Man Bun – 70 Best Man Bun Hairstyle and Top Knot Cuts – How to Grow and Style

Man Bun – A hairstyle for all men to try in 2016/A hairstyle to give it try at least once

Man bun is a no doubt way long ancient hairstyle, but undoubtedly taking its turn towards latest fashion mark. Don’t you think so guys!

Do You Know Who Started The Man Bun?

Though specifically an ancient hair style for the royals, it was a trend brought up in 2013 that took a wave in 2014 with hipster culture booming. The celebs like Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik were the unique Americans who brought the man ban style to fashion.

How to Grow a Man Bun ?

Let’s know how to grow a man bun and how it really shapes you up?

  • Do not cut your hair for a longer period.
  • Maintain a healthy hair growth by proper cleaning and conditioning it.
  • Follow good supplements either natural or herbal to assist your hair growth.
  • Keep a brush up and pony your hair to settle it down to a bun.

How Long Does It Take to Grow a Man Bun ?

Man bun is kind of a long hairstyle where in you tie a knot of your entire hair and fix it as a single bun at the exact position of vertex. Must be wondering how long does it take to grow a man bun?

  • You can really style your hair rather call it long hair in to man bun style easily.
  • It can be about a year for one who has short hair
  • 8 months for one who has medium length hair.
  • Suits any one irrespective of face shape and style.
  • Have proper diet to grow hair at faster pace and have enough strong hair.

How To Tie a Man Bun ?

Now that you have long hair grown up, lets deal how to tie a man bun:

  • Wash and conditioner your hair.
  • Comb it gently and remove knots.
  • Gather your hair neatly towards your vertex of head.
  • Tie your hair with a hair band like a pony tail.
  • Wrap the pony to rounds creating a loop.
  • Take the loose ends left around
  • spread it over the wrapped pony for the finishing look.

Look here for the 20 best man bun hairstyles for all hair types that would steal your heart:

#1: Hipster Man Bun

Hipster Man Bun

Hipster hair bun is the latest trend set from the variation of old hair styles from mid-19 centuries. You can specifically say it as an ancient hair style that royals kept on. It gives a different variation to your entire attire and look. It is also combined with a hipster beard that is trendy and gives a jazzy look to anyone of any face shape and body style.

#2: Semi Bun

Semi Bun

Semi bun or can say it topknot hair style is unique in itself and gives you really a sexy look. The semi bun is tying the top hair at the vertex of the head and perfectly you just six to seven inches of hair length to go for semi bun. Beneath the knot, you can have a super short like you go with the undercut hair style.

#3: Sleek Man Bun

Sleek Man Bun

Go the Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio style of sleek man bun. No need to wait long for growing your hair too lengthy to go for man bun hairstyle. You can even try the simple yet chirpy sleek man bun hairstyle to get the different ravishing look.

#4: Pony Bun

Pony Bun

Pony bun is a unique hairstyle that has a look out of both pony as well as bun. Though not considered by few pony bun as one of the man bun hairstyles, it is bun that pulls up total hair in a band tied as pony shaping as a bun leaving a tail of hair at the edges.

#5: High Man Bun

High Man Bun


High Man Bun is similar as any other man bun but the position of the bun is much higher than vertex. It is mostly on the top center of the head.

#6: High Fade Man Bun

High Fade Man Bun

This is similar to the man bun as high man bun that rests at the top center of the head much above the vertex. The rest of the head is faded with light hair which gives a hip-hop look to your entire persona. The neat curve shapes up on your head reflecting a fine grace over the hair style.

#7: Man Bun Taper Cut

Man Bun Taper Cut

In this hair style, the sides and back of the head is shaped or shortened in length. The hair is tapped artistically to shape it into a bun using a hair clipper.

#8: Full Man Bun

Full Man Bun

The main root of all man buns can be said as full man bun. The complete hair on the head is tied into a single bun. Normally full man bun is placed at the crown position of the head. To have a full man bun, your hair length needs to at least 10 inches for getting a perfect shape and style. It is preferable to have 12 inches to avoid pulling out hair for a shaped man bun.

