Different Types of Perm Styles for Guys

Man perms- A complete guide: Naturally, curly hair can pose a few challenges, but it also has the advantage of not only looking fuller but also aids in standing out from the omnipresent crowds of straight-haired, side-parted clones.

Many men do not like to sport them as they think it is not manly. But having a luscious, thick, full hair is seen to attract many women because a) it signifies that the guy is not going bald any time soon and b) his children are likely to inherit the same attractive hairline. This article enlightens about the various trendy man perms that are returning back in trend. For best results with most of these hairstyles, try using a quality hair straightener or a hair curler (depending on the style).

Types of Perms for Guys

Perms are the process of converting a straight hair into a curly one. Predominantly only two ways are mostly used to curl one’s hair. Fancy names aside, one can either get a hot or a cold perm.

#1: Hot perm

An acidic solution is applied to the hair, before heating to break disulfide bonds in the hair. This allows the hair to be molded into the desired hair shape or curl.

#2: Cold perm

On the other hand, a cold perm requires an alkaline solution containing ammonium thioglycolate to break the same disulfide bonds to alter the protein structure of the hair. A neutralizer solution is then applied post-treatment to bring the pH back to normal to re-bond the hair.

Pros and cons of the perming techniques

Hot perms are seen to require lower maintenance than cold perms to achieve the same level of curls. But one won’t get the same lift at the roots because of the temperature condition that must be applied as not to burn one’s scalp. An alternative to the above perming procedures is rooted perm. This is a perming technique where only 2-4 inches of hair near to the scalp is permed. This is seen to improve the volume of naturally flat hair.

Cold perms are less damaging and more affordable than hot perms. But they are seen to come with tighter, less natural looking curls that are not seen to last as long as hot perms.

Note: In a cold perm, the curls are more prominent with wet hair, and loose when it is dry. Whereas in a hot perm the curls are more prominent when hair is dry and loose when wet.

Key factors to the outcome of a hair perm.

  1. The chemical solution application.

Alkaline is recommended for stronger, coarser hair. On the other hand, acidic wherein heat is applied is recommended for delicate and thinner hair.

  1. The hair wrapping technique.

Generally smaller rods are seen to provide equal and tighter curls. The hair wrapping process also plays a pivotal role and the endpapers used determines tighter or loosely curled ends.

Fancy Perm Designations

The following sections explain the various fancy perm styles.

  #1: Digital Perm

Digital Perm

A modern and more popular type of hot perm, which gives softer curls with looser hair ends. Generally takes about four hours to get it done.

#2: Ceramic Perm

Ceramic Perm

A type of hot perm, that requires higher heat than digital perm hence are seen to last longer and provide more defined results. This process is seen to provide a tighter S-curls and more curly hair ends. This process is seen to reduce the overall length of the hair more significantly than in a digital perm. This technique is better for coarser, stronger hair because of the heat damage. Takes about hours to get one done.

#3: Wave/Body Perm

Body Perm

A type of hot perm that is seen to create loose cascading waves. This is a softer look that takes about three hours at the salon and is seen to suit best for shorter hair since it doesn’t reduce the overall hair length as much.

#4: Classic Perm

Classic Perm

This is the traditional cold perm. The intensity of the curl is determined by perm rod used. Takes about three hours to get one and is suitable for all hair types.

#5: Twist/Spiral Perm

A cold perm that gives tight spirals/very well-defined curls and hence, takes about five hours to sport one. Can be damaging, hence recommended for hair that is strong and healthy.

#6: Re-bonding Perm

A hot perm that also includes hair straightening. This is kind of a partial perm wherein the hair above the ears are straightened, and the lower half is curled.

Other Terms of Curly Hair Types

Other terms of curly hair types
Other terms of curly hair types
  • C Curl: Soft, inward curls at the end of the hair
  • J Curl: Small outward curls at the end.
  • Pin Curl: For all the vintage kids with shorter hair.
  • S curl: Tighter curls for wavy and a voluminous hair like those obtained in a ceramic perm.

Japanese and Korean perms

These two forms of perms are not actual perm types but rather variations of the hot perm styles above. Korean perms give more defined curls for a weightier look and on the other hand, Japanese perms have a wavier and tousled style.

15 Best Perm Hairs for Guys

The section below enlightens on the best perm hairs for men that are on the trend.

#1: Curly hair with a hard part

Curly hair with a hard part

If one is looking to add some definition and edge to their curly haircut, they can consider opting for a hard part. A hard part is a part created by shaving a line into the hair which gives a perfect distinction between different hair sections. As such, it is seen to create a sharp appearance, that perfectly balances the relaxed aesthetic of textured curls.

