Straight Hair : Hairstyles for Men With Straight And Silky Hair

Men Straight Hair

Having straight hair has several advantages among other hair textures. Statistically more men have naturally straight hair compared to curly hair. Hence, you can find more styles for straight hair than you can find for curly hair or wavy hair. Don’t take this the wrong way, having curly hair is a blessing too. But it is true that straight hair is more manageable and can give a distinctive look instantly.

From intriguing pompadour to classic slick back, there are mind-blowing styles for straight hair. By grooming to a required length and using the right styling products, you can open doors to several ways that you didn’t know were possible to transform yourself with straight hair. Men with curly or wavy hair often try to get their hair straightened to change their looks or try some of the captivating styles that are exclusive to straight hair.

There are variations in straight hair. Not all men have naturally straight hair, some are a little curvy, some are straight until the edges and then there is a wave. Not that there aren’t styles for hair like that, but you can get your hair completely straightened out. Some go with machines like straightener which is not reliable as it is proven to be causing more hair loss than usual. There are other methods to straighten your hair gradually. These methods cause minimal to no harm to your hair.

How To Make Your Hair Straight On Your Own?

  • Make a dense paste from blended coconut mixed with milk or water and apply the paste three days a week. This helps your hair stay soft, free from frizz, and become straight.
  • Mix two eggs with a half cup of olive oil and apply it twice a week for one hour and rinse it off gently. This leaves your hair silky and makes it easy to keep it straight.
  • Honey is a moisturizer and it can elevate the natural luster of your hair. Add two tablespoons of honey into a cup of cow’s milk and apply the mixture to your head using your fingers. This mixture makes your hair soft and easy to handle.
  • Make a puree with at least 3 celery leaves. Extract the juice from the puree by straining it through a cheesecloth. Apply the juice to your hair and let it rest for at least an hour. Rinse it off with warm water.

Now that we learned to use natural components, let us see how you can straighten your hair using other prominent methods.

  • Blow out is the simplest and most commonly used hair straightening method. Use a blowdryer to your wet hair (every time after using conditioner) while you slowly comb it straight.
  • Brazilian Keratin treatment that lasts 5 months is another prominent method for which you will be needing a professional’s assistance. Ask a trusted hair specialist to try this method.
  • Flat iron safely straightens out your hair without causing any damages unlike iron on an ironing board. Make sure your hair is dry while using a flat iron. The heat settings must be adjusted to the thickness of your hair. To be on the safe side, use a heat protectant before flat iron.
  • One simple method to straighten your hair is to get yourself a short haircut and use good quality styling products on the hair while it grows.

How To Maintain Your Straight Hair Neat?

Once you successfully attain straight hair, it is important to keep it that way. Extra care is very much needed while taking care of your straight hair to keep it that way for a long time.

  • Limit the usage of hair dryers to prevent your hair from getting too much dryness. Make sure you keep the hair a little damp every time you use the dryer.
  • Choosing the right haircut is also a big deal. As we will be discussing further down, some styles elevate your straight hair. Choose wisely. You can go for your trusted barber’s opinion as they study the face of your shape and the condition of your hair up close.
  • Select the right hair styling product that strengthens your hair and keeps it in shape as long as it lasts. There are good quality hair mousse, hair gel, pomade, etc, made with natural ingredients, explore with patience and pick the best-suited one.
  • Brushing your hair is a good practice as it stimulates the scalp and helps retain the natural oils. Moreover, combing is the best way to get rid of tangles and keep the strands steady.

Like we mentioned earlier, there are a great many styles for straight hair out there. We are just bringing them all together to help you avoid the pain of running around looking through all over the internet. Check out our 20 finest hairstyles for straight and silky hair.

Top 20 Hairstyles For Men with Silky and Straight Hair

1. Fade Straight Cut

Fade Straight Cut

The fade cut is has become pretty prominent due to its versatility. Men with straight hair can make use of this style to give themselves a tremendous transformation. You will be trimming down the sides and the back using clippers to give a uniform fade. A flat-top elevates your straight hair in a better way and makes it more intriguing with a neatly groomed beard.

