Flat Top Haircut : Men’s Flat-Top Haircuts for 2018 – How to Cut

Curly flat top for black men

Flat Top Haircut : Out of the many hairstyles for men, flat top, sometimes referred to as box fade or a high top style, holds a special place and has been around for almost three decades.This hairstyle was particularly popular among black men, but with the changing trends, you can see that flat top haircut is not limited to a specific set of men.

In a flat top cut, hair is cut into a high box shape, regularly with light fades or totally shaved back and sides. While being not the most moderate hair style a man can get by any methods, a flat top is still extremely snazzy and one of the contemporary styles for a trendy person.

If you are planning to get a flat top, you can check out the 20 styles from the below and be ready to receive standing ovation where ever you go:

Best 15 Men’s Flat-Top Haircuts for 2018

#1: Low flat top with undercut:

Low flat top with undercut

There are so many styles you can choose with a flat top but if you are looking for a sophisticated flat top look, then keep the length of the hair short with faded undercuts.

#2: Flat top with peak at the forehead:

Flat top with peak at the forehead

With faded sides and flat top, the hair is trimmed in such a way to form a blunt peak at the forehead. A full goatee will complement with the style and make it manlier.

#3: Rounded flat:

Rounded flat

A rounded flat cut can be made from both – long hair and short hair. Apart from the difference in the length of the hair, everything remains the same. The hair is cut in such a way that appears to form a round semi-circle at the front. The sides are shaved to make the flat top style more prominent.

#4: Classic Flat top:

Classic Flat top

One of the ideal flat top styles for classy men. It is the best flat top hairstyles if you are a business icon as it is cool, sexy and very neat. You also need to keep a clean shave to get the most of this classy hairstyle.

#5: Point cut flat top:

Point cut flat top

Pointed ends in the flat top style gives it a rough and tough look and so it is considered one of the manly hairstyles. You can highlight the strands with contrasting black and white dye. Also a full goatee with a chinstrap will only make the look better.

#6: Curly flat top for black men:

Curly flat top for black men

Black men are crazy about the flat top styles and, hands down, it does look good on them and if the hair is curly, nothing can beat it. May be it is the texture of their hair that makes them look impressive but whatever it is flat top with curls are one of the best and easily carried flat top hairstyles.

#7: Dope flat top cut:

Dope flat top cut

You can pair up a dope style with flat top as by varying the length of hair in a round and still keeping the top flat. The back below the midline of the head should be completely shaved.

#8: Upright flat top:

Upright flat top

Allow the hair to grow to a required length and get a flat top so that the hair appears to be in an upright position. This is a very good hairstyle for college going guys. The sides should remain faded. The style does will not use an ordinary comb but will need a special flat top comb to keep it that way.

#9: Flat top with steps:

Flat top with steps

Start from the left side to grow hair an inch long. Shave a line, about a pencil thin on the top and give a flat top till the hair length is about two inches and another flat top till the hair length of two and a half inches. It will appear to form steps. You can be creative by adding more steps also only you have to keep in mind that the subsequent flat top should be longer.

#10: Flat top with a slight curve:

Flat top with a slight curve

It comes as no surprise that flat top styles can offer so many variations with them. This time when you choose to give yourself a flat top, try the flat top with a slight curve o one side and a shave a line of hair, about a pencil thin, on the other side with trimmed hair on the rest of the head.

#11: Flat top with spikes:

Flat top with spikes

Though there are many hairstyles for men but spikes have not lost their charm at all. You can club the spiky look with almost all hairstyles. So even if you are going to make a flat top, spikes can make your style to look even better. Remember to apply gel for firm and neat spikes.

#12: Single step flat top:

Single step flat top

The hair start growing from the midline of the head and grows till a length where it is cut to form a step and the rest of the hair are allowed to grow an inch longer than the hair below the step. The back below the midline remains shaved. Great style isn’t it?

#13: Trapezium shaped cut with flat top:

Trapezium shaped cut with flat top

Beauty of the flat top cut is that you can give many shapes to your hair. Rather than a regular flat top, you can let grow the hair on the sides to reach a certain height and then make it flat from the top. It will look like a trapezium from the back.

#14: Designer flat top:

Designer flat top

One of the funkiest designs you can try with your flat top. The cut will require two different levels of flat tops and the back and sides will remain faded except for some hair beautifully trimmed into attractive designs.

#15: Faded high flat top:

Faded high flat top

Among the other high top styles, this style is great to carry and requires less maintenance. However, short curls, flat top fade sides make this hairstyle even more impressive.

#16: Fancy flat top:

Fancy flat top

If you are in a mood to try an exclusive flat top style then you can go for this one. Shave your head in the sides and at the back except for some hair on the top. Make a flat top by keeping the length long at the front and short at the back in round.

#17: High top cut with blonde:

High top cut with blonde

A tall guy with sleek body can rock with this high top cut and a patch of blonde hue on the left side will spice up the things.

#18: Flat top cut with a dyed front:

Flat top cut with a dyed front

Thinking about dying your flat top? Try a blue hue in front and you will love the effect. You can either color the entire high top or just a half of it on the top. Trimmed sides will go best with this flat top hair cut.

#19: High top with mullet:

High top with mullet

Flat top hair cut is a cool cut offering a lot of room for experiment. Like in this one, you can get a high top with hair cut in an upright position while the hair at the back is allowed to grow to length below the shoulders. Here you have a mix and match flat top with mullet.

#20: Spiky flat top with a side part:

Spiky flat top with a side part

When you have finally decided to get yourself a haircut with a flat top then blend your flat top hairstyle with spikes and side part. Believe or not you are ready to cast a spell on everyone.

So with a handful of flat top styles which one is your favorite? Take time to decide if it is too early but bear in mind, whichever you try, you are surely going to make many people jealous with these awesome styles. Gear up guys; it’s time to stand out with the excellent flat top haircuts!


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