6 Best Mustache Waxes for the Modern Man (Buying Guide)

A solid moustache is frequently abetted by one key item: mustache wax – and it’s an alternate brute to the stuff for your head.

The mustache is regularly the primary facial hair a young fellow develops, so its appearance denotes the progress from kid into man. As the upper lip is delicate and might be inclined to ingrown hairs, numerous men choose to develop it in. Others simply like the look of a wellbeing ‘stache.

Regardless of whether your mustache is a lasting installation, similar to that of on-screen character Tom Selleck, or more transitory, your facial hair will profit by cautious preparing and styling. On the off chance that you’ve at any point appreciated a great whiskers or mustache and thought about how he gets his facial hair to carry on so well when yours strength develop in resembling a wild man, these waxes, medicine and spreads are the not really mystery of numerous men donning noteworthy styles.

Types of Mustache Wax

You can pick between conventional wax and present day mustache wax/coach. We feel like this warrants a separate, so how about we draw out the visual cues!

Traditional Wax: This type of mustache wax generally arrives in a cylinder and contains a few petrochemicals (think oil jam and mineral oil). This is an old school way to deal with subduing your mustache and was generally utilized before we understood that utilizing synthetic substances on the every day probably won’t be the best thing. You may encounter some skin disturbance, stopped up pores or skin break out while utilizing this style of wax.

Present day  Modern Mustache Wax/Trainer: A great deal of current mustache waxes are found in round or rectangular compartments. A great deal of waxes that come in tins utilize characteristic or natural fixings, yet there are obviously exemptions. Read those marks precisely to guarantee that you aren’t utilizing any flawed fixings.

To help you buy the best Mustache wax, we have shared a detailed Buying Guide below where we have mentioned about features and benefits of Mustache wax and how to apply them.

Best Mustache Wax

6 Best Mustache Wax Reviews

1. Opium Den Mustache Wax by The Bearded Bastard

About The Product: Opium Den Mustache Wax is as fragrant and welcoming as an Eastern market, bound with the dull wealth of fine tobacco and seething tars. About The Bearded Bastard The Bearded Bastard was established in 2011 when Jeremiah. Every last whiskers oil offered by The Bearded Bastard is made with regular fixings that have been exhibited to work to mellow facial hair and diminish tingling and chipping while at the same time pulling in bystanders with their aromatics.


  • Provides adaptable hold
  • Lightweight equation
  • No solid aroma


  • A slight smell is still there notwithstanding when the item is set apart as unscented.

Final Word: Indeed, even today, every item made by The Bearded Bastard is made by submit Austin, TX, utilizing regular fixings, genuine wood names, and specialists paid a reasonable living compensation. This is American made the manner in which it was expected.

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2. Firehouse Moustache Wax, Wacky Tacky

About the Product: Helps control rowdy hairs while enabling your mustache to hold its shape. This wax is anything but difficult to apply and gives fantastic hold. One application early in the day is all that is required for throughout the day control, even in hot, sweat-soaked conditions.


  • Leaves no buildup
  • Fast dry


  • Not for dry moustache hair

Final Word: Wax can be washed out with warm water and cleanser/cleanser. Most don’t totally wash it out each day as it tends to dry the hair. Apply conditioner if necessary.

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3. Mustache Wax (Sage Scent) – 1 oz Stache Wax – Real Bearded Men All Natural

About The Product: The Real Bearded Men Sage Mustache Wax has a medium to hard hold. Not at all like most different waxes available, this highlights a pine gum from a tree here in the states. It gives it an extra hold and mixes extremely well with the fragrance of the sage. Being that it is a conventional wax it hard and ought to be scratched with the back of the nail.


  • Provides completion
  • Tames frizz, infant hairs


  • May dry the moustache Excessively

Final Word: It’s lightweight and normal to the extent appearance, nonetheless, you can make a decent attempt and see some stickiness. On the notwithstanding the side, the fragrance is essentially less conspicuous.

