The 10 Best Color Depositing Conditioner Reviews & Buying Guide

While walking out of the salon, we are in love with the new hair color- the vividness, the brightness, and the shine. But this love for the hair color only lasts a few weeks. After a few weeks, you will notice that the hair color is fading.

Before you think about touching up your color and schedule an appointment with your hairstylist, we suggest you try a color depositing conditioner. The color depositing conditioner helps the strands of your hair rich-looking and glossy according to your choice of shade.

After coloring your hair needs maintenance. The color either fades with time naturally or due to styling or sun damage. Color deposit conditioners are specially and carefully formulated hair conditioners for colour treated hair. They are easy to use and contain a minimum amount of pigments. They can increase as well as preserve your color shade in a cost-effective manner.

Before you buy a color depositing conditioner, there are two factors that you must look out for in the product. They are:

  • Level of the color system: Colors are available in the scales starting from 1 and ending at 10. 1 is for the darkest color and 10 is for the lightest color. You need to choose your hair color depositor conditioner based on your hair color. It is best to consult a hairstylist for which color is suitable for you.
  • Check the labels: It is important to understand what are the ingredients being used in the color depositing conditioner. To understand all the ingredients and its quantity you need to thoroughly check the labels of the conditioner.

If you are buying color depositing conditioner for the first time, here are some important pointers for you.

  • If you have blonde hair, the purple colour is the perfect option for you.
  • Similarly, if you have red, ginger, or Auburn shade of hair, the red colour depositing conditioner is the best option for you.
  • And, for dark coloured hair, the most suitable colour depositing conditioner is the blue colour depositing conditioner.

Apart from these two factors, other important factors must be looked upon before buying a color depositing conditioner. All the other factors are mentioned in the “Buying Guide” present below the product review.

Best Color Depositing Conditioner 2021

Best Color Depositing Conditioner Reviews

1. Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye

Keracolor Clenditioner Hair DyeHow do you like the idea of colouring your hair while cleansing and conditioning it? This dual-purpose non-lather conditioner cum shampoo enhances the colour of your hair with every wash. It adds amazing hues and maintains the colour without fading the vibrancy of the shade.

The product is a keratin-based product that promotes the shine, softness, and strength of the hair. They are known to colour, cleanse and condition the hair. This colour adds intensity after each use. This conditioner is available in 18 different shades and you can choose the colour according to your hair colour.

Additionally, the oils in the product like coconut oil, rose oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, and Shea butter help to nourish and moisturize the hair. The conditioner also cleans the scalp and gets rid of dirt and debris.

The application of the product is very easy. You just need to apply the product to wet or dry hair. Let it sit for some time and rinse. It is suitable for all hair types.

The product does not cause breakage or drying of the hair. The products are completely vegan and no animals were harmed to make it.

Product details:

  • Hair type: All hair types
  • Item form: Cream
  • Item weight: 12 oz
  • Brand: Keracolor


  • Long-lasting colour.
  • Available in 18 shades.
  • Improves the texture of the hair.
  • Cruelty-free.


  • The palette also contains pastel colours.

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2. MATRIX Color Depositing Blue Shampoo

MATRIX Color Depositing Blue ShampooIf you experience that your hair is turning brassy from brunettes, this is the perfect conditioner for you. This conditioner helps to neutralize the orange or the brassy tones to shiny brunettes. This conditioner is best suited for lightened or highlighted brunettes.

This is a volumizing and smoothing conditioner that helps to leave the hair conditioned and moisturized. It is perfect to smoothen frizzy and unruly hair. This conditioner is amazing for defrizzing and detangling the hair. Also, it can provide the hair with static control. The conditioner also protects the hair by smoothing the cuticle. This promotes hair growth and prevents breakage. The conditioner adds blue and purple tones which reduces the brass effect on the hair makes it look chic.

The conditioner does not have any added scent. It is best if you pair this with the complimenting shampoo and toning hair mask from Matrix.

This product comes in a plastic bottle with a flat and round cap. It is best suited for colour treated hair.

Product details:

  • Hair type: Color-treated hair
  • Item form: Cream
  • Item weight: 10.1 oz
  • Brand: Matrix


  • Large quantity.
  • Manages the frizz.
  • No added scent.
  • Provides static control.


  • Does not improve the hair texture.

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3. Aveda Clove Conditioner

Aveda Clove ConditionerThe brand has several products in-store for your beauty and personal care. This clove conditioner from the brand we have here uses cloves that are organically grown. These cloves clean the scalp and elevate the warm tones.

Its efficient conditioning formula makes your hair more silky and shiny along with boosting up brownish shades. It works more effectively on honey and brunette shades more than other lighter shades such as grey or blonde.

