Side Part Haircuts: 40 Best Side Part Hairstyles for Men

The side part hairstyles for men have come through many stages of evolution since the 1940s, and are still one of the most followed men hairstyle side. The professional, classy and clean look of these side hairstyles for men make them popular.

These trendy side hairstyles men are versatile, and even college guys can flaunt the style, following celebrities and businessmen flaunting these hairstyles. The side haircut men styles have many variations, which include messy, sleek, cuts having shorter sides, curly side part and the traditional side part. To choose the right men side part hair, you can go through these hairstyles, which have been compiled after selecting the best ones.

Side Part Hairstyles for Men

#1: Side Part Faded with Curly Top:

Side Part Faded with Curly Top

This side part hairstyle for men has deep side parting and faded on the part which is shorter. On the other side, the hair is curled and sculpted. The distinct look makes this hairstyle appropriate for the workplace.

#2: The Fade Side Part:

The Fade Side Part

The Fade Side Part hairstyle looks smart as well as clean. The fade on one side creates a contrast with the other side, where the hair falls naturally. You can use a gel while combing, to give proper shape and prevent the hair from being disturbed by the breeze.

#3: Long Top Short Sides:

Long Top Short Sides

This side cut hairstyle men has a parting which is etched and stands out against dark hair when popping up. Ideal as one of the contemporary side hairstyles for men, this hairstyle is perfect for a relaxed environment. Young men and college guys will find this haircut exciting.

#4: Long Top with Buzzed Sides:

Long Top with Buzzed Sides

This comb over side part hairstyle for men with the buzz cut is for those wanting to go ahead of others. A beard can add to the style, but no ordinary salon can help you. The waves created by the blonde hair are noticeable.

#5: The Professional Cut:

The Professional Cut

For professionals, businessmen and those belonging to the elite community can try this side cut hairstyle men. Neatly parted side with a little volume on top make this men hairstyle side attractive.

#6: Spunky Side Bang:

Spunky Side Bang

This side part for men hairstyle is one that can keep the ladies waiting. The long messy bangs covering the face gives a seducing look. Young men will especially like this side haircut for men.

#7: Mohawk with Undercut:

Mohawk with Undercut

The Mohawk with Undercut is a creative side parting men hairstyle, where the Mohawk goes to the back and the smaller section is undercut to create a contrasting style. Adding color like rosewood hue, brown in color or pink on the shaved part to give a boost to the style. Surely, this hairstyle will give an exciting appearance.

#8: Blow Dry Pompadour with Sharp Parting:

Blow Dry Pompadour with Sharp Parting

This hairstyle is one of the cool haircuts for guys, where hair is blown dry in pompadour style and the side distinctly parted and the sides having fade.

#9: Half Hard Part with High Fade:

Half Hard Part with High Fade

This is the side part hairstyle for men which can create a sensation. Messy on the top, the parting is made with a razor to look sharp, and the textured and the tousled faux hawk is perfectly balanced by the surgical precision of the parting.

#10: The New Pompadour:

The New Pompadour

It is not necessary that after parting, the hair on the other side should fall naturally. This pompadour side part haircut men style shows how a quiff to the back swept hair can add variation. This helps to add an edge and structure to the hairstyle.

#11: The flipped side with neat parting:

The flipped side with neat parting

This is a cool and smart side part hairstyle for men, where the hair is parted neatly and flipped naturally on the other side. The shorter side is faded to the region just above the ears. This side cut hair men style can look fabulous with a slight beard.

#12: Solid and Structured Parting Hairstyle:

Solid and Structured Parting Hairstyle

This side cut hair men style and resembles more of a faux Mohawk style. The structured and tight hairstyle adds elegance to your style and showcases your confidence, especially, if you are wearing a slim suit.

#13: Lo Fade Slick Comb-over with Surgical Parting:

Lo Fade Slick Combover with Surgical Parting

With a razor part fresh fade and a slicked comb over, this men side part hair style is really an innovative one. The precision and skills of a barber are reflected in this hairstyle, where the lo fade with the surgical parting creates a hairstyle.

#14: Slick and Straight Side Part Hairstyle:

Slick and Straight Side Part Hairstyle

This men side cut hairstyle is an appropriate hairstyle for those having thin hair. The option of slicking rather than pumping, can look great and neat. This pulled together hairstyle is one of the latest among side hairstyles for men.

#15: The Spiky Short Hairstyle:

The Spiky Short Hairstyle

The hair is brushed to one side, spiked, using a quality gel and parted neatly to look clean and cool. The sides can have fade to add to the style.

#16: The Side Part for Thin Hair:

The Side Part for Thin Hair

This men hairstyle side is an example to show that those having thin hair can also look smart with parting. With the sides closely clipped and side swept on the top, gives you the illusion that your hair is thicker than what it actually is. This men haircut side style shows how to combat thin hair with a fabulous hairstyle.

#17: Quiff with Side Part:

Quiff with Side Part

A quiff can make lot of difference with the side parting men hairstyle than the ones where the hair falls naturally on one side after parting. This shows the innovation in this styling for men side part hair.

#18: The Disconnect Cool Hairstyle:

7 The Disconnect Cool Hairstyle

This hair styling with a distinct parting will need the skills of a professional barber to style the hair to have changes in the lengths from the shaved sides of the longest part of the hair. This is a disconnect cut, having a subtle parting, with the hair neatly combed.

#19: The Pomp Skin Fade with Side Part:

The Pomp Skin Fade with Side Part

This hairstyle is an innovative hairstyle, where the Pomp is more highlighted that the parting. Still, this side haircut for men can look fabulous if perfected.

#20: The Loose Comb-over with Low fade:

The Loose Combover with Low fade

The loose comb over is a different style among the comb over styles, where the hair has an added volume and takes the shape as it likes. You can add a twist to the style and use a blow dryer to have a matte finish.

The side part hairstyles men has always been one of the most popular hairstyles since ages together. This hairstyle has gone through the stages of evolution, and, as things stand now, this side part hairstyle men is one of the most followed hairstyles, especially for those having thin hair. Easy to style and maintain, the side parting men hairstyle can be among the best ones to flaunt, whether you are young, in the mid 40’s or even above 50”s. These men side cut hairstyles are among the latest ones that are trendy yet easy to style. With easy going hairdos, these side cut hair men styles can be among the most wanted for men having any type of hair.

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