Different Types of Perm Styles for Guys


The definition of fashion always changes after a certain period. There was a time when women get to experiment with new styles and choose trends that make them look different every time. In this day and age, men have the privilege to try out different looks without falling prey to prejudice. Men used to live their lives with what they are born with and never had a chance to become something else even if they want it badly. In this modern world, if you are born with naturally straight hair, you don’t have to limit yourself from trying out styles outside your hair texture.

Though having curly hair is pretty tough while maintaining, the remarkable styles the texture has to offer can make up for it. If you want to try curly hair then you can try out perm.

Types of Perms for Guys

Perm is short for permanent waves. It is a process of converting your naturally straight hair or hair of any texture into curly or wavy hair. It is a decent technique that ensures good health of your hair unlike the treatment with curlers which in some cases can damage your hair. There are several types of perms in use but two methods are most commonly used.

Hot Perm

Hot perm is treating your hair with a certain amount of heat after applying an acidic solution. The acidic solution application is for breaking down the disulfide bonds in the hair. The hair is treated with controlled rods along with infrared heat so that it can be easily molded into desired shape and curls.

Cold Perm

If you are not a fan of having heat around you or if you are worried that the heat might damage your hair, then you can opt for the cold perm. In this technique, the disulfide bonds are broken with an alkaline solution that contains Ammonium Thioglycolate. This solution alters the protein structure in your hair and makes it more flexible. You can then make curls using a specially designed plastic rod. After the treatment, a neutralizing solution is applied to the hair to bring the pH to normal and let the hair re-bond.

Pros and cons of the Perming Techniques

Both hot perm and cold perm have advantages and disadvantages. 

While hot perm is less maintenance compared to cold perm, you can’t ignore the danger of burning the scalp while heating. When the temperature is low to avoid such incidents, you are missing out on the lift at the roots. Another technique works as a perfect alternative to hot perm. The rooted perm is a technique where 2 to 4 inches of hair from the scalp is permed.

On the other hand, a cold perm is very affordable and causes very little damage to you or your hair. On the downside, the curls you get with this treatment are lighter and are very less natural-looking. Comparatively these curls do not last longer than curls you get with a hot perm.

Key Factors to the Outcome of a Hair Perm

1. The Chemical Solution Application

The acidic solution used in hot perm works best on delicate and thinner hair whereas the alkaline solution used in cold perm works great on stronger and coarser hair.

2. The Hair Wrapping Technique

The size of the rod you use defines the thickness and length of the curls. The smaller rods usually give tighter and equal curls. The hair wrapping process determines the tightness of the curls by using the endpapers.

Fancy Perm Methods

Let us look into different fancy perm styles.

1. Digital Perm

Digital Perm

This is a type of hot perm that gives softer curls. The waves through this treatment are very prominent when your hair is dry and loose when wet. It effectively changes the chemical makeup of your hair.

2. Ceramic Perm

Ceramic Perm

This is another type of hot perm that provides more defined and lasting curls. The technique requires high heat compared to digital perm and it effectively reduces the overall length of your hair. Due to the high temperature, the technique can cause heavy damage to the hair. It is advised to use this technique on stronger and coarser hair.

3. Wave/Body Perm

Wave_Body Perm

Yet another type of hot perm that creates perfectly loose cascading waves. This technique does not reduce the overall length of your hair unlike other hot perm methods so this is ideal for use on shorter hair. You can get your desired softer look with this perm after being patient for three hours which is the duration of this treatment.

4. Classic Perm

Classic Perm

The classic perm is the traditional cold perm. The perm rod you use determines the thickness and the intensity of your curls. The great advantage of this perm is that it suits perfectly all hair types. This process also takes up to three hours to complete.

Japanese and Korean Perms

These two perms are popular variations of hot perm. The Korean perm results in a weightier look with more defined curls whereas the Japanese perm has a tousled and wavier style.

Up until now you have a been given sophisticated explanation of what a perm is and how to get one. The next important thing after you get perm treatment is to choose the style that suits you best.

Top 15 Perm Hairs for Guys

1. Curly Hair with a Hard Part

Curly hair with a hard part

This style gives an intriguing edge to your curly hair. Select a wider area for the top section on your head and trim down the sides and the back of your head with decent tapering. To make your curls more captivating give hard parts on the trimmed sides. There are variations to having parts. You can go for one or as many as you desire. Keep the temples and the sideburns matching with the tapered sides.

2. Curly Hair with a Fade

Curly hair with a fade

A fade is well known for the classic makeover it brings to one’s appearance. It goes pretty well with curly hair without any doubt. However, you need to be aware of the length you should leave for the sides and the back of your head. Use a round brush if you feel like combing but it still looks good if leave it free. Let a few bangs fall onto your forehead. You can rock this style with or without a beard.

3. Curly Undercut

Curly Undercut

Just like fade, an undercut is another classic haircut that’s been in trend for decades-long. Combined with thick curly hair this prominent style makes your look more appealing. Give a neat tapering to the sides with thicker hair closer to the top and thinner closer to your ears. Keep the back of your head uniform with the sides with thin hair below the nape. Coming to the top, leave the hair thick and lengthy. It looks neat even if you don’t want to comb. Let a few bangs fall onto your forehead for a more sophisticated look.

