The 7 Best Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil

“Jamaican Castor Oil – all-in-one beauty remedy assured by many skin experts.”

Jamaican castor oil has become popular these days for its tons of benefits ranging from – treading dandruff, promoting hair re-growth, to healing scars. It is super hydrating, very cost-effective and easy to use.

Unlike regular one, Jamaican castor oil is made from roasted castor beans using a different extraction method. As per dermatologists, it contains high content vitamin E, fatty acids, and minerals.

However, the real struggle starts while purchasing as there are several products that claim to be the best. But only few of them stand by their promises.

To choose the among them, you have to consider two main factors…

1. Purity

You can determine this factor by checking the color and consistency. Pure castor oil has dark brown to black color and molasses consistency.

2. Ash Content

If you are experiencing severe hair loss, then castor oil with high ash content is the right choice. However, if your hair has just started breaking without any thinning or balding spots, then less ash content is adequate enough. Check the label for this factor before making the choice.

For more detail information, we recommend reading our “Buying Guide“. It also includes information like benefits, how to use Jamaican castor oil and others. Using the same information, we have come up with the best of best Jamaican Castor Oils

Best Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Top 7 Jamaican Black Castor Oil

1. IQ Natural Jamaican Black Castor Oil

IQ Natural Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Our first product belongs to a brand that has been working since 2003 and continuously working to make products that are alternative to mainstream products. And this Jamaican Black Castor Oil is one such product. This has been USDA certified and this label makes it trustable.

This Jamaican Black Castor Oil helps you rejuvenate skin, hair and feet. It can deeply condition your skin, reduce dandruff, moisturize hair and fight signs of ageing.

Here are a few tips to use Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  • To improve hair strength

Mix castor oil and jojoba oil in a dropper bottle. Mix well and apply on your scalp. Massage it in a circular motion and rinse it in the morning.

  • To moisturize hair

Mix some castor oil and some virgin olive oil. Heat it but not to much that it burns your scalp. Massage for 10 mins and leave it for 30 minutes followed by washing it.

  • Reduce signs of ageing

Clean your skin with a cleanser and then pat dry. Pour a little castor in your palm and apply it on your face. You can start by applying on the outer edges of the eye and then inwards.

Repeat it twice a day before bedtime to see maximum benefits.

Product dimension: 5 ounces


  • Does not contain GMOs
  • Can be used as an aftershave moisturizer
  • 100% pure and hexane-free


  • The smell might not be comfortable for some

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2. Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Similar to our primary product this castor oil also fits in your budget. Though this can only be used for hair. This stimulates your cuticles and promotes hair growth. It also reduces dandruff and eliminates itchy scalp.

Once you apply this to your skin you can skin feel your skin getting firmer and soft.

Product dimension: 2.2 x 2.2 x 5.2 inches, 8 ounces


  • Moisturizes hair
  • Firms skin
  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Does not contain salt


  • Its colour is not that dark as compared to other oils

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3. Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil

This healing comes in a pack of two. So once you purchase this you wouldn’t need to worry about refilling your stock.

Jamaican castor oil has an age-old property of healing. This can promote hair growth and also work wonders for skin and nail, by making it firmer and smoother.

Product dimension: 10 x 10 x 10 inches, 1.77 pounds


  • Strengthens your nails
  • Firms your skin
  • Helps in regrowth of hair
  • Does not contain salt


  • Consistency of oil is thin

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4. Jamaican Mango & Lime Black Original Castor Oil 2 Fl Oz

Jamaican Mango & Lime Black Original Castor Oil

Our fifth product is a line of products. This Jamaican castor oil is blended with oils such as argan, coconut, rosemary, lavender etc. These different blends make oil efficiency better and provide different benefits.

For example castor oil and argan oil when mixed together this helps treat damaged hair, dry and chapped lips and strengthens nail cuticles.

Whereas when this is mixed with coconut it provides nourishment, adds sheen and moisture and helps prevent breakage.

This comes in 6 varieties and you can choose the one that suits you.

