30 Best Sergio Ramos Haircuts: World cup Soccer Player Sergio Ramos Mens Hairstyles


Sergio Ramos’ hair styles are standout amongst the most well known football player hair styles. As a fashion symbol popular for his short and long hair, each new hairdo the footballer gets, in a flash, turns into an in vogue style.

For the football fans all around who wish to know how to get sergio ramos haircut, go through the sergio ramos haircut tutorial below which lists the 10 famous sergio ramos hairstyles throughout the years, including both long and short hairdos he has attempted on and off the football ground.

Soccer Player Sergio Ramos Mens Hairstyles

#1: Side part short pompadour with undercut:

Side part short pompadour with undercut

The short hair at the front are rolled sideways to give it a pompadour look while the sides have kept trimmed. The fans have adored him completely in this look.

#2: Medium side swept with under shave:

Medium side swept with under shave

In the proud moment when Ramos kisses the Trophy of the Champions League after the win of Real Madrid against Club Atletico de Madrid in May 2016, the football star gathered lot of praise for his outstanding game and his new hairstyle in which he swept his medium – short hair to the side while the sides remained under shaved.

#3: Elongated and pointed front:

Elongated and pointed front

This is one of the rocking sergio ramos haircuts. The look was a simple one with elongated and pointed ends of the front hair and short sides which really added to his awesomeness. Not only girls but boys went crazy after him when he came up with this hairstyle.

#4: Short hair with under shaved sides and back:


This look must have given him a lot of comfort on the football field in the scorching heat. He kept short hair with sides and back shaved. Light stubble on the face went very well with this haircut.

#5: Golden-brown medium waves at front:

Golden-brown medium waves at front

In a wake of always trying for something new with his hair, the footballer dyed his hair to golden brown color. The color choice was good to highlight the medium waves formed at the front.

#6: Short-to-Medium disheveled:

Short-to-Medium disheveled

Not always it is needed to wear something which is perfectly styled; the footballer very well knows how to carry greatly a disheveled style also. The short – to – medium length of the hair made the hairstyle look neat.

#7: Back swept with middle part:

Back swept with middle part

4 years ago sergio ramos 2012 haircut became very popular where he swept his long hair to the back with a middle parting and the Nike band added a grace to the style while also prevented the hair to fall on the face during the game.

#8: Platinum Blonde medium hair:



In another dyed look, Sergio Ramos gave a platinum blonde hue to his medium length hair which was left to mess up with each other and add a manlier element to the hairstyle.

#9: The braided look:

Platinum Blonde medium hair


The alternative sergio ramos haircut name is ‘cornrows’. This style involves hair to be parted in many sections and then making French braids on each set of the hair. Since the style is for long hair, the braids automatically can turn and fall free at the back. Cornrows can be created with all the hair or for some part of the hair.

#10: Shoulder length cut:

The braided look

This hairstyle was worn by the footballer for a long time when he had long hair. This style involves extensive layering and side parting with a comb that had fine teeth. The style is a sort of mullet style too.













Speaking about haircut sergio ramos has tried many hairstyles with his short and long hair. Men who are looking to give themselves a fresh hairstyle can choose from so many diverse Sergio ramos hairstyles that will suit their face too!


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