4. Curly Pompadour

Curly Pompadour

A pompadour on the top always takes your style to the next level. You can have the sides and the back to your desired level but never exceeding the top. The top must always be thick and lengthy especially in the front. If you like to keep the sides and the back short give a faded style. Apply good quality hair gel or mousse and let it dry. Use a comb or brush to make a pompadour in the front. Keep the temples and the sideburns neat and sharp. You can support the style with a beard if you like.

5. Curly Bowl Cut

Curly Bowl Cut

The main goal of this style is to cover your head with hair in the most captivating way possible. You don’t have to cut short on any side but make sure your edges are neat so that they don’t grow out of shape. Keep the sideburns sharp as well. Apply good quality hair mousse or gel and neatly style your hair with your fingers. Let the hair on the front hang on to your forehead until it reaches your eyebrows. You need to keep the edges well-groomed to avoid split ends.

6. Wavy Slicked Back

Wavy Slicked Back

This is one of the intriguing yet versatile styles a person with curls or waves can embrace. You let your hair grow to a long length, let us say to your shoulders. Apply a good amount of hair gel or mousse and neatly comb the hair to the back. As you are aware a slick back is where you keep the hair flat to the scalp. In the wavy slick back, however, the edges of your hair don’t rest but stand a little. This rich style can give a remarkable appearance in all kinds of clothing.

7. Wavy Side Part

Wavy Side Part

This style is both artistic and classy at the same time. You can get a perfect parting without having to cut short your hair. Let your hair grow to the length you desire. Apply a good quality styling product that will let you easily mend your hair. Use a round brush to neatly style your hair. Make a parting closer to the side and let your hair flow on either side. If you have a long length then this parting may not be visible but the hair rests on two opposite sides. You can rock this style without a beard but it makes it more compelling if you can try out a full-grown beard.

8. Short and Thick Wavy Hair

Short and Thick Wavy Hair

This style lets you walk with equal grace into an office meeting or to a party. It suits perfectly for all kinds of attire. If you are a fan of short hair or if you are trying a new look then this is highly recommended. Cut the hair short on top but make sure it is thick. Cut the sides and the back a little less than the top and keep the edges neat. Apply hair gel or mousse and style the hair with your fingers. If you want to go for a beard it works great too. Start with a small length then explore different styles.

9. Short Tight Curls

Short Tight Curls

Many men fancy shorter curls that are easy to manage. This short tight curl is one such style that you will not regret. As the name indicates, you will not grow your hair too long. Keep the edges well-groomed for a neat look. Apply good quality styling product and keep the hair in a stable shape. You can try out different variations to this style as well. You can go for dyeing your hair with the color of your choice.

10. Curly Bob

Curly Bob

Through this style, you can flaunt your curly thick hair the best way possible. Let your hair grow to the maximum length. You do not want to trim down any area as this style requires hair to be of good thickness. Use good quality hair gel or mousse and neatly style your hair with your fingers. Let the hair rest on all the sides, even over your face. The style works perfectly with or without a beard. So it is up to you if you want to add a beard or not.

11. Rock Star Wavy Lob with highlights

Rock Star Wavy Lob with highlights

The most common hairstyle that you can find on women, The lob, can be attained by men with little adjustments here and there. You need to apply the best quality matte product to attain this popular rock star look. You can also try trusted hair products that can increase the natural volume. This intriguing style looks equally compelling with or without a beard. So don’t hesitate to experiment a little.

12. Man Bun

Man Bun

A man bun with curly hair can give you the look of the ferocious Viking warriors. Let your hair grow to a maximum length with edges neatly groomed. Apply good quality hair mousse to handle your hair easily. Use a comb and neatly comb all your hair to the back of your head. Use a rubber band or a thread to make a pony. Tie a knot with that pony to get yourself a man bun. This style can be more intriguing with a beard. So if you can grow a full-grown beard then you can go for it.

13. Long Curls with Texture

Long Curls with Texture

This is yet another style where you can flaunt your arresting curly hair. You don’t have to cut your hair anymore after the initial base hair cut. Apply hair mousse to keep the hair shiny and attractive. If your hair exceeds your shoulder level and reaches your chest, then it is advised to keep your face free from any fringes or bangs covering it. If you like to try a beard you can go for a short length. If you fancy a long beard then it might contradict this style.

14. Dreadlocks


Curly hairs can help you in a great way to attain dreadlocks. The length of your hair is totally up to you. Make small partitions on your hair and start making dreads. You can either leave those dreads freely or combine them to make a huge ponytail or man bun. If your hair length is long, it looks better if you can combine the dreadlocks. You can fancy a beard if you like with this style.

15. Curly Fringe

Curly Fringe

This simple yet striking style lets you nicely flaunt your sharp curls. Keep the sides and the back short but not too thin. Let the hair on the top grow to a medium length and give nice grooming to the edges to prevent split ends. Apply good quality hair gel and neatly style your hair. Let the forehead be covered with fringes. Keep the temples and sideburns neat but not too sharp.


If you are born with naturally curly hair then obviously you are pretty much aware of what style suits you the best from the beginning. Sometimes a few styles might surprise you with a tremendous makeover. So there is no harm in keeping an open mind. For those who want to try curly hairstyles without having natural curls then several perm techniques are safe for your hair. Our list here shows the most prominent perm techniques that are used quite often by many stylists. Once you are done with perm make sure you choose the right hairstyle to elevate those curls. Use this list as your reference but always welcome new styles. You never know.



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