It is made of herbs that are grown organically and it has colors derived from plants. After using it you can feel your hair lighter and easy to manage.

The conditioner carries an arresting aroma as it contains essence from lavender, eucalyptus, petitgrain along with other flowers and plants.

Product Details:


  • Hair type: Honey and brunette
  • Item form: Cream
  • Item Weight: 8.5 fl Oz
  • Brand: Aveda



  • Good quantity
  • Cleans scalp
  • Decent aroma
  • Elevates warm tones


  • Not suitable for grey and blonde hair

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4. Celeb Luxury Viral Color Depositing Colorwash

Celeb Luxury Viral Color Depositing ColorwashThis is an intense conditioning colour that helps to maintain the intensity of the colour for weeks. It manages and controls the fading of the colour and helps to maintain the vibrancy of the newly deposited colour for a longer time.

The product is based on a hydrating formula that repairs the bonds of the hair and makes the hair 3 times stronger and smoother than any other colour depositing conditioner. This colour depositing conditioner colours the hair but does not cause any damage to it. This is based on plant-based products like coconut and palm which nourish the hair. Then, the plant-based sugars soften and moisturize the hair. This product also uses the hair’s existing porosity to add colour to the hair.

This product is perfectly suitable for colour-treated hair. It can be used for all the hair types too. The conditioner is available in 14 different colours and can be selected according to your preference.

The conditioner is available in a sleek and stylish bottle with a push-down cap for the convenience of use.

Product details:

  • Hair type: All hair types
  • Item form: Cream
  • Item weight: 8.47 oz
  • Brand: Color Luxury


  • Delivers instant results.
  • Fade-resistant.
  • Inclusive colour palette.
  • Revives the colour vibrancy.


  • Can leave your scalp greasy.

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5. Redken Color Depositing Purple Conditioner

Redken Color Depositing Purple ConditionerThe go-to colour depositing conditioner for blonde or highlighted hair is the Redken’s Blondage Conditioner. This colour can effectively remove the brassiness from all shades of blonde hair. It also leaves the hair feeling smooth and silky.

The conditioner uses citric acid to revive the moisture of the hair and repair it from the inside. This softens the hair and eliminates the dryness of the hair. The product is effective enough to dye the platinum blondes which looks something fresh out of the salon. However, that also means that the hair will turn purple or blue if the colour is left for too long. It deeply nourishes the hair which makes the hair very silky and smooth and the texture of the hair will also be improved.

The application of the product is very easy. You just need to follow the instructions in the bottle for the perfect colour to be achieved. This conditioner can be used 2-3 times a week and will show the best results if paired with the shampoo from the same brand.

The product comes in an easy to grip bottle with a normal cap. This conditioner helps you get a cooler blonde look while conditioning and nourishing your hair. It is mainly available in blonde shade.

Product details:

  • Hair type: Highlighted hair
  • Item form: Cream
  • Item weight: 11.36 oz
  • Brand: Redken


  • Can be used regularly.
  • Deeply nourishes the hair.
  • Revives the moisture of the hair.
  • Smoothes the hair.


  • Can turn purple or blue if kept for long.

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6. ALOXXI InstaBoost Color Depositing Conditioner Mask

ALOXXI InstaBoost Color Depositing Conditioner MaskIf you want to instantly refresh your hair colour or tone the naturally coloured or previously coloured hair, this is the perfect product for you. The extra pigmented formulas of the colour can add an intense dose of colour on pre-lightened or blonde or medium-blonde coloured hair. For darker shades of hair, the colour is subtle with absolute nourishment.

The conditioner is enhanced with the use of plant-based natural ingredients. The Shea butter and coconut oil smoothen the hair while restoring the softness of the hair. It also adds shine to the hair. The sunflower seed oil acts as a barrier to the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. This keeps the colour intact and makes the colour look vibrant. The sugar beet extracts nourish and hydrate the hair and deliver shine-enhancing benefits to the hair.

The product can be used regularly for intense results and used occasionally for the subtle results. Sometimes, you might need multiple applications to achieve your desired results.

The conditioner is safe to use and is free of parabens, sulfates, sodium chloride, and other harmful chemicals. The conditioner is available in 12 different shades of colour.

Product details:

  • Hair type: Chemically treated hair
  • Item form: Cream
  • Item weight: 6.8 oz
  • Brand: Aloxxi


  • Available for 12 shades.
  • Enhanced with natural ingredients.
  • Free of harmful chemicals.
  • Protects from natural aggressors.


  • Might stain hands.