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4. Beard & Mustache Wax by Ranger Grooming Company

About The Product: Leven Rose only uses 100% natural ingredients that you can trust – Coconut Oil, naturalOlive Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil . They dont add fillers, or additives and we don’t allow for parabens or pesticides or anything else equally scary.


  • The item’s hold will keep going throughout the day.
  • Makes the whiskers super delicate


  • A bit costly for a great many people

Final Word: Dispose of your unattractive facial hair – adore it and care for it with Beard Balm. Made in the USA, this Balm accompanies a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for the lifetime of the item.

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5. Death Grip Moustache Wax, All-Natural, 1 oz.

About The Product: Death Grip mustache wax is high quality from an ideal blend of lanolin, honey bees wax, and other select characteristic fixings that helps shape those stubbles! It offers a decent rivalry review solid hold that is ideal for keeping the hairs off the lip and forming those handlebars!


  • Beginner friendly.
  • Will provide an extremely solid hold


  • A bit expensive

Final Word: The wax is likewise extraordinary for the skin underneath that wonderful stache of yours. You will likewise get first rate client benefit that you won’t discover anyplace else.

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6. Mr Bear Family Moustache Wax

About the Product: its a 100% Natural and Handmade Moustache Wax! The ingredients it has are Beeswax, Lanolin, Shea Butter, Essential Oils! It’s Easy to Wash out with Warm Water and Soap!


  • Hard hold
  • Dries iright away
  • awesome Fragrance


  • May give too much gloss

Final word: A Hard Wax with a Good Hold, keeps hair in place and your stache’ twisted!Mr Bear Family has a set of many Famous Scents which is just a cherry on the pie.

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What Is Mustache Wax?

Mustache wax is a grooming aid that helps in holding the hair of your mustache in place and prevents them from entering your mouth, especially when the length increases. It is made using a mix of essential oils, carrier oils (like jojoba oil or coconut oil), resins, and waxes.

Each ingredient plays a crucial role here. While the wax helps in providing the hold, the presence of carrier oils allows you to remove and apply the wax easily and evenly across the mustache. Essential oils are added to give the wax a fine and natural fragrance.

Some mustache waxes contain additional ingredients like cocoa butter or shea nut butter and  lanolin. All these additional ingredients help in maintaining the health of the mustache and make the wax easily spreadable.

What to Look for When Buying Mustache Wax

Before buying the best wax to keep your mustache in place, here are some key factors that you must look for.

1. Natural Ingredients

It is always suggested to use a mustache wax that is made using 100% natural products. This is even important because you apply the wax near your mouth and nose. These areas are more susceptible to allergies and strong fragrance.

Some of the common ingredients that are used to make mustache wax are beeswax, petroleum jelly, shea butter and different types of essential or plant-based oils (depending on the fragrance that you pick). Out of all, beeswax is the key ingredient in any mustache wax.

Never buy a wax from the brand that does not mention the ingredient list clearly. Along with this, also ensure that all the ingredients used are natural and safe to use. Some brands use some extra ingredients too to enhance the performance of the wax. If they are safe to use, you can give those products a try.

Also, check if the wax contains parabens or similar chemicals. If yes, avoid buying those products. If you have a sensitive skin type, you should select wax containing organic and natural ingredients.

2. Hold strength

Apart from the ingredients, one more factor that plays a key role is the holding strength that the wax offers. By holding strength we mean that how long the wax can hold your mustache in a place.

A mustache wax offers 3 different degrees of hold namely Soft, Medium, and Strong.

Soft/Light hold – it works great for men with a short mustache.

Medium hold – it is ideal for men who have a long mustache and who like to style it.

Hard/Strong hold – The wax offering strong hold is great for men who love to flaunt the typical handlebar mustache style.

Men who have long or coarse and unruly mustache hair, it is pretty difficult for them to manage their mustache. In such scenarios, a strong hold is important. However, if you have fine facial hair, wax with light hold can work fine.