Product dimension: 1.5 x 1.5 x 4.3 inches, 1.92 ounces


  • Variety of oils
  • All-natural product
  • Does not contain salt


  • The smell might not suit everyone

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5. Rooted Treasure Organic Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Rooted Treasure Organic Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil

This premier quality oil is made in Jamaica. Using old traditional methods to maintain its purity. This is efficient to help you in regrowth of hair, prevent hair breakage, help to reduce dandruff and eliminate itchy scalp.

This is loaded with vitamin E, omega-9 fatty acid and omega-6 fatty acid. This helps in rapid regrowth of hair and gives it a brighter and shinier look.

This also has other medicinal benefits like treating eczema and arthritis pain.

Product dimension:  2 x 2 x 2 inches


  • 100% natural
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Strengthens hair root
  • Comes in an amber bottle


  • The smell might be too strong

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6. Carlyle Island Jamaican Black Castor Oil 

Carlyle Island Jamaican Black Castor Oil 

Our seventh product is also an all-natural product and free from GMOs, mineral oil, gluten and other toxins. This can rejuvenate your hair and skin making it shinier and healthier.

You can add this in your grooming routine and place it on your hair after shampoo. This will deep condition and work as a natural detangle treatment.

You can apply to your nails and cuticle to make it strong and healthy.

Product dimension: 2.6 x 6 x 8.1 inches 1.1 pounds


  • Adds shine and lustre to your hair
  • Makes you nail strong and healthy
  • No toxins


  • Does not have a pleasant smell

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7. Majestic Pure Black Castor Oil

Majestic Pure Black Castor OilMajestic Pure Cosmeceuticals is a California based beauty company that makes natural and herbal skin and hair care products. The family-based company now has a market share not just in the US but also in France, UK, Costa Rica, Canada etc. They are a 100% cruelty-free brand. 

Their black castor oil is 100% natural and is extracted using the cold pressing method. This method keeps all the vital nutrients intact that would otherwise be lost if exposed to heat. The therapeutic grade oil is extracted from roasted castor seed that removes its bitterness. 

It is a multipurpose oil that can be used on its own as an intense moisturiser for hair, skin and nails. It can also act as a carrier oil to be mixed with other essential oil for maximum benefit. The natural oil can also be used for many DIY beauty recipes. 

Black castor oil has a high Ricinoleic acid ratio that is known to calm and soothe irritated skin. Due to its thick consistency, it is also beneficial for dehydrated skin and hair.

Things we liked:

  • It is non-comedogenic
  • Has an easy to use pump applicator
  • 60 days, 100% money-back guarantee 

Things we did not like:

  • It is not an organic or food-grade oil
  • Although it claims to be odourless, it has a strong roasted smell which might not be pleasant to everyone 

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Things to Consider While Purchasing a Jamaican Castor Oil

Here, we recommend considering the below factors while purchasing Jamaican castor oil. The below information helps in investing the best of the best product.

1. Purity of the Oil

Purity is the first factor to consider which should never be overlooked while purchasing Jamaican castor oil. We recommend choosing hand-processed and organic castor oil as they will be free from any harsh chemicals that can harm your scalp and hair.

Usually, in most of the commercial products, some ingredients are used in the formulation. Some of these ingredients are used for stability while others help in keeping the formulation free from bacteria. Some brands use additional ingredients that help to long last the product.

Some of these ingredients are paraben and sulfates which harm the natural oil production on the scalp, making the hair weak and rough. So, check for these ingredients and make sure the product you choose doesn’t come with harmful ingredients.

2. Ash Content

Ash represents the essence of the oil. Unlike regular castor oil, Jamaican castor oil is made from roasted beans which is the reason for ash content. In every product, the ash content is different. Some of them have huge proportion while others have moderate amounts.

An ideal choice of ash content in the castor oil depends on the hair condition. If you are experiencing severe hair loss, then castor oil with high ash content is the right choice. However, if your hair has just started breaking without any thinning or balding spots, then less ash content is adequate enough.

3. Smell

This may not be an important factor for some people who probably apply oil mostly at night. But some people may use it during the daytime as well. Usually, Jamaican castor oil has a strong pungent smell. However, some brand use additional fragrance ingredients to remove the smell. So, you have to make a choice based on your preference.