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7. Four Reasons Color Mask

Four Reasons Color MaskColor mask is a unique product that maintains or deepens the present shade of the colour treated hair. It is ideal for maintaining the vibrancy of the colour between two salon visits. After the application of the product, you get a beautiful darkening or lightly toned effect on your hair which makes it seem as freshly coloured hair.

The colour mask has pro-vitamins B5 and keratin derivatives which can easily repair and revive damaged and chemically treated hair. The cool pigments in the colour mask neutralize the colour in the hair. They neutralize the unwanted brassy tones and have a perfect blonde pigment. The conditioner can be used regularly or occasionally according to preference. The conditioner nourishes and smoothens the hair. It also adds a shiny texture to the hair.

The conditioner is available in ten different shades of colour and lets you have your pick. The application of the product is very simple. You just need to apply the conditioner on wet or damp hair and rinse it off after keeping it for 5-7 minutes.

This is a semi-permanent dye that is a vegan and a cruelty-free product. It is also an SLS and SLES free product.

Product details:

  • Hair type: Color-treated hair
  • Item form: Cream
  • Item weight: 6.8 oz
  • Brand: Four Reasons


  • Adds colour instantly.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free product.
  • Do not fade the colour easily.
  • Contains pro-vitamins.


  • Takes time to work on dark colour hair.

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8. Brunette Deep Conditioner for Dry Damaged Hair

Brunette Deep Conditioner for Dry Damaged HairProvoke knows the needs of the brunettes. If you are starting to notice grey hairs, this conditioner is the perfect choice to cover the greys. This conditioner gives you a rich brown shade of brown colour and blends all the first greys in the process.

Covering the first greys is not the only advantage of the product. The conditioner is enhanced with Inca Inchi oil which helps to hydrate and nourish even the most coarse and thick hair. This conditioner used the advanced Ioplex technology which binds the colour pigments together and gives a rich brown shade to the hair. The product effectively increases the gap between two salon visits. It will give your hair a bright and radiant shine and you don’t have to spend a lot of money or go out of the house.

These are the best alternative to the hair colour as it is of vegan formulation and is free of harmful chemicals. It is free of sulfates too. The application is very easy too. You just need to apply and leave it on your hair for 3-5 minutes and rinse it off.

It comes in a normal plastic bottle with a normal cap. For optimal results, you should pair it with Provoke shampoo.

Product details:

  • Hair type: Dry damaged hair
  • Item form: Liquid
  • Item weight: 200ml
  • Brand: Provoke


  • Perfectly suitable to cover greys.
  • Free of harmful chemicals.
  • Easy application.
  • Adds shine.


  • Smell might not be suitable for everyone.

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9. Pure Blends Marigold Hydrating Color Depositing Shampoo

Pure Blends Marigold Hydrating Color Depositing ShampooAre you bored with your natural hair colour? Are you looking for a funky makeover for your hair? Then, you should opt for Pure Blend’s Tempted Intense Colour Depositing Conditioner. This conditioner is specially made to give your hair a vibrant gush of colour every time you use it.

This conditioner is made to deposit pure pigments on your hair. This enables to keep the shade on your hair to stay vibrant and lively. The composition of the conditioner is based on the blend of keratin, collagen, and botanicals. These ingredients moisturize and hydrate the damaged and dried strands of the hair. They also restore the original moisture. This ensures repair of the strands of the hair to the tips to the roots. This gives you salon-quality coloured hair and you need not worry about the colour fading.

The product is created by professionals and is suitable for all hair types. It can also be used on chemically treated hair. It can be used on Permed or straightened hair too. It is available in 9 different shades.

The conditioner is also free from harsh chemicals like parabens and sulfates which lets it penetrate deep into the scalp.

Product details:

  • Hair type: Dry and damaged hair, All
  • Item form: Cream
  • Item weight: 8.5 oz
  • Brand: Pure Blends


  • Provides vibrant colour.
  • Colour fades evenly.
  • Adds extra shine.
  • Nourishes the hair.


  • Availability issues.

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10. N Rage Color Depositing Shampoo + Conditioner

N Rage Color Depositing Shampoo + ConditionerIf your natural hair colour has become very monotonous or boring for you. This N Rage Color Depositing Conditioner is the perfect solution for you. This lets you try the trendiest colours in the market while nourishing your hair.

This N Rage conditioner has a unique blend that enriches the structure of the curls. They also effectively strengthen the pigment of the hair. It leaves your hair with a rich and vibrant shade of the colour. This colour is suitable for all hair types and can also be used on chemically treated hair. The product does not only colour the hair but also conditions and nourishes too. It provides hair elasticity and silkiness.

The conditioner is available in 5 vibrant shades. It caters to the needs of both brunettes and blondes. It also does people with bleached hair.

