.

3. Messy Spikes

Messy Spikes

The messy spiky cut that Bradley Cooper wears is tantalizing and alluring, to say the least.

You could keep the spikes restricted to an area of hair or spread them messily all over. The short and defined spikes could reinvent your look. Pair it with a sparse, patchy beard like the hunk to add some intrigue.

4. Short Wavy Formal 

Short Wavy Formal 

This is a young and fun cut to celebrate the rebel in you. 

Cut your waves short and set them up to look voluminous and dignified at the same time. Better go with a high fade or skin fade on the sides and back to amplify the look.

5. Short Wavy Cool

Short Wavy Cool

This short wavy style accentuates your best features by giving them the space to shine.

Keep the waves short to prevent them from overlapping your best traits. But, style the waves irregularly to let them know you are a pretty laid back guy. The style has a way to enhance your angles and is best for men with a jagged jawline.

6. Short and Messy Haircut 

Short and Messy Haircut 

This is the cut you wanna sport when you are just vibing with yourself or chilling with your gang.

The messy locks, carefully arranged to look awry can be achieved with the help of a professional stylist or by running your fingers through your hair. Your choice. Just make sure they are not too messy to prevent you from looking like a hooligan.

7. Side Swept Sleek Bangs

Side Swept Sleek Bangs

Source: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fhaircutinspiration.com%2Fangular-fringe-haircut%2F&psig=AOvVaw3soUuV7tmGT7XfLUz43Lze&ust=1625052579058000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAsQjhxqFwoTCLiBk-TevPECFQAAAAAdAAAAABAJ

Side-swept sleek bangs frame your face to hide the fine lines to give a softer effect to your angles. 

The bangs create a more rounded shape and give a touch of elegance to your features.

8. Medium Long Haircut 

Medium Long Haircut 

Certainly, for this style, you will be needing to grow your hair out. Or if you already have overflowing locks, then this is something right up your alley.

Just style your medium length hair to embrace your face and you are good to go.

9. Messy Voluminous Bangs 

Messy Voluminous Bangs 

With the messy voluminous bangs, you are gonna need some thick hair on the top or you could make use of volumizing products. Either way, it creates a bushy, messy and layered texture all over. It is also important the bangs all be of the same length so you could arrange them however you prefer.

10. Layered Nape Length Locks

Layered Nape Length Locks

This style is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Bradley Cooper. It has become something of a signature look, given that no one could rock it as he does. But, there’s no harm in trying, is there!

The nape length locks are pulled back and arranged layer-wise to achieve the look. It’s a pretty laid back style that could go well with a suit, as well.

11. Short and Simple 

Short and Simple 

Now this one is for highlighting your features without your style grabbing all the attention.

The locks are kept short and equal to complement the facial traits.

12. The Slick Back  

The Slick Back  

Slick back is one of the most sought after red carpet looks. It is the style of the dashing and dapper gentlemen.

Use some hair gel to attain this hairdo. The greasy pomade sets the hair in place, so you could flaunt it all day long.

13. Side Flipped 

Side Flipped 

The style is a result of wearing your medium length hair parted down in the sides. 

If you have an elongated face like the actor, then this type of cut is perfect for you as it makes the visage appear shorter.

14. Textured Messy Bangs

Textured Messy Bangs

Textured messy bangs come with no heavy maintenance, which is what makes this style a treat for the eyes and hair.

If you are blessed with untameable textured hair, then messy bangs are something that could give the required polish your locks need. You could leave a few strands hanging over your forehead to create a rugged aesthetic.

15. Long Crew Cut

Long Crew Cut

It’s just crew cut, but longer!

While the cut keeps the locks on the down low, the sides are faded and a little longer length is kept on top than the regular crew cut. This style refines the curves and ridges of your head to add a touch of glamour to your cuts.

It’s a new day and start it afresh by taking some inspiration from one of the world’s finest. And let us know the most ‘critically acclaimed’ look you are going after!


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