Straight Hair :: Hairstyles for Men With Straight And Silky Hair

Straight Hair Hairstyles For Men: Among the two main textures of hair, the straight and curly, the straight hair is both the texture and type, while the curly hair texture has three different types of hair, wavy, coiled and kinky hair type. Men with straight hair have many options to sport hairstyles that range from the vintage days to the contemporary ones.

The definition of straight hair is The ones which grows naturally and straight up to a length of minimum 3 inches from the scalp without any curls in between.

So, if you are sure that you have a straight hair, then go for the straight hairstyles which can be found in large numbers and variations. The advantage you will have is that, you can style your straight hair in many ways and add dimension to the style by using quality hair products. If you do not have straight hair, but you want to flaunt some of the best hairstyles for men with straight hair, there is nothing to worry. There are good many devices and products that can help you to change to the straight type of hair from the curly types. Having straight hair will help you to wear a range of classic hairstyles especially the straight hair men styles that match conservative environments.

How to Straighten Men’s Hair

Having natural straight hair is a blessing for men, but home treatments and salon visits can help you to straighten your hair so that you have the widest options of flaunting straight hairstyle for man from a range of men hairstyles for straight hair. If you are having curly hair, this is how to make curly hair straight for men.

Home Treatment

Coconut Milk Treatment – Blend pieces of coconut with water or milk to make a dense paste and apply it on your hair two to three days a week. This will help your hair to become straight, soft and without any fizz.
Olive Oil and Egg – Prepare a homogeneous mixture, taking two eggs and ½ cup of fresh olive oil, and apply the mixture on your hair and allow it t stay for an hour. Wash off your hair and repeat it at least two times in a week.
Honey with Milk – Prepare a mixture with a cup of cow’s milk and 2 tablespoons of honey and apply the mixture all over your head either with your fingers or using a spray. Moisturizing properties of honey will help your hair to become soft and easy to straighten.
Rice Flour and Fullers Earth – Form a paste by mixing 1 egg white, 2 tablespoons of rice flour and 1 cup of fullers earth and coat your hair with the paste. Keep it for one hour and then wash it off.
Celery Juice – Blend 2 to 3 leaves of celery and make it fully pureed. Then strain the puree through a cheese cloth to extract the juice. Apply the juice onto your hair and let it stay for an hour. Wash off with warm water.

Salon Treatment

Blow out – Using a round barreled brush, blow out your hair to get the straightening effect. Use a blow dryer to dry the hair, moving it up and down along the hair strands. When you pull out the hair from your head, it will straighten up.
Brazilian Keratin Treatment – You can try out the Brazilian Keratin treatment at the salon to get your hair super soft and straight.
Flat Iron – Apply a flat iron on the head and down the hair strands when it is light hot, for not more than 3 seconds and follow it up by using a blow dryer set in a cool mode.
Use a Relaxer – Use a relaxer to get your hair straight. This is a variation of the Brazilian Keratin treatment which is effective. Reapply once a month to get the full effect.
New Haircut – Try a shorter haircut to allow the hair regrow in a straight format. When you do this, you will have to apply a hair product.

How to Comb & Style Straight Hair

Combing and styling straight hair are easier than with other types of hair. Here are some ways which can help you to keep your men hairstyles for straight hair in proper shape.

  • If you are combing your straight hair for the first time in the day, do it preferably after taking morning shower.
  • Dry the hair with a dryer to leave it damp so that it is easy to comb.
  • Get hold of the styling product you use for your hair and coat the hair using your fingers.
  • While using the styling product, ensure that only 3/4th of the upper part of the hair farther away from the scalp is coated, leaving the other part close to the scalp bare.
  • Use a comb to part your hair and to work through the fizzes and the locks to get a nice comb over and end the process using your fingers to give the finishing touch.
  • Use a quality hair styling product that includes pomade, hair wax, hair mousse and gel, choosing the one that can best help to style the haircuts for straight hair men.
  • Choose from a range of mens hairstyles for straight hair the ones that are best suited to your face shape thickness and the color of your hair.
  • Use a hair dryer, but not too frequently, as this may damage the hair. Do not fully dry your hair, rather keep them a little damp so that it becomes easy to style.
  • Your barber may be the best person to help you in your hair styling. Ou can have your barber pick up the right tools for your straight mens hair style.
  • Finish off the styling by coating the hair locks.

Here are 20 of the best and trendy straight hair mens hairstyles that we have carefully selected to help you to choose the ones that can help you dude, to stand apart from others.

20 Best Hairstyles for Men With Straight And Silky Hair

#1: Fade Straight Cut

Fade Straight Cut

The fade cut with flat top can be one of the mens haircuts straight hair that gives an edge to the hairstyle. This is a gentleman hairstyle that looks cool and more edgy when connected with the beard. The use of clippers is noticeable in this straight long hair men hair style.

#2: Straight and Simple

Straight and Simple

This is one of the simplest mens haircuts for straight hair, which will need the hair to be brushed to one side using a brush or a comb. The front is styled like a quiff and the parting is clear, making this haircut get a classy look.

#3: Slicked Back with Long Quiff

Slicked Back with Long Quiff

The top is slicked back and the side quiff is connected to it, making this straight hair men haircut a dramatic one. The roots of the side quiff are given a lift to add to the boldness of this hairstyle for men with straight hair. You can have a tapered hair cut to control the shape.