Some men prefer styling their mustache by curling the tips in the shape of tendrils. For that type of styling, you should look for a product that offers maximum hold strength.

In simple words, if you simply want to control the frizz and keep the mustache hair in place, you should select a wax with a fine hold. If you want to style your mustache, you should select a wax with a stiff hold and texture.

3. Texture

The thicker the texture of the wax is, the difficult it becomes to apply it. Usually, wax that is thick often end up offering a better hold.

If you have fine and manageable hair, you can select a wax that offers soft texture. Such waxes are easy to apply. You can simply warm them up by rubbing them in the palm and apply.

To use thicker wax, you might have to heat it up a bit using a hairdryer and then apply.

4. Fragrance

The fragrance of the mustache wax depends on the essential oil that it contains.

Since you apply the product just beneath your nose, the scent is something that can play a major role. You should make sure that the wax has a pleasant scent. A strong scent can become irritating after a while.

If you are not a fan of the scent, you can even look for products that offer a manly or musky scent. You can even look for waxes with mild or no scent at all.

Most of the times it happens that the scent promised by the brand and the way it smell in real are not the same. To confirm this, you can check the reviews of the users and get clarity.

5. Petroleum Jelly

Even though petroleum jelly is a safe ingredient, some people might be allergic to it. The presence of petroleum jelly can clog the pores of the skin that eventually leads to acne or other skin-related issues. But, the presence of petroleum jelly can also help in making the application easier.

Thus, if you are fine with petroleum jelly, you can select the wax that contains it. This is your personal choice.

6. Color

Some mustache waxes come in different colors.

While selecting a mustache wax, you should buy one according to the natural color of your hair. If you have light facial hair, you can pick a mustache wax that is light in color. You can also get waxes that are a bit dark in color.

Some mustache waxes also come in white color. However, after applying it, the color becomes clear and it blends with the natural color of your facial hair.

7. Quality

You can rate the quality of the product on the basis of how well it is packaged and how is the performance of the wax. It is similar to how it is advertised?

Most of the trustable brands offer a replacement or refund if the user is not happy with the product. Buying mustache wax from such good brands is always the best choice as they use quality products to satisfy their customers.

8. Packaging

A mustache wax comes in one of the following types of packaging:

  • Little tin
  • Tiny sticks like that of a lip balm or deodorant

If you travel a lot or if you prefer carrying the mustache wax along with you, you can buy it in stick form as they are usually small and easy to carry. Apart from this, there is no much difference in both the types of packaging. You can pick one as per your convenience.

9. Price

You can easily buy a decent mustache wax within a range of 10-20 bucks. There is not a huge variation in terms of price.

The brands made using all the natural ingredients can cost a bit higher than the regular ones. If you have a big mustache, you might want to buy a good-quality product.

However, there are some cheaper options that also offer god quality performance. The only difference lies is they don’t use extra ingredients that other premium brands use.

How to Apply Mustache Wax?

How to apply mustache wax

Following these simple steps can help you apply the mustache wax easily and perfectly. Let’s have a look!

  • Clean your mustache properly using a good beard shampoo and scrub.
  • It is very important to make sure that the wax is warm enough before you start applying it or else you will find it difficult to take it out from the tin and then apply. To warm up the wax, you can put the tin of mustache wax in a bowl of hot water. You can even keep it near a blast or heating vent for a couple of minutes. Some people use a hairdryer to warm up the wax a little bit.
  • Once the wax is warm, take out a small quantity of wax and rub it between the thumb and the index finger. This will help in softening the wax even more.
  • You can now start applying the wax. Start from the center of the mustache and gradually move it in outwards direction towards the tip. Remove the clumps, if you find any.
  • Style the mustache in whatever way you desire to and you are ready to go!

Whenever you are applying a mustache wax, keep the beard grooming kit handy. You can even buy a mustache comb. The kit can help you with the styling of the mustache.

If you find uneven hair growth pattern while styling, you simply get rid of the extras using a scissor or a trimmer and make your mustache look even and classy.

