Best Pointed Beards – Choose the Right Beard Style for Your Face Shape


The never-ending changes in the fashion world always bring out new styles and trends. Men find remarkable fashion choices that elevate their charm like never before. Along with clothing, there are tremendous choices in hair and beard styles. We are introduced to such styles through actors, models who get their photos clicked for magazines or red carpets. By looking at them we can know what styles we are going to try in our next grooming session.

Beards give you the makeover for better or worse. You need to be wise enough to know what kind of beard goes well on you. As mentioned earlier we check the popular styles in trend by following models or certain celebrities. Before choosing the style, we need to know the shape of our faces first.

How To Know The Shape Of Your Face?

Thanks to the beauty of evolution, face shapes fall under 6 categories. Men around the world have their faces in these 6 shapes. You need to study and understand the shape of your face.

Round Face:

A round face allows more beard styles than any other shape. You call a face round when its length and width have a similar ratio. While choosing a beard for a round shape you need to keep in mind that it becomes an extension and gives an illusion of an elongated face.

Rectangular/Oblong Face:

A rectangular face has a large face length with similar measurements between forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. It is naturally elongated and comes with an elevated jawline. If you have this shape then it is advised to keep your beard length short.

Oval Face:

Usually faces with oval shapes have round chins with larger face lengths and forehead while having shorter jawlines and low-width cheekbones. Just like an oblong face, a long beard is not a reliable option for oval. Keep it short and make sure it has clean lines.

Diamond Face:

If you have this shape, you can see that the chin is pointy and in most cases have a narrow forehead and higher cheekbones. Many stylists suggest that it is ideal for a diamond face to go with a wider beard on the sides.

Triangular Face:

Men with triangular faces have a pointed chin, a forehead that is small, and cheekbones that are wide. If you have a triangular face then bulkier and large beard are your best bet or you can also choose a mustache or a goatee as well just as long as it switches the attention towards the jawline and the chin.

Square Face:

The face with this shape has a sharp jawline with all other features having equal size. If you have a square face then you can go for a longer length at the chin and shorter on the sides. Make sure your beard emphasizes your jawline.

Now that we have covered the shape of faces. Let’s talk about the intriguing pointed beard style.

What Is Pointy Beard?

In simple words, a pointy beard is where you keep the area above the jawline neatly groomed to a shorter length while the lower area and the chin are grown into a point. This particular style was in practice since the 17th century. Obviously, there are several variations to this style. By being patient and keeping regular maintenance, you can pull this off effortlessly.

How To Grow A Pointy Beard?

An average time period for growing a beard is always between three to four weeks. If the growth of your beard is faster then it might take less than that if not more. You can either start with a clean shave for a fresh beginning or you can make adjustments to the beard you have. If you want to start from scratch then neatly shave the beard without any traces using good quality shaving cream and razor. Let the beard grow for a few weeks and then you can start shaping it. If you like to trim the beard you already have, then go through the following steps.

  • Comb the beard before you start trimming to avoid any tangles.
  • Trim down your beard starting from the cheeks to maintain uniform grooming.
  • Always bear in mind that the area below the jawline and your chin is always thicker and longer for this style.
  • Trim down the bottom edge of the beard at the chin for a captivating shape.
  • Shape the mustache to match with the goatee for a complete look. There are variations to try on your mustache. You can either connect it with the beard or make it a circle beard or let them grow separately.
  • Use proper beard gel to shape the beard and let it shine bright.

That is a basic way to get a pointy beard. There are several pointy beard styles to explore and if you do you might find the one that is invented just for you. We brought to you the top 10 pointy beard styles that are in full swing in the fashion world right now. Let’s check them out.

Top 10 Pointed Beard Styles

1. Ducktail Beard

Ducktail Beard

As the name indicates this style looks just like the tail of a duck. To begin with, grow your beard very dense with great length. Now trim down your full-grown beard beginning with cheeks. As you start with a downward motion you are leaving your chin and the area below the jawline denser. Neatly shape the beard on the chin so that it points downwards sharply. Groom your mustache preferably with scissors and let it meet with the beard. As you keep your cheeks low when the beard grows back to a long length it actually elevates the pointy chin.

