Justin Bieber Haircut: 20 Justin Bieber Celebrity Hairstyles from Past Years

The Draper Justin Hairstyle

Justin Bieber Hairstyle: Just like both teens and adults have been enraptured by the music of Justin Bieber, so also has the world made him famous for his hairstyle, which is still followed by large numbers of men and guys who want them to be in their trendiest hairstyle.

The Justin Bieber hairstyle has passed through a stage of evolution, where his looks have changed, with different styles rocking the world. From the swoopy and long dark hair to the asymmetrical blonde short hair, the Justin Bieber Haircut styles have been quite fascinating.

From the time, Justin was a teenager, to the period when he was at the peak of his popularity, people have followed him not only for his music, but also for the hairstyles, which he often kept changing, and made his followers copy him. There has been many celebrities flaunting the justin bieber hair styles to stay tuned to the demanding styles that could make others turn their heads.

Here are 20 justin bieber’s hair styles that are awesome and popular, which can help you choose the ones that can suit the type of your hair and the shape of your face.

#1: Swoopy Long Cut:

Swoopy Long Cut

Here is a justin bieber hairstyle, which is for those having long hair. This hairstyle is one of the most popular and iconic justin bieber long hair styles, where the hair is swept fom one side to the other. It was a signature hairstyle, once flaunted by Justing Bieber.

#2: The Semi Pompadour Undercut:

The Semi Pompadour Undercut

Justin has always changed his hairstyle quite often, and this bieber hair style is an example. The long hair is neatly brushed to the back after being lifted to form a semi pompadour, and sides are undercut, to create a contrasting style.

#3: Medium Length Side Swept Blonde:

Medium Length Side Swept Blonde

This hairstyle is one of the early hairstyles of Justin, and is known as shaggy justin bieber hairstyle name. The hair is colored blonde and swept to one side, while the other side is undercut.

#4: Medium Straight Hairstyle:

Medium Straight Hairstyle

This is one of the easy to maintain justin bieber hair styles, ideal for those who have little time to pay attention to their hairstyles, yet want to look trendy. This hairstyle justin bieber is inspired from the Beatles.

#5: The Spiked Front Hairstyle:

The Spiked Front Hairstyle

This is a justin bieber hair cut, which is one of his hairstyles flaunted during the stages of evolution during the period when justin bieber hairstyle 2014 became popular. This hairstyle was a noticeable change from the long and swoopy style to the latest justin style.

#6: The Justin Bieber Funky Hairstyle:

The Justin Bieber Funky Hairstyle

This is the hairstyle which Justin Bieber flaunted when at the MTV Video Music Awards. This justin bieber latest hairstyle became popular among the youths. With the hair on the top styled to look a little messy, the parting is hardly to be seen, where a portion of the hair is swept to one side.

#7: The Gentleman’s Haircut:

The Gentleman’s Haircut

It was at the end of 2014 and early 2015, that Justin Bieber went for a change to another of his bieber hairstyle. This justin bieber hair cut resembles more of a pompadour style, This hairstyle is a transformation from the spiked hairstyle to the more sleek and classy hairstyle.

#8: The Draper Justin Hairstyle:

The Draper Justin Hairstyle

This is a justin bieber old hair style, during 2010, when he chose to look unique and smart. The hair is cut to medium length and neatly combed to one side with the parting line being visible.

#9: Long Bangs:

Long Bangs

With an asymmetrical haircut, Justin suddenly appeared in the Long Bangs justin biebers hair style, where one of the sides is cut shorter compared to the other side and the longer hair is swept to one side to make this hairstyle justin bieber, interesting.

#10: The Short Spiked Stylish Hairstyle:

The Short Spiked Stylish Hairstyle

This justin bieber short hair style was one of his favorites, which instantly became a most followed hairstyle. The blonde hair is parted on one side with a little lift, while the other side is undercut. This hairstyle is simple and easy to maintain.

#11: Stylish Cool and Adorable Hairstyle:

Stylish Cool and Adorable Hairstyle

This hairstyle is one of the latest bieber haircut styles, where the hair is dyed to make it blond and cut short on the top. The hair is swept to one side and the sides and back cut comparatively shorter.

#12: The Fabulous Look:

The Fabulous Look

The Justin Bieber Haircut is not always centered around the hair cut only, but also is complemented with other outfits, as the singer used to flaunt. This hairstyle is complemented with skinny pants, black cardigan and black color sunglasses to give a fabulous look. This is an ideal justin style for boys.

#13: Short Casual and Straight:

Short Casual and Straight

There are some justin bieber hair styles which are short, straight and casual. This one is one of them, where the hair is swept to the back and the sides cut short to create a contrast. The shapes of the face that suit this bieber hairstyle, are triangular,heart, oval and round.

#14: Justin Bieber Hairstyle with Locks:

Justin Bieber Hairstyle with Locks

Justin used to flaunt different hairstyles on different occasions, and this justin bieber latest hairstyle is the one, which he sported at the Fashion Week in New York. A golden touch to the hair, which is swept to one side and the back remaining as it is, is the most noticeable feature of this just in hair style.

#15: The Tousled Spiked Hairstyle:

The Tousled Spiked Hairstyle

The Tousled Spiked justin bieber haircut name came from his unique hair styling, for which he is famous as he is for his music. This justin bieber hair 2014 shows how he cuts the locks and opts for a spiked appearance. A quality hair gel can be used to keep the hair in shape so that the ultimate look becomes prominent.

From the slicked down justin bieber old hair style to the hairstyle, where the sheared sides became a unique hairstyle, the justin bieber haircut game has always been followed. Both adults and teenagers have keenly followed the justin biebers hair styles, and flaunted them whenever the occasion gave them the opportunity. The frequent changes in the hairstyles which Justin Bieber was famous for, made both boys and men follow his hairstyles and made them search for how to get justin bieber hair styles. Justin showed the world that how hairstyles can be changed according to age. Avid followers of justin bieber hair styles are still obsessed with this hairstyle and are always on the lookout to flaunt the justin beiber haircut, whenever there is any occasion. These avid followers just say” I am a Justin”.


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