#4: Short Spiked Cool Haircut

Short Spiked Cool Haircut

Having spikes in hair styling is the latest fashion, and those with straight hair can style it easily and make the spikes stand out in contrast to the rest part of the hair. Finish off this styling using your fingers to make the hair point to a direction.

#5: The Sleek Long Quiff Pomp

The Sleek Long Quiff Pomp

This hairstyle demonstrates the versatility of the mens straight hair hairstyles, where great volume is added to the hair and textured to give a sleek appearance. The dark brown locks at the ends are highlighted with a blonde. A well shaped thick beard can add to the style.

#6: Straight and Blonde

Straight and Blonde

The straight hair is cut short and blond. Then it is side swept with some portion of the hair falling on the forehead. There is no parting and the sideburns are made thick to match the straight mens hair style. This hairstyle is simple to style and easy to maintain.

#7: Top Bun with Braided Side

Top Bun with Braided Side

The long straight and blonde hair on the top is styled in to a bun and one side styled to form a fishtail braid. The back and the sides are brushed and some texture added to make the hair style look fresh and bold. You will need a quality hair product for styling.

#8: Straight Hairstyle with Fringe

Straight Hairstyle with Fringe

This is a cool and smart hairstyle styled to form fringes that fall over the forehead. No parting is required and a gel is used to keep the fringes in proper shape. Easy to style and maintain, this is one of the mens hairstyles for straight hair that is popular.

#9: Cropped Hair with Bald Fade

Cropped Hair with Bald Fade

This is one of the creative mens straight hair hairstyles, where the hair is neatly cropped on the top and the sides are given a bald fade. The fade is disconnected to the beard, giving this hairstyle a rustic look. Designs at the side of the neck add to the styling.

#10: The Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk can work well with any hair length and can be styled in a range of male straight hairstyles. This is an iconic hairstyle which will need the skills of a barber. The styling is easy but to maintain it properly, you will have to pay frequent visits to a salon.

#11: The Layered Spikes

The Layered Spikes

The Spike Style – The spike style haircuts have been widely popular , where the hair is styled to form layers of spikes. This is one of the mens haircuts straight hair which is for all ages, and adding a style product can make it more attractive.

#12: Shaggy Faux Hawk

Shaggy Faux Hawk

This hairstyle is a variation of the Faux Hawk hairstyles that are styled shaggy for adding a messy touch to the straight hairstyle for man. The straight hair on the top is styled into a faux hawk and the sides are undercut disconnecting the beard line to create a contrast.

#13: The Perfect Pomp with Quiff

The Perfect Pomp with Quiff

This is one of the sophisticated haircuts for straight hair men, where the sides are tapered and the top styled into a pompadour to look unique. This is a thorough gentleman style, where the texture to the hair adds extra thickness to the hair to give it an excellent look.

#14: Cropped Fringe with Skin Fade

Cropped Fringe with Skin Fade

This hairstyle involves the short and straight hair to be cropped and textured just above the forehead that allows the fringes to highlight the length of hair on the top. The sides are skin fade with a surgical line adding to the classy appearance.

#15: Faux Hawk with Deep Part

Faux Hawk with Deep Part

The faux hawk styling is made perfectly, but the parting adds to the boldness of the straight mens hair style. The sides are faded after styling the deep part on both the sides. To create a contrast, the hair on the top is combed back to look simple.

#16: Spiked Faux Hawk

Spiked Faux Hawk

Having straight hair gives you so many options like this Spiked Faux Hawk hairstyle, which is an innovative hairstyle among the male straight hairstyles. The sides are clipped short with the hair kept longer at the nape and the top and then styled into a spiked Mohawk.

#17: Straight Hair Short Haircut

Straight Hair Short Haircut

This is one of the easy to style mens straight hair hairstyles, where the hair is cut short and made messy with the use of the fingers. Some part of the hair falls on one side of the forehead with the fringes distinctly noticeable. This is a col and sexy hairstyle which can be perfect for wearing at the college.

#18: The Straight Hair Cut with Bangs

The Straight Hair Cut with Bangs

When bangs come down on one side just above the ears, the magical transformation of the hair is distinctly noticeable. It adds more elegance and the face wears a perfect frame to look sexy. Cutting the sides to the ear line will require a deft hand of a barber.

#19: Long and Straight Hairstyle

Long and Straight Hairstyle

This is one of the easiest male straight hairstyles, where the hair falls on the sides right up to the region below the neck. Not only does this thick straight hair style gives a sexy look, but also looks great for an evening party. To maintain the length, you will have to visit a salon at least once a week.

#20: Double Tap Slicked Back

Double Tap Slicked Back

If you want to flaunt a hairstyles for thick straight hair, then this is the right hairstyle, where the slicked back appearance does not have the same old monotonous look because of the two surgical lines creating a double tap. The undercut at the nape of the neck gives this hairstyle an added glamour.

If you are blessed with straight hair, you have the whole arena to play with when styling your hair in the way you like, but in case you do not have straight and natural hair, you need not worry, as you have many options to have your hair straightened to flaunt any of the wide ranging mens hairstyles for fine straight hair.

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