Quiff Hairstyles for Men – 40 Trendy Mens Modern Quiff Haircut to Try This Weekend


Quiff Hairstyles: Fashion industry is one of the industries which are always in flux. Hairstyles have great deal in contributing to the fashion trends. There are hundreds of hairstyles out there because one day it is Mohawk and the other day it becomes Fohawk.

But some styles, like ‘quiff hairstyles’, have held their place so firm that they are equally popular even in the present time ever since they were first introduced in 1950s. This article will introduce you with the extraordinary quiff hairstyles for men.

30 Best Men’s Quiff  Hairstyles

We have handpicked 10 wonderful quiff hairstyles for men that will make you look standout from the others:

Lofty Pompadour Quiff:

Lofty Pompadour Quiff

This is one of the amazing blend of pompadour and the male quiff hairstyles where the hair in front are grown up to an imposed height while the sides and back are kept short. Men with fair complexion can look additionally awesome by choosing a dark brown hair color and maintaining a perfectly groomed chinstrap.

Quiff with spikes and closely clipped sides:

Quiff with spikes and closely clipped sides

Quiff with spikes and closely clipped sides can be one of the unbeatable men’s short quiff hairstyles. For men who have hair of moderate thickness can wear this style for a cool look. For a manlier look you should pair it with a thick chinstrap and full goatee.

The Celebrity quiff:

The Celebrity quiff

If you want to have an elegant look then you can wear big quiff hairstyles in a neat way. Your dense hair texture would help you a lot in this style as the quiff needs to be brushed back and upwards while the hair at the back to be combed straight. Even you do not have enough dense hair, then also you can make this hairstyle but you have to apply gel to prevent the quiff from falling over your forehead.

‘Wind blowing’ quiff:

‘Wind blowing’ quiff

Sometimes hair look amazing in the blowing air and probably that may be the reason why the most of the romantic songs are shooted in the artificial wind. Well, about this hairstyle, the quiff from front and sides are brushed upwards while the sides are kept relatively short, hence it gives you a permanent ‘wind-blowing’ look. This can be a great choice for college going lads.

Long flipped front quiff:

Long flipped front quiff

Another variant of men’s quiff hairstyles where the piece of hair is brushed in front so that it is relatively long in the front as compared to the quiff at the back. A side parting will let the quiff be more prominent.

Rough faded quiff:

Rough faded quiff

Thick hair enjoys the benefit of highlighting the beauty of any particular hair style. Likewise in this mens hairstyles quiff are short and brushed upwards in front while the sides are kept faded. The rough thick quiff look reflects the candid personality of a  man.

Dense Quiff:

Dense Quiff

Again a great quiff style for thick and dense hair that perfectly outlines the cut and trimmed sides just retain the dense look at the top.

The retro quiff:

The retro quiff

A popular quiff style from 80s which has not lost its charm even now is a tapered retro quiff with faded or undercut sides. Thick hair will hold this style in a perfect way.

Layered quiff with undercut sides:

Layered quiff with undercut sides

Layered quiff and flat top goes with all the length of hair. For a neat and clean look, the sides should be trimmed to a near zero size.

The Mohawk quiff:

The Mohawk quiff

There is no boundaries to the creativity so pair your Mohawk style with the hair brushed backwards to form quiff from the front to the back. Keep the sides short and do not worry if you do not have thick hair as this style is a perfecto for all the hair types.

Quiff hairstyles are indecisively the best hairstyles as they go well with any hair color, face, hair type and hair type. To be precise, the variations in these style reveal that everyone has some or the other to suit on their personality. So no more wait – Pick your favorite quiff style and get a flaunting look this season!

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