Mullet Haircuts : Best Men’s Mullet Hairstyles 2018

Men with mullet in 80s

Mullet Hairstyle: Haircut and hairstyles keep on changing tremendously and rapidly. One season you will see guys with Mohawk styles quite often while in another three months chinstrap haircuts become more popular. Amidst fast paced changing styles some are there that stand there as evergreen.

One such style is the mullet that was among the popular hairstyles in 80s and still has not lost its charm. If you are wondering what is a mullet then let me give us a clue – it can be said that it is a style with rocking back and rolling front – rings any bell? Okay, don’t stress too much! Mullet Haircut is the one where the hair in the front are kept short while at the back they are long.

Good thing about a mullet haircut is that it suits both men and women and even kids and goes well with any length of hair. This article discusses about different mullet hair cut for men and women starting from the 80s mullet.

#1: Men with mullet in 80s:

Men with mullet in 80s

When you see anyone with mullet hair it drives you back to the 80s when this style was one among the celebrities’ styles. Men usually liked it more when the hair were as much long in the front as to fall on the forehead and cover the ears while the back hair were kept up to shoulder length.

#2: Mullet with uncovered ears:

Mullet with uncovered ears

Another common mullet style in 80s was just a little variation of the previous one as only the sides were kept short as to uncover the ears rest everything remained the same.

#3: Curly hawk Mullet in 80s:

Curly hawk Mullet in 80s

This style is all about keeping a curly length all along the length at the back. You might not notice much difference from the front but this style looks amazing from the back. It was a cool option for men with curly hair back then.

#4: Mullet for women in 80s:

Woman mullet were also considered very stylish during the 80s. Normally it looked good on every woman but had an awesome effect on women with dense and curly hair.

#5: Top hawk female mullet hairstyle:

Next variation of mullet for females during 80s was top hawk mullet where the top was given a hawk cut while the hair at the back were kept long so as to give it a perfect hawk-mullet look.

#6: Mullet in 90s:

Mullet in 90s

Do you know Billy Ray Cyrus? Yes the American actor and singer, famous for one of his best singles ‘Achy Breaky Heart’. Why we are remembering him here is because he was also famous for his ‘billy ray cyrus mullet’ during the 90s. Now it is difficult to say here that what were girls attracted to– his talent or his hairstyle. Wink ;-)!

#7: Sophisticated mullet:

Sophisticated mullet

This style gives a perfect gentleman look. An appropriate length of the hair at forehead makes this style to look clean and give vibes of sophistication.

#8: Mullet for heavy curls:

Mullet for heavy curls

Men with curly mullet have always been able to carry this style with extra ease. The obvious reason is that when the hair start growing with heavy curls, it automatically forms a mullet. When hair has grown up to an appropriate length then you only have to keep it maintained and that too not very often. The clear and prominent curl give the style the perfect finishing touch.

So far we had discussed styles from 80s and 90s but the craze for mullet has not become any less in the modern time. Styles in modern mullet are more or less the variations but the basic concept of long hair at the back and short in the front remains the same. Let us checkout some modern mullet hairstyles for boys and girls.

#9: Men short mullet hairstyle:

Men short mullet hairstyle

We begin with the short hair guys; mullet on short hair looks trendy and clean at the same time. This style is ideal for young college going boys which suits on every face.

#10: Spiky top with neck length hair at the back:

Spiky top with neck length hair at the back

This is also a nice style for cool dudes in which the top hair is short and spiky while hair at the back are cut straight to fall up to the neck length. Gel can be used to make the spikes look prominent.

#11: Long hair Mullet:

Long hair Mullet

This hairstyle is a very funky one. Almost with all the characteristics to impress hot and fun girls, however not very much recommended to college or office going guys for the obvious reason. Anyways, those who think that there workplace could be lenient in this regard should keep this style and accompany it with a well maintained chinstrap.

#12: Dyed mullet:

Dyed mullet

In a complete take-off from the standard hair hues, this mullet style is punctuated with the green color at the sides and at the ends, while the hair at the center and at the top stay dark and conventional.

#13: Designer hair with mullet:

Designer hair with mullet

The shifting sorts of cutting edge mullet hair styles keep on proving exactly how inventive this hairstyle is becoming consistently. This one components a multifaceted configuration that begins at the front of the head and proceeds with the distance to the back.

#14: Legendary superman mullet:

Legendary superman mullet

Do you know anyone who doesn’t know superman because I know no one on this planet who does not know him. Reason to refer him here his because of his hairstyle that is an exemplary mullet hairstyle.

Mullet styles with variation are popular among the girls also. Let us check out some of the favorite mullet haircuts that can make a girl look sexier.

#15: Long hair mullet with covered forehead:

Long hair mullet with covered forehead

Almost any girl can look pretty in this haircut where the top hair are cut up to a length to cover the full forehead while the hair at the back are left to a length a little below the shoulder.

#16: Mullet for a shaggy look:

Mullet for a shaggy look

Sometimes shaggy is not unkempt rather it is hot and when it is in combination with mullet, it can be unbeatable. Try to cut the forehead in hair in a slant to give it a clean look.

#17: Long hair with side mullet:

Long hair with side mullet

This style exhibits the boldness in you, particularly suitable for not-so-delicate darlings. Cut short the hair from one side and take the rest of the hair to the other side, making them to fall free below the shoulders.

#18: Mohawk top and faded sides mullet:

Mohawk top and faded sides mullet

Girls with very long hair can try this style that looks very glamorous. The style is mullet that means long at the back while it is made uncommonly bold by blending it with the mohawk top and faded sides. Gear up for a super hot hairstyle!

#19: Short mullet with a fringe:

Short mullet with a fringe

Men who want to keep their hair short can make the mullet style look cooler with a fringe at the back.

#20: Medium mullet with red hair:

Medium mullet with red hair

Mullet styles look good with all hair color so if your natural hair color is black or golden then you may try mullet on red hair. Get your hair colored in red and give yourself an absolute changed look.

Whatever it is a mullet from 80s or a modern mullet haircut, it inspires a feeling of sentimentality and an opportunity to experiment with a style you may have missed. Whether you pick a short form or those in long, colored or designer, your hair will absolutely speak to you and your own style!

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