Tips for Facial Hair :: How To Grow Beard Faster

Hassle free techniques to improve the growth of the facial hair: Beards stand for masculinity, hence a fully grown mustache and beard is a great source of pride for all men.

Predominantly the facial hair growth pace mainly depends on an individual’s genetics. Many guys are blessed with a faster growing facial hair, while many others struggle with a slow-growing or patchy beards and mustache.

This article enlightens techniques that aid in improving the facial hair growth especially the beard at a faster pace.

Technique 1: Face care.

#1. kin exfoliation once a week.

Use a men’s scrub or a skin exfoliant to remove the dead skin cells from the face. This will aid in stimulating new hair growth.

Alternatively, an exfoliating mask can also be applied to the face and allowed to stand for between 10-30 minutes, before rinsing it off.

#2. Keep the skin clean.

Wash the face with a mild cleanser and warm water every morning and evening.  A cleaner skin is seen to enhance the pace of facial hair growth.

#3. Apply a cream or moisturizer with eucalyptus.

Products composed of eucalyptus are useful in aiding the facial hair to grow more quickly.

#4. Remove flaky or dry skin.

Scrubbing out flaky skin aids in keeping the skin moisturized, this creates a better environment for the quick growth of facial hair which in turn encourage beard development.

#5. Check for ingrown hairs.

The ingrown hairs on the face aid in the uneven beard growth. Hence it is recommended to eliminate ingrown hairs.  

#6. Get ample rest.

The damaged skin cells repair themselves during sleep time this, in turn, is seen to promote beard growth.

#7. Healthy stress management.

Studies suggest that a relaxed environment enhances the facial hair growth.

#8. Regular workouts.

Exercise is seen to improve the blood circulation to the face,  which in turn increases the facial hair growth pace.

Technique 2: Intake of vitamins and mineral supplements.

In addition to consuming a balanced diet, one can help the beard grow faster by supplementing the diet with the appropriate minerals and vitamins.

#1. Regular biotin intake.

Biotin is known to enhance the nail and hair growth.

To increase beard growth, doctors recommend consumption of 2.5 mg of biotin per day. This supplement can be in taken in the form of a vitamin capsule or powder that is easily accessible from a health food store or a pharmacy.

#2. Use vitamin B rich cosmetic products and food.  

Vitamins B1, B6, and B12 are specifically helpful in aiding quick facial hair growth. Hence stylist recommends the adding vitamin B rich foods to the regular diet.

#3. Consumption of protein enriched foods.

Protein-rich foods like meat, fish, eggs, and nuts are seen to enhance the process of facial hair growth.

#4. Intake of more fruits and veggies.

Incorporate more vegetables and fruits in the diet as these are rich in the minerals and vitamins that is the primary component the hair requires to grow more rapidly.

Technique 3: Commitment to the beard growing process.

#1. Refrain from trimming or shaping the beard.

It is a wise decision to allow the facial hair grow at its pace without trimming or shaping it. Groom the fully grown beard post four to six weeks.

#2. Do not shave regularly.

There is no scientific evidence to prove that regular shaving aids in quicker and denser facial hair. Shaving the beard will only reduce the amount of facial hair and in no way enhances the hair growth pace.

#3. The facial hair may not grow at the same pace.

Hair growth phase is not the same in all men. Hence at some periods, no facial growth can be seen. During this time lag, the facial hair can be itchy and irritating. Consult a doctor for applying a hydrocortisone cream to the face during the beard growing stage. This aids in relieving the itchiness. However, this medication also can have side effects, hence it is strictly advised to apply the medication according to the physician’s advice.

The facial hair is going to be stiff for the first few weeks, one just needs to wait until the point it softens, then a guy can style or trim it up according to the taste.

Technique 4: Increase the daily water intake.

Water, along with minerals, vitamins, and foods rich in proteins, is essential for the beard to grow faster. Like the body, the beard also needs enough water to grow faster and fuller. Although that sounds obvious, many men fail to sufficiently hydrate themselves.

Insufficient water is seen to alleviate the beard growth because the blood flow to the face will is seen to be reduced.

Technique 5: Refrain from smoking.

Research has discovered that smoking affects the facial hair growth. A few puffs a day disrupts the blood circulation to the hair’s root and thereby directly affects the pace of the beard growth.

A well-balanced diet along with smoking will alleviate the intake of vitamins and minerals found in food, that aids in a faster beard growth. Smoking regularly is also linked to premature beard greying.

Hence think twice before smoking another cigarette for a faster beard growth.

Technique 6: Other Extreme ways to improve facial hair growth.

#1. Minoxidil (Rogaine) intake.

The intake of rogaine works by improving the nutrients, testosterone and DHT circulation to the beard follicles.

Reports have proven that using Minoxidil every day has seen to improve the beard growth within 6-12 months.

However, this product is not seen to work for all men. They are seen to show some side effects that are seen to improve past the stopping of the medication.

Hence it is generally recommended to try and use this product.

#2. Micro-needling

This process works by stimulating blood circulation to the specific area on the face, thereby delivering necessary nutrients and hormones to the hair follicle.

As the name suggests, this technique uses small needles that poke tiny holes into the area of the face where facial hair growth is minimal.

These microneedles are seen to transmit signals to the body indicating facial area damage. The body then sends keratin and collagen to the damaged area to repair the skin and this, in turn, promotes the beard growth.

Studies claim that this procedure is more effective when combined with Rogaine.

#3: Red light therapy

One of the less popular methods of faster beard growth

Scientists say that 20-30 minutes of a red laser pointed on a beardless area on the face a day can efficiently produce cellular energy in the beard follicles leading to a faster beard growth.

Combining red light therapy with micro needling, minoxidil and a proper diet, is definitely seen to aid in growing the beard faster than before.

#4: Beard transplant

The most extreme technique that is seen to increase beard growth is the transplantation of the beard.

Hairs needed for this surgery are taken from the individuals head and are later transplanted on to the face.

Men who underwent this surgery confirmed that this surgery aided them in having a thicker beard, but it the price that needs to be shelled out is huge.

This is an effective technique to improve the beard growth if a guy is not only ready to take the risk but is also ready to spend a lot.

All these extreme methods of growing a beard need to be tried post consulting a doctor. Whenever possible, refrain from these extreme methods and opt for natural methods.


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