4. Certified Label

We recommend to check for USDA certified organic label if you want to invest in a product that is sourced responsibly and free from pesticides and fertilizers.

5. Price

Their price can range from $8-$30. Price may vary depending on the quantity they offer. If somebody wants to keep their grooming under budget, they should definitely check the price.

What is Jamaican Black Castor Oil?

It is the same as castor oil but derived from special Jamaican castor beans that are known for having many beneficial properties. It is extracted using a unique process which makes the oil more potent and beneficial. Compared to regular castor oil, it is thicker in consistency and darker in color. And moreover, the smell is also pungent. Its nourishing qualities repair damage and increase the hair growth.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Vs Regular Castor Oil

Whether to purchase castor oil or Jamaican castor oil is one of common dilemmas faced by people. The answer to this question depends on the person’s individual needs. So, we recommend to address or understand your problems first.

The main difference between these two oils is the extraction process. Regular castor oil is extracted from fresh castor beans without any need for heat. So, it is also referred as cold-processed castor oil. However, when it comes to Jamaican castor oil, it is extracted from roasted beans.

Usually, Jamaican castor oil is considered more beneficial for hair as it contains ash content. But regular or cold-compressed castor oil is known for its skin detoxification properties. However, this doesn’t undermine the benefits of its counterpart in the personal care section.

When it comes to functionality or formulation, there isn’t much difference among them. Both of them contain ricinolenic acid which increases hair growth and soothes the skin as well.

Another noticeable difference among them is the color. The cold-press castor oil is yellow in color while Jamaican castor oil is dark brown to black in color. The difference in the color is because of the extraction process they have to go through and the amount of the ash content.

Jamaican castor oil has alkaline pH which helps in opening the pores and cleaning the scalp. Along with that, it also helps in penetrating the hair cuticles which improve the oil’s efficiency. As per some studies, they for a thick layer on the hair shaft which results in boosting the hair volume.

As both these oils are heavier, they are a perfect option for cold weather months. It is believed that both types of castor oil have 18 fatty acids. And because of their anti-inflammatory properties, they are suitable for almost all scalp conditions and hair problems.

To conclude, both types of castor oils are beneficial to the hair. However, Jamaican oils are better as the ash content comes with some added benefits.

What are the Benefits of Jamaican Castor Oil

Now that you have know about this oil, lets check out the advantages of using it. To say in simple terms, it is a multi-use product in personal care. We have provided some of the main benefits of using Jamaican castor oil below for your reference.

1. Healthy Hair Growth

Jamaican castor oil helps in increasing hair length and thickness. Including that, it also encourages new hair growth by eliminate DTH. After using it for several months, people have experienced increase in hair volume and re-growth on bald patches.

Apart from hair on the head, it also helps in increasing the volume and health of eyebrows and eyelashes. However, remember that while using castor oil on eyelashes, it is important to prevent the oil from seeping into the eyes to keep them safe.

Many studies have also confirmed that castor oil application helps in tackling dandruff as it helps in hydrating scalp and prevents the flakes from forming. Using it regularly helps with preventing split ends and hair breakage.

2. Skin Health

Though it is quite popular as a hair treatment, castor oil is often used for skin issues as well. The main component of castor oil is ricinoleic acid which has anti-inflammatory properties that helps in reducing wrinkles, improve elasticity, increase hydration, decrease acne, and others.

Some people also use castor oil for cleansing face, especially if they have dry skin. It helps in opening up the pores and cleansing from deeper layers. So, your skin will be free of acne, pigmentation and other skin issues. Because of its medicinal properties, it is also used for treating certain skin issues as well.

3. Nail Health

When it comes to nail health, it has two benefits. Because of its powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties, they discourage any growth of bacteria. Including that, regular application of Jamaican castor oil promotes healthy and strong nails. It also helps to soothe and protect the cuticles and skin around the nails.

4. Pain Relief

Though we haven’t found any studies or concrete evidence on whether Jamaican castor oil works on providing relief from pain or not. However, many people have experience relief while they used it. Most of the people use it as balm to get relief from muscles spasms.

