What is Mid Fade Haircuts – 20 Best Mid Fade Hairstyles and Tutorials

The mid fade hairstyles started out as a short hairstyle for black men but transformed into a versatile hairstyling option. The mid fade haircut has so many variants that can work out well for all hair types and hair lengths. Moreover mid fade has gained a lot of appreciation among the youth. So here we have jotted down 20 mens mid fade haircut styles from which you can pick one for yourself and catch up with the latest trends.

What is The Mid Fade Haircut?

Medium fade haircut lies somewhere between the long and short. This haircut is the perfect one to give a cleaner and fresher look. This haircut was originally meant for black men but goes very well with the white skin tone.

How do I Get the Mid Fade Haircut ?

  • Use the scissor-over-fingers technique and begin with a center section.
    Repeat step 1 on both sides of the center section. Texture the top of the haircut to create whatever look you want.
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 using blending shear-over-fingers technique.
  • Use a scissor over comb technique with a larger barber shear cover more ground and increase accuracy to cut the round section.
  • Now cut the sides and back using the blade-on-skin technique with the 1/2” blade on a blade clipper that can be detached.
  • Repeat step 5 with the 3/8” blade on a blade clipper that can be detached.
  • Repeat step 6 with the 1/8” inch blade on a blade clipper that can be detached.
  • Use a flat side of the blade and repeat step 7 to take out more length. Use a 1/8” blade and clipper-over-comb technique around the round section to find any heavy spots.
  • Move to the semi finish region with the adjustable clipper.Repeat step 9 keeping the lever of the adjustable clipper half closed.
  • Repeat step 10 keeping the lever to the adjustable clipper completely closed. Using the scooping movement finish it off . Use a t-trimmer to clean up the side burn and ears. Using upward shaving motion, clean up the back of the neck. Finish the opposite side of the neck and sideburn area and style the hair.

20 Best Mid Fade Haircuts For Men

#1: Mid bald fade with hard side parting:

Mid bald fadewith hard side parting

This one is a simple mid fade hairstyle in which the hair is parted to one side while the sides and back are kept trimmed close to skin.

#2: Mid fade brushed backed hair with beard:

Mid fade brushed backed hair with beard

Another cool style for men with medium hair length and long beard. Brush back all the hair at back and keep the sides and back trimmed. Pair it up with a beard look to add a spice in the look.

#3: Mid fade on short hair:

Mid fade on short hair

Short hair can also pull out the style very well as the mid fade originally was kept with a crew cut. So just maintain very short hair all over with faded sides and back.

#4: Mid fade with quiffs:

Mid fade with quiffs

Now that mid fade can be clubbed up with variety of styles, why don’t you try it with quiffs? A very fresh style for all the young guys in the town! Simply brush up your hair to form quiffs and keep your sides and back faded.

#5: Decent mid fade:

Decent mid fade

If you want a decent mid top fade then you can go for this look. The hair on the top and front are somewhat longer while the sides and back keep on getting faded as we go towards the ears.

#6: Disheveled look with a mid fade:

Disheveled look with a mid fade

Even a disheveled look is good with a mid fade. The best of this hairstyle is that it requires very low maintenance only for the sides and the back and for hair on top and front you don’t have to care let them fall wherever they want because that is why it is called disheveled!

#7: Mid fade with a large pompadour:

Mid fade with a large pompadour

If you are crazy about pompadour then you can go for a mid fade pompadour. This hairstyle looks perfect on the guys with large foreheads. You only have to form a large pompadour while the sides and back will remain mid faded.

#8: Long bangs swept in front and mid fade:

Long bangs swept in front and mid fade

Sweep your larger bangs to the front and keep the sides and back trimmed close to skin. You get a cleaner but rocking hairstyle.

#9: Mid fade with hair swept at a side:

Mid fade with hair swept at a side

Another way is to seep your bangs at one side and then get a mid fade with trimmed sides and back. You may also keep a light beard for getting a bolder look.

#10: Medium pompadour mid fade with a side part:

Medium pompadour mid fade with a side part

You have so much to try with a pompadour and mid fade. Make a side part and medium pompadour with the hair but sides and back will remain trimmed as it happens in mid fade.

#11: Mid fade with thick hair on top:

Mid fade with thick hair on top

A cool mid top fade haircut is when you can flaunt the density of your hair on top as in this hairstyle where the denser hair are styled at the top and sides and back are trimmed and is faded close to skin near the ears.

#12: Textured long hair and a mid fade:

Textured long hair and a mid fade

You can also try this mid fade long on top look with your long hair. Use a good amount of pomade to gel your hair back from front keeping the sides and back faded.

#13: Mid fade with dreads:

Mid fade with dreads

Afro guys can also pull out this mid fade look with their dreads. Let the dreads to fall from the top, only trim the sides and back for a faded look.

#14: Mid fade with curls on top:

Mid fade with curls on top

Another mid fade hairstyle for black men give a chance to show off their natural curls. With medium length of hair on top and faded back and sides, your curls can be easily spotted on the top of your head.

#15: Mid fade with a modern pompadour:

Mid fade with a modern pompadour

Guys would love this hairstyle because it pairs mid fade with a modern pompadour. This hairstyle can look good on any men but the college guys would love this even more.

#16: Mid taper fade:

Mid taper fade

Next you can try is a mid taper fade haircut. A mid fade taper is very easy to style but demands a little more maintenance as the taper is the beauty of the haircut. You might have to see your hairstylist a lot more frequent to keep this style in its best. With a side parting the length of your hair goes on decreasing from front to back while the sides and back are at minimum.

#17: Mid fade for spiky hair:

Mid fade for spiky hair

Spikes have closely associated with a sport look and so is true in the case of mid fade as well. Guys can easily maintain their spikes with a good quality hair serum and the sides and back will remain faded.

#18: Sergio Ramos’ mid fade:

Sergio Ramos’ mid fadeThe Spanish footballer has flair in pulling every haircut with a great style. One can also try his look for a change. Just keep your hair a little swept towards the side and pull upwards and keep sides and back trimmed. There should be no parting in this hairstyle.

#19: Mid and a high fade:

Mid and a high fadeYes absolutely! You can even try both the mid and high fades at the same time. The medium hair length can be pulled a little upwards while the sides and back have differing lengths as in the high and the mid fade.

#20: Mid fade comb over:

Mid fade comb over

Men who look for a cleaner hairstyle can get a comb over mid fade. In this hairstyle, part your hair to one side and comb over the hair in front towards the back while the mid hair is combed towards the side. Now the sides and back are shortened and faded completely near the ears. You can even try a mid bald fade comb over for a change.

Mid fade hairstyles are some of those hairstyles that are meant to look good on every face. There are many mid fade styles that require very low maintenance and may be that is the reason why guys are greatly interested in this hairstyle. You can choose from so many variants and go to your hair stylist to get one for you just now!


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