#9: Man Bun Undercut

Man Bun Undercut

Man Bun Undercut hair style is very easy to manage and gives a refine look to you. All you need to do is trim down all the hair on sides and back of the head. Just grow the center hair part to roll as a bun after tying a knot to pony. Growing beard will also impact your total look.

#10: Harry Styles Man Bun Hair

Harry Styles Man Bun Hair

The unique man bun hair style followed by Harry is famous and trendy among the youth. Leaving the side and back hair free, only pony the upper hair at the vertex or top center positions shaping up as a bun or knot.

#11: Slightly Curly Man Bun

Slightly Curly Man Bun

Slightly Curly Hair Man Bun is a stylish hair style for men who wish to be trendy and fashionable. The hair is slightly curled and then robbed into bun.

#12: Horizontal Double Man Bun

Horizontal Double Man Bun

This hairstyle seems to be something unusual among men, but men who want to look totally different from the crowd and be unique can try this horizontal double man bun. Make equal parts of hair from center line and tie a knot of total hair on left side over the ear area as bun and likewise on right side. You are going to look completely out of box and trendier. Having a beard will add more style to your hairstyle and look.

#13: David Beckham Messy Man Bun

David Beckham Messy Man Bun

David Beckham man bun style is unique in its own way as per the need of the hour, you see him with messy hair turned to the man bun at the fields.

#14: David Beckham Clean Sweep Man Bun

David Beckham Clean Sweep Man Bun

Look at him, he is got neat and refined look at the parties. That’s the real David Beckham Clean Sweep Man Bun. Don’t you want to give it a try.

#15: Man Bun with Beard and Tattoos

Man Bun with Beard and Tattoos

What an amazing and stunning look you can have with Man Bun hair style with beard and tattoos. You can be a trend setter by following this hair style. A hairstyle to steal the hearts of thousands that gives a sexier look.

#16: Man Bun No Beard

Man Bun No Beard

The neat and clean look for man who want to look sober at the same time trendy. Try man bun hair style without beard. A Neatly shaven face with a neatly combed man bun can be a true ethnic look that you would love to be.

#17: Man Bun with Side Plait

Man Bun with Side Plait

Man Bun with Side Plait hair style looks jazzy for singers and rocking starts. All you who are into music bands, must give it a try. Make a side plait neatly and bun the center and other hair at the vertex of the head.

#18: Man Bun with French plait

Man Bun with French plait

Man Bun with French Plait hair style looks amazing for singers and rocking starts. All you who are into music bands, must give it a try. Make a center French plait neatly and bun at the center. The left side and right side can be neatly shaven or slightly grown.

#19: Man Bun Neat Undercut Hairstyle


Sexy Man Bun Undercut is the unique one against the stereotypic man bun hair styles. Make your long hair look more stylish with neat undercut on sides. Long hair tied as a knot and made it look like a man bun. It is also called as bare haircut or blade haircut.

#20: Long Wavy Hair Man Bun

Long Wavy Hair Man Bun

Long Wavy Hair Man Bun is the quiet adorable as Men growing their hair long is very patient driven act. How much time it takes to grow such long hair that starts dangling and waves into curls.

#21: Zayn Malik Man Bun

Zayn Malik Man Bun

Zayn Malik Man Bun Undercut is sweetest look any guy would love to have it. Don’t you like to have the cutest look of Zayn Malik.

#22: Man Bun Hairstyles for Black Men

Man Bun Hairstyles for Black Men

Man Bun Hairstyles for Black Men is exclusively for black men who have strong appearance. Man bun for black guys is true passion among the black men as they already have naturally curly hair that fits in best for bun.

#23: African American Man Bun:

African American Man Bun

African American Man Bun with beard is posh style for men who look trendier with their natural long hair that curls and can be made into springs sets rolled back into bun.












































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