2. Cropped Fringe with Skin Fade

Cropped Fringe 1

This intriguing style gives you a look which you wouldn’t think you can pull off. Though the hair length is short for this style, it is noticeably attractive when done on straight hair. Let your sides and the back fade to the skin as you go down from the top. Keep the top short but thick and cut short the fringe in the front. You can make it more captivating by giving a parting starting from the temple and extending to the crown.

3. Silky-Thick


This may look wavy but this style can be pulled off when your straight hair is beginning to get curls. This style works great if you have a thick hairline. Let your hair grow freely and keep it neat by cutting off the edges. Apply hair mousse or gel to neatly style the hair in a captivating style. Make sure your forehead is not covered. Make sure you do not use a clipper. Use scissors to give your hair proper shape.

4. Short Spiked Cool Haircut

Short Spiked Cool Haircut

Men with straight hair can easily attain spikes. With this particular style, you can embrace the spikes with absolute class. Maintain the hair short and especially keep the bottom of the sides and the back lower. Let the top be thick but groom the edges for a neat look. Make a parting just above one of the temples. Apply good quality hair gel or mousse to style the hair. Give the top spikes and let them blend in well with the direction of your hair. The point of keeping the sides low is you are giving yourself some time before you need to get another haircut so make sure your hair grows neatly. Keep the temples sharp and neat while sideburns match with the area above your ears.

5. Long and Straight Hairstyle

Long and Straight Hairstyle 2

This is the finest example of how well long straight hair can elevate your charm. Keep your hair healthy and strong as it needs all the help to grow straight up to the shoulders. Make sure you regularly wash your hair but limit using shampoo. Give your hair the right moisture by applying a good quality conditioner. After every wash, dry your hair with a blow dryer until it gets damp. Then neatly comb it into the shape you wish to grow. Keep the edges of the hair neat and sharp for a well-groomed look. Make a parting on the top and let the hair rest on either side.

6. Stylish Cool

Stylish cool

This style is cooler to look at, and it also gives a professional touch with the right attire. It requires a good volume of hair on top that will overshadow the sides. You need to keep the sides and the back of your head to a short length but not with a clipper. Apply a good amount of hair gel or mousse and neatly comb the hair to the back. Keep the temples neatly groomed for a captivating look. To add more class, fancy a beard if you can grow one. It is okay if you can’t too.

7. Slicked Back with Long Quiff

Slicked Back with Long Quiff

This style is a grand combination of a classic slick back and an intriguing quiff. For this, you need to keep your hair on the side lower compared to the hair on the top. On the back, however, you need to select a portion and below that, you need to trim down the hair to elevate that selected portion. With this, you will be having an elegant hairstyle when viewed from the side. Make sure the sides are still thick while the top lengthy hair is combed back. Use good quality hair mousse to make a standout quiff on the front. The quiff must be longer than any other area so scissor down the hair on the back accordingly. Let the quiff fall on the side over the temples.

8. The Straight Hair Short Haircut

Straight Hair Short Haircut

This style works great if you are having wavy or curly hair and want to grow straight. After cutting short apply good quality hair styling products while you smoothly groom your hair straight. Keep the sides and the back short using a clipper. This way all you have to deal is with the hair on the top. Apply good quality gel on your hair and style the hair in the direction you want for a captivating look.

9. Straight Hair Cut with Bangs

Straight Hair Cut with Bangs

It is another great style to keep your hair straight and prevent it from going curly or wavy. Keep the top area thick and keep it elevated by cutting short the sides and the back. Apply hair mousse or gel on your hair and neatly start combing. Keep in mind that for this classy style your sides must be short but not too thin. If you don’t like to use a comb you can style your hair with your fingers. Give a parting on the top and let the front part rest a little on the forehead.

10. Double Tap Slicked Back hair

Double Tap Slicked Back hair

There are several variations to this style. You can go for a classy yet funky look or a completely funky look. Men with straight hair can attain the latter in an exceptional way so we suggest you try it at least once. Give a tapering to the sides and give the back a gradual decline. Keep the hair on the top thick and long. Give a parting cut on the side that extends all the way back. Give another parting cut right next to your long-length hair on the top. Apply hair mousse or hair gel and give intriguing spikes that stand tall. Groom the edges a little for a neat look as your hair extends.