#2: Curly hair with a fade

 Curly hair with a fade

A fade haircut makes an excellent option for gents with curls. To nail the look, opt for a cropped length on top that gradually shortens down the sides to reveal a clean shave around the ears.

#3: Curly Undercut

Curly Undercut


The undercut with curls helps to sport an entirely different look that is seen to add on dimension and fullness to this favorite hairstyle. Channeling the curls in an undercut is an excellent approach to tame the locks particularly in gentlemen with unruly curls. An undercut shorter sides denote that a man will only need to manage the curls on the top. Further, an undercut is seen to suit different lengths, so one is free to go for any length that suits his face shape.

#4: Curly Pompadour

Curly Pompadour

The pompadour is a  style statement in itself and curls take this hairstyle to a more trendier level. Curls are seen to boost the thickness and fullness that a pompadour already possesses. The trick to ensuring that a pompadour works best for one’s curls is to manage the natural waves so that the hair is kept neat and in place.

#5: Curly Bowl Cut

Curly Bowl Cut

Men with curly hair are the perfect candidates for rocking the bowl cut. To nail the look, choose an undercut with a long length on top that sits evenly in line with an individual’s bangs. Then, just maintain a natural texture to ensure a cool and carefree throwback appearance.

#6: Wavy Slicked Back

Wavy Slicked Back

Slicked-back curls are undoubtedly attention-grabbing. Guys need to be conscious of their hair length and ensure that this style will suit their face shape. Men with longer curls are seen to be afforded more versatility when slicking back their hair, as they can choose their parting style and the way the curls will sit.

#7: Wavy Side Part

Wavy Side Part

The side part is one of the hairstyle that never falls out of trend. Men with curls should rejoice this because curls are seen to maximize the volume of a side part. Ensure that a guy parts his hair on the side that suits the way the hair naturally grows.

#8: Short and Thick Wavy Hair

Short and Thick Wavy Hair

If a guy has thicker, fuller curls, he needs to take advantage of his hairs natural body. While it’s difficult to style thicker curls, a shorter hairstyle can help one manage the length. Use a high gloss product, that will aid in distinguishing the curls better. Matte products are seen to make thicker hair a bit more challenging to work with.

#9: Short Tight Curls

Many men naturally sport smaller and tighter curls. One can enhance the natural curls with a pomade or styling mousse, working product with their fingertips. Be sure to start off with a smaller portion of hair product and later build the way up by using more when needed.

#10: Curly Bob

A curly bob refers to longer curls that have grown out but are not long enough to hit below the chin or shoulders. Curls with a medium length frame are seen to frame most of the guys faces more efficiently, lending a bit more distinction to the natural jawline and cheekbones.

#11: Rock Star Wavy Lob with highlights.

The male version of a popular women’s hairdo called ‘the lob’ is a rock star-inspired take on curly hair which can be achieved with a matte product. One needs to add a bit of texture so that it is not fussy with styling. Opt for a hair product that maximizes the natural volume.

#12: Man Bun

Man Bun

Another popular hair trend that looks better with natural curls is the man bun.  Growing out curls is frustrating for the first few months, but they usually have an excellent wave when the strands reach the chin or shoulders. To maximize the curly man bun, one needs to go for a textured, slightly messy approach.

#13: Long Curls with Texture

 Long Curls with Texture

For men with longer curls, one will need to make sure that their hair does not look too dry, so ideally they should aim to boost the shine of their hair.  A mousse that emphasizes the natural shine of the hair needs to applied to enhance the curls look, giving a sleeker finish to the natural waves as opposed to messy and unwashed.

#14: Dreadlocks


Taming long Afro-textured hair is tricky. But dreadlocks are a classic and cool way to keep tight and thick curls from falling in your face and looking wild. Once a man has styled his long locks into dreads, he can then try other looks with them, such as a ponytail or bun.

#15: Curly Fringe

The curly fringe can be sported by men with thick curls.  After styling the hair with a shiny pomade, one needs to apply a bit of hairspray to ensure everything sits right.

Curly Fringe

Haircare post perming

Before the perm, it is best to deep-condition the hair. After perming, remember to condition the hair daily and try to restore moisture levels of hair especially if you have undergone a hot perm weekly. This is the vital key to maintaining the curls. The hair will only keep its desired shape if it’s strong and well-nourished. refrain from other hair processing plans (e.g. coloring) for a couple of months until the hair is healthier again.



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