Best 25+ Red Hair Color Ideas for Men – How to Dye and Maintain Red Hair

It has been a recent trend in hair styling that guys are taking to dyeing their hair in many colors and dyeing the hair in red requires some special techniques.  There are some special ways by which you can ensure that dyeing your hair red is long lasting, making the hair style vibrant.

How to Dye Your Hair Red for Guys

Step 1 – The first step is to lighten your hair as much possible. This will need a clarifying shampoo that will help to remove the color of the hair without damaging it.

Step 2 – If you have dyed your hair before you will need a color remover to remove the dyes and make the hair ready for re dyeing. Follow the instructions for removing the color. If the color remover does not work as desired, you may have to bleach the hair in order to dye it again in red.

Step 3 – Treat your hair with a deep conditioner so that any damage done by the color remover or bleach may be repaired. Leave your hair for at least two weeks before you start dyeing it in red.

Step 4 – Wear an old T shirt, wrap your neck with a towel and wear a pair of gloves in order to protect your skin and body during the dyeing process. Apply some petroleum jelly along your hairline so that the skin does not get stained.

Step 5 – Wash your hair thoroughly using a shampoo that can penetrate the strands to remove any stain still sticking to the hair.

Step 6 – Mix the red dye in a bowl as per instructions given on the packet.

Step 7 – Apply the dye on the hair in small sections using a brush and a comb. Use clips to separate the top portion of your hair with the bottom part so that the entire hair is dyed.

Step 8 –  Put on a shower cap to leave your hair for the time till the dye settles completely on the hair. Keep a watch on the time taken for the dye to stick on the hair.

Step 9 – Rinse your hair with lukewarm water and dry the hair using a towel.

For temporary dyeing your hair white use as little peroxide as possible. Also use a little bit of the purple toner so that the natural color of the hair not completely wiped off.

For semi-permanent dyeing you will need to bleach the hair twice to three times within a week. It will help you to stay with the bleach for at least six months.

Permanent Dyeing – Repeat the process of bleaching using strong peroxide and toner once every 15 days and very soon you will achieve a permanent bleach.

How to Maintain Red Hair

  • Rinse your hair with a mixture of water and white vinegar immediately after dyeing. Shampoo your hair and use a conditioner after rinsing with vinegar.
  • Wash your as less frequently you can. Two times of washing your hair a week is enough. Use cool water and a conditioner after each wash.
  • Stay away from heat treatment to prevent your hair from fading.
  • Dye your hair every three weeks to maintain your dye properly.

Some Tips on Highlighting Your Hair from Home

  1. Choose a kit that will help you give the desired effect.  Read the instructions carefully before going for the highlights.
  2. Go for the strand test to be sure that your hair is ready for the highlights. Repeat the steps as instructed on the kit, applying the mixture so that your hair looks natural.
  3. Put on the plastic cap and use an adult toothbrush for highlighting the front portion and a baby brush for the back part.
  4. Part your hair in the normal way and paint the mixture to one inch sections. Keep one centimeter from the scalp and then proceed to half inch thin streaks at the middle portion of your head.
  5. Apply quarter inch spaces at the back.
  6. Do not be strict on placement of the highlights, make it evenly spaced.
  7. Leave the dye for as long as suggested by the test and then shampoo your hair well. Apply a conditioner for deep conditioning the hair.

Here are 10 Red Hair Color for Men

Side Swept Short Red Hair Style

This short hairstyle is of low maintenance. The fringes are side swept and the sides clipped.

Medium Ruffled and Messy

Medium Ruffled and Messy

This hairstyle ha the hair ruffled and styled in a messy way. The shade of red is reflected beautifully to make this hairstyle appealing.

Tousled and Wild

This is an eye catching red hairstyle, where the hair is treated with a serious gusto. The full head of hair dyed in dark red makes this hairstyle outstanding.

Back Brush Lifted Hairstyle

The hair is colored in neutral red and added volume by using a pomade. Then it is brushed back and lifted at the front to make the hairstyle unique.

Quiff with Brush Up

Volume is added to style the quiff and the hair is brushed up. The extra thickness makes the hairstyle an elegant one.

The Redhead Celebrity Hairstyle

This redhead hairstyle is a celebrity one and attracts others which can raise quite a few eyebrows.

Curly Red Fringe Hairstyle

The curly red fringe makes the curls more lively. This is a redhead hairstyle which has ample flow and movement.

Medium Messy Street Hairstyle

Medium Messy Street Hairstyle

This is a street hairstyle where the hair is colored red and tousled to fall on all the sides and the forehead. A sun glass adds to the style.

Windblown Red Hair Quiff

The hairstyle looks as though you have just experienced a tornado. This styled haircut will make you stand out in the crowd.

Slicked Back Thin Hairstyle

The hair is dyed in neutral red and styled in a small quiff. The thin hairstyle has the sides clipped, making it a sophisticated, respectable and professional style for thin haired Ginger men.