Benefits of Using Mustache Wax

A good mustache wax can be very beneficial while styling the mustache. Some of the benefits are as follows:

1. Control the mustache hair pattern

A mustache wax helps in controlling the direction of the mustache hair.

Since hair grows in a downward direction, after it reaches a certain length, the hair can easily get inside your mouth. It can be very annoying, especially while you are eating or drinking.

Applying the mustache wax allows you to comb the mustache in a particular direction and keep the hair in place. They help in preventing them from entering inside your mouth.

2. It helps with styling

Undoubtedly, a mustache wax help in styling your mustache and lets you achieve the style that you desire for.

Similar to beard, a mustache can also be styled in a number of ways. You can either go for handlebar style, imperial or Dali. You can even use the wax to simply brush and hold the hair at a place.

3. Maintain healthy mustache hair

Most of the premium quality mustache waxes contain ingredients that help in maintaining the health of the mustache hair. Their focus is not just to maintain the hold but to take care of the health of the mane too.

As the hair grows longer, it becomes prone to damage or starts breaking easily. A good quality wax can help in nourishing and nurturing the mustache throughout the day.

How to Remove Mustache Wax

Since the texture of mustache wax is a bit thick, it becomes a bit difficult to get remove them. However, these tips can help you remove the wax easily.

  • Take a few drops of vegetable oil and apply it to your mustache. This will help in removing the wax easily.
  • Now wash your mustache using mild soap and lukewarm water.
  • Apply mustache oil to moisturize your hair and skin.

Some men use a hairdryer to soften up the mustache wax and then wash their faces. Even though this tip is helpful, it can damage your hair and make it dry, if done on a regular basis.

What Type of Mustache will fit my face?

Whenever you plan to grow your beard or mustache, one of the first questions that arise is what type of style will suit your face. You can select a style on the basis of your facial features. This guide can be helpful to you while deciding the style:

Facial FeaturesStyling Tips
Big noseAvoid growing a thin mustache
Small noseAvoid growing bushy mustache
Large featuresA thick an bushy mustache can give a soft look and balance well with other features of your face
Long faceAvoid growing thicker mustache. Instead, the ideal thickness range would be narrow to medium
Extremely large mouthTry growing an angular mustache that is narrow at the top and bushy towards the bottom
Small mouthAvoid growing thick and bushy mustache

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between beard wax and mustache wax?

Beard wax and mustache wax are usually made using the same or similar ingredients. Usually, the amount of beeswax or petroleum jelly is more in a mustache wax to provide a firm hold. However, you can use beard wax on mustache and vice versa.

2. Can I use a beard oil instead of a mustache wax?

The main functionality of a beard oil is to maintain the health of your facial hair and nurture it. It manages your beard hair but is not helpful in styling.
Thus, if you want to style your mustache, the beard oil might not be an ideal choice for you.

3. Can I use a beard balm in place of a mustache wax?

Beard balm and mustache wax offer similar functionalities. Both the products contain beeswax as the key ingredient. However, the end goal of both the products is quite different.
Beard balm intends to condition your facial hair by providing a light hold. It contains nourishing ingredients like argan oil or jojoba oil, cocoa butter or shea butter along with beeswax to provide hold.
However, the ratio of these ingredients in a beard balm is different from that in a mustache wax. The balm contains more quantity of butter and oil whereas the wax contains a higher percentage of beeswax.
If you want to style your mustache perfectly, we suggest you to apply a mustache wax rather than settling on with a beard balm.

4. Can you use a mustache wax on the beard?

If you want some extra hold on your beard hair, you can use a mustache wax. However, if your beard is very coarse, applying mustache wax can make your facial hair look unnatural.
Even though interchanging the facial hair products is fine, it is suggested to use beard products on the beard and likewise for mustache too.

5. Can I use hair wax for my mustache?

Yes, you can. However, the hair wax does not offer a similar strong hold like that of a mustache wax. Thus, we suggest you to use a product that is specially designed for a mustache.


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