Van Dyke Beard: Best 40 Van Dyke Beard Style – What is it and How to Grow

Van Dyke Beard

What is a Van Dyke?

Anthony Van Dyck, Flemish painter comes into picture glance when you are really trying out Van Dyke Beard Styles. He is the one who has brought the style of facial hair in the 17th century, where he tried growth of hair both in moustache and goatee with cheeks left completely smooth and neatly shaven. This beard styles are named after him as Van Dyke Beard Styles that are booming in the latest hair styles trends.

How to Grow a Van Dyke Beard?

Growing a Van Dyke Beard is real workout if you want to look classic with your beard style:

  • For fresh starters of beard, make a clean shave of face.
  • Apply shaving cream to your chin, moustache and beard area, side burns and shave it cleanly to give a smoother look on your face.
  • Wait for week or long to get your hair grown consistently.
  • Check if your hair has grown out of about ¼ inches.
  • Get ready for the Van Dyke beard style.
  • For some people, it might take longer time than a week, but your wait will be rewarding with much better look of van dyke beard styling.
  • For people who don’t want to do it from scratch can directly try to Van Dyke beard style with their existing growth of facial hair.
  • Now start making a beard in circle shaped. Start shaving the side burns and cheek hair neatly.
  • Next shave the hair on bottom, and sides of neck. Remember to keep the moustache and beard intact.
  • Trim it neatly if any edges are incomplete, your Van Dyke Circle beard is ready.

Different Van Dyke Beard Styles for Men in 2016

#1: Van Dyke (Smooth Chin)

Van Dyke (Smooth Chin)

The 17th century hair style that is quiet a passion among most of the modern man who take up Van Dyke as their fashion statement. It is a slight variation of beard, you take a goatee and moustache and beard connected. Grow your chin beard a little more to give an impressive style.

#2: Van Dyke Goatee Trimming

Van Dyke Goatee Trimming

The unique style of Van Dyke beard style is what you call when you have moustache and a goatee. It is circle beard style where goatee and moustache is connected to the hair on the chin.

#3: Classy with Sideburns

Classy with Side Burns

The modern and stylish hair style is Van Dyke with a difference in the side burns. For men who do not want to remove all the hair on the sides of their face.

#4: Van Dyke Fully Facial Hair

Van Dyke Fully Facial Hair

If you wanna to have a polished look with beard and moustache, the best style would be Van Dyke Fully Facial Hair Style. A few trims for consistent look would be enough for creating this style.

#5: Van Dyke Detached Moustache and Beard

Van Dyke Detached Moustache and Beard

For men who want to keep it straightforward and sharp short beard. Just keep it simple, create a small goatee to a certain level and disconnect it from moustache. This is perfect style of it with clean cheeks shave.

#6: Tony Stark Beard Style

Tony Stark Van Dyke Beard Style

The most stylish and passionate beard style among most of the men in 2016 is Tony Stark Beard Style which is nothing but your goatee a V-shape. It is an easy hair style to create just by giving an outline with razor and decreasing the side burns.

#7: Rockabilly Beard

Rockabilly Beard

Having full facial hairs is a trend setting beard styling with rockabilly design cut. It is a style with low maintenance referred as classic Van Dyke goatee and moustache. It has neat side burns and soul patch which gives a unique classic appearance.

#8: Simple Moustache and Simple Beard

Simple Moustache and Simple Beard

This beard style is simple and easy to maintain; it has simple moustache connected to simple beard. For men who want to look simple and get going, it is best suit with short side burns.

#9: Hipster Beard Style

Hipster Beard Style

For a gentleman look, try Hipster Beard Style that has funky whiskers with short beard. Chin is neat partly which gives a refined look.

#10: Short French Stubble

Short French Stubble

The fashionable beard style is short French stubble that has variation in the full beard with very short hair. It has blunted handlebars with a soul patch which is pretty and charming.

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