11. Top Bun with Braided Side

Top Bun with Braided Side

This is yet another style that looks marvelous with long straight hair. To make your man bun and braids more attractive, taper down the sides and the back. Apply trusted styling products for easy handling of your hair. Comb the top to give a parting between the top and the sides. Divide the hair into sections for braiding. The number of sections depends on the number of braids you want. Pull the braids to the crown and make a pony. Tie a knot with the pony to make yourself a man bun.

12. Straight Hairstyle with Fringe

Straight Hairstyle with Fringe_

Fringes are your hair strands falling onto your forehead. Obviously, there are variations you can try and with straight hair, this is a real gem. You can go for short hair fringes if you like or you can flaunt your beautiful long straight hair. Apply hair gel or mousse and let it dry for setting your hair effortlessly. Use your hand for styling if not a comb. You can also use hair spray to keep your hair steady.

13. Pomp with Quiff

Pomp with Quiff 1

14. Spiked Faux Hawk

Spiked Faux Hawk

Spiked Faux Hawk is another advantage of having straight hair. Taper down the sides and the back while you leave the top and the nape with long-length hair. Apply a decent amount of hair gel or mousse to style the hair into a mohawk with sharper spikes. You can rock this style with or without having a beard. If you fancy a beard let it start on its own as the sideburns must match with the sides you tapered.

15. Straight and Simple

Straight and Simple

This is the simplest hairstyle for men with straight hair. Though it is simple with the right grooming and suitable attire this can make you the man of the hour anywhere you go. Keep the sides and the back short but not too close to the scalp Let the hair on the top have decent length and thickness. Apply hair mousse or gel to handle the hair effortlessly. Comb the hair to the back avoiding any fringes on the forehead. This way you look more sophisticated and well-groomed.

16. Straight and Blonde

Straight and Blonde

If you have straight hair and if it is blonde in color then this style is for you. Through this style, you can be a heartthrob if you can pull off a nice captivating attire and decent grooming. Let your hair grow to a long length all over your head. Cut down the edges to let the hair grow neat. Apply hair mousse and let it dry. Now, your shiny blonde hair can be styled the way you desire. Use a comb to make a parting on the top and let the hair rest on all the sides including fringes on the forehead.

17. The Sleek Long Quiff Pomp


This style elevates your long hair with its captivating quiff on the forehead. You can grow very long hair or you can keep the length real short with the top front left very long. For the short style, give the sides and the back faded style using clippers and keep the rest of the top short except for the front area. Use a comb to make a pomp and let the pomp extend with a long quiff. It goes without saying that to attain this style you need to apply good quality hair gel or mousse.

18. The Layered Spikes

The Layered Spikes

Spikes is one of the iconic styles for men with straight hair that gives a tremendous makeover. For this style here trim down the sides and the back with a limited space left for the top area. Apply hair mousse or hair gel for your hair and make spikes. Keep the temples sharp and neat and let them match with the sides. You can rock this style with or without a beard. Make sure the spikes do not extend up to your nape.

19. Shaggy Faux Hawk

Shaggy Faux Hawk

This can be called the epitome of spiky hair. You will be highlighting the top with thick spikes while keeping the rest of your hair short. Trim down the hair to a short length with a thick layer closer to the top and a thin layer closer to your ears. Maintain a medium length on the top but make sure it is thick. Apply hair gel or hair mousse and neatly arrange your spikes in random directions. This versatile style can be rocked with or without a beard.

20. Cropped Hair with Bald Fade

Cropped Hair with Bald Fade

If you are tired of maintaining long-length hair then this style is for you. You will be keeping the hair to a very low length on the top and trim down the sides to your scalp. Use clippers to trim down the sides and cut short the hair on top with scissors. If you like you can fancy a parting razor cut between the top and the sides. This style looks better without a beard. However, you can experiment with a short one.


Having straight hair is a great advantage. We don’t mean to downgrade other hair textures. It is just that straight hair has greater versatility than other hair types. You can find several unique and complex-looking hairstyles which are actually easy to attain. With our list, you are introduced to the most prominent styles for men with straight hair. These are easy to attain and you don’t have to go through much effort to maintain them. All you have to do is take proper measures to keep your hair straight as long as possible. Utilize the advantage of having straight hair with mind-blowing styles and give yourself a remarkable makeover.


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