2. Untidy Ducktail Beard

Untidy Ducktail Beard

This is another version of ducktail beard just a little untidy. Actors like Tom Hardy show off this beard style every once in a while. Unlike the conventional ducktail beard, you let the beard grow freely without any restrictions. Every now and then you trim down the sides to highlight the lower area and chin. Other than that you leave the beard to stay rough resulting in a reckless and ferocious look. You let the mustache grow very thick and keep the edges trimmed down and let them meet with the beard. For this style, your mustache covers your upper lip.

3. Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke Beard

This stylish look is always admired and never lost its spotlight. The basic rule of getting a Van Dyke is to have a T-shape with a mustache and extended soul patch. As you want to highlight just two areas, trim down the rest of the areas completely to a zero or closer to the skin. Let the mustache be thick and lengthy so that you can give curls to the edge if you fancy such a look. The hair on the head has nothing to do with this versatile style.

4. French Beard

French Beard

Actor Johnny Depp almost makes us feel like this style is made for him. This simple style is very striking and it requires barely any maintenance. If you are having trouble with growing a full beard or if you have a patchy beard then this style is your must-try. Make sure all areas are shaved clean except for the mustache, chin, and soul patch. In these three areas, you let the hair grow wild and free with occasional grooming with scissors. The grooming must be very subtle that only the length is under control but not the shape.

5. French Fork Beard

French Fork Beard

This prominent style lets you flaunt your thick beard in the most captivating pointy way. For this style, you let your beard grow to your maximum capabilities. The focus is mainly on the beard you grow on the chin and you taper the rest. The beard on the chin is made into two extended forks with a subtle gap in between. Keep the area next to the chin beard at a supporting length and the rest short. The mustache can be thick and lengthy. Let it meet with the beard for a complete look.

6. Pointed Goatee

Pointed Goatee

A goatee is the most versatile beard style any man can try. A pointed goatee, however, is not so classy but intriguing nonetheless. Shave all the areas of your beard except for your mustache, chin, and soul patch. Keep in mind that the hair must be thick and lengthy. Let the mustache meet with the beard forming an informal circle beard. The length of the beard on the chin must be more so just use scissors to groom the edges but let the beard grow wild.

7. Verdi Beard

Verdi Beard

This neat style is a slight modification to the ducktail beard. For Verdi’s beard, the grooming is not done regularly like it is done on a ducktail beard. You let the beard grow freely on the sides but still dominated by the lower area and the chin. Let the mustache grow with great thickness and to its maximum length. Keep the edges of the mustache curled for a more intriguing look. To keep the style more shiny and attractive try using trusted beard oil or gel once in a while.

8. Anchor Beard

Anchor Beard

This arresting look brings notorious style to a classy appearance. As the name indicates, the shape is similar to an anchor of a ship. The thin pencil mustache is supported by a t-shaped goatee that is of very low length. If you have a diamond or heart shape face, then this style suits you great. Keep the rest of your facial hair cleanly shaved. This style is not suitable if your jawline is too big.

9. Chin Puff Beard

Chin Puff Beard

This style gives you a royal look with a long mustache and lengthy soul patch. Keep all the areas of your beard shaved clean except for your mustache and soul patch. The mustache is grown very long and the edges are given decent curls. The soul patch is extended over the chin with a pointy edge facing downwards. The sideburns are thick and can be longer than usual. This royal look can be pulled off with all kinds of attire.

10. Stiletto Beard

Stiletto Beard

For this style you let the beard grow to a decent length freely. After you get the desired length trim down the cheeks with a sharp line around the lower cheeks and the soul patch. Make sure you trim in such a way that the longest length is at the chin followed by the other areas. Let the mustache grow to a decent length and meet with the rest of your beard. You can use a beard wax to style the beard for a more captivating look.


Through this article, we brought to you the shapes of faces we all fall under and a brief introduction to pointy beard. If you want to try this style make sure your facial features and the shape matches with its requirement. Moreover, you can also use the list provided with 10 highly desired pointed beard styles as a reference. Having a full-grown beard is a blessing no matter how you describe it. Pointed beard is just a clever adaptation of it for a more phenomenal look.


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