5. Some other benefits

It helps in treating and moisturizing chapped lips because of its hydrating properties. Treats insomnia- rub a small portion of oil on eyelids. Helps with menstrual cramps- soak a cloth with this oil and place it over your abdomen. It is also known to treat infections and heal scars.

How to Use Jamaican Castor Oil for Hair?

Jamaican castor oil is very versatile so you can it in multiple ways to boost your hair health. Below, we have provided some of the methods for your reference.

1. Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Shampooing daily dries up your hair. If you already have dry hair, then it can make even more worse. To avoid that, this oil can be used as a pre-shampoo moisturizer.

Apply it on the scalp and hair before shampooing. You can even use shampoos with castor oil ingredient for the same purpose. The key to effective results is using it on regular basis. Make sure to apply it thoroughly.

2. Hydration Boost

If your hair is too dry and frizzy, then this moisture-infusion has shown great results. We will share this wonderful secret formula here.

For this treatment, you will need 1 tablespoon Jamaican black castor oil, 1 tablespoon argan oil, 1 teaspoon olive oil, 1 egg and 4 tablespoons conditioner. Combine all these ingredients together and massage it on the scalp. Though the consistency may be gross, it works like magic. Now, cover the hair using a towel. Using a heating cap can provide additional benefits. Place the cap for about 20 minutes and rise afterward using warm water.

3. Overnight Treatment

Massage JBCO oil over the scalp for 5 minutes before going to bed. It helps in covering the base of hair follicles. Wrap your head with scarf or towel. You can wash your head in the morning. Repeating this process three times in a week ensures great results

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long does it take for Jamaican castor oil to work on hair?

For achieving the best results, we recommend to use Jamaican castor oil for at least 2 to 3 times in a week.

2. Is It ok to use Jamaican castor oil daily?

Yes, it safe to apply castor oil daily. However, make sure to wash your hair at least once in a week if you are going to apply it daily. Or else, it starts to build up on the scalp and lead to clogged pores.

3. Can I use Jamaican castor oil on my eyelashes?

Yes, it is safe to use JBCO on eye lashes. In fact, it helps to strengthen and increase the hair growth. While applying castor oil on eyelashes, make sure it doesn’t seep into the eyes. Using an empty or clean mascara can be helpful for safe and neat application.

4. Can I use black Jamaican castor oil on eyebrows?

Yes, if you want to increase the hair growth on eyebrows, then JBCO can be the right option. They have the properties to help the hair growth. You can apply the application on eyebrows before going to bed. If you follow the process diligently for a month, you will start seeing the results.

5. Does Jamaican black castor oil smell bad?

No, it does not smell pungent. You get a smell of roasted beans which is used in the processing of castor oil. This is a traditional smell and it fades quickly.

6. Is Jamaican black castor oil suitable for all hair types?

Yes, this is suited for all hair types. This helps you repair dry hair, split ends, breakage or brittle hair. You can also apply it on healthy hair to stimulate hair growth.

7. Can Jamaican black castor oil be used for massage?

Yes, this can help reduce aches and pains. This smoothly blends with your skin and is effective for a long time.

8. How do you know if the Jamaican castor oil is pure or not?

To determine whether the JCO is pure or not, you have to analyze two factors – its color and consistency. Unlike less quality or impure oil, high quality or pure ones have very dark color ranging from darkest brown to black. When it comes to consistency, it is very thick similar to honey.


Finally we reach the last section. Hope this article has served your purpose. Jamaican Black Castor Oil has many added benefits. This does not help in regrowth of hair but also nourishes your scalp. Along with it can also treat your skin to fight fine wrinkles. Massaging this on your body can help you relieve arthritis pain.

After a lot of research we have bought you the best products. These seven products have received the highest reviews which proves they are efficient.

Now if we talk about the top pick among these best then that would be Jamaican Black Castor Oil USDA Certified Organic for Hair Growth and Skin Conditioning. This is USDA certified product and made of all natural ingredients. This helps in regrowth of hair, moisturizes hair and also nourishes skin.

This comes with a regular scent and easily blends with your skin and hair.



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