It is free of harmful chemicals and is a cruelty-free product.

Product details:

  • Hair type: All hair types
  • Item form: Cream
  • Item weight: 10.88 oz
  • Brand: N Rage


  • Has quinoa and Shea butter as active ingredients.
  • Bright and vibrant colour.
  • Cruelty-free.


  • Does not cover greys

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Things to Consider Before Buying Color Depositing Conditioner

There are thousands of options when it comes to color depositing conditioners. On top of that, you also get several different color variants to choose from. There are different factors that you must look out for before you decide on which color depositing conditioner suits your hair best.

Level of the Color System

Every hair color is available on different scales starting from 1 and ending at 10. 1 is the darkest color and black is labeled as one on the scale, whereas 10 is the lightest shade like platinum. If you are thinking of buying a vivid hair color depositing conditioner, then you must understand that it is only suitable for light hair color shades or the shades that lie on the top of the scale. This is why it is advised to consult a hairstylist who understands color theory about which product you should buy.

Go Through the Labels

What ingredients are being used in the conditioner is very important to understand. It is important because several brands use different types of chemicals. Certain ingredients can make your hair look good or bad. Also, it is advised that you stay away from shampoos meant for all types of hair if you have sensitive scalp or skin. There can be side effects with generic hair shampoos for sensitive scalps.

Avoid Sulfates and Parabens

If you want your hair to look natural and healthy, you should always choose a conditioner that is free of sulfates. Sulfates are a common ingredient present in conditioners. But, they do more harm than good to your hair. Paraben are chemicals that make your hair dry. Too much exposure to parabens can also result in breast cancer. This is why it is advised to stay away from products that contain sulfates and parabens.

Go for Products that is Natural

To get the best color depositing conditioner, you should choose a product that is made using natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are safer compared to chemicals as they have the chance of getting less side effects. You need to check the label thoroughly to understand if the product is completely natural as the manufacturer claims it to be or contains some chemicals.


You should stay away from cheap products. The only reason behind this is the quality of the ingredients used for the manufacturing of these shampoos are not up to the mark. We are not telling you to go and buy a $100 shampoo from a specialty store but we are telling you to avoid buying $5 shampoo from the grocery. Buy a shampoo that has made a name for itself because of the quality of the ingredients used for the making of the product. Budget shampoos often use good quality ingredients. You need to be smart enough to distinguish which product is the best for you.


Going through the reviews of the product gives you an idea about the effectiveness as well as the quality of the product. Honest reviews from customers help you get an idea if the product is suitable for the hair or will it cause any side effects.

Important Pointers

If you are buying color depositing conditioner for the first time, here are some important pointers for you.

  • If you have blonde hair, the purple colour is the perfect option for you.
  • Similarly, if you have red, ginger, or Auburn shade of hair, the red colour depositing conditioner is the best option for you.
  • And, for dark coloured hair, the most suitable colour depositing conditioner is the blue colour depositing conditioner.

You must consider these pointers when choosing the colour depositing conditioner for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do you mean by color depositing conditioner?

Ans: Color depositing conditioners are conditioners that have a minimum amount of pigments in them. They are used to increase or preserve your color-treated hair as well as neutralize the unwanted brassiness in naturally gray or blonde hair.

2. How many times in a week should we use the color depositing conditioner?

Ans: You should restrict yourself from using the color depositing conditioner daily. Whenever you notice that your hair is turning brassy, you can use this conditioner. Usually, it is best if you restrict the use of the product to twice or maximum up to thrice a week.

3. Can color depositing shampoo harm the hair?

Ans: Usually, color depositing shampoos are not harmful for the hair. The reason behind this is the fact that semi-permanent dye is used for the product. Semi-permanent dyes do not contain peroxides and degrade the quality of the hair less. They are also free of ammonia. Moreover, conditioner helps in making the hair shinier and healthier.

4. Does the color depositing conditioner actually work?

Ans: Color depositing conditioner usually works on color-treated hair. If you are trying to apply this conditioner on normal hair, you need to first bleach your hair. Once you apply this conditioner, they usually last from 5-10 washes.

Final word:

If you have color-treated hair and think that the color is fading and in need of a touch-up, try the color depositing conditioner. These conditioners have less pigment and contain semi-permanent dyes. They are not harmful for the hair but instead, they make the hair shinier, softer, and silkier. It is a cost-effective way to make your hair look natural after coloring your hair. These conditioners are available in different shades.

We hope that after going through the buying guide and product reviews, it was easier to decide on the best product for you. If you are confused regarding any information mentioned above, feel free to write to us and we will be happy to help. Have you used any of the products mentioned above? If yes, let us know your views about the product in the comments section below.


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